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SALES BY PUBLIC AUCTION. ' ?? ' THIS BAY. ... J '?';? Ilk. ' . ''''' . . THE CUTTER JOSEPH LEE ARCHER, 40 T053 BURTHEN. . THIS DAY (WEDNESDAY), 12th February. E. SOLOMON & CO. WHl sell by auction, at the Government Wharf, Port Ade ;laide, This Day (Wednesday), February 12th, at 12 ^o'clock — rjpHE fine fast-sailing CUTTER JOSEPH LEE I ARCHER, 40 tons burden, -with all her Standing and Running Rigging, Ground TacHe, Sails, Spars, &c., and being remarkably well found, can be ready for sea at an hour's notice. AFTEB WHICH, the Auctioneers and company will cross the Creek in boats for that purpose, and proceed to sell to the highest bidder THE WHOLE OF THE SPARS (about 20), OF THE SULTANA, The Standing and Running Rigging Anchors and Chains Iron Knees Copper and Iron Fastenings Chain Plates And all the Gear saved from the Wreck of the Sultana, consisting of an immense quantity of Rope, Ironwork, and other material of a very useful description. Terms very liberal. THIS DAY ( Wednesday), February 12. Immediately after the sale of the cutter JOSEPH LEE JARCHER and the Spars and Gear of the SULTANA. TO SHIPWRIGHTS, AND OTHERS REQUIRING LAND AT PORT ADELAIDE. E. SOLOMON & CO. Have been instructed to sell by public anction, on the ground on Lcfevre's Pcninsnla, at Port Adelaide, imme diately after the sale of the Joseph Lee Archer, and the Spars and Gear of the Sultana, at 12 o'clock — o£ VERY ELIGIBLE BUILDING ALLOT *° MENTS on LEFEVRE'S PENINSULA, and close to the Shipping. Itjis admirably adapted for Shipwrights and others en gaped at or near the Port, having Good Water and Tiinder on the Land. Remember ! This Day (Wcdneday), at 12 o'clock. Terms liberal, at sale. SATURDAY. HALF-AN-ACRE OF LAND AT NORWOOD, FIVE ACRES OF LAND AT PLYMPTON, AND FOUR ALLOTMENTS IN THE VILLAGE OF CLIFTON. E. SOLOMON & CO. Will sell by auction, at the City Mart, on Saturday next, the 15th February, at 11 o'clock — HAALF-AN-ACRE of LAND at Norwood, situated near the Norwood Arms, and fronting the main road, on which is erected a two- roomed brick Cottage. The hind is fenced and nnder cultivation, with vines and fruit trees, and there is an excellent well of water on the land. ALSO, Five Acres of Land in the village of Plympton, on the Bay-road. AXD Fonr Allotments of Land in the village of Clifton, Nos. 5, 6, 131, and 132, each containing a quarter of an-acre. Terms at sale. SATURDAY. CHAIRS. CHAIRS. E. SOLOMON & CO. WiH sell by auction, at the City Mart, on Saturday next, the 15th February, at 11 o'clock — QA DOZEN FOLDING CHAIRS. Without reserve. SATURDAY. TO SADDLERS, DEALERS, AND OTHERS. SIX CASES VERY SUPERIOR ENGLISH SADDLERY. E. SOLOMON & CO. Have been instructed to sell by auction, at the City Mart, on Saturday next, the 15th February, at 12 o'clock, posi tively without the slightest reserve — a CASES VERY SUPERIOR ENGLISH U SADDLERY, consisting of— Silver mounted Carriage Harness Brass ditto Gig ditto Gig Saddles Ditto Harness Gentlemen's Saddles Ladies' ditto Bridles Gig Whips Plated Mounted ditto Gut Whips Brass and covered Gig Furniture Girth Web Stirrup-irons Ladies' Fancy Bits Polished Snaffles Tug and Trace Buckles Girth ditto Roller ditto Plated Bridle ditto Centre Pieces Gig Bits Gig Thongs Cart ditto Gig Trees Stirrup Leathers Cruppers Ladies' and Gents' Riding Whips Brass Rosettes Plated and Japanned Nails. The Auctioneers beg most particularly to call the atten tion of Saddlers and the Trade to this well-selected lot of Saddlery, which must be ? sold, positively without the slightest reserve. Terms very liberal. ' , SATURDAY. SPLENDID BROUGHAM AND PHAETON. E. SOLOMON & CO. Have been instructed to sell by auction, at the City Mart, on Saturday next, the 15th February, at 12 o'clock — A SPLENDID ENGLISH BROUGHAM. ALSO, One Splendid English Phaeton. ? Without Reserve. IMPORTANT TO SHIP-BUILDERS, MINING COM PANIES, WHARF CONTRACTORS, AND PERSONS ERECTING LARGE BUILDINGS. MONDAY, at Port Adelaide, at 12 o'clock. E. SOLOMON & CO. 4 Will sell by auction as above — TV PIECES TIMBER, ex Cecilia, from Got ? tenburgh, of the following dimensions: — 27 feet long, 12 X 12 20 ' 11 X 11 30 ' 12 X 12 ? ? ' 25 ' 11 X 11 31 ' 12 X-12 ? 32 ' 12 X 12 And various other lengths, from 10 to 12J-inch square. Terms liberal. , j ? Remember! ori the Company's Wharf, at 12 o'clock.

SAMSON, WICKSTEED, & CO. .. \ Will sell i.-. ':? ? THIS DAY (Wednesday), Fe-ruary. 12&,: at ?the Mart, at 12 o'clock— Lots of Merchandise,- to ? close consignments. Thursday, 13th— Holiday, Agricultural Show. Friday, 14th— At Glen Osmond, at 11 o'clock— Household furniture, Plate, Books, Howes, Carriages, of -Vm. Bartley, Esq. Saturday, 15th— At the Mart, at 11 o'clock— Miscellaneous Goods: at 12 o'clock — Black Oil, Port-wine, Oat -zneal, Royal Mining Shares, by orderof tho,Ofncial Assignee. Monday, 17th— At 11 o'clock— Cargo of the Roy alf Shep herdess. Half-acre in North-terrace, with House, by order of the Executors of the late John Stephens, Esq. Tuesday, I8th— At Monsieur Joubert's New Store, Grenfell street— Household Furniture, &c., property of a gentleman deceased. Wednesday, 19th— Drapery, to clear off advances. ?Saturday, 22nd — Miscellaneous lots at 11 o'clock. At 12 o'clock — Part of Town Acre 532, a Two-roomed 'Cottage at North Adelaide, fogr Acres near Brighton, by order of the Proprietor; and byorder of the Mortagee — Premises occupied by Mr. Thorn ber, at Brownhill Creek. MONDAY, FEBRUARY 11. ? To be Sold bv Auction by SAMSON,! WICKSTEED, & CO., By order of the Executors of the late John Stephens, Esq. (unless disposed of previously by private contract) — rpHAT valuable FREEHOLD in North-terrace, ?I lately occupied by that gentleman Tickets to view to be had of the Auctioneers. Further particulars in a few days. BY ORDER OF THE MORTGAGEE. SAMSON, WICKSTEED, & CO. Will sell by Public Auction, at their Booms, Hindley-street, on Saturday, the 22nd instant, '? ALL that substantial FREEHOLD FAMILY S RESIDENCE, containing six rooms, with Stable, : Stockyard, well-stocked Garden, Four-acre Paddock well and substantially feneed, at present in the occupation of Mr. Thornber, situate at Mitcham, Brownhill Creek, and ' commanding one of the finest views in the Suburbs of Adelaide. THIS DAY (WEDNESDAY), 12th instant. HORSES, &c, &c. At Benjie Greig'8 Yards, Blade Bull, Hindley-street. E. N. EMMETT Is instructed to sell by public auction, at the above yards, sale commencing at 12 o'clock — SEVERAL useful HORSES, fit for all kinds of work. Terms at. Sale. N.B. — This is a desirable opportunity to persons having horses for sale. EVENING SALE OF BOOKS. THIS EVENING (Wednesday), at half-pott 7 o'clock. EDWARD MACCABE Will sell by auction, at his Booms, Hindley-street, without the slightest reserve — 9 CASES containing 300 VOLUMES, consisting * of NOVELS, SCHOOL-BOOKS, &c., &c. Terms — Cash. POCKET-BOOK LOST.— TEN POUNDS REWARD. LOST, yesterday afternoon, between No.: 2 Section and Adelaide, a Ppcket-book, containing five £1 notes and sundry scrips. Whoever will return the same to the office of this paper shall receive the above reward. [Adv ertisement.] ll/TR. J. M. BROWN, late Chief Clerk in the Jl-tX Audit Office, finding it necessary to procure some immediate employment during his indefinite suspension from public duty, hereby respectfully offers his services to some one or more of those merchants and others who have kindly expressed their sympathy. His talents and indnstry were not long ago publicly acknowledged and rewarded by increase of salary ; and he flatters himself his qualifications might be eminently useful to any employer requiring a good accountant, and one possessing long and extensive colonial experience, with probity unimpeachable. Letters addressed to the Advertiser, at Mr. G. Dehane's, King William-street, will be immediately and thankfully atte ed to. TO be LET, on leases of five years, Five two-story HOUSES on North-terrace, adjoining the new Free Church, and fronting the Park Lands ; each containing six rooms. Where parties are unknown, references will be re quired. G. M. WATERHOUSE. Stephens-place, 11th February, 1851. TO SOLICITORS AND CONVEYANCERS. TjUREPROOF DEED BOXES JJ English Parchment, various sizes Call Bells Runners Red Tape Law Forms, &c, &c PLATTS. RAMS. TTJST ARRIVED, per Dockenhuden, direct from f) Hamburg, and For Sale, TEN FINE SAXON RAMS, from one of the choicest flocks in Germany. Application must be made immediately, as the vessel pro ceeds in eight or ten days to Port Phillip and Sydney. Also, for Sale, on board of same ship, - TWO POINTERS, of a superior breed, and well broken in. Apply on board, or to A. L. ELDER & CO. February 12, 1851. THE EDEN OF AUSTRALIA.                             CATHERAY'S PUBLIC TEA GARDENS, GREAT NORTH-ROAD, Two and a-half Miles from the City.   IT has long been considered by the Public of Ade- laide that the want of those delightful Walks and Agreeable Recreations, which form the charm of so   many beloved and endeared spots in Merry England, are deficient in this Colony : the object of the present is to call public and domestic consideration to this want of personal and domestic comfort ; and when it is made known that there is one spot, at an easy distance from the City, favoured by Nature with those advantages, the advertiser begs to intrude ALLSWORTH to public notice, and respectfully states that on TUESDAY, 25th instant (February), and every succeeding day, the grounds on which Nature's beauties are reflected as on a mirror, he will be prepared to throw open the Promenades, where Art has endeavoured to vie with Nature, the taut ensemble will be found irrisistible,   A PERFECT TABLEAU VIVANT. Charges moderate and civil attention.     CATHERAY'S ALLSWORTH TEA GARDENS.   Tickets, Two Shillings each, may be obtained of Messrs. Hillier and Hilton, printing-office, Leigh-street ; at several of the respectable shopkeepers ; and at Catheray's Booth, at the Show Fair.   A Professional Musical Party will attend, where the Ama-   teurs of Orpheus are also invited. *** The Gardens are always open to Visitors.     10th Feb., 1851.        

A T a Meeting, of Gentlemen, convened in the Zxi . Exchange Room, on Tuesday, the 11th February, 851 , for the pittpose of determining what course should be aken-in reference to the division of the country into equal Electoral Districts, A. H. Davis in the Chair: Resolved— ' That Messrs. John Baker, A. L. Elder, W. iiles, D. Sutherland, and the Chairman, be a Committee to -repare the Draft of a Petition to the Legislature on the iubject of the division of the country into equal Electoral Districts ; and to draw up a requisition to the Sheriff for a ?ublic Meeting of the colonists, at which such Petition hall be presented for approval.' A. H. DAVIS, Chairman. ELECTORS OF NORTH ADELAIDE. PLEDGE hot yourselves to any one. At the proper time and place, a Gentleman of well-known ibilities will be ready to stand for your suffrages, should inch be your inclination, when the Electoral Districts are inally determined. AN ELECTOR. February 5th, 1851. ~~ TO WM. PAXTON, ESQ. Kooringa, Feb. 8. 1851. DEAR SIR — I have the honour to transmit you a Requisition to you to place yourself in nomination or this Township. In addition, ? I have to inform you, the vhole of the names, with three exceptions, were placed here this day, so that it imperfectly represents the united eeling in your favour. Should you be pleased to accept his invitation, your presence here to meet the Electors vould be desirable. I have the honour to be, on behalf of the Requisitionists, ? Your very obedient servant, / THOS. W. POWELL.. To Wm. Paxton, Esq. Sir— The Government plan being now developed, whereby t appears that the Township of KOORINGA will have :he privilege of electing a MEMBER for the forth soming LEGISLATIVE ASSEMBLY, we whose names ire hereunto attached, admiring the straightforward I ind honourable course pursued by you as a merchant, and ' jrour liberality of spirit, evinced at all times when appealed :o ; and feeling, also, that our interests are shared in by pourself : that you have, with ourselves, a great stake in :hc prosperity of this place, as well as the welfare of the :olony in general ; believing, at the same time, that, from four knowledge thus obtained, you will be more suited to )rotect our interests in the deliberations of the NEW COUNCIL — we hope you will allow yourself to be put in lomination for this District, and pledge ourselves to give ! pou our votes and use any influence we may possess to se- ! ;ure your return ' j James Pollitt Jas. Chambers Henry Chambers, J.P., Sur- W. R. Mortlock geon to the Burra Mine Thomas Bath William Parr Hill Wm. Brannon John P. Winchcombe William Young Francis Mitchell Edward Jones William Chorlton Hugh Wallace C. J. Ware Thomas Mooney W. Richardson Richard McGrath Wm. Smith (shoemaker) Richard Nucky John Smith (butcher) Wm. Roberts Gco. Henderson Willm. James Geo. Burley Joseph Ninnes T. W. Powell James Kendall F. S. Barnett Joseph Bottrell W. Brase C. R. Jones T. Bruse Chas. Fellowes H. Bruse Richd. Jones C. Buermann Jno. Martin W. Mullen James Cowleny R. Bambrich Wm. Manhannal Smith Rylah Mason Edwd. Allery John Williams Richd. Warwick William Colton Wm. Harris James Pearce Thomas Richards Wm. Finch Elisha Hinks John Perry Moyle Wm. Hawkins George Bennett John Hawkey William Hicks James Fitzpatrick James Copley John Hugh J. Rule, M.D., &c. William Meators Joseph Bray Samuel Edwards Alfred Barker Robert Cowie. Adelaide, 11th February, 1851. Gentlemen — Iihave had the honour to receive from you this day a very flattering request to allow my name to be put in nomination as Representative for Kooringa ; and al though full)r sensible of the distinction you have conferred upon me, I feel that in justice to you I am bound to decline four invitation. The absorbing 'engagements of an exten sive business, and yet more, a deep sense of my own insuf ficient merits, show me that I could not give in Council that full attention to 3*our interests which I should consider the duty of your Representative ; and I am the less reluc tant to make this declaration, as I know you will have good men and true seeking the honour of being your Member. Gentlemen, I need not tell you that my best exertions will be used, as they ever have been, to advance and to de fend your interests ; and that every inhabitant of Kooringa possesses my warmest wishes for his happiness and pros perity. I have the honour to be, Gentlemen, Your most obedient servant, WM. PAXTON. To the Gentlemen~signing the Requisition.   OLD COLONISTS' FESTIVAL. AT a MEETING of OLD COLONISTS, held on Tuesday evening, the 11th February, at the City Bridge Hotel, Mr Thomas Hudson Beare in the chair, It was moved by Mr. Wells, seconded by Mr. Ashton, and carried unanimously — ' That the following gentlemen be added to the Com mittee :— Messrs. W. J. Sayers M. Smith H. Catchlove A. B. Wyatt C. S. Hare G. Bean H. Johnson, and   T. H. Beare.' Moved bv Mr. Allen, seconded by Mr. Griffin, and carried unanimously — ' That the following gentlemen be Stewards, five to form a quorum : — Messrs. J. B. Ashton G. Abbott, sen. T. H. Beare T. Ottaway W. Pearce W. J. Sayers C. S. Hare R. A. Fiveash W. Williams (Walkerville) , H. Johnson, and G. Wells.' Moved by Mr. Wells, seconded by Mr. Emery, and carried unanimously— " That the festival be celebrated by a dinner, on   Thursday, 27th March, being the anniversary of the sale of the Town Acres. Moved by Mr.' Wells, seconded by Mr. Pearce, and carried — ' That the Hon. John Morphett, M.L.C., be requested to act as Chairman.' Moved by Mr. Emery, seconded by Mr. Griffin, and car ried unanimously — ' That Mr. C. S. Hare, Mr. W. Giles, J.P., the Hon. Boyle Travers Finniss, and Mr W. Wyatt, J.P., be requested to act as Croupiers. Moved by Mr. Williams (City Bridge), seconded by Mr. Pearce, and carried unanimously — 'That the limit defining 'Old Colonists' be extended to the end of the year 1840.'   Moved by Mr. C. S. Hare, seconded by Mr. H. J. Sayers, and carried unanimously — ' That the Meeting be adjourned to Tuesday next, at the same place, at 8 o'clock p.m., for the purpose of receiving, the report of the Committee.' , T. H. BEARE, Chairman. The Chairman having left the chair, It was moved by Mr. Hillier, seconded by Mr. Hilton, and carried unanimously — . 'That the thanks of the meeting be given to the Chair man for his courteous and judicious conduct in the chair.' *$* The Stewards will meet at the City Bridge Hotel, on Saturday evening next, at 7 o'clock. DAIRY COWS. WANTED, six of the above IN FULL MILK.   Terms — Half cash ; the remainder in three     months. Apply to M. C, by letter, at this Office.

METROPOfcrT^N BUILDING SOCIETY.- ? VTOTICE is 'hereby given that the Adjourned L^l ? Special General Meeting' of this Society wiH be held it the White Horse, Currie-street, This Evening, at 8 o'clock precisely. . . . GEO. BRUNSKILL, Secretary. Feb. 12, 1851. ? A CARD. MR. S. T. GILL, Artist. Studio— Pine-street, Opposite the Freemasons' Tavern. DAGUERREOTYPE PORTRAIT ESTABLISHMENT Morphett-street, nearly opposite Trinity Church. MR. OGLESBY, from London, continues taking the above Likenesses daily. They are warranted not to change by age. As a present, what can be so va luable as one of those life-like and almost speaking Por traits ? The colouring leaves nothing to be desired, tho :ints being clean, warm, and natural. WANTED, a few active Young Men, who may not be otherwise engaged at present. Applyibe tween 9 and 10 a.m. to BRYCE ROSS, Exchange Colonnade. 'ANTED immediately, six good JOURNEY MEN TAILORS. Apply to M. and S. Marks, Liverpool Mart, Hindley-street. February 11th, 1851. TO PLASTERERS. WANTED, two PLASTERERS, to whom 7s. 6d. per day wages will be given. Apply to James     Bryan, Rundle-street.   NO. 1 BOOTH. AGRICULTURAL AND HORTICULTURAL SHOW. JiHOMAS POWELL, of the Campbell Arms, X Tnngkillo, begs respectfully to inform his friends and the public that he intends having the above Booth, where ill who favour him with a visit will find the game accom modation as at No. 7 Booth the last Adelaide Meeting. ROYAL VICTORIA THEATRE. ? , PnopRiETORS — Messrs Lazar and Corns. NOTICE!!! T'HE THEATRE will be open during this JL week on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. The Management has much pleasure* in announcing that' the perforninnpes will be usder the patronage of the Com mittee of Management of the South Australian Agricultural »nd Horticultural Society. First time iu this colony, the operatta of THE SPIRIT OF THE RHINE, and posit ivelv the last night but two of MR. RADFORD-S STUD OF HORSES. On Thursday evening will be produced, for the first lime, an operatta, in two acts, translated from the French by Morris Barnett, Esq., and performed at the Queen's Theatre, London, upwards of 150 nights, entitled THE SPIRIT OF THE RHINE; the whole of the original music arranged expressly for this Theatre by Mr. Moore. After-whicb, the celebrated MARE BEDA will perform several astonishing feats. The whole to conclude Avith the Musical Burlesque, in two acts, of OTHELLO TRAVESTIE, according to the New Constitution. Tickets may be had of Mr. Lazar, Temple Tavern, and Mr. G. Coppin, Royal Exchange Hotel.