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Victorian Trade.'" <

Oversea iraiio returns of Victoria (or

December ghow Hint import- have been on « liberal scale, the total at '£4,057,998 being £173,428 inure than for'th. coiresponding month in 1025. 'Hil« is tin,, ro.kuiicr in. comings of iipji.ircl ami textiles, piaojiincti and taacliinoiy, nnd «iib. Jn the apparel a,n»l textile group, value of imports at .C 1,471.01» contrast« with £1,138,817, while in th« ¡na. chincry group (lie total» have risen, from £1,138,430 to £1,308,870, this- being due to heavier importation» of .motor chassis. On tho other hand, niblicr imports havo fallen fram £418,953 to £104,88:., while timber-IR down about £80,000. EiporU... for., tf»_ month at £3,002,004 are, nbout £7{W,000 moro than for December, .192.5.. This. gi)in .ii duoto heavy'ehipments. of, wool, tv_oat,

and milk and cream. Wheat exported yiat, valued at £204,3_V against .£26,481.' and S-easy wool nt__,2(l5,413, against £l,84q,354.

or the six months ended 'December 31 imports amounted to' £28.330.380. compaicd with £25.505,840 for tue corresponding period in'102j, or an increase of £2,830,534, Apparel brought in amounted to £1,610,817, against £1,307,974, while textiles uot ap- parel at £0,133,290 represented dhout £839,000 moro than'for a year a'go.'':Yafns st £591,316 were-up by about" -23O.00O. ¿lachmcB and machinery ,whjeh were valued nt £2,630,701, show an.increase, of more than £560,000. but iron, and stpçl" at £1,317,530 disclot-ed only a moderato'gat'rt, A contraction of about» £293,000 has oc- curred in timbpr, but in other group« move, monte are lei« marked, ,Ex|K>rts fort tho six months »eie valued,at £14,584.235, ngainst £16,077,621 a year earlier,'or" a, de- crease of £1,493,3811, Thin dceliríó'arise» mainly from .muller ehipmehts-' of-'lildos and skin and wool» .The. return« forifche six, months show that tlic value of, imports js. in excess of that, foy', exports tv £13,852,14.5, whereas for tlio t?rirresr¡ontalg period in IS2o the balance in favour of in} porls was £0,428,225. Import« and exrforts tor December and the six 'months ended December 31 compare with those for 1923 as follow:- ~ - ? |

. . _ Imports. E-tini-ts. July.-Dce. _ _ .

Dciifitiber, I!>23.",. 4,184,570 3^01,6!» December, 1926. 4,6S7,9!tS '3,9'i2,ii9'] -ulj-tlec., 1(123. 25,505,S4« -16,077,621 July-Dec.. 19.1 .. ,'.».. .. 28,3:16,-380 ». 14,584,233

The'following i» a comparison, of gama of the principal'imports and export-ff or

tlio six months:- - .

- .IMPOBTS. . . '.'?-.,

1326-27.-' 1027-28

£ ' X -

Cocoa and chocolate bean« .. 11!>,272- 82,4111 Te».. .. ,. 607,622 5f.tS.5C2 .Spirituous liquors. 205,877 l's.'i.STS Tobacco. "1,301 ' 133,656 Yams-Wool.,. ., 363,816 591,316 Hide» and Wilna. 233,419 212,813 Textiles (not apparel) .. ". 0,19-1,7.10 G,133,ÎW Oil» .. ..' .. '..1,370,29* 1.450,06« Iron and stcl .. .. -..,.. .. 1,278,819 1,317,530 Machine» and-machinery . .. 2,076,490.2,639.764 Vehicle» .. .. ,.,.. '2,182,5S9 2.IH2.412 Indlanibber.'., .. 1,141,911! 1,ÍS6,1.".3 Timber.l',062,3rfl 7Wi.37h Glass and glassware. 858,162 SÛO.S.17 raper....-. ..f>l».Kt*> 8ij0,lil!i .lcwcllcry and timepieces , .. 451,1113 541,6l.r» Drugs and chemical». 690,020 678,083 Fibre». 211.111 213,419 Apparel. 1,367,971'1,610,S17


nutter..1,727,205 1,773,276 Mutton aml'lamb .: .. ,. .-. m,W . 860,51« Milk and cream .. '.. -,.' .. -4MU5 630.S6S Fruit»'. 392,403 -426,17.1 Wheat ..... .. ...424.7W tte.-TñS Hour. .SW.ÜÜtl »11,972 Hides and skins.1,161,41- lÄ.tM Wool- - .

' «rensy. 7,2SM10 0.014,395

Scoured and Mashed .. .. !I21»,7S'J '. 581,831 Tops.' 162,612 - Tallow. 217,333 .. Machine» and machinery , .. , ¡10,997

"eather. 09,749 . 88,683 Kertillters. 12.SST ' .'1,227 Jams and Jellie« .. ., ..".. 10,633 7,426 Distribution to Dalry Farmers. *

An interesting prpblem i« engaging the attention of members of the JJairy Pro- duce Control Board rind tbo Stabilisation. Committee in regard to the .basis of distri- bution of the rebate of 7-16d. '"»lb. made from the surplus funds which accrued fiom the collection of tlio lew of l}d.'.n "). on batter manufactured. The sum, imolved is £.;'i000, and pnynient will bo' niitdó to the factories which produced the butter. Under the l'aleisou plan the levy of Jld. a lb. was made on all butter sold by the factories, and the lcbato is U> be* made on manufactured butter, and uot on butter fat. Therefore, if the butter, {»ciprios pass on the rebate at the rate of 7-10d. a lb. on butter-fat, thcro will be a residue ir> their hands, as less than a pound of butter-fdt'is used 111 manufacturing a pound of butter, which contains about 10 per cent, of mois- ture and a small proportion of salt» Jt tho manufacturing method of all factories were similar it would be an easy matter to woik out a formula for the rate at which the distribution «hould be made. . Factory managers in valions dairying districts, howeter, differ considerably in the piopoi tion of over-run" in the butter they pio duce. In making the distHbution_ it will therefore be necessary for the Stabilisation Committee to make a recommendation re-

garding the terms under which "factories j should pass on the rebate to producers, and this will no doubt be based on an

estimate of a fair average proportion of buttcr-fnt used in the production'o£ butter. ,

Produce Markets.

Wheat markets tluoughout the,world have been comparatively steady on the week, and no new fnctots havo arisen to cause marked fluctuations. Aigciltine anti Australian wheat has been oflered freely in Great Britain, and sale«! of cargoes and parcels havo taken place at unchanged lates. In Melbourne, wheat js still being offered sparingly, but business'in country district!» hits lieen of fair volume. 'In some rases buyers have shown a disposition lo meet the market, and quotations tor parcels have been n shade firmer. The freight market is firm, the latest fixture for feb- ruary having been made at 48/9 a ton, while a charter for March is reported at 47/6. Millers havo, been producing large quantities of flour, but (uti demand lins been quiet. Inquiry from overseas has been on a price basis which, it is claimed, has not been atti active to Victorian juillets, and it is understood that sales nt low rutes have been made m New South Wales. The Viotorian Millowuers' Association hits not changed the price of Hour, although ex- port uusiness is being cirricd on at priées about £2 a ton below that fixed by the association for home consumption. The feature of the week has been the improved demand for binn, and unllcrs' stocks have been greatly depleted. This has been duo largely to the continued diy weather, and the consequent necessity of bund-feeding stock. Pollard, which was not receiving much attention nntil the recent reduction in price, bus improved somewhat In de- mand at the lower figure, and fair orders have been received. The likelihood of a light oat crop lue been.more apparent, abd the market has been very firm, with small supplies offering. Barley, however,'hail been plentiful, while the demand for malt- ing gram has dwindled. Feed ljaile.v hi», received small attention, and grower« have not been willing to actcpt prices offered. Arrivals of niai/c 111 Melbourne ha\c almost censed, mid the niaiket is purely nominal, a« few bujers ha\e come loiwaiel. Primo chaff lim, continued to meet »itl» some demand» but other grades have beeu in heavy supply, so that values have-not appreciated. Potato nicichantH have- been successful in disposing of stocks which _i_d accumulated, and the 'mmkel UuougUutit the week lulu had a i-teadier tendency.. Digging of the fn¡>t crop bits now been com- pleted, and the qmintitics. sent to the market are diminishing. With a more satisfactory 11 tc.tction against the falling salues lias set in, and quotations are firmer by almost £1 a ton. Mel- bourne consumers hase been called upon to take the glentor p.irt ui the supplies offered, but a small outlet to other State«

lias helped tho position. After, tile slmny in the onion market last week], it h.ia been firmer, owing to the of lighter sup- plies, and the clearance of liligi)ton district Globes, the quality of which has been de- teriorating. Following is a comparison of produce ot fair average quality at.prcscut, and at the corresponding date last year:

Feb. 5, Fcb. 4.

v.«. . , 19-7.

Wheat (601b.) .. 6/35 to 6/33 5/2Í ,tu 5/3, .Flour (2,0001b.) £13/16/ . . -13

.Bran (2,0001b) . £7/10/ iTll/lO/ .Pollard (2,0001b.) _W £7/10/ Oatmeal (ton) .. _.7/ll>/ . ¿'23 Oat», Algerian ' ?

.<401-.). ..-..4/to 4/4. 3/3 Maize (561b.).5/8 7/6

Chali (ton).£0/10/lo £7 £3 to -5/7/6 PoUtoM (ton).£9/10/ to £11 ',£8 to £9/10/ Onion» (ton)..-12/5/to£12/10/£4 to £4/3/ Butter (lb.).1/7 1/7S ?

Egg« (doren).1/4 to 1/7 1/t» to 1/9 Chee«d,_ew(l_.)...91d. to lOld. 8d. to lOd.

Bacon, sides

(11_). 1/3 to 1/4 1/1 to 1/2.

._s»oclation price». t ^ Dairying Conditions'.

» The rainfall for the first' weeks pf the

year has boen exceptionally light, and in many dairying districts of the State less than an inch has been received. Produc tion of butter has consequently dtfr.e.ited rapidly, and some dairy i.irmets li.ue been hand feeding extcnsiirl.t. .\<l\ites ie. ceived by the Dany Piodutc Contiol li».ml from other States aie that 111 (Jucvrisl.tiicl further hfasy r.nnt, in some cnw?s i»;t,ult' ing in floods, have tullen 111 all dnir.t ing dis- tricts. Production of butter is not ¡ncieas- ing to the extent thnt wai- e-pnetitl. Weather conditions fn -s'ew South Wales ham! been favourable, but receflllv hot westerly winds have arisen. -Output is

lieine; well maintniiltïd. In Western Aus- tralia the weather is dry and warm, and production of butter is declining. Useful shower« of rain have fnllcn in Tasmania mid have enabled fanners in that Stale to maintain'production, on the dame level us that of 1 jet'week. Cotton Futuras. -

Future» wert»'quoted on the New Yalli cotton exchange* on Felimary 3 a» follow»:-Mardi dell very, 13.4it*nU-ti lb. (np 0.11 cent); Ma>, 13.69 cent» (up 0.09 cent); October, 11.09 cent» (np 0.07 cent).«


. RIIKRI-eJ^lN!«.-Comivtllinn r.t the aurlion «-les

ot shecp-tln» tva» keen, us billen wen- lu full at- tendances, and .a »maller eatalosuo ttas jmbinltted. There» waff a Arra tone in tile ruatltet (or ttt"

»klna liles follemintr price* were realised :- - Skins--!, to,full wool (nominal), 13d. to U_d. a It».; H lo * stool (nunliiall. (¡'id. to lal. Fine Civtwhrna»-»» to lull srotil Innmlnnll, l_d. t». 12%d.; ii t»i 14 wool, lid. to 10*1. Medium Crosslin »Is- \ tn full wool (nominal), lQsid. lo 11.1.; <i lo ». tro»l (titimlliall, Sii-d. I" Uti Coarse»->» to full wool (nc.lninril), 7'H. to &.I.; ?.» ti» «» «ool, JMd. to Sd. Vi »»-Merino, stfll moten M-d. t.» Kid., lare t" »linn f>41. to 7V1.; rex-bred, «eil ctutvu

Sit. tu tivscl., |"irc to »hört .VI. It» 11*1. .Siirlni! Umbi--Pine, lilts.!, lo nd ; innllum. 9t'l. to liVid.: et»«»», ¡»d. to lui.; shnri, tit!, to 7»!. daniatrctl skins, tmrn-, and seedy, l»i. to 2d.' below forefiolnir quntatltms. .

? IIIllES.-Prlcsst for li Mc» trere fully malulalned at rtit! aueticm »il» s this week, ttitlt tile exception of ktps, «I.Irh «l.s'llnnl liy '»ti. a II». Onipclltiou - tanners and slilpix-ra wa» keen, a» o-crina»

liter Ulan those »t precious sals». Quotn "otit ipctHtla, ion, to ntl. a lb.; hearles,


with substance, 7!fcd. to iM.; limitai, no fnibftanct*, t*>-,<l. tn (Ail.: mrtlitun». Qd, to l,7_.L; light*, ol. to (iVád.; Up», öd. tn 7VifI.; catt-Mru, tu JiuV Dirty nnd »loppy lilli« MA.'to Id. "a lb, lower'than for«, going nnoutioTiB

TALi.OVV*--In pplto of .maller offcrinc. at.tïio met lou Mi«, pt tallow this «eck, the demand i.lacV ini-il. "with a declina in price* of from pat to 10/

*-I;P«ITOU of good colour. Lower grades i

.»IMTHTWI mit*. Prier» wero ai follow;*-Prlmo .---. *_j2i>'.>/ to £20/15/ a too; go-jtl.mi»t., enitre.- £27/10/ to rai/fl/; medium. -£2G'to

/¡V; noft. nnd inferior descrfjrt.p'ii«, £'¿4 to c%\ £2./6/; M- nnd interior descrtiitlpii«, ¿-i\ to Ç2o; oddments, tins, «nd packages, £«.> tn £24.

rUUBrîI)- Ht£ISS.-No »uetJou wiles of Turrcd

.kins we« held thU week.

LKATIIKH.-Pn*Hpt«t« ft*r tim month of IYnruary _? l-rigliti'r, it« mt i.nproveJ demand for boot.laitlur lins bevn rati»ed 1»> tniTcaaed artirity in tho fwloriefi. .Cuuntry l>.._rnr«.s m belnc well maintained, hut orer 6it»f market, uri' dull. tihf primita to London lmu> not increased appreciably, and tho demand which jnw anticipated ¡aat month lia» not resulted in much hu_iiii*<_ Otana tn the* in Chin«, trade in .-ITn|f. with the l>«t li aiuio-t nt o .land-till, and Htoifli« of shoulder» And lielly leatlin. are occumttlatino. , Mlddlo quotation« aie:-l-'acturj

'erip, j/ñ* repairer-' crop,, butt* 2/0 to 4/3. tides. 2/0 to,'«/7; Bhouldcr., _n. bellies. 8&d.: htrnew, hfiny 2/rt^ Unlit C/2. bridle 2/10». Mrtp, lfebt 1/2. limry 1/5, .ha« 1/2 to lfl¡ Cox hid., 1/1 to\l/ii; box_ calf, 177: w»xe_ %, 2/: waicd split, 'î/ïïi

«mile, j/ (o 1/2; ruins; ed. lo |>1.

UAUK.-Ait-.Ml- of bark from country diitrict« hat« hem _»tuad\ and of utod.rato voluuic, am] tahnen are readily ahftorWnir aupiJIc. olTered. Some ansifty has been ranted hy th« pwnhillty of A ro rurr-nce of tho bu*h tim», whirli cau*nxl much danmirtf luft year, Qnobition» ivr prime blatte vattlo <nru unelininwil » at Cll a Um rail Speen r etntit. pwd Ii «uoted at rlO/lO/, and TaMoanian, Bi_n.iiflt and bajic-d, at X12/17/Ü a ton ¿l-ihowne .wharf. ,,''!


..wlfEAT.-Buyer- in Alell>oiirno haro not chanced Hifir limit*, hnt the toni oí Ihe market is aliclitly íimier. omi,offers for poirclx at fi/aV. are fftirli pit-iitif(il, Finnen in c tinlry districta ae MtiTl making uTatlnhle fair «wpp'Jt-t. mi this», 8hlp nrr. aro oíterins down to _./2'4 trucks WHliamB ton», hut rftoat i|(if»tation» arc about 6/3. U-alfiiir in the London mark.t oreti«! finn, but wa« quieter

'. tlio elote of tho day'» "peratiiiw. e-alea of parcel.

rri-i'T á btííi'hci in ett-Tlifitr'àpproxl atioflt hi^vo been inatlo at ,14/ a quarter, and for ehinment,nt fiTti. The wtlc oí a «nail earB» abipiml carl- in January i.-* rvjairtetl at GI/J., while a Frbniarj rir*i> from .New Hmtb Wales realised 51/0. and a half car¿n; now Inadimi D3/Ö a quarter. lM tato adricen are (hat UM» Livcrpo..! market it. narro«, hut the connimptitfl demand la fair. Argentino shipper« nr« «tierins at hirhcr pricts. Future» nie quoted ..ia folio» :-LU t-rpool-March delivery, in/TV.

?n/l'.c»!ltÄi tu£ i'V",:/.^n)* 30^'i («P J-id.íí'July. 10/A\ (UP iid.t. Chicuíío-Mar. 142-V eçntu a

|i" tent); Ki WinnlrMtT:»lA


liip.Hd.); July. fl/2*. (up Hd.J. ChicHCO-Mny n/llW ,dowii »whj; Jul>. fi/G1^ (down Ud.)¡ Stii itniber, fj/5Mi_ tunchaniwJ». Winn 1 pet.-Ulay, fi/itH (down i(,,L(; Julj, ö/ffc (donn %<\.) ; October, 6/GH

idttwn l»d.).

FLOl'H.-I-xport trade in flour ii Gbowinc Borne _l(nin of imuruiemcnt, nlUionUi few transaction» haï« taken ninre. Tho tlemaud IP una na tins from Hie tJiiital Kingdom and the Ka*t, and ahtpmenta to Lcypt are una)!. The VfcUitjan Mlllownera' AhB-ciatlon'K.iJrii'o for - flour is £U for . p,«XHli. del trend .Slelbourne ot wiburb«. For a mmluiuin (jii_ntiry of threo tona cas ti with order the prico ia


._. J »till of fair volunu«. The 'association'.. twice for lunn la £ii71tV nnd tlint for pollanl £7/10/ for 2.{KWlb. di'lircitai Melbourne or suburbs.

? OAT.S.--Few oatt are ou offer in the open market, and huylmi ii .bein« carried on chiefly in country contre., .No JncreaPe of supplie« is yet notice able, awi fannert »hpAtontly intend to keep control of the market, fluylnir offers of 3/8 for pood millinn oats are firm, and in »»ne rases trida of 3/1 are bein« ninda. Toed o&ta aro also in pood demand at

-¿/ a buril el.

feed crain, «elk- ,."_ ,-" ."....."--,, ...... Iniiinrf otters aro firm at 8/3 for LnglhU and 5/ for

Oat*) *?*"-*

and has been almost bare t»f oipi>HL" .... "., time. ¡lu.L-P, of wnall quantities uF «uod Hat nu

are pa.inp Bbout 7/Ü a lui»hcl.

PLAS.-lhere are indications thit trading in pen^ Is at present riftrîctod to muftfiw di^tritte. Few rapplii- haw yet renehef! Hie Melnutimo market, In whieh hujers aro displn>1nc UlUo int-Tvrt. Quo- tation.* far «üorl mlUlnc dtuii aru ./a to 0/li a Oiif-hel. aeconline to un-TllT

CHAFF.-A Ur«<» liropurtion of the arrivais of chaff coosi.ttA of medium qualities, primp umpli. helps few. The market t. dull und without feature, i rrime chaff ia quoted up to £o/7/fl. Bood £.». medium frorn £4/n/ t-» £4/15/, and inferior lower! Luceme chaff, which in iu good _-ipi)l>. is quoted

£h to £5/10/. chafflnd Bheates £.'{ 10/ lo £U/ir»/. and luceme ha¿ £./)5/ to £5/10/. Prime oaten

£.*î/15/, harley ot wheatrn dew truste«! hay £8. bundled mander »hean

.' ' "' . ,e* £3 10/ lo .

_£5/.10/: Prime oaten



Although ¿rriralb are "fairly heavy, .

been practically clennil. Tills Is du

an active lo-al demand, but aI_o to the receipt of bujinp orders from Unnbane and Sydney. THIV manian prontrs havo been .upj''>iiip tlio Sidney market, hut it i_ rtated that Uro last chipment wns not Hufflcient for requirements, Choirg Oipps land Cannans aro qti-tcd at. Cfl/lU/. ' "" ' -.'. '" "" -'- -.' o J¡¡1


"finionR cornlnp on trio market, aji'l the liuhtci arrivala, are preTttttine uti ut-cmnulation of ptocks. Advtceft liavo been r.«eHed lliat lirown RpaniMi Onion« will bo nraitahlo from Oippslnnd next Meek. Weat ern tllatrict Globe, are quoted f.üiu .£4/0 to JU4/10/.

Produce nvailahle at .Spencer street jc-tenlay in- cluded :-Cbafl, 44 truckE; îtotatue», ;î2 truck.; and onious, li trucks,


s folio« :

, ¿3'i/T/lii; -SS/2/10: Ko".""S','"¿mñsni " 'lïMéts 'in ¡ifllb! Iwxra, ¡C-M/lli/G. Cliolro cr>stflls, in 701b. Intus, £4l/iC/0 a toni castor »uiror. TtlHt. !.a¿" "TO/1C6 1'rict« »ro mibjtt-t u» »Hsc-otilit nt tile rato ut 3 IST tvnt. for l»»>-ineiit sslUiin ssreen clajs, or U'S per rent, fur ltajnient within 50 tl»>». Tlic c»»b prlec of IA »near 1» _y7<H/li a um. tjoltlrn »ynlp tilstrl bntra:-Mb tin». ;s/9 case: 71b. tin». 27/(1; treacle, 2lli. tin» 27/. 716. tin« 25/9. Golden "nip and trwiclo itaeked in cocTtlsate»! raraboard holes, ¡ii 21b. Un» »dut at 1^/ anti 12/3 a box rcsltec



it» tho mat_ .._. .

small. I'rire» for new

, 1X11. ¿;:fo/17/10; No. IA. "KIS/17/:

unchanßecl. Knnray-tetl fruits distribute

fnlloiy:-Otrrrants. 4-cr. 7%d.. S-er. 7s«d.. 2-er. 7d.. 1-cr. G?id.; M.K. (for inaiiufaraurert only!, f.*id.; HiUansn.'4-cr. lntid., 3<r. --cr. 9'ld., 1-cr. S«i-; I>l«-t. S'id.l leotl»s nnd WnlUtojiis, 5-er. M.. 4-»-r. 7_d , 3-cr. and '2-er. (for seedinc onlyl Gd.; fietsdod raisins, cartons 9/ dozen, looso 7^11. lb.; inusxntcls, 7»1.: currants, 14oz. carlon» 8/ß: »ultmins, ]4oz. 41. Apricot» dlstributo:-i-cr. at l/.-»',4 .a lb. 3 cr. I/I!,, 2-cr. ViVi, 1-cr. ll'i-: slabs. 1/0W: penchée, ?-----' - il, 1-cr. 9d ; nectarine:._._

X1. 1-cr. 10d.; pear». 2iUb. boxes, 4-cr. l/ll. 3-cr. 1/2. 2-er. 1/1: pear», Hil» boxes, -l-cr. 1/3V», 3<r.

?tr. nu.; 110 i_i»»>»»&, o-_. j.»., ?»->.. JOH -^ï

ja/; labte raisin», li!», cartons j)/. 1301b. hoses ¡¡A. alb.: pntnea. 2Slb. lioxe» Si . IO», bone» lOd. : I*t 1 lnr prune», No 1 black GO-flVs 10»! . SO-M'« »«ti. ¡lO-lOO's 9^d ; No. 2. 1(10 s ¿d : dried applet». B-lxix lol» lind., slncle H9ÎÇI : imckcts tj-lioj; 13 (I. looso 14/. Sminta flcs. 41b. bojr» sell at l/.j a li»., Sn_ Blore botes 7/3-, Cbmesc walnutn. tacks 9.1.. Mitaller Qiianllties 9Vid.: Victoria. ,1/3; Jordan alniond», 2/lOli for box Jots, 3 1 "; ,loose: w{Wi H ahnonds 1/4 to 1/Ü: Ur«_l mil». lltL to l'lDK loins. 1/ to 1/1; tat.-», ? Vjd , 5-bov lots (iitctv senvoiiVl 4%tl.; almond meal, :l/9, lanius lp!M. to im><i hto»l»s cf bt»t ststs->ir» »annal frnlls are ttecreaMiiir, rapidly, but frt-»h «iV."^,,.11^.11 "Vu nt-allaWo slwrilj. and ennnrrs stnto that tina- w11 ho stimeietit (or rtsmlrc-incnts l'earlics. raso lois, distribuí», at 10/0, »Heel lou frcejlono 9/6: »yrl cot». HJ/ß: l»"Jrs, 12/3; tlii-rric«. 11/; pitieappli's,

1."/; IwiniA. case 10/ a d(»zcn. loo-» 9/9; tomatoes, ""l'-lsi:i'^1tobcksS/o,f tire wason's Uns fisíi aro lo|^__d ï«T. haï" l-í-Tívluc-i; about Id. a

Awn.- A mluetion ha» «Is»» bom made ill tho prico of mid. A uetr brand (.lakuia) of crab mentis arnU a »I? at-14/0 for » Iwi «"'. Um '-»nf »t««.«1 tiuntiS -S «ro lie«, »nd in tonto ciuartcrs cone«. i ens are bein» mad.» t.» cltect 11 clrarmmw. Halmon, lib. flat«, tllsrtilnilo »tj-Soe-eiw lib.

o./o i^ib 14/r. ntl 17/f»; tails, U-* red Alcttai ami

mVlW ml Vrt/ll. Hala »Z»: ^-''^U^ZI r-tl/a. Kkcena ttlt<.r 14/8, reis 9/9: rohiij M»lll-r ¿U ptiiks c.l. Mortem'» -«run!, are »lisrUbutmc -Kre-t.1. is hi. ^t » ß/; ,i-cist\ lol.s »/lO,^

4/ioV», wpoail';*:. U' W.- J.» "'JP S'J 1


V»L7í/(¡!'>T'^-'l"""'l0/l^'»ti'l i\(*'ii 0't,í"',-¿¡..

»îtfklJ/'. Mettait Island 17/: «Uti. "ort «pot. 1-10 s V. Vil* '»'» 4/3, 'as 7/1): Plltharcl», Hnott

«7 V» eísií l.»fa. .'./ii tn 0/..11» B/B lo.»/: Jfrefa ».?tino »ardincs. ti,-« 0/0. V» \t/:otanVorln. cto^e, V»'» 7/; ruscarora crab nit-it 10/0: .¡.M.. J7V. Snkuri crab meat. Sib.. 14/OJ bltotiT. }».».l_»i tthitctaiL. Ne« --tliiia 37/n: Ne» y^atii lolyttel», li/./. _»/; Moulh African lobsters, 'lib, 12/¡ liara liria lÓírimiíf". 11/«: 111«, iwt cue Slid,, '.««t. «¡« ,»,d., liroken lots «d. a lb.: ¡_lt salmon, lOOlb. barrels 1/4 a lb.: Morton'» red licrriuits, 12« 24/ a denen, _l's 44/. ion'« 14'0 a drum; Upper snacks, V» 3/ to 3M. 4'» 6/ t» 5/0. . . , ...

CI1B.MICA1.S.-This sertitm of tho market i» siiUl ottt ieattu-, and btisina- I» almost llinitesl to house, -bold commodities »ntl to a wnMl tnniorar ol acid». BneiisU cream of tartar dutribute» at 1/2. French 1/3» Bruto- quantities 1/1; tar Iwnnto of» soda, «nels I.V. ken» ill', broken l»»ts 2d. to -iii. a lb tananc und 1/10. ettie 2/3; Tiorax, mvilered, sack lol» 34/11 rat-, small quant - tie» 4d a lb.: bornr.c acid 75/ iwt. lot», »mall qnanll-t- »I. to 10Í. a lb.: sulphur, 12/(1; alunt, 3d. to 4_d.. Chilan saltpetre. et»l. Ims» It»', «Tinll auantit'c» ei a lb.: ~«_ crst-lals. It: r.aslMi caiistio so»la. .«.. 4/Ä t".4'7H, I'» 10' t». 10/3: Mt. Moll. Mt'» l/c» to 4/9. 1 » S/9 to K/3; camphor, ii.

SI'ND1H_&-February Is rcctsrlvd as Mr« rJic of the (tuieteit tradtnc months ol the. year, and busi- ness for tlio tirst neck has been or s-nall Toltroe. A sm»!l has l»c'ii tindo In Uie price cf .Morton j Ohres, »tlilch are quoUsi at 17/9 for the ltalf-p tit ahte. awl pinta at 317. Assoried lam1». lVálb. tin», aro ttuotcd at lO'O a do_m: spr.ivtt, lo»; melon lams, 10/9: plum. .Mira, p/9; others, 11/3: itrawbetty, 1,,/B; -«pberry, 12/11. quince, S/9, Al-ttalian wfetir natchtss. case lot», distril-ato at r.'O. quan tltie-l, 5/9: Swedish, fuTl size .Vu net cash, ó'ft to 0/ a^nal Urrnis: honey, lu jars, loose. Ho*. ./;{

7/0. ICoi. 9/3 to If«. 32.1/. 10/0 lo 17.'; istel.»»! t_i»!S nl»out 3d a dnrA-n ostn»; prest-riel tnnp-r. b. boxe» JI»1. to li'ld.: cn.iuid ctnt-er. l/.l; . .rt.tnir :;ol tapioca »1/ t.» 21/0. jsiail 22/11 ,t" a'.': tee »alt. -0/10/: flossy, line CO'.".', ntlms! f¡.ars _.V7/0: Ixslto sink»* sidl. 1ÍI/3: (.»el»*, Minll Pi- tt 12/0. lim» 21' t.» 21,0; ntck "ill. l'-«t. MIKS s/ to -i'll: cilio oil. Mt.rlonV, .'str. 11 9. HK»^ I'l»; Mildura. 2'»or. 40.'; Stoniltll, >'. 11,9. 11M. 23/. li>o/, _?.». .-O'. Mnrtcn'r. olltts, '..pint

h 31, ; bloater

i»./. :;,' do.-«! ;

»Into 1 a dozen

lor- 1,

lou. ti. So. 8'3. IO", cartons 11/ dozen; »lir»»l lemon pMl, for., calions 0'0: desiccated rocoannt, 9,it_. »niall (^tl.; nutmegs, 2'i1:; -scl

-A2. B«.'«tlno. .'iib. rurketa 5/ lu. :. >Jotlirs I«c% U/S: Exetla'rr coffre i*eencc. latin lil Jo 14/«. «mall s,« I.. ¡t/D; mann ni. 5/3: vermicelli. ' ."MU; Minahrlli. f./ft. Mi»«-» innmip» «lloributa:

No« Kcnlanil. StUi lllot. 27/? Weall, 1,1 \¡or. St. Ooaree an,| W.I'.M.. al -ii/; CM I'., lu/tl: Victoria:, impnti!, 3ll.ii. SV. 1» 1t>/0, F"». .14/0: Knot fruit salt*, small 23/ ¿Wen, large 4,/; llum l»aak cbtru-, 417. Jan, lo/. 407.. (nu .1/(1: Rosella tnmaUi «.uni., pinto "; t» g/i',, OM'i )3 I), aneri» 10/9; tomato MUT, Mr. 4/3 Ilot. 5/0. 1007- 7/0. 2loz. it/: Whit.» Oro« tomato faure, pint. II/, ipuirtj 1«} "I; .alp, 41/ mv oí 130 twin hlm-ks: box if 7?. «1/n: triiw. 4(1! a hm '

SUM. I'ltnut-CTi-.-Quotatlnn«. for nalmrat aro s follín l-l'lalii. loose, 1V.\U. Kiek« IS)/ » cut, irai hain SI«), iintl.. Ulfa al/.. 1Mb. lvuifi 2.*>'l'. 71h Wi ^i, ¡1 mt.. 211'. l*M«*r l«Ks. AV; Hakea. lVacvtt. mik» e.V. lent, lus» 23'Bi Mi: barn ¡IHO, 2811,. 27/u. 71U. bat» S>/. Rib. lmper hap-. 27/8, ¡BU rart'um 32/ a e»t- ItoDnl ,nth are i:nrt.*l jvt --211». VI» to tl'e a «Ionen, ßlh. '¿1/ lo 21/7S: John Hull cala. 3I>. oartona 8,11 a doren. 511». I*pi lll'o Pearl lanley I« quoted: ,l't«M. Mik. lfc/ ent.; tout. Meka, IP",: 6lJI>. I ban. 1K/S: '.'.-li,. baas. ID/0 a. cwt. bnllt Pi'»'..

?Mik lot«, or» nuntnt m 23/ a ort., lrwl, Ima 2.1/J. iVJIb ITO St.'». and üslli. Us» al 21/0 « c«t.

.11.1' K(l(HlliH,-Sup|.l|e» oU'ronuasa aro well bold. __.. . ,_ .. . (jje foifíy _" tn(; arrnij of tho shipment . -.- Niijiim, quotations are linn et it/ fl.

doicii. I'oniiwekj, aro quirt nt 10/tt, nnil wooli«!**.* ~-e nominal)*. I/o.

I'.UNIH, OILS. e>.~.UIIin,i*,H binni«--, lil .lanuiiry a« nslrbtnl. nu lrapi-oTein.«it 1« hoped for till« month, anil rm the. verk order« if fair -.ohmio narr Item rrtiil.ttl. Too l*o_ll*-i romkel fur oils li re ..ntted. to IK* «liiiht'y firmer, tmt M**t «iiotaUniu for hulk nil are uiiilianred, and «Uah! adJtutme.ntA, in j .olriiiK rmnll loiluctiona, liare bren made In tho

|*rico of purlieu, quantities,, lu l*iiElaiid there b on cnRler t.*ne In tho mniket for nhitelmvi. l.ln ! seed oil of AtHtrul-ati uiaiudn.turo Pi qmittil:-Ilaw I 4/10, l-o.leil ä/: ll.Oi:, ra.« ß,l. lioilr.1 5/3; IIS.

unil Co, ravr ,-,/4. 1-olKM 5/0. I'lmmpton'a white lend diatnlKitn« at ¿_7| a ton; *tlerí47>*, _7¿: lljlla ller_cer'i« l'VTinl«,!'-«. at £Gi; uernune nxtleiitl, Kns


tU; turpentine, feutune, C/tJ: mt,ötiluU-R, 17/

a cn*o. 1'etroltntm «»rodurtji aro nuntwl folio«:-Keroaitie, t' 12/0 to la/, II. po«er IS/. Laurel 13'fl to 14/, Voco POTIT iti. l'onnant 13/tl to 14/. Cro« Vii. I.l«ht of liio ABO 13/0 to u/, Tcmeo 12;. Ilprcnlcs 12/. Motor

Vico 17/.' Waratah 13/4, KiSeirt. 17/, l'euro 18/4. aplrit (Caaes), C.O.II. yellow latiel 17/, I'lnroe 18/4. Traaeo "jfif' VI. Teiaco Auto 10/8. «liol! IS/4. Iniixa-lftl lrau.ixjrt 17/; Henioline, íjgalloir drums

24/4. - j

TIMBBIt.-Til» drmaild: for iminrte.1 tJml«r.,H i«eail>-. and in country dlslnrts tnulo u iimntmliir eoiiHhleralily. 1 flty . hiiiineii. in. bein« -dotid on n larger seale, na InilliUr* nre plneiiie - heavier ordere. Supplies on are sullleluil. and iiuotatinim ure un i'haiiiiï.1 n» fnlli.M).--t)Tmim. tllttiira ia -1 fl. 12 J 111, _ft/ for '10.1ft. wuitir; ureo,n, out to KIWH UI> to Sift-, 30/: mir o«), klln-ilrlnl, lin. Hi/fl. lV,ln. «nil Hilo. 6é/n, l*.in. co/O, 2in. Io Bin. GO/tl: aTcep. li». fit/, twin 1 am! ]<4tru ml. l*«ln SHI. d«. lo Jin. SI/ for j(K) «"P. feet, llaltle pi!, um. 1 lliln. M/0 for lOu'lineai feet, -¡iln. 21/(1, «In. 17/0, "»In. lj/0, liln. 11/8. «in, in/.- BeathCTbràvnK n-ri 1S/0. »hilo 12/0; ilalUc. tloürüilt, «In. 1 Win. 24/, hln.,,19/, "¡in. ia/, \ln. 13/. ffln 11/. Stn. D/o /or 10O Hneol

oct; lattus 70/ for 1.000 piece«,


Tlio roTtaiiio collecta* at tho Cnstoni nousa cm Keliniary 4 atnolintAd lo:-Retenue, i.,43.344/llv/2ï

?? . account. Ü720/12/1; liUoUute, £4tâ/i'7. . ?


Syu.VEÏ. Frl'lw-.-l'-iirnBe-lluiiter KIIIT lueenin hay, C4: TaaiMnlan tlcrriil.-preflse«! straw, ulieateu nnil eaten £0/10/ l> ton. , «rain-Maire. South Afrircm 7/0: oalA Ta.manliili Milito nominally 4/3. AlKerian lo 4/ a bilaliol. Ve^etatilea-l'otatoit, Taft tuatilnn llrownella j:!). lllsiiiArcka anil l'liiktiyea £lll: onion., Victotian Globe«. >'_n; S«erles, Tiiamanuui mimlnally £4 a Ion. !.*£*-N'ow-lnl'l. nlee tradeel lot« 1/10, médium 1/0, pidlcta 1/3 to 1/4: Kortliern Itlvor«. Hontli Coa.u and Hailvia). coiulennientJ, J 13: duck, pew-laid ]/7 to l/y tacvrdinit to mel n.

nn-ii. Wheat, 1,0 to 4/7 oouiito. eiiual to /i/ihi S>ilney.

Al)Bt,AIDK. l*rl<Us-. -tVljait, BroxerV lol« C/O't to fi/2. t»*r«lii (eellern) u/fíií; llrptir, Imkcra' lota 17/5: bran, Mini: pollntxl, _7/l.i/: Uulw. 3/3 to s/l: oat«., 2/4 to 2,'fl. ohari, £-1/15/ trucka. Milo Knit, bass incliiilctl: tiotatou.. V2I. onions, 67, pineapple^, to/ to ic/*r hanarma. 40/.

rilllTII. Fruin)_Miller»' wheat «a» not quoted to-dny. \vbcat. freo on rails at port«, was it/2.