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Mr. T. W. Hogarth to Judge

Dog Section.

T)OG fanciers will be interested to learn

that Mr. T. W. Hogarth, late of Eng- land, has agreed to judge the dog section at the 1939 Perth Royal Show.

Mr. Hogarth, who was in this State some ten years ago, at the invitation of the West Australian Kennel Club, has judged in all Australian States, except Tasmania; also in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Eire, Southe Africa, Argentine, Canada, Germany, India, Burma, and the United States.

He has, throughout his life, been associated with pedigreed dogs of several breeds, attaining considerable success as a breeder, and exported his stock to dif- ferent parts of the world, including Aus- tralia. ' i

He will be well known to many dog fanciers as the author of "The Bull Terrier," and has also contributed to the "Manchester Guardian," and to many papers of interest to the dog breeders.

When in Canada studying veterinary science, his services were much sought after as a judge, while he also officiated at several dog shows in the United States, including Morris and Essex Kennel Club shows, and the Westminster Kennel Club show, which are amongst the largest ex- hibitions of this nature in the world.

It is interesting to note that there are over 1,000 licensed judges in America, of which only about twenty hold the all breeds' licence. Mr. Hogarth holds the American licence to judge all breeds, ex- cept three, which are of purely American


Mr. Hogarth ls a bachelor of veterinary science, and proposes to reside in this State for the purpose of practising his