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Family Notices

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BOSTOCK.-On November 11, at Staunton

Springs, the wife of G. H. Bostock-a daughter.

BOTT.-On November 3, at 48 Bronte-street,

East Perth, the wife of Edgar S. Bott— a son. DEAKIN.-On November 10 at "Mon Repos."

1175 H»y-»treet, to Dr. and Ure. J. E. F. Deakin-a, daughter (stillborn). - Sydney papers please copy.

DEMCNCE.-On October 30, at Nurse Bullery'*,

Newcastle-st., to Mr. »nd Mrs. Demunce, of iloir.street, Perth-a. daughter. Both well.

FARRELLY.-On November 9, at Fremantle, the

wife of F. T. Farrelly, of National Hotel a son. Both well.

GLASKIN.-On November 12, 1910, at 77 Austin

et., Subiaco, to Mr. and Mrs. F. T. Glaskin

a son. both well.

KENNETT.-On November 10, at Nurse Hall's

Private Hospital. 44 Milligan-street, perth, the wife of J. E. Kennett, of Meckering-ft daughter. Both well.

LINDSAY.-On November 10, at Nurse Mullery's,

Newcastle street, Perth, to Mr. »nd Mrs. Lindsay, of Hay-street WeEt-a son. Both


MCDANIEL.-On November 6, at Chelmsford

road, North Perth, tho wife of Leonard

McDaniel-a «on.

McHUGII.-On November 8, at Busselton, the

wife of Ambrose McHugh-a ion (stillborn)

O'MALLEY.-On November 14, to Mr. and Mrs.

.1. J O'Malley, of Geraldton-a son. Both well."

6ECOMBE.-On November 2. at Brooklyn Private

Hospital, Claremont, thc wife of the Bev.

T. teeouibe-a sou.


CLARK-WHITEMAN.-On October ll, at St.

John's Church, Fremantle, by the Bev. A. L Marshall, William Clark of Brown Hill Gold Mine, youngest son of the late Joseph Clark and Mrs. Clark, of Salisbury, S.A.. to Emily Ellen, youngest daughter of the late Leonard Whiteman, Brompton, S.A. and Mrs. White- man, South Fremantle. S. AUB. papers please copy.

FURNISS--MONCK (Silver Wedding).-On Octo

ber 28, 1885, at St. Patrick's Church, Bega, N. S.W., by the Rev. Dean Healy, William Albert, only son of the late William Furniss, of Lancashire, England, to Carrie Johanna, youngest daughter of John Monck, of Bega, N.S.W. Present address, 132 Royal-st., East Perth.

FOR DEN-CO LE-On November 6 1901. at St.

Andrew's Manse, Old-street Perth, by the Kev. John Gray, Jacob (Janies) Forden, presser, of Perth, to Amy Louisa Cole,- Leed-


Sf »NA Ut-SHEARER (Silver Wedding.).-On No-

vember ll, 1885, at St. Andrew's Presby- terian Church. Perth, by the father of the bride, assisted by the Bev. Joseph John atone, . Fremantle, the Bev. John Virtue McNuir, late of Port Glasgow, to Elirabeth Grace, cldett .daughter of the Bev. David Shearn-, M.A., Perth. Present address. Gee- long, Victoria

MCSWEENEY-BUCK,-On November 8, 1910,

at St. Joseph's TLC. Church, Wagin, by the Kev. Father Phelan, William Vincent, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. W. Mcsweeney, of Boyanup, to Mary Elizabeth, eldest riaugo ter -of Mr. Geo Buck (late Sergeant of Police) and Mrs. Buck, of Wagin.

NEAYLON-FLEMING,-On October 26 1910, at

St. George's Cathedral, 6t. George's-terrnce, Perth hy the Dev. Minor Canon Foster, Joseph Neavlon, of Lawlers, late of Adelaide, to Adelaide Victoria Fleming. . youngest daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. James Fleming of Adelaide, South Australia.

8TAFKOHJ)^-CLIFTOX (Silver Wedding).-On

November 11, 188"), ot St. John's Church, Fremantle, by the late Ven. Archdeacon Watkins, Frank Ernest, second eon of the late Adolphus Edward Stafford-captain in niercant;ie servie?-to Ethel Isabella, second daughter of the late Leonard Worsley Clif- ton, then Collector of Customs ¿or W A.

TOWNSEND-TAYLOR -On October 20, 1910, at

the residence of the bride's parents, by the Kev. H. Moore. Frederick, youngest son of the late Thomas Townsend, of Sebastopol, Victoria, to Cora Lenore, eldest daughter of S. E. Taylor, Esq., "Braeside," Stuart St., Cottesloe Beach.


BOWEN (nee Page).-On November 5, at Botany,

Sydney, Edith Lucy, the dearly beloved wife of L. W. Bowen, beloved sister of Mrs. T. C. Wadson, Subiaco, and Mr*. D. S. Boo*e, ol Wooroloo, E. Railway, aged 37 years.

Asleep in Jesus, blessed deep.

BOYD.-On October 1", 1910, at Leonora W.A..

after a short ¡linees, Raymond Gregory (little Kay), darling son of J. and W; L. Boyd, aged 4 years.

So dearly loved, so sadly missed.

COHMSH.-On November 10, 1910. at tue Fre-

mantle Public Hospital, Edith Sarah, the dearly beloved daughter of John and Rosen» Whittaker; aged 29.

Her end was peace.

D'ARCY.-On November 7, at thp Sanatorium,

Coolgardie, James Francis, the dearly be- loved husband of Elisabeth D'Arcy, aged 37


HILL.-On November 12, 191«, at 79 Tate-gtreet

Leederville, John Alexander dearly beloved son of J. and M. Hill, aged 2 montas. Sadly


HENHY.-On November ll, at the residence of

her daughter, Mrs. C. O'Connor, Donald-tt., Prahran. Victoria, Mary, relict of the late . Bartholomew Henry, late of Aberdeen-st.,

West Perth, in her 60th year. H.I.P.

MclIUGH.-On November II, 1910. at Nur«

Bell's Private Hospital, Busselton, Margaret the dearly beloved wife of Ambrose McHugh and daughter of Mr, and Mrs. O'Donnell, Quindalup.

KELSON.-On Novembers, at Fremantle, W.A.,

Captain S. M. Nelson, beloved hatband of Annie Nelson, late of Adelaide Steamship Company, Port Pirie. South Australian paper» please copy.

SCHRAMM.-On October 8, at Millbrook, Emil        

Schramm, beloved husband of Martha, and father of Albert Schramm, and brother of Augustus and Carl Schramm, accidentally killed. Melbourne and Tasmanian papers please copy

STIRLING.-On November 15, at London, England,

Baldwin King Stirling, the youngest son of the late Edmund Stirling, of Perth, W.A. By cable.

SNOWDEN.-On November 13, 1909, at Norta

Somercotes, Lincolnshire, England. Emerson Huftan Snowden, son of the Tate Robert Emerson, Warrant Officer of H.M.S. Victory present at the Battle of Trafalgar, »nd father of William T. E. Snowden, station- master Chidlow'e Well, and Mrs. M. C. Johnson. Louth, Lincolnshire.

A kind and loving father at rest.

TAYLOR.-On November H, at the parents' resi-

dence, No. 22 Florence-street, South Fre- mantle. William Albert dearly beloved son of William John Taylor,' aged 16 months.

FERGUSON.-On November 10, at 36 Mount

street, Perth, Isabella, relict of the Jato John Ferguson, M.D., .in her 92nd year,

UNDERWOOD.-On November 12, 1910, at Mun-

daring, W.A., Nancy Kathleen, the beloved infant daughter of ts. E. and L. Underwood, 16 Altona-etreet, Perth, aged 12 monthü.