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There was much to admire, but not enough to call forth expressions of exaltation, in yesterday's Cattle Show of the South Australian Agricultural and Horti cultural Societv. The accommodation afforded bv the

Cattle Market premises may be good enough, but the locality is not sufficiently central, and the aspect on a sultry day is decidedly unfavourable. A further expenditure of material and labour might render the place of show less objectionable, but as it was, a feeling of disappointment was the most prevailing sentiment. Intelligent colo nists endeavoured to explain to inquiring strangers that the season and circumstances were alike unfavourable to the exhibition ; meaning by the latter expression, not the lack of money, but the engrossing super abundance of employment, which prevents many spi rited colonists from engaging in the field of honourable competition, especially at this particular period of the year, when all the harvests combine to put in requisition the individual ond collective powers of the industrious colonists. The prizes were awarded in the following order : — Best Bull of any breed— 2 prizes. The competitors were John Goodall, of Glen Osmond ; George Walker, of Trowbridge Farm ; John Baker, of Adelaide ; W. Martin, or Unley ; and Arthur Hardy, of Adelaide. Two bulb, the property of Mr Baker, won the prizes. Best Cow of any breed. The competitors were Geo. Brunskill, of Kensington ; and John Baker, of Adelaide. One of Mr Baker's cows won the prize. Best Dairy Coio. The only competition was between two cows, the pro perty of Mr Baker, to one of which the prize wu judi ciously awarded. ~ Sett fat Bullock or Heifer. Mr Baker carried off the prize. The prizes for combing rams, clothing rams, pens of combing breeding ewes, and pens of clothing breeding ewes, were offered in va^n, there being none exhibited. Best pen of Fat Wethers, not less than two years old. The only exhibitor was Mr A. B. Murray, of Mount Crawford.

Best Blood Stallion. The show of blood stallions was very good, as the following list may testify, viz- : —Rambler, the property of James Basingthwaite, of Wakefield-street ; Egre mont, H. Stanford, Flinders-street ; Coronet, A. Mal colm, North Adelaide ; Cantab, G. Coppin, Hindley street ; Forlorn Hope, John Baker, Adelaide ; Abdel Kader, ditto ; and Merry Monarch, W. Vanaittart, Mount Gainbier. The first prize was awarded to Cantab ; and the competition between Rambler and Forlorn Hope for the second prize was decided in favour of Rambler. Best Draught Stallion. The first prize was awarded to Milton, the property of Mr Stanford ; the second to Blaze, the property of Mr Johu Hall, Mount Barker. Stallions belonging to Mr Dix, of Thebarton, and Mr Henry Woodhead, of the First Creek, competed unsuccessfully. Best Blood Mare. The competing animals were Like Fits, the property of Mr C. S. Hare, of Plympton ; Sabre, George Br»n dis. Pine Forest ; Lucy Long, James Chambers, fiindley-atreet ; Lady Emily, C. Fisher, Reedbeds ; and Fanny, John Merritt, Dry Creek. The prize was awarded to Mr Jamas Chambers's Lucy Long. Best Draught Brood Mare. The competition was between Jessie, the property of Mr John Hall, Mount Barker ; Violet, Geo. Hoiinssen, Islington ; Diamond, G. Saver-, Reed beds ; Flower, Josh. Gould, Ash Farm, Little Para ; Diamond, be longing to the same ; Violet, John Fidge, near Salis bury ; Chesnut, A. B. Murray, Mount Crawford ; Flora, John Stuckey, Dry Creek ; a mare not named, John Duncan, Reedbeds ; Jess, Ja«. Umpherstone, Gawler Plains ; Duchess, Jas. Frew, Fullarton ; Flower, ditto ; and Lively, the property of Messrs Kelly Brothers, of Mount Barker. Prize awarded to Mr Umpherstone's Jess. 'Best bred Blood CoWor Filly. The following animals competed : — Miss Gulliver, the property of Mr Samuel Kearne, Sturt ; Knight of Gwynne, John Ewart, King William-street ; Moun taineer, Josh. Gilbert, Pewsey Vale ; Buffalo Girl, Jaa. Chambers, Adelaide ; a mare per Abd-el-Kader, ex Wing, John Baker, Adelaide ; another ditto ditto ; and Speed, H. Bosworth, Noarlunga. Prize awarded to Mr John Baker. Best Draught Colt or Filly. The animals entered were :— Fanny, the property of Mr John Hall, Mount Barker ; Violet, Samuel Kearne, Start ; Sovereign, George Sparkes, Echunga ; Kitty, Philip Fargeagen, Eyre's Flat ; Jess, Elliot Aitchison, Macgill ; Bergami, Kelly Brothers, Mount Barker ; Tiger, Willartin, Unley ; and Miss Bonney, the pro perty of the same settler. The price was awarded to Sovereign. Best Boar. Three animals of this description were exhibited. The prize was awarded to a boar of five months old, the property of Mr George Muller, Trowbridge Farm. Best Breeding Sow. Two animals only were exhibited, and the prize was awarded to a sow the property of Mr G. W. Johnson, Glen Osmond-road. Best Fat Pig. This prize was awarded to an animal belonging to Mr George Mailer, of Trowbridge Farm.