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By the Lady Demson, irom Houau lown (20th February), with cargo and two passen gers, we have papers to the 15th ultimo. In conspquence of the probability of a great

uetnanu lor provisions in me v^aisiorma mar ket, grain has risen rapidly in Tasmania. Wheat got up to four shillings and sixpence within twenty-four-hours ; and what is of more consequence (as the Hobart Town Advertiser says), the probability is that the rise will be permanent. From the market report, dated Hobart Town, February 15, we extract the following:— It is next to impossible to give a fair quotation of the price of wheat. We have heurd that one lot was sold at (Js. 3d., but the millers will not give that price ; in fact, some refuse to buy higher than u-. Gil. per bushel ; Gs. a bushel however seeais to be tho market quotation, but at present there is little in the market for sale. Hour has received as extra'! dinary a rise as wheat, and holders aslc from £15 to £1(1 per ton, and it is much iu demand ; seconds flour, £14 to £15 per ton ; bran 8d. wholesale, lOd. retail per bushel. The article of has also advanced in pri«*e during the past week and now sells— best cabin at 22s. per cwt. ; best ship, 10s. per cwt. From Launceston, under date February 13, the market report includes the following state ments:— From California the accounts are favourable ; flour was selling at from £35 to £40 per ton'in November last. In this town, yesterday, several parcels of wheat changed bands at prices varying from 3s. to 3s. 3d. per bushel ; this morning a lot of t500 bushels sold at 4s. ; and from enquiries-ill the market, it is likely au advauco an that figuro will take place immediately. The William Melville and Harriet Nathan had returned from California, with ^portions of their cargoes of merchandise. The Bandicoot had also returned, from T-ahiti and New Zea land, with part of original cargo. .-\n American barque, of nearly 400 tons, the Henry Ilurbreek, had arrived direct from California, in ballast, for a cargo of flour, in consequence of this arrival, an. I the receipt of various direct and indirect advices and intelli gence, no less than 17 vessels were laid on in Hobart Town for California, with Hour, pro visions, and other valuable cargoes. The Dor set had sailed for the land of gold ; the Pal myra, the Petrel, and the Eliza were nearly ready to follow. . Mr Patrick O'Donoghue?s new weekly journal, the Irish Exile, is creating no little sensation in Tasmania. Accounts from Norfolk Island stated that, on the night of the 6th February, a shock of earthquake was felt by the inhabitants. At first, a rumbling noise was heard as of distant thunder, and which was almost imme- diately followed by a trembling of all the houses on the island. No positive harm was done, but the fright occasioned was very great.