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Interest in Other States.

Satisfaction is expressed by officer.-- of the Itali* ways department and the Depart roon t oí Agricub turo at the I utera, t i-houn In the MBit of the Helier Fanning train U> tlie .Mallee and other northern districts U&t week. In consequence of the large lit tendances at the ions and Iectuies niven on the train, the number of people present in some of tlio im*nu -vlfitid wdt, greater than It liai eicr bee» before. It has been decided to hold two more tour» of tlie train before it is dUmnntlcd

tintll oflrr the christmas holiday a. The fin-t of I Ibrpe totjis ui!I b<- to the Kilmore district, and it will )M»-m o» November 8. "The other tour mill be held at the end of November or early tal Drcember, but the district tn be -united has not jet been decided on. Tlie itinerary for the next

trip Is a» folio-An:-Kilmore, November S; Ingle-1 vood, Nmemb'sr ii; Wedderburn, November IO; j Älaronjr, No\en her 11; Axedale, November 12; I

Hcitheob-, Notnu-tier l.¡. i

An a result of the lntcrf.4 taken in the Victorian I Jlett«*r K«nniiitr lialn, and the fa-vonruble reports i made of ihe tfl.ot on the a^iieultural industry of

its tour«, tbcjîanw.i'.fi d'i'Hitimnts and tlie Min«1 Jhtrirs in -MCIni ol the other States an rlmuin? a keen intMC-l in its operations wlttr a \iexr to i «i!o|itintî the f..-.slen.. Kxpcrti« from loutit AnstralU recently vUitcd Victo, ü to iiwpect tilt: tiain, and In quirle» irganllnp ÍU operations have DJSO been. Bude ia Jïcw ßoutU Wales and tyiccmlsuà*