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SHIIPPING.     INWARDS. June 6. - Flinders, a.s., 948 tons, H.   Clinch, commander, from Melbourne; T. S. N.   Co., agents. Passengers : Saloon-Mr and   Mrs Huckson, Mr and Mrs Hallowes, Mes-   dames Hadley, Boddam,Graamn, Hector, Cath-   eart; Revs. Price, Twining, Bayley; Misses Cameron, Sidebottom, Clewer, Huckson, Cross,   Cane, Peacock ; Messrs Kemp, Scott, Gatenby,   Tomlin, Cowper, Lay. Roberts, Prince. Pea-   cock, Cox, Barnett, James, Tolson, Doyle, Esdaile, E. H. Chown; 44 steerage.   June 5-Primera, bark, 597 tons, Christian, master, from London ; S. Tulloch, agent. June 6-Clodian, bark, 453 tons, Harris,   -master, from London ; - Dalgety, Moore, and Co,, agents. IMPORTS.   Flinders, a.s., from Melbourne. 2 pkgs lease leather, 4 pkgs plants, .43 pkgs drapery, on b0 cases galvanized iron, S pkgs apparel, 7 cases tobacco, 2 casks 1.i pkg oilmen's stores, 1 lpkg F drugs, 3 pkgs pictures, 3 cases pepper, 117 pkgs vi; and pes carriage ware, 1 box tin plates, G bdls furniture, 2 pkgs glassware, 85 pkgs 10 half- 51 chests ten, 31 pkgs 4 cases hardware, 25 bdis Pi brooms, 65 pkgs metalware, 13 pkgs merchlan ye disc, 1 case stationery, 1 pkg trees, 4 pkgs paper, 1 bag lasts, 3 sacks seed, 2 cases gas iP meters, 0 trunks 2 pkgs boots, 11 pkgs machi- at nory; 5 er-casks 15 octaves whisky, 1 pkg leather CI laces, 9 stones, 1 plate iron, 1 pkg grindery, 1 51 pkg fancy goods, 28 pkgs ironware, 3 pkgs ve blankets, 1 pkg effects, 3 cases coffee, 3 cases it periodicals, 1 pkg clothing, 1 case piano, 3 pkgs as glass and earthenware, 1 pkg leather ware, 1 wire screen, i case telegraph material, 30 blls to a*heepskine, 15 cases vinegar. 0 pks printing materials, "14 cases silver-lead, 3 pkgs printed go matter, 1 pkg mats. Included in the above, ex steamer Rome:- er P. O. FYsu & Co.-51 packages drapery, 40 fo Sditto grocery. o Included in manifest of s.s. Flinders, ex cc Cashier, from New Tork:- rt 70HN C. FEnacuSO.-1 case Disston's hand hk saws, 1 ditto ditto rin ditto, 1 ditto ditto so framed wood and web saws, 1 ditto ditto lil bevels, I case Day's long-handled shovels, w 1 ditto iaylor's ditto spades, 1 ditto planter's lioes, 1 ditto Spofforth braces. or Primera, bark, from London. 2190 pkgs 200 casks, 1 qr-cask. 11 bales, i bdles, 2 clests, 2 P pea, 10 crates, 1780 cases, 1 parcel, 53,447 pkgs , and pes merchandise ; and a quantity of pig fo iron. Included in above :- DALGETY, ltOORE, AND C0.-10 cases C. and B. curry powder, each 0 doz., }-pints; 10 ditto S ditto ditto ditto, each 6 doz., assorted; 100 cases geneva, 100 ditto ditto, glass stoppered; 100 cases A. S. milk, 20 cases lc snrrlines, halves; 10 ditto ditto, quarters; in 40 ditto white starch, 10 ditto blue ditto, p 5 ditto Whybrow's capers, each 0 doz., Hj half-pints ; 40 ditto ditto London pickles, bi each 4 doz., pints; 40 ditto ditto nmixed b ditto, each 4 doz., pints; 20 ditto ditto a pic. and chow ditto, each 4 doz., pints ; 30 p ditto ditto salad oil, each G doz., .-pints : 1 p tank Fry's cocoa 142 141b boxes, 4-lb a packets; 1 ditto Barcelonn nuts, 5 cases French prunes, 5 casks bd. Cochin ginger, a0 5 cases gd. ditto ditto, each 1 b 71b tins; 20 qr.-casks R. W. P. g rum, 10 kegs saltpetle, each 1 cwt.; y 3 oases tartaric acid, each 8 141h jars; 5 ditto cream of tartar, enach 8 14th t, jars; 20 ditto salt, each 2 dozen 21b glass bottles: 20 ditto Jordan almonds, 5 ditto 3. and P. corn flour, 100 ditto currants, 10 c ditto lobsters, 10 ditto fresh herrings, 5 ditto Robinson's groats, 20 ditto Price's t moons, 8's and 6's; 5 crates straight basket pipes, 1 ditto bent ditto ditto, 10 cases IL. and P. Worcester sauce, 100 casrslAnobor brand cement, 50 ihalf-hgds Champion's vinegar. 50 cases ditto brown ditto, 25 ditto ditto white ditto, 50 ditto Tennent's pale ale (quarts), 1410 ditto John Gray andl Co.'s confectionery, jujubes, and pastilles ; 5 qr-casks aurke's *.{ Irish whisky, 70 cases Burke's e ,' ditto ditto, 10 ditto Garmkirk Scotch whisky, 50 ditto Wallace's Old Highland Blend whisky, 10 ditto Burke's old Jamaica rum, 20 ditto Burlke's Non pariel Old Tom gin, 35 ditto Ind Coope and Co.'s pale alo (quarts and pints), 50 drums raw and boiled oil (each 5 gal s). 8 casks superior ground white lead, 10 qr-enasks Courvoisier's 1878 pale brandy, 10 ditto Otand's 1878 ditto, 5 ditto Champagne Vineyard pale brandy, 40 cases Mrumm's gold top (pints) champagne, 10 ditto ditto ditto (quarts). JOHN C. FEnGUSON.-2 cases pitch, in small boxes, 1 ditto 106gauge hammerless guns, 1 ditto gun implements, 1 ditto brass breech-loading cartridge cases and imple ments, 6 bundles galvanized wire clothes lines, 1 case brass sheets, 1 ditto copper ditto, 1 ditto E.P. spoons, dish covers, and chamois, 1 ditto copper rivets, door sprinlgs and rat traps, 1 ditto brass foundry, 1 ditto Hollis's breech-loading guns, 1 ditto Spear and Jackson's hand saws. J. AND T. GUcx.-1 cask carpenter's looks, 32,000 feet 6 x 4 T. and G. flooring, 52,000 ditto G x 4 ditto lining, 5000 fire bricks, 1 case copper rivets, 12 rolls sheet lead, 2 cases wood screws, 1 case axle pulleys, 1140 kegs Champion's white lead, 30 drums raw linseed oil, 281 cases window glass. W'. HAnT AND SONS, Charles-street.-100 barrels Whilte's Portland cement, 217 kegs wire nails, 800 bags "Black Horse" fine and coarse salt, 10 casks gutta-percha safety fuse, 15 casks lamp chimneys, 20 cases Bath bricks, 1 case brass screws, 1 case double and single children's cots. 2 cases Wynn's tools, 1 case cotton girths, 2 cases ladies' and gentlemen's saddles, 1 case patent bill files, 170 drums raw and boiled linseed oil, 25 kegs zinc white paint, 1 cask green copperas, 1 case yellow ochre, 5 casks mnixed paints, in 281b tins; 2 casks black ink, I. case ink powders, 1 cask tinware, 2 casks Edwards's grubbing aid ehipping hoes, 1 cask strong wire tacks, 2 casks enamelled pie dishes. 1 cask gold wash dishes, 1 cask tin pio dishes, 1 cask tile stoves, 24.1 rolls galvanized wire netting (yin. to 2(in.), 1 case black lead brushes, 1 case Burgon and Ball's sheep-shears, 1 puncheon leader hames, 1 cask iron washers, 1 case fine wire tacks, 12 cases half-tester French and stump iron bedl steads, 5 casks Scotch T hinges, 1 cask buggy lamps, 1 cask Wceston's patent pulley blocks, 1 case wliteowash and paint brushes, 1 ease Harcourt's brass foundry, 1 case scrubbing brushes, 20 barrels pitch, 8 cases piteh, in boxes (2, 4, 7, and 141bs). 10 casks Stockholm tar, 3 cases 'Vigfull's bass brooms and shoe brushes, 1 tank coir fibre, 1 case bread platters, 2 cases Deitz lamp ware, case hair brushes, 1 case Morse's drills and pipe cutters. LINDsAY TULLoce AND Co.-50 cases Key brand Geneva, (75 ditto Poole's pickles, 50 ditto ditto vinegar, 5 crates earthenware, 7+ casks Jobit's brandy, 10 cases ditto ditto, 12 bars rolled shafting, 100 casks 'Vhite's Portland cement, 150 cases quarts Grillin's sparkling ale, 50 ditto pints ditto, Clodian, bark, from London. 1 box, 28 kegs, 100 casks, 19 qr-casks, 9 bales, 10 bdla, 1531 pkgs, 3 hhdl, 150 bags, 2 tanks, 10 crates, .02 cases, 270 brls, 250 qr-brls, 1357 pcs, 24 plgs and clocks, 1 parcel merchandise; and a quan. tety of pig iron. Included in above: J. AND T. GUcN. -31,000 feet il x 4 T. and G. flooring, 32,000 ditto (i x . ditto lining, 82 kegs wvire nails, 29 cases galvanized iron, 30 kegs lath nails, 10 rolls sheet lead. SPONG AND HARVEY.-23 pkgs, comprising maltine, with hypophosphate s and other preparations, extract of malt tablets. fnoller's cod liver oil, Crawshaw's crystal dyes (all colours), concentrated essence of ginger, superior essence of bergamot, Terry's fragrant bouquet lozenges, and eachou conm fits, and a splendid assortment of fresh drugs and surgical instruments, etc., etc. Included in the manifests of barks Clodian and Primera : o-?aNus SIusMoAt AND CO.-41 crates earthen ware, 10 crates clay pipes, 35 cases Keiller's confectionery, 15 cases Brynnt and Many's wan vestas; 9 cases iron safes, 52 packages sundries. COASTERS--INWARDS. June 5-Brothers, cutter, 14 tons, John Jar man, from Iridport. Cargo--ll4 bags tin ore and sundries. Waratah, cutter, 10 tons, J. Thompson, from Bridport. Oarco-230 bags tin ore and sundries. Coronella, ketch, 14 tons, A. B. Smyth, from Bridport. Cargo 123 bags tin ore and sundries. COASTERS-OUTWARDS. June 5--Dovon, e.s., 125 tons, G. Tait, master, for tbo N.W. Coast. Cargo-Sundries. Avon. p.s., 83 tons, G. MI. Jackos,c master, for the N.N. Coast. Cargo--Sundrios. Dawn of Hope, achooner, 34 tons, WV. J. Taylor, for the Penguin. Cargo-Sundries. Clytie, ketch, 14 tons, II. lRobinson, for the Straits. Cargo Sundries. VEBSSELS EXPEOTED. Mclbourne.--Thoe .s. Mangana leaves on Friday, the 8th inest., nt 2 p.m., and may be expected here on Saturday. The s.s. Dorset expected about the end of this week or begin ning of next. Hclctewrrlef, N.?.-Z-Bark Free Trader left June let, expected about the middle of the month. London.-Bark Asteropo left Falmouth on February 22, and may be expected daily. TELEGRAPHIC SHIIIPPINIG. TAMAn HEAns.-Arrived-June 0, 1"20 p.m., bark Primera, Landon ; 841a.m., s.s. Flinders, Ilelborneo. Julin; 430 p.m., bark Clodinn, London. Sailed-June 0, 5"10 p.m., p.s. Avon, N.E. Coast. HonanT.--Sailed-June 0, 8 a.m., barkentine C Oamille, Port Chalmers. WIND AND WEATHER.-June G. Bar. ITher. Wind. &c. Tamar Heads... 30 00 58 W. by S.,moderate, dull, cloudy Iocbart... .. 29"88 50 W.N.W.,light,fine, cloudy

INI~EtcOLONIAL. - The synopsis received for Wednesday from the Melbourne Observatory was as follows: Bar. Wind. S. Australia ... - W., light, showery Viotorla . - N.W., light, overcast s N. S. Wales ... - V., light, overcast Queensland - ., light, overoast, New Zealand ... 29SO COlm, generally fino The general fprecast of weather for today for Southern Victoria, Bass Straits, and Northern Tasmania, is fine, cloudy, with light and variable winds. H1uOH WATER. oI00N' PL\SES, &O. TeAs DAY, 2'30 n.m., 3"2 p.m. Now mooe, Junoe 7, 7h. 4me. 5Ss. a.m. Town Time.-June 1 (by transit observations reduced to longitude of Hobart)-St. John's clook,14secs. slow. VESSELS Is PoilT.--Steamers Corinna, Flin ders, tug. STEAM To ME[ILOURNE.--The s.s. Flinders on 'riday, the Sth inst., at 2 p.m. Fon SYDNEv.-The a.s. Corinna, on or about Friday, the S:hl June, at 2 p.m. for Sydney, via Eden. The third and Inst lighter ordered by the Marino Board for use in connection with the Priestman dredge was finished and launched yesterday by Mr. P. Wright, about midday. Tihe bark Clodian, which left London on February 16, entered Tamar Heads yesterday nats'30 p.m., after a passage of 101 days. The Clodian comes consigned to Messrs. Dalgety, Moore, and Co. As there are now two English vessels and the guano brig waiting at the Heads, it is probable the tug will be engaged to-day to assist them nip the river. Yesterday afternoon a schooner hove in sight to the westward of Tamar Heads, distant about five leagues, but there was no further intelli gence oni the shipping board as to what the vessel was. Up to last evening she had not entered Tamnr Hteands, and is probably bound for one of the N.W. Coast ports. The bark Primora, which left London onl March S with a general cargo of merchandise, consigned to Capt. S. Tulloch, local agent, entered Tamar Heads yesterday at 1"20 p.m., having been 00 days out. Unless the tug is sent down the calm weather now prevailing is likely to delay the Primera in reaching the wharf. The brig Mina, which entered Tamar Heads on Tuesday with a Wargo of 350 tons guano from Bird Island, consigned to MIr. T. Hogarth, local agent for the A. A. Guano Co., left Lagoon 1lay yesterday morning, and anchored in George Town Cove at 11'30. The Mina is waiting for a favourable shift of wind to come up the liver, the weather yesterday having been canlm, with light southerly airs. The ketch Clytie, which left here for the Straits yesterday, took a horse and other general cargo. Capt. It. Clinch, of the s.c. Flinders, reports having left Melbourno at 1'15, on the 5th inst, Williamstown an hour later, and cleared Port Ihillip Heads at 4145 p.m. Entered Tamar Hleads at 8'-11 an.m. yesterday. and the tide being in her favour she had a good run of three hours up the river, reaching the wharf at 11'30 a.m. Experienced light S. to S.W. winds first part, and fine weather, changing to moderate W. and W.N.W., with showery, overcast weather latter part. The new steamer Dorset, built some time ago for the Launceston and Ilridport S. N. Co., but over the arrival of which there has been great delay, was to have had her trial trip yesterday in Melbourne, and we learn from the ngent, Mr. Williams, that she may be expected to arrive hero about the end of this or beginning of next week. The cutter Brothers will sail for Bridport on Saturday. The ketch Coronella will sail for Bridport to-night.