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S H I P.P I N .0G CLEARED OUT. May 28-Mangans, e. 750 tone, J. R. Young, commander. for Melbourne ; T.S.N. Co., agents. Passengers- Saloon :-Mesdames A. Whitefoord and maid, Harrison ; lisses Jen kins, Anderson, Passelaigne, Clarke, Watnhorn, hen. J. WVallop, Mensrs. J. L. Kimtnbley, C. A. Jakee,. F. Booth, A. W. Condon, J. Daurno, Harrison, Corrop, H. E. Form, r, Rohbrt Dixon, George Peacock, jon., with 15 in the steerage. EXPORTS. Mangana n., for Melhourne : GO cs frui', J. H.Doyle; 3 b.les wool, W. T. Bell ; 184 ingots :ttli;North Brothers Home Co.; 607 ditto, L; Tullooh and-Co.; 36: ditto, Mount Bi choff Co 25 bags grass seed. 6 bags tare,. HR. Nrey; 2 boxes gold, Commeicial Bank; 1 pkg dtepiry, 1 drum oil, T.S.N. Co.: 2 pkjes ten, \\' . . ell; 2 horses, A. Page ; I ditto, Thirkwell. COASTERS-INWARDS. May 28.--loty, kt, 22 tone, J. Thompson, from the Penguin. Cargo-Wheat, oats, timber, and sundries. VESSELS IN PORT. Natoure, Devon, steamers; Tamar (tug); R.bln Hood, Mercury. hge; Guiding Star. bat ; Remu.s hk ; J. C. Taylor, ketch. TELEGRAPHIO SHIPPING. TAtto HtEAoS,.-Arrivcd-IOaV 28, 21.?1 p.m., Countess of Flintl, Uk. Ifron Furoess. Sailed--MSy 28, 430 p.m., Mla.gena s, for Melbourne. HonAtT.-Arrived --MSay 28, :045 , Fal coo, schr, from Est Coast. ,TABLE CAPt.-- ailel-- May f2, 11"20 a.m., Australi*, s, for Emnu Boy. CAU.--Saild-MIay 28, during night, Wol lington, kt, for Melborurne. BRaIDro T.-Arrived-May 27, Coronella, kt, from Launeston ; Sea Breeze, or. GEon?'B BAr.--Arrivrd - May 28, 7 a.m. Warrentinna, a. from Hohart. FAI.IorUT. - May 28, 4 p.m., Southern OrCes, a, passed south QunnscLlP F.--Sailed--M'y 27, 4'44 p.m., SouthernlCross, s, for Hobart. WIND AND WEATHER. MAY 27. Bar. Ther. Wind. oc. Launneston ... 30"17 54 fine cloudy Tamar Heads ... 30"07 59;N.W., fresh, fine Hobart ... ... 30"08 53 S.W., light, shry Falmouth ... 30"12 59 S.W., fresh, fine W. Australia ... 29090 N.W., light, raining S. Australia ... 30020 W., light, cloudy Victoria ... 300 W., light, cloudy N. B. Wales ... 40 W., light, , clear Queensland ... 30"40 W., light, fine, clear New Zealand ... 3000N., fresh, showery The general forecast of weather for to-day in Southern Victoria, Basu Straits. and Northern Tasmania is fine, but cloudy, with fresh northerly winds. HIGH WATER. MOON'S PHASES Eoa. This Day, 1"4 a.m. 1-28 p.m. Moon.-Full moon, 29th inst., at Gh. 20m. 23.. a.m. Town Time.--May 25 (by transIt obsorvE tions reduced to longitude of Hobart)--St John's cloak, fast 6 see. Sparrow's clock, slow 2 soo.