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Thursday, 27th November— The barque Hydaspes, 595 tons, Hole, master, from London and Plymouth 25th August. Passengers— Mr. and Mrs. Babbage four children and two servants, Mr. and Miss. Jones, Mr. Hitchins, and Dr. Wooldridge, Surgeon-Superintendent, in the cabin ;

and the following Government emigrants :— George Burge, B. Betts and family, Allan Bethune, T. Bryce and family, J. Asher and wife, J. Campbell and family, G. Davies wife and two children, A. Davidson, T. Edwards, W. Edwards and family, W. Edmonds, D. Felgate and wife, E. Green, A. Gourlay and wife, H. Gallagher and wife, J. Graham wife and child, Peter Gunn, Maria Hoare, G. Hotchin wife and child, G. Holland wife and two children, Clement and William Hall and family, J. J. Nett and wife, D. Jeffrey, J. Kennedy, J. Knight and family, E. King and family, Mary and Margaret Knight and two children, J. Lloyd wife and child, Sarah Soyeres and two children, E. Lawrence, George Longford, J. Lyell, E. Millar, A. Dugald, Ann M'Kinnon, Nicholas and Jane Mould, K. M'Kenzie, William M'Donald, W. M'Allan and wife, Alexander M'Kenzie, Mary Malcolm, J. D. Niell ;   James, Nancy, Niell, Dugald, Alexander and John M'Callum, William Nott, S. C. and H. Neal, W. Pearce and family, J. Ann and Charles Ratley, W. Redfern, A. and J. Read, G. Shedwick and family, J. Sparrow wife and child, T. Sharman, Amelia Samuels, W. Sabiston, J. Stewart, Wm. and Fanny Tugwell, B. Woodford, W. F. Wooding, J. and S. Wells and family, W. Whittleson, E. Wooldridge, A. Wear wife and child, W. Young and wife, C. W. Callum, P. Brien, P. Brogan, J. Craze and family, Biddy and Mary Cromeen, Elizabeth Cruminnie, Margaret Conrons, Andrew Cromeen, P. Davies and wife, T. Davies, T. Evans and wife, Mary Edwards, Bryan Farrell and family, P. Goold, Ellen and James Jenkinson, J. Jordans, Ann Kearn, Mary Kelly, Richard Leonard wife and four children, W. Murphy and family, P. Mangorvan, Henry M'Auliffe, P. O'Hara, P. Phillips, J. Piller, J. Pride, R. and S. Reed, Geo. Roryhan, G. Ransome and wife, B. Smith and family, J. and M. Sullivan, Henry Smith; John, Sarah, and William Stead ; Mary and Edward Stephens, J. and G. William and family, Hercules Warren and family, Sally C. Nichols, Charles and Susanna Wakefield, W. Moyle and family, William, Mary, and Alice Varcoe. During the voyage there were two births, and the following deaths :— William Bett, Wil liam Y. Edwards, Mary Ann King, R. Lloyd, J. Win, Ellen Farrell, Esther Farrell, J. Leonard, B. Farrell, Andrew Graham, and E. Hitchin, all children. Same day — The cutter Petrel, 15 tons, Finniss, master, from Encounter Bay. Cargo— Flour, Formby. Same day — The ship Symmetry, 600 tons, from Port Wakefield. Cargo — Copper ore.

IMPORTS. Cargo of the Hydaspes — 1 case, J. P. Addison; 40 hhds, Hamilton - lease, Roberts; 16 hhds., Order; 1 box, Chauucy ; 4 cases, J. Roberts i 100 tons coals, G. S. Walters; 150 planks and 200 deals, J. Hart; 1 box, Chapman; 40 hhds., A. Thompson; 82 qr.-casks, H. C. Stakemann ; 1 case, 1 parcel, P. Levi; 4 trunks, W. P. Mackie; 1 case, D. J. Draper; 45 packages, R. II. Babbage; 10 cases, Hitcueiis; 36 cases, Hole. '