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  • christopherjwoods 12 Nov 2010 at 21:44
    This Hartley Vale is in South Australia, not near Lithgow NSW

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We, the undersigned, having seen a Declaration, in the form of an advertisement, signed by a considerable number of individuals, and containing an implied pledge, which, if carried out, would appear calculated to

effect the ruin of Mr John Stephens, as a Journalist and a tradesman, desire publicly to avow our sympathy with that gentleman under such circumstances, and to express our sincere regret at the adoption, on the single alleged ground of offence, of a determination so exceedingly severe and injurious. Without expressing any opinion as to the propriety or impropriety of the view taken by Mr Stephens of his editorial duty and right to publish, on particular occasions, special obituary notices of deceased colonists (that being an open question on which individuals will continue to differ), every one must admit that the general management of the two newspapers, of which that gentleman is the Proprietor and Editor, has in- variably been impartial, intelligent, and fearless, and we have no hesitation in saying that in our judgment Mr Stephens's indefatigable exertions, for a series of years, to supply the colony with the earliest and fullest intelligence on all matters of local and general interest, and his watchful regard for public morals, entitle both those Journals (namely, the South Australian Register and the Adelaide Observer) to the unabated confidence and support of our fellow-colonists. A. James Aitchison, farmer, Noarlunga Peter Anderson, farmer, Morphett Vale Alexander Anderson, farmer, Morphett Vale William Aitkin, sawyer, Cedar Creek John Amery, bullock driver, Penwortham Henry Allen, Mount Charles Francis Allupid, farmer, Mount Barker   Alex. Asthermann, tinman, Grote street A. Arendt, barber, Gawler Place Samuel Atwell, farmer, Western Branch, Onkaparinga Joseph Atfield, farmer, Western Branch, Onkaparinga Joseph Alford, wheelwright, Spring farm, Onkaparinga George Andrews, farmer, Morphett Vale T. Atkinson, carpenter, McLaren Vale James Allan, blacksmith, McLaren Vale   August Anderjou, farmer, Hope Valley R. Addington, laborer, Kapunda W. Anderson, Kapunda M. Anley, blacksmith, Kapunda Alfred Atkinson, gentleman, North Adelaide Adolph Assmann, Upper Sturt A. Armour, coach builder, Franklin street J. Allen, chemist, Hindley street Joseph Allen, jun., tailor, Hindley street W. B. Ashton, Governor of the Gaol John Aird, farmer, Willunga Archibald B. Aird, carpenter, Willunga John McNaught Aird, farmer, Willunga Elliott Aitchison, Irving Farm Macgill Isaac Alder, mason, O'Halloran Hill K. B. Aldersey, farmer, McLaren Vale Joseph Allen, miller, Currie street City William Allen, miller, Hindley street City Thomas Anderson, farmer, Mount Charles Thomas Henry, farmer, Willunga J. J. Atkinson, farmer, Mount Barker Thomas Adams, laborer, McLaren Vale James Anderson, Lobethal Thomas Kenney Allen, bootmaker, Stralhalbyn E. Amjash, M.D., Chain of Ponds Thomas Anslow, auctioneer, South terrace, Adelaide Edward Archer, laborer, Port Joseph Acres, shoemaker, Port B. Thomas H. Beare, farmer, Netley Charles Brown, Robert street Luke Broadbent, farmer, Cherry Gardens Niels Bidstrup, carpenter, &c., Hindley street Joseph Barnes, carrier, Hindley street   Joseph Broadrib, farmer, Third Creek John Bullock, gentleman, Franklin street John Bernie, Kingston Farm, Noarlunga James B. Bassett, schoolmaster, Willunga William Barld, Willunga Alfred Baker, cordwainer, Morphett Vale William Bradshaw, storekeeper, Morphett Vale C. Bradshaw, tailor, Morphett Vale William Bales, carpenter, Sturt Charles Barton, landowner, Angaston Edward Brooks, painter, North Adelaide Thomas Bath, miner, Worthing Mine James Bain, farmer, Melville Farm, Morphett Vale Robert Bain, farmer, Morphett Vale Robert Bell, farmer, McLaren Vale W. R. Bell, farmer, McLaren Vale John Bamdy, shopman, Grenfell street city       John Stokes Bagshaw, engineer and builder, Elizabeth street city Charles Bowen, joiner, Weymouth street city Thomas Baker, smith, Gouger street city John Brown, farmer, Willunga Thomas Brown, sheepfarmer, North John Brown, jun., farmer, Willunga William Butcher, Rapid Bay John Bryan, stockholder, North Road John Butcher, carpenter, Penwortham Edward Burns, wheelwright, North   George Bell, farmer, Mount Charles William Brook, farmer, Onkaparinga Robert Black, North terrace , Adelaide       William Bandy, North Adelaide Thomas Battersby, postmaster, Houghton Samuel Bonham, cooper, Adelaide Thomas Battersby, jun,, carpenter, Houghton George Brooks, farmer, near Houghton Joseph Bairstow, farmer, Mount Barker Siegfried Bamberger, tailor, Rupert street C. Burmeister, publican, Rundle street T. W. Bernitt, bootmaker, Norwood George Bailey, publican, Rundle street John Boehnr, miner, Glen Osmond Joseph Browne, farmer, Noarlunga Henry J. Brooks, corporal of police, Wellington William Bolland, Willunga Thomas Brandon, overseer to Mr Evans, Angaston Alexander Birrell, storekeeper, Noarlunga Robert Balderston, farmer, McLaren Vale John Biffin, blacksmith, Blakiston Charles Biffin, Blakiston I. P. Boone, farmer, Currency Creek Robert Winter Beddome, resident land agent, Currency Creek J. P. Buttfield, Congregational Minister, Gummaracha Richard Barber, laborer, Gummaracca Thomas Barber, laborer, Gummaracca J. H. Buchanan, veterinary surgeon, Anlaby William Bassett, farmer, Gawler Samuel Barber, brickmaker, Gawler * 159, from which ten of the signers have publicly withdrawn their names, having, as they allege, signed the document under the erroneous supposition that it was in substance simply an avowal of their disapproval of the Obituary notice in question, and being altogether unaware that it also contained a virtual engagement on their parts to adopt a course of hostility against Mr Stephens.

John Botheras, miner, Kapunda John Berry, butcher, Bowden John Boldock, farmer, Gawler Town John Butterfield, brewer, Gawler Town Stephen Best, farmer, Gawler Town J. Boldock, laborer, Gawler Town James Butcher, carpenter, Morphett Vale R. Burfield, Commercial Inn, Port Henry Bannister, Hurtle Vale Edward Baker, Congregational Minister, Morphett Vale   William Baker, cabinetmaker, Morphett Vale Thomas Brokenshire, miner, Lyndoch Valley Benjamin Brokenshire, miner, Lyndoch Valley John Brock, farmer, Tanunda John Binney, butcher, Willunga Samson Bastian, slate dresser, Willunga John Bastian, farmer, Willunga Thomas James Brown, barber, Willunga James Bennetts, farmer, Tea Tree Gully, district C John Bennetts, farmer, Tea Tree Gully Alex. B. Burnside, carpenter, White's Gully George Barnes, blacksmith, Kersbrook Robert Burns, farmer, Kersbrook George Barns, plasterer, Kersbrook Alexander Browne, farmer, Lobethal Kobert Buckley, farmer; BanWshear James Binney, farmer, Willunga William Braynard, bootmaker, Gummaracca John Bouett, farmer, near Strathalbyn William Brown, farmer, Morphett Vale David Buyne, storekeeper, Kooringa Owen Borrows, sawyer, Gawler River P. Brown, agriculturist, Angaston William Bryden. sheepfarmer, Penwortham Edward Brown, shepherd, Penwortham William Burton, shoemaker, Blackiston   Henry Burgess, fanner, Taraorga John Britton, farmer, Blackiston Thomas Bawden, shoemaker, Staughton Village Charles Buan, miner, Staughton Village William Boundy, miner, Bremer Mine John Boundy, miner, Bremer Mine John Boundy, mine agent, Parringa Jeremiah Bennetts, miner, Bremer Mine E. H. Browne, gentleman, Bremer Browne & Co , storekeepers, Staughton, Kanmantoo Joseph Bull, druggist Mount Barker George Benchett, tailor, Mount Barker James Baw, dairyman, Hermitage, Little Para John Bickford, publican, Kapunda J. Brodie, carter, Kapunda A. Bray, miner, Kapunda Edmund Bowman, sheepfarmer, Wakefield William Buttle, attorney, Adelaide James Broadbent, farmer, Cherry Gardens Joseph Boothey, farmer, Cherry Gardens Thomas Boothey, farmer, Cherry Gardens Thomas Barroncliffe, laborer Samuel Bartlett, Sturt Stephen Brown, miner, Upper Sturt Richard Butters, miner, Upper Sturt Robert Blenman, farmer, Upper Sturt William Bagelhall, farmer, near Brown Hill Creek Peter Brown, farmer, Angaston Uayes Brown, farmer, Angaston Augustus Brinker, inn keeper, Chellaston John Bowes, farmer, Gawler Plain Charles Biddle, farmer, Glenaw, Onkaparinga William Batton, farmer, Onkaparinga John Guy Bowes, farmer, Inverbreckie Henry Boon, farmer, Balhannah James Baldock, farmer, Balhannah Nicholas Browning, farmer, McLaren Vale James Bryan, plasterer, Rundle street George Bayly, builder, Norwood R. Burnard, painter, Rundle street . Richard Bostock, ironmonger, Topham street Charles King Baldwinson, tailor, Thebarton Charles Barnett, innkeeper, Thebarton Elijah Beard, farmer, Reed Beds Hanibal Bartley, miner, Barossa John Bowden. jun., farmer, Kersbrook James Brenton, miner, Yatta, Barossa Henry Billington, clerk, Thomas street Samuel Bonnin, Grote street J'ohn M. Brown, Audit Office Stephen Bailey, farmer, Morphett Vale Thomas Brooks, servant, Morphett Vale Thomas Bakewell, publican, Brighton   John Beauchamp, butcher, Brighton Alfred Baker, farmer, Brighton John Beer, blacksmith, Brighton Robert Bristow, farmer, Brighton — Baruh, M D., Currie street Bakewell and Martin, grocers, Rundle street George Brock, cabinet maker, Port Edward Barnes, waterman, Port James Bannister, cooper, Port William Burdett, miner, Para Plains Peter Brady, miner, Para Plains Thomas Boylan, miner, Para Plains Daniel Brady, licensed victualler, Para Plains David Bryce, farmer, Para Plains John Brady, farmer, Cowandillah William Brady, farmer, Cowandillah John Burdett, farmer, Para Plains C. William Snell Chauney, civil engineer, Adelaide John Cousins, carrier, Brighton George W. Cole, plasterer, Brown street W. Charles Canton, cabinet maker, Hindley street William Crabb, bootmaker, Hindley street Henry Collins, painter, North terrace J. Chamberlain, Highgate, Pine Forest Thomas Young Cotter, surgeon, Gawler place T. Chasm, limeburner, Bowden William Cook, farmer, Hindmarsh George T. Cooke, Willunga Samuel B. Campbell, Willunga William Cheesman, tailor, Willunga W. B. Coome, farmer, Noarlunga Thomas Cooper, tailor, Noarlunga Thomas Carbin, wheelwright, Pirie street city John Chambers, blacksmith, North Adelaide Robert Cox, stonemason, Brown street city William Colton, farmer, McLaren Vale Thomas Colton, farmer, McLaren Vale Thomas Cox, farmer, O'Halloran Hill William Cousens, Para Plains W. A. Crowle, Port William Chapman, Port Thomas Correll, gardener, O'Halloran Hill John Clift, sen., yeoman, McLaren Vale John Clift, jun., yeoman, McLaren Vale William Clift, yeoman, McLaren Vale James Carn, Staughton Village Zachariah Carthew, miner, Worthing Mine* William Cobbin, tailor, Hindley street city   P. B. Coglin, timber merchant, King William street city William Croach, farmer, Onkaparinga Samuel Cocking, joiner, Weymouth street city William Couch, carpenter, Angas street city John George Colliver, shoemaker, Elizabeth street city Simon Clark, carpenter. South terrace John Clark, carpenter, South terrace James Carter, farmer, Mount Charles Isaac Coad, farmer, Strathalbyn Nicholas Coad, farmer, Strathalbyn Richard Coad, laborer, Strathalbyu Stephen Clark, tailor, Kersbrook Patrick Connor, farmer, Morphett Vale Samuel Clark, farmer, Onkaparinga James Clark, farmer, Onkaparinga Charles Chinner, gardener. Angaston William Chinner, mason, Angaston Francis Cameron, farmer, Sandy Creek Benjamin Conigrave, upholsterer, Rundle street C. J. Collins, Egglestone Farm, Brighton Henry Cook, farmer, St. Mary's James Cruickshank, Sturt William Cobbin, sen., tailor, Pulteney street, city

Thomas Carell, Gummaracca James Cook, laborer, Morphett Vale John Cook, laborer, Morphett Vale John Crowder. Pallas Hill Christopher Christian, boatbuilder, Wellington John Chisholm. farmer, Willunga Alexander Chisholm, farmer, Willunga Matthew Culdwell, farmer, Chain of Ponds Thomas Charles, Mount Barker Samuel Coleman, Macclesfield Henry Cope, laborer, Gawler Town David Cox, laborer, Gawler Town Edward Conway, gentleman, Port Adelaide James Chittleborough, farmer, Hartle Vale John Colton, farmer, Morphett Vale John Clarke, farmer, Lyndoch Valley William Carman, blacksmith, Lyndoch Valley Robert Chapman, blacksmith, Lyndoch Valley Alexander Cameron, farmer, Myponga John Collins, Myponga James Clark, postman, Encounter Bay John Cox, Myponga Edmund Cooke, Mount Charles E. S. Chapman, Laity, near Houghton John Collins, farmer, Enfield   James Chambers, laborer, Highercombe James Cahill, blacksmith, Currie street John Crowle, draper, Kooringa Peter Cotterell, farmer, McLaren Vale Thomas Chesson, farmer, Lyndoch Valley William Cornelius, miner, Parringa Village A. Chalmers, M.D., surgeon, Kanmantoo Mines Samuel Cook, general store, Mount Barker H. J. Cumming, farmer, Macclefield Joseph Clark, stonemason, Macclesfield   John D. Cave, farmer and road surveyor, Gummaracca Benjamin Coole, laborer, Morphett Vale William Conar, laborer, Morphett Vale John Colton, saddler, Hindley street   George Cole, builder, North Adelaide John Carter, law clerk, Stepney William Chance, gardener, Unley Benjamin Chambers, farmer, Upper Sturt John Crossman, sawyer, Upper Sturt Henry Carslake, wheelwright, Brown Hill Creek Charles Crabb, wheelwright, McLaren Vale Thomas Clark, wood turner, Glen Osmond John Coad, blacksmith, Onkaparinga John Cuthbert, grocer, Margaret street, North Adelaide John Catchbar, Thebarton John Cotterell, farmer, Reed Beds John Cooter, miller, Thebarton Z. Chatfield, carrier, Thebarton W. N. Crowder, dairyman, Reed Beds John Chewings, sheepfarmer, Barossa George F. Cousins, surveyor, Rundle street John Cave, Farmer's Inn, Franklin street J. W. Cole, architect and surveyor, Gawler place William Harvey Campbell, carpenter, Gray street Japhia Cocks, shoemaker, Nairne Isaac Clark, painter, Russell street Robert Coward, clerk, Gilbert street Thomas Cox, mason, Grote street John E. Clark, joiner, Oak Bank, Onkaparinga Thomas Chalk, fruiterer, Rundle street John Chapman, Rundle street James Cook, servant, Morphett Vale John Cook, servant, Morphett Vale James Cross, servant, Morphett Vale H. M. Cox, farmer, Willunga D Richard Davis, signal master, West terrace William Dawson, blacksmith, Fullarton Joseph Dix, labourer, Fullarton John Dunn, farmer, Mount Charles P. Dwyer, farmer, Woodford William Davison, Gummeracca James Davison, Gummaracca William Doddridge, blacksmith, Angaston   William Darby, storekeeper, Morphett Vale Joseph Davis, labourer, Willunga Alfred Dawall, schoolmaster, Angaston Thomas Daleon, laborer, Blakiston Samuel Dalton, farmer, Hartley Vale William Davis, farmer, Lyndoch Valley John Dodd, miller, Encounter Bay John Dickinson, blacksmith, Penwortham Robert Dolling, painter, Grote street, North Adelaide Robert Drawbridge, Adelaide Charles Dunn, farmer, Mount Charles Peter Dreyer, miner, Kooringa T. Dickinson, solicitor, Kooringa Z. C. Dargerloh, clerk, Rundle street T. Dettmer, tailor, Grote street Patrick Deehan, wheelright, Brown street J. Dench & Co., tanners, Hindley street Downer & Graves, grocers, Hindley street Francis S. Dutton, East terrace, J.P John Davis, machinist, King Wiliiam street Michael D'Arcy, bookseller and stationer, Hindley st. C. David Downing, Thebarton George Duke, farmer, Section 367 John Driscoll, General Post Office David Dawe, farmer, Little Para Sampson Dawe, landowner, Willunga Henry Dawhy, Willunga S. E. Dawe, Bush Inn, Willunga William Dawe, farmer, Willunga Henry Douglas, farmer, Happy Valley William Dumbleton, butcher, North Adelaide Robert Day, dealer, Adelaide William Dunstan, miner, Worthing Mine James Dunn, shoemaker, Mount Charles William Dunn, farmer, Mount Charles Richard Dennis, farmer, Yankalilla John E. Davis, Springfield Farm, McLaren Vale John Dunn, senr., landholder and storekeeper, Mount Barker township John Dunn, junr., miller, Mount Barker John Dixon, shoemaker, Willunga Horace Dean, M.D., Angaston John Dolphin, shoemaker, Onkaparinga John Davis, watchmaker, Rundle street Jesse Dawes, piano-forte maker, Rundle street G. Dawes, coffee roaster, Currie street Richard Dingley, bricklayer, Thebarton John Doble, miner, Kooringa Henry Dyer, miner, Barossa James Dempster, agent, Adelaide Thomas Drummond, Mitcham Samuel James Dimond, mason, Grenfell street William Dowling, farmer, Morphett Vale Samuel Davey, second captain of Kanmantoo Joseph Dangerfield, farmer, McLaren Vale Richard Dyer, labourer, Bowden Charles Dinham, miller, Athelstone John Wafford Dempster, schoolmaster, Hope Valley John Dawkins, farmer, Gawler river Peter McDonald, farmer, Little Para Joseph Drewer, carpenter, North Adelaide Thomas Dickerson, North Adelaide D. Drewer, sawyer, do do Caleb Dawes, farmer, Cherry Gardens Charles Dowden, farmer, Upper Sturt John Dawbiney, farmer, Brownhill Creek James Douglas, comedian, Adelaide John Daly, carpenter, Adelaide John Debney, boatman, Port E. John Edwards, butcher, Dry Creek George Elliott, cordwainer, Hindley-street C. Eymer, perfumer, &c., King William street C. H. Earle, Sussex Arms Inn, Walkerville Daniel Easton, bricklayer, Hurtle Vale Samuel Edwards, farm servant, McLaren Vale Richard Eagle, farmer, McLaren Vale   Joseph Edmunds, tailor, Gawler place Donald Ewens, farmer, Pethick's Gulley William Everitt, farmer, Currency Creek John Edwards, boot and shoe maker, Angaston

Henry Elphick, Marion John Elford, plumber, Rundle street A. Elphick, Marion Henry Elliott, farmer, McLaren Vale Charles Elliott, farmer, McLaren Vale John Ellis, butcher, Mount Barker James William J. Eyre, shepherd, Bremer William Edwards, carpenter, North Adelaide George Edwards, cordwainer, Bowden Henry Evans, stockholder, Flaxman's Valley George Espie, gardener, Anlaby Joseph Emery, coachmaker, Hindmarsh John Emery, Hindmarsh John W Exceel, farmer, Uraparinga William Evershard, sawyer, North Road J. A. Elmer, comedian, Adelaide Henry Ellis, farmer, Tea Tree Gulley Henry Elliott, cabinet maker, Kooringa James Eves, shepherd, Anlaby J. Evans, dealer, Grote street   William Edwards, farmer, Brighton   Henry Edwards, shoemaker, Brighton William Edridge, farmer, Para Plains   James Elliott, boatman, Port Thomas Edwards, shipwright, Port   F William Franks, farmer, McLaren Vale Adam Fartch, shepherd, Bremer Richard Francis, miner, Staughton Village William Fuller, brazier, Mount Barker George Feast, dairyman, Hermitage, Little Para Joseph Farrow, farmer, Hope V alley Thomas Flovel, farmer, Hope Valley Henry Fairbank, Gawler W. Freeman, carter, Kapunda J. Fraser, storekeeper, Kapunda Henry Field, farmer, Cherry Gardens Thomas Feast, seedsman, Hermitage, Little Para John Forgher, blacksmith, Mount Torrens Joseph Faber, cabinetmaker, Onkaparinga       James Fisbock, farmer, Western branch, Onkaparinga Henry Floate, farmer, White Gully Farm, McLaren Vale Edward Fox, mason, Gouger street, Adelaide John Frisby, storekeeper, Balhannah James Fidock, farmer, Willunga Richard French, farmer, Willunga Charles Flaxman, gentleman, Rundle street Charles Ford, grocer, Hindley street William Finlay, carter, Thebarton Robert Francis, shoemaker, Hindmarsh Wm. Franklin, farmer O'Halloran Hill Timothy Faghey, farmer, Tea Tree Swamp Mark Fooks, Fancy Bazaar, Hindley street, city Thomas Fax, shoemaker, Leigh street William Fitzgibbons, farmer, Chain of Ponds Alexander Forest, blacksmith, Gumeracha William Flaxman shepherd, North Rhine C. R. Fearnley, farmer, Lyndoch Valley Peter Fox, teacher, Weymouth street Henry M. Fish, miller, Horseshoe mill James Forbes, farmer, Tasker Vale, Barossa Joseph Fentrill, laborer, Tinlinga Henry Foot, joiner, Gawler J. Feutrill, wheelright, Houghton A. F. Fitzchild, storekeeper, Kooringa George Fisher, musician, North Adelaide Carl Freidrich Brett Schneider, locksmith, Light square Stapel Feldt, farmer, Bay Road G James Gabell, shoemaker, McLaren Vale William Giles, junr , accountant, Kanmantoo Mine Johann Gasmeir, farmer, Hope Valley Archibald Greenshields, Sheil Hill, Mypunga William Galway, sen., builder, Port Adelaide William Galway, jnr., builder, Port Adelaide   John Grosser, undertaker, Currie street city Andrew Gordon, carpenter, North Adelaide S. Gill, Upper Sturt E. B. W. Glandfield, grocer, Rundle street William Ottomar Gerke, grocer, Rundle-street William Gurr, shoemaker, Thebarton Edward F. Gardner, clerk, Grenfell street T. J. Grose, joiner, Brown street   Jeremiah Green, tanner, Port Lincoln John Gribble, farmer, Noarlunga Alexander Greig, farmer, Gummaracca Archibald Gilles, shepherd, Anlaby Thomas Gladior, shepherd, Anlaby John Grigg, joiner, Wakefield street, Adelaide Henry Giles, agent, Port Adelaide J. A. George, miner, Lyndoch Valley John Goldsworthy, miner, Lyndoch Valley Abraham George, miner, Lyndoch Valley John Gowman, farmer, McLaren Vale George Grey, farmer, McLaren Vale James Grant, stockholder, Mypunga Edward Giles, stockholder, Willunga J. Gardener, comedian, Adelaide Nathaniel Gregory, labourer, Mount Barker George Green, Wakefidld Arms, Gilbert Zechariah Grey, carter, Kooringa John Gambling, wheelwright, Pirie street Geo. Griffin, watchmaker, Hindley street John Gale, gentleman, North Adelaide H. Grotegut, Prince Albert Hotel, Hindley street Salvator Giudici, Clarendon Hotel, Hindley street E. Castres Gwynne, barrister at law, Exchange buildings S. Goldsack, confectioner, Hindley street James Gibson, storekeeper, Bowden J. Gattey, carpenter, Pirie street, Adelaide Samuel Gibbons, baker, North Adelaide H. Gepp, World's End Inn, Macgill William Glover, farmer, McLaren Vale Peter Green, tailor, Currie street city Robert Green, turner, Franklin street city Isaac Gould, laborer, Unley John Galpin, farmer, Willunga George Graham, carpenter, Strathalbyn James Geering, groom, Angaston Stephen Gower, stockholder, Lyndoch Valley   Frank Green, gardener, Gawler River   James Greenslade, Horseshoe Mill Henry Groser, undertaker, Currie street   William Gibson, warehouseman, Adelaide James Gillison, accountant, Adelaide Edward Gilletly, carpenter, Port H   R. D. Hanson, barrister at law, Exchange buildings Robert Holland, farmer, Lyndoch Valley John Holmes, tailor, Morphett street J. Horwood, millwright, Hindley street J. Hill, Buck's Head, North terrace David Howard, miller, Thebarton John Harris, sawyer, Bowden George Hockey, Wodehouse Arms Inn, Islington Edward Hudson, shoemaker, Thebarton Robert Hughes, laborer, Thebarton T. J. Hepworth, baker, Thebarton J. Holman, landowner, Willunga Thomas Haddrick, cabinet maker, Morphett Vale J. R. Henley, stonemason, O'Halloran Hill Henry Holder, farmer, O'Halloran Hill W. Wesley Hayes, builder, Morphett Vale Thomas Hart, mason, Houghton Village Luke Hussey, farmer, near Willunga Michael Haughey, farmer, Willunga John Hillier, wheelwright, Currie street John Haylett, batcher, Currie street city H. Heard, storekeeper, Currie street city George Hillier, wheelwright, Currie street city Thomas Hillier, blacksmith, Gray street city William Hillier, blacksmith, Currie street city Daniel Haynes, wheelright, Weymouth street James Hector, farmer. Mount Charles Thomas Hector, farmer, Mount Charles James Hasell, farmer, Lobethal William Hardy, farmer, Willunga Thomas Handelein, carpenter, Willunga William Hilliam, farmer, Willunga

Peter Hancock, wheelwright, McLaren Vale John Horsnell, farmer, Third Creek David Hutton, farmer, Chapman. Grove Farm, District C David Harris, sawyer, Gummaracca Johm Hamlin, farmer, Gummaracca Alexander Halker Holmes, near Strathalbyn Charles How, laborer, Morphett Vale Henry Hill, farmer, Onkaparinga George Harvey, teamster, Angaston Frederick Harridge, Sturt M. Hant, Marion   James Heuney, Marion Thomas Highett, Forest mill H. E. Hodgkinson, general carrier, Adelaide James Hazell, farmer, Ranksear Henry Higginson, draughtsman, &c, Wright street city Heinrich Hessi, Tanunda G H. Hill, builder, Wellington William Henley, laborer, Chain of Ponds James Hawker, farmer Chain of Ponds Anne Hawker, Chain of Ponds Philip Hollins, gentleman, Noarlunga G. P. Hammond, sen., farmer, McLaren Vale Philip Holder, laborer, Mount Barker William Howlett, gardener, Macclesfield G. R. Hughes, farmer and mail contractor, Nairne William Hardy, Thurtle Belt John Head, shepherd, Anlaby Richard Harvey, miner, Kapanda Eli Holmes, laborer, Gawler Town John Hooper, laborer, Gawler Town Joseph Haddy, boot and shoemaker Port Adelaide Henry Hornhardt, farmer, Hurtle Vale Thomas Holman, farmer, Willunga Daniel Hall, laborer, Lyndoch Valley Thomas Henern, farmer, Lyndoch Valley Thomas Harbon, sawyer, Lyndoch Valley Robert Harbon, farmer, Lyndoch Valley John Hammal, agent of the Enterprise Mining Company Lyndoch Valley     Abraham Harrington, splitter, Mount Jagged David Hughes, stockeeper, Woodland, North Thomas Hutton, stockholder, Penwortham James Hall, Leigh street, Adelaide Frederick Hasler, farmer, Onkaparinga William Horn, farmer, near Para M. Harmer, sawyer, Houghton John Hayter, ginger beer maker, Adelaide James S. Helber, draper, Kooringa Thomas Holman, slate dresser, Willunga Edward Harris, farmer, McLaren Vale William Humphries, shoemaker, Blakiston John Halmaya, farmer, Mount Barker John Harris, miner, Bremer mine Benjamin Bennett Holmes, machinist, Nairne   Edward Hawkins, smelting works, Bremer     William Hayes, shepherd, Bremer James Howard, gentleman, Mount Barker Robert Hartey, farmer, Macclesfield James Hackett, publican, Macclesfield John Hill, farmer, Hope Valley Edward Harper, miner, Kapunda William Hutchins, grocer, Hindley street J. B. Hack, timber merchant, North Adelaide James Hart, farmer, Cherry Gardens William Hosken, farmer, Cherry Gardens William Hubble, painter, Unley R. Hesledon, farmer Section 400 William Hickman, blacksmith, Brown Hill Creek T. F. Hansen, agent, North Adelaide C. F. Hofer, farmer, Mount Barker Augustus Huanerbein, musician, Pirie street Henry Holmes, farmer, Angaston John Hurst, boot and shoemaker, Angaston William Hester, wheelwright, Onkaparinga James Harwicke, agriculturist, Onkaparinga John Harward, farmer, Onkaparinga   Oliver Hulbert, plasterer, Western branch, Onkaparinga   John Holroyd, butcher, Onkaparinga Thomas Hatchens, bootmaker, Onkaparinga Henry Hickmott, brickmaker, Onkaparinga Charles T. Hewett, farmer, McLaren Vale Robert Hawkes, draper, Rundle Street James Hollins, tailor, Rundle street Joseph Hardy, farmer, Willunga Elias Hall, laborer, Thebarton Stephen Harn, laborer, Thebarton J. H. Hall, carrier, Thebarton George Hiles, sheepfarmer, Barossa Henry Hocking, miner, Barossa Frederick Hasluck, Rundle street William Hill, brickmaker, Onkaparinga John Harward, jun., Onkaparinga George Hooper, farmer, Morphett Vale William Hooper, farmer, Morphett Vale George Hamilton, Treasury offices Charles Simeon Hare, gentleman, Plympton   Joseph Harrold, ironmonger, Hindley street   Daniel Harrold, grocer and ironmonger, Hindley street William Harrold, grocer and ironmonger, Hindley street John Haywood, baker &c., Brighton   Henry Highet, farmer, Brighton   George William Highet, joiner, Brighton Joseph Hopkins, farmer, Brighton William Haddams, farmer, Brighton I J   John Jones, laborer, McLaren Vale James lves, farmer, McLaren Vale Nicholas Johns, farmer, Lyndoch Valley William Jacks, miner, Parringa T. Jordan & Co., general carriers, Kanmantoo Mine John lnglis, farmer, Morphett Vale John Jones, farmer, Gawler River H. H. Jones, storekeeper, Kapunda Andrew Johnstone, accountant, King William street William lnskip, butcher, Unley Thomas Inskip, butcher, Unley Edward Johns, miner, Upper Sturt William Jessup, mason, Happey Valley Isaac Jacob, farmer, Cherry Gardens Hugh Jenkins, farmer, Angaston John Johnston, Wild Goose Lodge, Western Branch On- kaparinga Daniel Jones, carpenter, Onkaparinga R. Isbel, Thebarlon John Imray, stationer, Rundle street   Henry Jessop, Melbourne street, North Adelaide William Jones, cooper, Gawler place Thomas James, Currie street Henry Junbridge Charles Jacobs, storekeeper, North Adelaide James Jolly, teacher, Adelaide Henry Ingham, botcher, Kensington Henry Ide, surveyor, Sturt David T. Jones, Blackiston   Henry Jenkin, miner, Worthing Mine Thomas Inglis, farmer, Mount Torrens Thomas Jones, chairmaker, South terrace city John Jackson, laborer, South terrace city Bennett J. James, miller, Willunga John James, McLaren Flat James Joyce, storekeeper, Angaston James Jones, waterman, Gilbert street Robert Hall Jones, bootmaker, Strathalbyn Henry Jackson, storekeeper, Staughton Village Samuel Jones, shepherd, Anlaby Robert Jones, shepherd, Anlaby Samuel Jones, miner, Kapunda G. W. Johnson, farmer, Glen Osmond George Jeffrey, laborer, Gawler Town Edward Jeffrey, farmer, Willunga George Jeffrey, agriculturist, Willunga J. L. Jacobs, comedian, Adelaide George Johnson, North Adelaide   William Jarvis, ginger beer maker, Adelaide Edward Jones, tailor and draper, Kooringa George Jolly, farmer, Prospect Thomas Jones, tailor, Port William James, Port

K John Kennedy, Angas street, Adelaide   A. Kavel, pastor of the German communities at Langmeil   and Hahndorf T. Knapp, blacksmith. Sturt George Knapp, blacksmith, Sturt Thomas Kibble, farmer, Adelaide William Kinnish, carpenter, Stoughton Village John Kerney, carpenter, Grenfell street city Thomas Kucale, joiner, Rundle street city   William Kendle farmer, Gummaracca Mungo Kerr, Gummaracca Peter Kelly, mail man, Strathalbyn Henry Knot, farmer, Lyndoch Valley James Kelly, farmer, Sturt River John Kelly, farmer, Pallas Hill, Sturt Thomas Kennell, Sturt James Knight, cooper, Chain of Ponds Charles Kingston, farmer, Mount Barker John Kinsman, miner, Staughton Village Edward Knight, painter and glazier, Kooringa T. Korff, Tanunda A. Keidel, musician, Rundle street Care Konnemann, bootmaker, East terrace W. Kupfer, farmer, Tanunda R. Knoll, cooper, Leigh street Edwin John Kember, farmer, Glenaire, Onkaparinga James Ferbrache Kelso, farmer, Inverbreckie John Kellock, farmer, Barossa George Kite farmer, Wakefield Hcinrich Klopper, farmer, Hope Valley Martin Knock, bootmaker, Hope Valley Harmann Kugelmarne sawyer, Upper Sturt Frederick Knox, Port L   Henry Lloyd, farmer, Spring Farm, Onkaparinga Benjamin Lambert, farmer, Western Branch, Onkaparinga Eli Lambert, farmer, Balhannah Edward Lang, grocer, Western Branch, Onkaparinga James Lowe, upholsterer, Thebarton Edward Lowe, cabinet maker, Thebarton Philip Lavers, builder, Gawler place John Lansden tailor, Weymouth street R. F. La'Vence, farmer, District B. No. 2 Charles Ladds, Rundle street Philip Laman, farmer, Morphett Vale Thomas Lean, New Inn, Nairnc Donald Leslie, blacksmith, McLnren Viilo John Locke, farmer, McLaren Vale Stephen Lean, miner, Staughton Village John Lewhellin, shepherd, Bremer John Lithgow, farmer, Little Para George Leaman, farmer, Little Para .John Lumby, butcher, Strathalbyn . James Lewis, farmer, Cherry Gardens Jacob Lock farmer, Cherry Gardens Chr. Litchford, tallow chandler, Sturt street Richard L.mbell, storekeeper, Hindley street G. H. Lockyer, shoemaker, Kensington Thomas Langford, saddler, Morphet Vale George Leedham, farmer Green Hills John Lloyd, farmer, Payneham George Lovelock, farmer, White's Gulley Daniel Lyons, clerk, Port Road William Long, sawyer, Kersby William Lillicrapp. farmer, Gummaracca Alexander Lamb, carpenter, Kooringa Richard Lambert, wheelwright, Hurtle Vale Charles Latten, Sturt Samuel Langley, Marion Charles Leman, Marion Sturt Henry Lewis, farmer, Adelaide John Leslie, farmer, McLaren Vale John Joseph Looney, farmer, Willunga William Leggett, farmer, Reedy Creek Robert Laurie, farmer Mypunga Frederick Licheman, shoemaker, Anlabey William Lanyon, miner, Kapunda F. W. Lines gentleman, Port Road James Luke, shoemaker, North Road Hermann Ludolph Leo, turner, Hanson street — Laonssen, bootmaker, Norwood Francis Lanroia, farmer, Tanunda J. Thomas Lekmkuhl, farmer, Grunthal   J. M. Langeake, painter, &c., Franklin street C Lovell, carpenter and joiner, Grote street William Lillipohite, farmer, Para Plains   John Lillipohite, laborer, Para Plains   William Lidge, shoemaker, Port   William Langley, waterman, Port M Thomas McKay, farmer, Noarlunga Roderick M'Kenzie, farmer, McLaren Vale Joseph Morphett Captain Wheal Barton mine Samson Modestch, farmer, Blomberg James Meek, farmer, McLaren Vale Robert P. Miley, landholder, Mount Baker   Edward McLean, farmer Penwortham   G. Marpeard, farmer, Prospect Peter MacLean, Para Plains Charles Masters, farmer, Mount Barker Thomas Miners, blacksmith Staughton Village Archibald M'Farlane, shepherd. Currency Creek John Moore, farmer, Hartley Vale John Moody, labourer, Reedy Creek Richard M'Clellan, carrier, Anlaby Patrick M'Grath, shepherd, Anlaby John M'Sellan, labourer, Anlaby Hiram Manfull, farmer, Groove Farm, Chellaston Samuel Mayden, baker, Albert Town James Martin, miner, Lyndoch Valley Joseph Mott. fnrmcr, Echunga Gilbert M'Nichol, farmer. Myponga William Macnab, Myponga William Mitchell, farmer, Yankalilla Alfred Mitchell, farmer, Yankalilla William Midge, farmer, Willunga John M'Coll, shoemaker, Penwortham W. E. Munro, musician, Black Horse Patrick McCarron, Mount Charles Thomas Mitchell, sen. North Adelaide Henry Mitchell, farmer, Dry Creek R. H. Moulton, stockholder, Mount Barker Francis Mason, farmer, McLaren Uale Duncan McCallum, South Australian Company's overseer, Bremer John McKenzie, general assistant, Bremer John Melrose, saddler, Mount Barker John Merefield, blacksmith, Mount Barker Geo. Manton baker, Mount Barker , John H. McCarthy, miller. Mount Barker John McGilton, farmer, Low Wood, Little Para George Miller, farmer, Little Para   John Mone, fencer, Gawler River John Martin, gunpowder manufacturer, Gawler Town S. Moyle, engineer, Kapunda John Munden, farmer, Charlesworth, Fourth Creek William MaGuire, solicitor, Adelaide Joseph Middleton, solicitor, Cherry Gardens James Middleton, solicitor, Cherry Gardens F. D. Theodore Moller, blacksmith, Upper Sturt Thomas Matthews, stockholder, Sturt River   Henry Martin, miner, Upper Sturt Charles Moller, Upper Sturt James Morley, miner, Upper Sturt Burnard McCain, Kapunda John Mclntyre, farmer, Lyndoch Valley Charles Masters, dairyman, Angaston John Murray, farmer, Murray Vale             A. B. Murray, farmer, Murray Vale Henry Mitchell, farmer, Mount Crawford Charles Mills, wheelwright, Western Branch Onkaparinga David Meadows, Western Branch Onkaparinga James McNamara, miller, Thebarton W. Maguire, storekeeper, Gouger street P.Mears solicitor, Port   Samuel Mill, farmer, Morphett Vale A. L. Middleton, draper, Kooringa W, O. Muller, Angas Park Richard Ire Mortimore, farmer, Willunga John McNamara, sawyer, Penwortham Charles McConnell, farmer, Mount Charles Lt. Mater, musician, Pirie street H. D. Muller, baker, Tanunda J, E. Manton, tinman, Freeman street George Martens, publican, Hindley street Thomas Macklin, sawyer, Wright street city Wm. McArthur, wheelwright, Wight's Gully Richard Martin, whealw right, Strathalbyn John Martin, wheelwright, Strathalbyn Thomas Muller, farmer, Kirkhood, Gummaracca

James Matwood, farmer, Kirkwood, Gummaracca William Mahood, farmer, Kirkwood, Gummaracca Thomas Murphy, Gumerracca William Maxwell, Gumerracca Samuel Matthew, laborer, Morphett Vale James Morgan joiner, Kooringa James McClaud, farmer, Hurtle Vale William Maxwell, sawyer, Gawler River Peter McKeon, farmer, Sandy Creek Felix McLaren, farmer, Lyndoch Valley William Macklin, farmer, Sturt Robert Mahon, miller, Black Forest Mill Charlcs Mo??e, Gouger street James Macgowan, teacher, North Terrace   A. J. Murray, Collector of Rates and Clerk of Market, Ade laide J. Maiuster, farmer, Reed Beds Joseph Birch Mather, machinist, Pirie street Edward McClory, wheelright, Angas street William B. Middleton, North terrace Patrick Maitland, mineral agent, King William street J. M. Myers, Hindley street F. Mann, grocer, Hindley street William Mullett, bookbinder, Rosina street George Mills, boot and shoemaker, Hindley street Dr. E. H. Matthew, Gawler place Minifie and Bucknall, brewers, Thebarton W. A. Minifie, brewers, Thebarton Thomas Martin, farmer, Willunga Fred Martin, farmer, Willunga   ? Montgomery, surgeon, Happy Valley James Mellor, farmer, Hurtle Vale John Mudge, farmer, Castle Hill Farm, Noarlunga Thomas Merley, farmer, Snakeville Farm, Noarlunga William Mudge, Noarlunga Geo. F. Morton, M.R.C.S.L., Gawler Town John Maslin, farmer, Hurtle Vale Thomas Marshall, farmer, Willunga M. A. G. Middleton, academy, North Adelaide William Mitchell, storekeeper, North Adelaide George McEwen, nurseryman, Glen Ewen C. M. Ware, miller, Hermitage Perry P. K. McKay, carpenter, O'Halloran Hill David McTeat. laborer, Morphett Vale John Mclntyre, farmer, Mount Torrens Geo McKenzie, grocer, Grenfell street city Wm. McLean, innkeeper, Currie street city Jonathan Marriott, farmer, Clarendon Wm. Murphy, joiner, Wakefield street city K Samuel Nelson, bootmaker, Hindley street John Neilson, carpenter, O'Halloran Hill F. Newberry, tailor, Hindley street city Richard Nichols, Franklin street city Charles Newman, farmer, Mount Charles Wm. Naismith, enginer, Gummaracca George Gawler M. Noonen, shoemaker, Noarlunga John D Noonen, j'liir., farmer, Noarlunga John Noonan, farmer, Noarlunga Chas. B. Newenham, J P., sheriff Thomas Newman, storekeeper, Thebarton Charles Norris, laborer, Gawler Town William Newnham, Stockholder, Tanunda Philip Nox, splitter, North William Newnham, overseer, Angas Park Charles Norris, laborer, Morphett Vale Heinrich Nioste, glazier, Halifax street John Nutter, smelting works, Bremer William Noye, schoolmaster, Strathalbyn   C. Nelson, surveyor. Kapunda John Norton, farmer, Cherry Gardens John Northcott, shoemaker, Unley Henry Nicholls, miner, Upper Sturt Wm. Norris, cordwainer, Staughton. Joshh Novis, tinman, Thebarton R. Novis tinman, Thebarton Joseph Neill, corn factor, Gawler place O William Owen, Hindmarah James Osment, butcher, Hindmarsh David Oliver, farmer, Willunga John Oats, Willunga William Owen, Sturt Carle Otte, Upper Sturt William Otham, painter, Rundle street George Ottaway, Norfolk Arms, Rundle street William Oliver, farmer, McLaren Vale John Osborne, miner, Staughton Village E. A. Opie, artist, Bent street, Adelaide John Owens, slate dresser, Willunga P. Tobias Pearce, farmer, Noarlunga Richard Perkins, farmer, Onkaparinga William Pomery. miner, Staughton Village Thomas Prisk, miner, Staughton Village William Price, Anlaby Thomas Pigot, shepherd, Anlaby Edward Purcill, laborer, Kapunda William Pollard, miner, Kapunda H. W. Peryman, jun., builder, North Adelaide William Pope, laborer, Gawler Town Samuel Pope laborer, Gawler Town A. Procter, laborer, Gawler Town William Price, farmer, Hurtle Vale H. W. Peryman, builder. North Adelaide Thomas Pearce, shoemaker, Houghton James Pearce, farmer, Mount Barker James Pearce, jun., farmer, Mount Barker K. W. Pluckett, bookbinder, Kooringa Michael Pfenger, Swiss Farm, Angas Park John S. Plush, poundkeeper, Angas Park Earnst Pleifer painter, Halifax street Edward Pollmann, confectioner, Hindmarsh square G. Peters, water carrier, Rundle street Isaac Prior, Baptist Minister, Priorsdale, McLaren Vale   Edward Pearce, farmer, Forest Joseph Plummers, sailmaker, Strathalbyn George Parker, carpenter, Kersbrook Anthony A. Pomran, near Strathalbyn Jacob Pulen, laborer, Morphett Vale   Gcorgo Pike, farmer, McLaren Vale Charles Presce, tailor, Lyndoch Valley Alfred Perry, farmer, Onkaparinga N. Player, innkeeper, Angaston Thomas Pellow, sawyer, Gawler River William Powell, shepherd, Gawler River Joseph Pearson, Marion Anthony Pratt, Sturt Joseph Paine, innkeeper, Inverbreckie William Perkins, Lyndoch Valley William Perkins, jun., Tanunda   George Pank, painter, Ruudle street Pierce and son, builders, Norwood Samuel Pearce, tinman, Thebarton   James Patrick, builder, Barossa William Pollard, tailor, Nairne William Pybus, sen., machinist, North Adelaide Walter Pearce, farmer, Morphett Vale William Painter, farmer, Morphett Vale Henry Paddock, blacksmith, Mc Laren Vale Robert Petters, miner, Bremer Mine Moses Peerson, land surveyor, Kanmantoo Mines William Peason, shepherd, Bremer Thomas Paltridge, shoemaker, Mount Barker Richard Paul, yeoman, Dry Creek Heinrich Palm, smith, Hope Valley Jacob Pitman, builder, &c, Adelaide Richard Piggot, farmer, Cherry Gardens Henry Pope, tailor, Unley William Peacock, stone mason, Brown Hill Creek William Pearn, wheelwright. Mc Laren Vale J. Bond Phipson, Resident Magistrate's Court, Adelaide Golden Prentice, house and estate agent, North Terrace Mary Procter, storekeeper, Hindley street Henry Parr, butcher, Wright street Edward Lea Palmer, Hindmarsh Edward Palmer, hairdresser, Hindloy street . George Puzey, soda water manufacturer, Morphett street   Joseph Penfold, baker, Currie street William Packham, farmer, First Creek Walker Peele, tanner, Leigh street H. W. Parker, Barrister at law, King William street Charles Preuss watchmaker, King William street George Peel, miller, Thebarton         Isaac Peel, labourer, Thebarton William Puttock, hair dresser, Bowden   George Paye, Willunga Josiah Pengelly, farm labourer, Willunga

J. Peck, builder, Morphett Vale George Petter, farmer, Morphett Vale John Pocock, farmer, Morphett Vale Joseph Pennington, writer, Adelaide Abraham Pettrick, farmer and land owner, Willunga Thomas Pugh, builder, Norwood Thomas Puckey, farmer. Norwood J. Pile, ' Buck's Head Inn ' North Teriaco, City Walter Pearee, farmer, Morphett Valo William Pethick, farmer, near Willunga Henry Edward Pettitt, storekeeper, Rundle street City William Powell, tailor, Norwood W. D. Poole, accountant, Topham street, City Peter Perring' labourer, Weymouth street, City John Parr, labourer, Unley John Peach, gentleman, Brighton Q, P. Quick, farmer, Currency Creek Arthur Quinn, carrier, Penwortham James Quiry, sawyer, North Road R Wm. Roberts, publican, Brighton John Rushbridge, joiner, Brighton Wm. Ross, dealer, Rosina street J. A. Robinson, carpenter, Grote street Peter Reid, Adelaide Thomas Reynolds, plumber, Port Francis Reynolds, carpenter,Port   Josiah Rogers, schoolmaster, Lyndoch Valley John Roberts, miner, Staughton Village John Renpey, farmer, Mount Barker Charles Read, miner, Staughton Village Robert C. Roberts, miner, Staughton Village Richard Rowlings, miner, Parringa Village John Rowe, miner, Kanmantoo Mines John Rundle, farmer, Mount Barker W. Robinson, butcher, Macclesfield W. Riddock, carpenter, Macclesfield John Ryan, farmer, Macclesfield W. Rarpuond, farmer, Little Para John Rowe, ploughman, Hermitage Little Para John Richards, plasterer, North Adelaide John Rogers, Upper Sturt August Bremer, Upper Sturt Thomas Radford, farmer, Angaston Herman Radford. builder, Angaston* Thonm Reynolds, boot and shoe maker, Angaston Alfred Robinson, farmer, Onkaparinga John Read, farmer, Reed Beds Thomas Reynolds, merchant, Rundla street Joseph Roberts, builder, Grole street James Ridgrave, gold digger, Onkaparinga John Roberts, accountant, King William street Joseph Rewfry, superintendent of Kanmantoo Mines William Robson, gentleman, King William street Walter Ridpath, solicitor, Exchange buildings William Randall, gentleman. Rapid bay Georgo Roberts, inkecper, Hindmarsh George Roberts, jun., brewer Uindmarsh David Randall, gentleman, Walkerville John Roberts, gentloman, Kensington William RceJs, butcher, Houghton Richard Remfrey, miner, AVorthing mines Ross Alex Mount Torrens William Russell, stockholder, New Tahara country Joseph Ramsford, storekeeper, Currie street city' John Rogers, sawyer, Sturt street city George Russell, gardener. Third Creek Michael Ryan, farmer Third Creek   John Riley, printer, -fcc, Strathalbyn Alexander D.* Rolland, blacksmith, B.inksbear W. B. Randall Steam Mills, Gumaracca Wm. Richard Randall, miller Gumar.icca John Beavis Randall millur, Gumaracca 'Alexander Ross, boot and shoemaker, Strathalbyn Stephen Roskrow, smith, Angaston Genrgo Robsrts, teamster, Angaston Samuel Roberts, Marion T. H. Kussell Marion Sturt M. Randall Marion John Reilly, farmer, Upper Sturt George Rhodes and Son bazaar, Kensington and Rundlo street Thomas Roberts, farmer, Upper Dry Creek Robert Rogers, labourer, Wihucga David Robinson, labourer, Chain of Ponds Stephen Robinson, .Macclesfield Hugh Parker, sheep farmer Currency Creek Mfebcrt Readman farmer, Kenton Valley Charles Roots, farmer Cedar Creek Robert Reid, carpenter, Anlaby Philip Ross, agriculturist, River Light John Ragen, shepherd Anlaby John Bowett, miner Kapunda John Richmond, gentleman, Torrens P. Ray, brewery, Gawler town W. Russell, farmer, Hurtle Valo George Rowley farmer, Lyndoch Valley ? Jno. Rowlands, cooper, Tanunda Thomas Roberts, labourer, McLaren Vale J-. K. Reeves, farmer, McLnren Vale J P. Rogers, builder Adelaide Hubert Ramsay, Adelaide JI W. Kiddle, farnier, Richmond hill John Rehn, farmer, Little Para George Richardson, farmer, Dry Creek John Richards, miner, Kapunda Johann Ronnifeldt, wheelwright. Essex street, Adelaido Carl Rosenthal. carpenter, Pirie street Thomas Rowe, tailor, Gawler placo Carl Reinhardt, biscuit baker, Pirie street J. H. Roane, baker, Morphett street S   Robert Smith, builder, Port Francis Stevenson, Port R. G. Symonds, gentleman, Adelaide Richard Semmens, miller, Cragedarrow John Strictland, butcher, Thebarton William Stubbs, carter, Thebarton Frederick Stacey, gardener, Thebarton T. Slater, farmer, Reed Beds George Schroedor, gentleman, Reed Beds John Scoble, miner, Barossa William Simmons, mine agent, Barossa Stephen Stephens, farmer, Yatta Barossa William Stephens, miner, Yatta Barossa Alexander Stewart, farmer, Barossa John Stuart, baker, Rundle street J. A. Semmens, miner, Adelaide mine George F. Smith, carpenter, Grey street William Selleck, farmer, Willunga Philip Santo, miner, Staughton Village Isaac Sammen, miner, Staughton Village F. T. Smith, ginger-beer brewer, Mount Barker David Stoddart, joiner, Strathalbyn Andrew Shillabeer, farmer, Hermitage, Little Para Wm. Henry Shillabeer, farmer, Hermitage, Little Para William Spicer, farmer, Little Para Samuel Roe Shillabeer, storekeeper, Hermitage Little Para Andrew Shillabeer, jun., farmer, Tam O'Shanter Belt William Stoneham, farmer, Little Para Alfred Swane, superintendent S. A. Company Gumaracca William Stanger, storekeeper, Gumaracca G. Simpson, miller, Athelston William Sherriff, farmer, Morphett Vale W. Share, charcoal burner, Kapunda Job Spencer, carpenter, Adelaide Henry Sparks, builder, Glenelg Thomas Saunders, Adelaide Jno. Sinclair, builder, North Adelaide John Shepley, farmer, Cherry Gardens John Stephens, gardener, Unley Charles Smart, plasterer, Unley Jno. Stuckey, farmer, Dry Creek William Stevens, ditto Upper Sturt John Simmonds, blacksmith, Brown Hill Creek Heinrich Schunke, Sturt H. C. Schlemermeyer, Upper Sturt John Stead, gentleman, Torrens Samuel Selby, stockholder, Glen Osmond W. F. Sergeant, farmer, Sturt River G. E. Sawer, clerk, Wright street Alfred Stevens, tailor, Elizabeth street William Smith, town surveyor G. Stonehouse, Baptist Minister, North Adelaide William E. Sawyer, Ann street, Hindmarsh Richard Shadwell, lime burner, Pine Forest Henry Smith, fruiterer, Brompton George Sarah, builder, Willunga Henry Sanders, stone mason, O'Halloran Hill

Henry Smith, carpenter, Pirie street, city John Smith, blacksmith, Sturt William Soutle, veterinary surgeon, Grenfell street city John Saint, farmer, Dry Creek James Smyth Stacey, farmer, McLaren Vale   W.H. Stacey, farmer, McLaren Vale James Saven, farmer, Blakiston George Sandison, farmer, Lizard Lodge Richard Stephens, miner, Worthing mines Frederick Legg Stone, sawyer, O'Halloran hill Robert Smith, farmer, Reed Beds   Robert Smith, carpenter, Grenfell street city Henry Stanes, North Terrace Joseph Stick, butcher, Sturt street city Samuel Stephens, shoemaker, Unley Wm. Skinner, gentleman, Wright street city Thomas S. Starey, farmer, Waybrook farm, Willunga Richard Strout, farmer, Willunga Thomas Simpson, farmer, McLaren Vale   William Scott, shoemaker, McLaren Vale   F. N. Scarfe, butcher, Macgill D. Stephens, farmer, Willunga Wm. Smith, sawyer, Strathalbyn James Stewart, Gummaracca David Shannon, farmer, Gummaracca Abraham Shannon, farmer, Gummaracca James Smith, farmer, Morphett Vale Thomas Seanders, farmer, McLaren Vale   James Z. Sellar, turner &c. Kooringa Charles Smith, farmer, Morphett Vale George Smith, tailor, Angaston Wm. Salter, jun, sheep farmer, Angaston Joseph Stevens, agriculturist, Angaston John Spencer, Agriculturist, Sandy Creek   Charles Sansbery, labourer, Penwortham Charles Smith, gentleman, Goodwood William Smith, farmer, Kersbrook John Smith, farmer, Kersbrook Samuel Smart, solicitor, Adelaide Archibald Scott, farmer, Payneham John Stephenson, labourer, McLaren Vale   William Salter, sheep farmer, Angaston James Sawle, farmer, Angaston James Smith, accountant, Angaston Samuel Smith, gardener, Angaston John Smallacorn, farmer, Chain of Ponds Caroline Smallacorn, Chain of Ponds J. W. Scott, Poundkeeper, Noarlunga George Smith, farmer, Mount Barker J. B. Shepherdson, landowner, Tanunda William Starcks, hut keeper, Currency Creek John Scown, mason, Adelaide Thomas Sinkinson, cordwainer, Hartley Vale Mark Smith, brick-maker, Gawler David Smith, plasterer, Hindmarsh James Smith, printer's smith, llindmar.-h John Sc-iwn, farmer, Morphett Vale William Stevens, farmer, Upper Sturt W. R. Squibb, minister, Houghton Joseph Storey, farmer, Morphett Vale Charles Storey. Morphett Vale Robert Snowden, dairyman, Port William Stay, Waybrook farm, Willunga   Edward Satchell, farmer Lyndoch Valley James Stephens, farmer, Yatta Henry Stephen, miner, Yatta Martin Stephen, farmer Yatta Thomas Stephen, farmer, Yatta John Storer, farmer, Tanunda William Sinclair, farmer, Penwortham Thomas Sandry, farmer. Me Laren Vale Augustus Struve, Myponga Robert S. Schingle?, gentleman, Yankalilla Donald Stewart, farmer, Myponga James Sexton blacksmith, Penwortham John Stevens, carpenter. Watervale Wil-iam Smith, brickmak-r, North William Stephen, splitter, Houghton James Sambell, blacksmith. Houghton Thomas S . Sampson smelter, Kooringa M. Subm -nn, Tanunda William Smith, farmer, Mount Barker Joseph Stephens, labourer, Gawler town Heinrich Schroeder cabinet maker, Norwood Frederick Seyler, storekeeper, North Adelaide ? Schulze, carpenter, Pirie street C. Schwale, turner, Hanson rtrect G. Schmidt, pointer, Tanunda M. H. Schutt, storekeeper, Tanunda Louis Schneider, bootmaker, Tanunda A. Saugcr, saddler, North Adelaide Geo. Skinner, sheepfarmcr, Hindmarsh T Samuel Trengove, miner, Mount Barker Samuel Tonkin, miner, Parringa Thomas Tonkin, miner, Parringa Joel Tonkin, miner, Parringa Thomas Tillett, stockholder, Bremer Jos. Tregilgas, miner, Strathalbyn Robert Thompson, H E.I.C.S., Kensington Elisha Trewartha, miner, Kapuuda W. Tremain, miner, Kapunda. John Trewartha, miner, Kapunda Ralph Thompson, carpenter, North Adelaide Thomas Threadgold, farmer, Cherry Gardens Thomas Treloar, miner, Upper Sturt Thomas Turner, Upper Sturt Charles Thacker, gold digger, Western branch Onkaparinga John Trenowth, farmer, Freen Cottage, Onkaparinga James Trebelcock, cattle dealer, Kooringa James Trestrail, mine agent, Barossa J W. Thomas, grocer and baker, Grenfell street Thomas Tuxford, ornithologist, Byron Place R. Thompson, ginger beer maker, Rundle street Richard Trott, Sportsman Hotel, Gouger street Thomas Terrel, miner, Barossa James Tidy, farmer, Morphett Vale Maurice Thomas, proprietor Bremer Smelting Works Robert Thomas, Inspector of Weights and Measures J. B. Titherington, Baptist Minister Alexander Tolmer. Commissioner of Police, Adelaide J.P. Thomas Thwaites, innkeeper, Hindmarsh C. Talbot, miller, Morphett Vale John Townsend, farmer, First Creek Richard Tippett, farmer, McLaren Vale William Tucker, blacksmith, Blackiston Thomas Trevirah, miner, Worthing Mines David J. Trestrail, joiner, Worthing Mines James Tank, miner, Worthing Mines Robert Turner, farmer, Clarendon James Thomas, farmer, McLaren Vale   Andrew Truren, smith, White's Gulley     Gabriel Truren, smith, Pethicks Gulley Andrew Truren, smith, White's Gulley   John Trevern, smith, Pethick's Gulley     Thomas Trevern, Pethick's Gulley William Trevern, White's Gulley Alexander Towers, millwright, Strathalbyn William Treiveek, Gummaracca   James Turner, near Strathalbyn Richard Tregilgas, tailor and postmaster, near Strathalbyn Thomas Taylor, Thrush Grove Cottage, Morphett Vale George Thompson, farmer, McLaren Vale Robert Thornber, farmer, Mitcham Richard Taylor, labourer, Strathalbyn Thomas Turner, timber merchant, Wellington William Tolmil, Willunga J. A. Tregoning, clerk, Angaston Thomas Tucker, storekeeper, Anlaby William Trevena, miner, Kapunda William Taylor, labourer, Gawler Town Richard Presnise, labourer, Gawler Town C. Teakle, storekeper, Port Adelaide Charles Thompson, joiner, Morphett Vale Charles Trenowth, farmer, Willunga Thomas Trenowth, labourer, Willunga James Powbitt and sons, millers, Tanunda W. B. Thomas, saddler, Myponga Job Taylor, Willunga Henry Taylor, farmer, Onkaparinga James Turner, Mount Charles William Tuckey, North Adelaide Joseph Trevean, miner, Kosringa _. A. Tankard, painter & glazier, Kooringa Alex. Teakle, builder, &c, Cedar Creek U   George Usher, boot & shoemaker, Rundle Street

V                   A. E. Varden, shoemaker, Hindmarsh William Vinecombe, farmer, Sturt Valley William Viney, joiner, South terrace city John Venning, builder, Angaston Thomas Vine, jun, miner, Parringa   Henry Viven, miner, Kanmantoo Mine John Varcoe, farmer, Currency Creek Georgo Vernell, farmer, Staughton George Vincent, blacksmith, Weymouth street W H. Watts, Sturt, J.P. Edgar S. Wigg, booksller, Rundle street James Wilmot, Pirie street John Williams, Flinders street William Whittaker, blacksmith, Freeman street Henry James Witton, Professor of Music, R.A.   Charles Winter, aerated water manufacturer, Morphett street W. A. Wright, grocer's assistant, Morphett street William Wareing, blacksmith, Hindley street Chas. Cheesman Whittle, farmer, Highland Home, sec. 1099 George E. Williams, gentleman, Adelaide E. A. Wright, accountant, &c., &c, Adelaide John Williams, tanner, Pirie street Robert Wade, bricklayer, Thebarton William Wilton, hair dresser, Hindmarsh Charles Walker, storekeeper, Hindmarsh J. L. Witherow, miller, Morphett Vale A. C. Witherow, miller, Morphett Vale W. R. Wakers, teacher, Morphett Vale T. J. Wright, tailor, Sturt W. Whittle, Tam O'Shanter Belt H. J. Watson, Globe Inn, Kensington Peter Withers, shoemaker, Blackiston James Williamson, farmer, O' Halloran Hill Georgo Webb, farmer, Mount Torrens Robert Wilson, carpenter, Byron Place, City Joseph Warner, farmer, Willunga Hanson Woodcock, engineer, Mount Barker Thomas Williams, junior, farmer, Willunga Joseph Wallbank, Strathalbyn John Weinert, storekeeper, Lobethal Robert Watling, farmer, Kenton Valley Joseph Welden, farmer, Gummaracca W. Paterson Williams, shepherd, near Strathalbyn George Willis, farmer, Noarlunga John Watson, farmer, Noarlunga William Watson, farmer, Noarlunga Hugh Watson, tanner, McLaren Vale H. H. Wiggin, Freeman's Nob, Encounter Bay Richard Wallis, boot and shoemaker, Macclesfield Thomas Wallis, shoemaker, Macclesfield Allen Wilson, landholder, Mount Barker William Whitehead, storekeeper, Nairne William Wise, builder, Hartley Vale Thomas Webster, butcher, Gawler Henry Wilkinson, carpenter, Morphett Vale William Williams, Quarryman, Willunga Thomas Williams, slate merchant, Willunga Peter Williams, farmer, Willunga Zacharias Williams, farmer, Willunga John Watts, farmer, Bremer John Wills, farmer, Green Hills, Macclesfield Alfred Wills, farmer, Green Hills, Macclesfield Charles Wills, farmer, Green Hills, Macclesfield David Wakefield, farmer, Echunga Thomas Williams, brickmaker, North M. Wilmot, brickmaker, Penwortham Charles Wert, musician, Adelaide Thomas Wright, North Adelaide John Wenden, North Adelaide John Willcox, carpenter, Kooringa A. Walker, Angas street James Wright, wheelwright, Penwortham D. W. Weilandt, publican, Rundle street   Eruil R. Weber, merchant, North Adelaide T. A. Witt, Tanunda Richard Williams, farmer, McLaren Vale Daniel Wickham, farmer, McLaren Vale Samuel Williams, splitter, Meadows Thomas Winton, farmer, Lyndoch Valley Thomas Wennen, miner, Bremer Mine James Wennen, miner, Bremer Mine John Wright, storekeeper Macclesfield William Wintcr, farmer, Macclesfield Thomas Wiggins. sawyer, Little Para John Williams, Preacher of the Gospel, Gummaracca John Wilkinson, farmer, Gawler River William Wingate, farmer, Gawler River William Walters, senior, farmer, Willunga William Walters, junior farmer, Willunga John Horace Williams, barman, Kapunda G. F. Western, sawyer, Kapunda Frederick Weeler, builder, North Adelaide Francis Wait, sawyer, North Adelaide John Whyte, farmer, Cherry Gardens Henry Windybank, farmer, Cherry Gardens Thomas Whyte, farmer, Cherry Gardens William Wheeler, mason, Unley Robert Wakefield, gardener, Brownhill Creek Ruben Watson, farmer, Brownhill Creek   B. Wark, farmer, Hope Valley George Watson, farmer, Angaston Edward Weight, farmer, Onkaparinga William Wood, shoemaker, Onkaparinga B. Walkens, gentleman, Glen Osmond Samuel Walters, farmer, Fifth Creek Christopher Whitford, grocer, Rundle street Robert Wells, farmer, Reed Beds John Wells, dairyman, Islington William F. Webster, storekeeper, Rundle street G. B. Wilson, Pirie street Thomas Williams, mason, North Adelaide Henry Wakers, farmer, Barossa Henry Warland, Hill River, Bungaree Joseph White, farmer, Willunga William Wilding, laborer, Morphett Vale James Wilson, farmer McLaren Vale Robert Wilson, farmer, McLaren Vale P. Webber, Marion, Sturt William Wailes, Black Forest Mill Thomas Waite, clergyman, Church of England John Thomas, farmer, Penwortham Benj. Tucker, laborer, Torrons William Thyers, farmer, Torrens Geo. Tomlinson, shoemaker, Port James Thompson, carpenter, Port Harry Todd, hairdresser, Port   William Thomas, mason, Port John H. Worth, accountant, Adelaide William Walker, boatman, Port Joseph Williams, painter, Port James Randall White, Port   Johu Woodward, turnkey, U. M. Gaol Y             Thomas Young, storekeeper, O' Halloran Hill George Yates, farmer, Noarlunga S. T. Young, baker, Moore street, Adelaide Z G. A. Zietmann, smith, Freeman street G. Zestcr, vinegar maker, North terrace Charles Ziry, Rundle street [The above Declaration is still in course of signature, and those friends who have not yet had an opportunity of attaching their names will be kind enough to do so at their earliest convenience. Having our reason for wishing this important Document should be as accurate as possible, we shall feel obliged by the cor rection of any error in the spelling of the names, or in the description and residences of any of the subscribers to it.]