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SHfIPPUING. INWARIDS. Aug. 1.-Flinders, H.P., 948 tons, H. Clinch, commander, from Melbourne ; T.S. N. t Co., agents. Passengers : Saloon-Mr annd t Mrs Moss and infant, Mr and Mrs Cock, MIr and Mrs J. Smith, Mr and MrsKcrmode, Rev. and t DMrs Moneur; tMrs Dean; Misses Hudson, h Iligall (2), Allanhy (2) ; Messrs. Kemp, Thorne, f Thomas, Fysh, HuybCrs, Rollason, Melville, 2 Fraser, Propstring, Bain, Cox, ItFardale, Fin lay, Booth, Orlper, Bluck, Oakley, Gordon, Abbot, Hopkinn, Stanstein, Nicholson, Dowlin, iI Waelch, Talbot, Broomaehll, Rulford, Croft, C Embling; Mlasters Slead (2), Lewis, Oakley; 30 steerage and 57 immigrants ex Iberia. d -IMPORTS. - Flinders, .a., from Melbourne. 35hlf-cheests 140 pkge toe, 8 pkgs nails, 2 pkgs earthenware, 6 pkgs 0 coils sope, 1 pkg apparel, 215 pkga t hardware, 6 pkgs setalware, G6 cs chutney, 14 pkgs drapery, 1 pkg ticking, 14 ess tobacco, 2 1 pkgs 2 css cigars, 3 cse pianos, 2 pkges 2 hales paper, 9 pkge fenders and mats, 10 css baking t lowder, 6 pkgs plats and trees, 2 pkga rivets, Scss tools, 1 pkg perambulators, 4 ess a id steads, 1 pkg machinery, 2 qrcasks wline, 2 sackh seed, 2.oes billiard goods, 1 pkg watches, 2 trunks 1 pk boots, 12 bales telegraphl materials. 450 bags black sand, 9" cis sewing manhines, 1370 pes deal, 3 ess confeetionery,155 cs alr, 5 css rua, 200 boxes candles, 2 pkegs 6 css merchandise, 1 cs periodicals 1 pikg ticking, 1 pkg watches, 1 bale paper bAgs, 1 s f anchovies. 35 ces champagne, 1 pkg packing, I pkg sheet brass. 3 pkgs samples, 2 eos peel, 4 owt bar iron, 138 pkgs oilmen's stores, 20 pkgs paint. 50 css fruit, 50 ose currants, 4 plegs mantles, 12 pkgs confectionery, 3 horses. VESSELS EXPECTED. 1 lEbourne. -- Mangaun, se.., leaves to.d morronw at noon, and will arrive here. on Saturday. London.-Girvan, bark, left 20th April, 99 days out, expected daily. Berean, bark, left London May 31, passed Dartmouth June 3, 04 days out, expected end of August. Lanoma, t bark,- left on 10th eainst., expected early in October. - NnToort (Wales).-Highmoor, bark, left for Emu. Bay Ilay 2nd, spoken 6th, 42 north 14 west ; 91days out. Remonstrant, bark, left C for Emu Bay May 29th, 60 days out. Roslon (U.S.A.), via Fremantle (IW.A.) Don Jacinto, nark, left early in June; arrive I October. "TELEORAPIIIC SHIPPING. STAaAR HElADs.- Arrived -August 1, 9'25 1 am., es. Flinedcres, Melbourne 25 p.m., s.g. Coreio, N.WV. Coast. 3'30 p.m.,sehoonerTommy, Hobart ; (Brothers. Sailed-August 1, 3'40 1 p.m., p.s. Avon, N.E. Coast : Waratah. I TABLE CAPE.-Arrivedl-July 31, Florence, Launcesaton. WIND AND WEATHEl.-August 1. 1 Bar. Ther. Wind. &o. Tamar Heads 30'19 61 N.W., mod., clear, fine. Hobart ... 29'96 55 N.W., mod. thtrg. change. ''IN'rncoLONIAL.--The synopsis received for Wednesday from the Melbourne Observatory was as follows :- Bar. Wind. W. Australia ... 3020 N., light, fine, clear. - S..Australia ..; 30'30 N, light, fine, clear. Victoria ... 30.40 N., light, fine, clear. N. S. Wales ... 30"40 WIV., light, overcast. Queensland ... 30'40 W., light, overcast. New Zealand ... 30'00 S.E., fresh. The general forecast of weather for today for Southern Victoria, Bass Straits, and Northern Tasmania, is fine, with fresh N,N.W. winds. • Hra WAaTE. MOOa's PHABES, &c. Tars DAY, - a.m., 0'10 p.m. Now moon, August 3, 11h 14m 52s a.m. Town Time--July 27 (by transilt observations reduced to longitude:of Hobart)-St. John's clock, 5ses. slow. VESSELS AT WRbnr. - Steamers Corinna, Flinders, Devon, Dorset, Tamar (tug); barks I Delmira, Planter ; brig Mercury. ST'rAM TO M aELBOURNE.-The s.s. Flinders leaves on Friday, 3rd August, at 11 a.m. STEAM TO STDNEY.--The s.s. Corinna leaves on or about 1 p.m. on Saturday, 4th August. The s.s. Flinders, which arrived in port yes terday, besides her usual passengers, brought 57 immigrants, transhipped from the as. Iberia; Capt. Clincb, of the -Flinders, reports having left Melbourno at 12'30 p.m. on 31st inst., took immigrants on board at:Sandridge, leaving at 3"30 p.m., cleared Port Phillip Heads at 5'50 p.m.; entered Tamar Heads at 9130 a.m. yes terday, coming up the river in three bhours, and bertlhed alongside the wharf at 12'30 p.m. Experienced light S. winds and fins cloudy weather throughout the trip. The Flinders has made a good run of 21hours from Sandridge to the Queen's Wiharf. The immigrants expressed themselves highly satis. fied with the comfortable treatment re ceived on board the Flinders. • Capt. H. Clinch, of the s.s. Flinders, reports having passed a largo spar, evidently belonging I to the wreck of the bark Astcrope, moored about a mile W.S.WV. from the Hebe Reef. The discharging of the inward cargo of the I brig erecury will be completed to-day. She will then load for her return trip to Mel. bourne. The schooner Helena, bound from thie port for the Don, and the ketch Undino, from the Cam, with timber, for this port, were in Swan Bay yesterday afternoon. The ketch Phantom was at anchor in George Town Cove. The p.s. Avon left the wharf at 11a.m. yes terday, and cleared the Heads at 3•40 p.m. The cutter Kate will sail for Bridport to night. The ketch Albion sails for the Mersey on I Friday night. The Launceston Marine Board intend plocinp the new mooring piles on the roadside, so that the wharves will not he effected by the strain. The damage done to the e.s. Corinna'a'berth is attributed to the heavy strain on the piles while that steamer was moored to the wharf. The R.I.S. Australia left Albany at 7 a.m. yesterday, and may be expected to reach Hob. son's Bay on Monday night. The s.s. Flinders will leave with the Tasmanian portion of the mails on Tuesday morning, arriving here on Wednesday. The ketch Eveline, 67 tons, C. Anthon, master, for Torquay, in ballast, cleared out at Adelaide on 26th ult., and sailed two days i later. The bark Freetrader, 206 tons, P. M'Arthur, cleared out, with 25 tons bonedust, at Sydney. on 27th nit., for Hobart via Newcastle, and sailed same day to load coal. The s.a. Investigator, from Adelaide to Mel-. bourne, met with severe weather on the trip, and' had her steering gear damaged. The ketch Xema, 34 tons, Jas. Anderson, master, cleared out at Melbourne on 30th ult. for Circular Head. Cargo--1 boxes clay pipes, 1 brick press, 14 pkgs boots, Ib0 sacks bone- I dust, 8 pkgs tobacco and cigars, 1030 pkgs sugar, 141 pkgs tea, 110 css kerosene, 10 ass whisky, 40 bags rice, 6 sacks salt, 28 pkgs oil men's stores and provisions, 118 pkgs metal ware, 4 pkgs stationery, 11 pkgs drugs, 9 pkgs moraohandlse. The ship Loch Sloy, from Glasgow. is on her seventh visit to Meelbourne. She entered Port Phillip Heads 09 days out from Greenock. The s.s. Gulf of St. Vincent arrived at MBel bourne on 30th ult., from London June 7th, and Aden Juno 29th. She brought out two valuable entires for Mr. Langton, of Sydney, and will take a cargo of horses at Melbournd for India. 'In onnection with the steamers of this line, it may be mentioned that the Gulf of Carpentaria left Aden on June 10, and the Gulf of Mexico left Suez on July 27. Both are bound for MIelbourne. The'Hohart brigantine Camilla made the ran fromOmarn, N.Z.,to Newcastle in 25 days, having arrived on 30th Ult. eFrom Robart the brig Fairy tack proceeds to Adelaide, and the back Loongana to Aunck land. - - The ketch Robert Burns, from Hobart for Launceston via Garden Island Creek,:entored the Channel at 3 p.m. on Tueasday. This infor mation should have appeared on the local pub lic telegraphio shipping board. At Otago recently, during an unusually high tide the p.s. Peninsula, moored alongside the wharf, had her paddle-bon caught in the top of the pier, which hold her so that when the tide fell ?he was out of the water. When the tide rose she fillod and sank. She was eventually raised. With the exception of Lrcut. Hughes and Lieut. Tufnell, all the officers of the Miranda proceed home by thebs ship Windsor Castle, which is now on the way to Sydney, with a complete crew for the Iliranda. In fact, the Miranda is to be re-commisioned for this station. Sub-Lieut. R. B. Abbott, of H.M.S. Dart, arrived at Sydney in the Miranda, for medical treatment. H.M.S. Diamond has had an overhaul at Sydney, which seems to have been thorough in the proper sense of the term. Alongside of her H.M.S. Miranda locks somewhat travel stained and worn. A pilot station having been estahlished at 'Cape Hawke, the Marine Board, Sydney, hays issued a notice to the effect that on and after August 1, vessels trading to that place will be liable to the same pilotage as that levied at other outports in the colony. The bhoy at the rsunken rock, Port Mac quarie, New South Wales, has got displaced, and until it is replaced the old leading maths will have to be used to guide vessels clear of the rocks. The clipper'ship Ben Cruacban, from London Slay 2nd, which arrived at Melbourme on l28th nult.. after a pasurage of 8, days, is now in her tenth year of running. Shire isa to be docked and cleaned before taking in wool at Melbourne. A sad accident occurred during the passage, by which Thomas liughes, a irasenger, agel 1 years, fell overboarl, ansd wa drowned. EZory effort was made to ea:e him. bult withoaut succes. Ills rather anIl other melmbers of his famnily were passengers. From the Argusa of 30th ult. we learn that the ateamship Iberal, of the Orient line, arrived on Satorday night from London, via Plymouth and the Saem Canalwith m5a12spasocgegr, and

cargo: The Iberia, it will be recollected, took the idce of thellCotopaxi when the latter had her 'tween-decks gutted by fire while she was in dock. She is a sister vesosl to the Liguria, so well and favourably known in the Australian t' ado in connection with the Orient line, and this is the Iberia's second visit to those colonies. The Iberia has taken well with possengers on this voyage, and over 450 people have come out hy her. Of these 70 were for Adelaide and 110 for Melbourne; 180 are for Sydney, 10 for New Zoeland, and 77 for Tasmania. Of the Tas manian number 66 (?)' are Government imml. grants. Those have come out under the new immigration regulations of the Tasmanian Government. There was only one death, that of Mrs. Emma anirstow, for 'lelbourne, who died on 23rd July, of consumption. The Iberia has eccomplishecld a quick passage, although her full steaming strength was not put forth. The total steaming time is given at 38 days 10 hours, aid an average speed of 12 knots was main. tamned. She left P'lymouth on June 16. The iron bark Kate Tatham, belonging to the River Don Trading Company, arrived in Sydney Harbour early on 28th ult., with a cargo of 330 tons of potatoes and 3000 staves. She left the River Don on 21st ult.. with light S. winds, which continued until off Montagu Island on 23rd, when a strong N. wind with smooth water was had until she was abreast'of Woollongong on 20th. The wind then eet in from the IV., carrying her to the Honds at midnight on 27th. She stood off and on till 6 a.m., when she was taken in tow by the steamer AIyatery. ShOe berthed at the Victorian Wharf during the forenoon.-S. . . Herald. On the trip of the s.s. Taramung, from New castle to Mielbourno 28th inst., she fell in with a gale of hurricane violence. One towering sea of more than ordinary volume broke on deck and carried away the after steering wheel, breaking it short off by the stock. The binnacle ande everything else moveable on deck was swept away by the resistless rush of water, and a portion of the mainrail also went. The ar rivals at Melbourne from the westward, as well as those from the eaitward, have also a deal to say concerning the heavy weather raging along the coast during the latter part of last week. 'aonT PHILLIP HEADS.-Arrlvedb-July 28, Iberia, s.e., London; Esk, s.e., Hobart; Ben Oruachan, ship. London. 29, Alice Muir, bark, Kaipara, .Z. ; Loch Sloy, ship, Glasgow. 30, Gulf of St. Vincent, s.s., London; Rubicon, schr., Waratah Bay. Sailed-July 30, Abstainer, ketch, Port Albert ; Sir Wilfred Lawson and Twins, ketches, Lakes(?). WoILSON'S PnonoNTonY.-Sailed-July 28, Julius, fore-and-aft sohr. SYrnEY.-Arrived-July 27, Tasmn, s.s., Hobart ; Miranda, H.R.ES., Fijl ; Kate Tatham, bark. River Don; Kelvrdlalo, Noew York; Ethiopian, London; La Precurseur, Noumea ; Trusty, Melbourne. 30, Berean, ketch, Torquay ; Cores, Mersey; Rook, s.s., Launeeston ; Olenmuir, Hong Kong ; Illa warra, London. Sailed- July 27--Preetrader, bark, Hobart. 28, India, Fiji. 30, Tasman, e.s. Hobart ADELAmE.-Sailed-July 28, Eveline, ketch, Tasmania.