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LAWN TENNIS. NOTES' BY DEUOE. PENNANT FIXTURES. August. 10-Ladies' "B" grade-Cricket Ground v. College I., at Cricket Ground. 11-Men's "A" grade-Launceston v. Mliia Mia, at Cricket Ground. 160-Ladies' "A" grade-Launceston v, Esk, at Depot. 17-Ladies' "B" *grade--M ia iia v, Esk, at Mia 31ia. 1S-Men's "A" grade-Launceston 4 Mia Mia, at Cricket Ground. Saturday's pennant match produced one of the closest games of the series so far. The competing teams were Bowling Green and Mia M.ip. and both clubs were fully represented, save that A orris replaced Unsworth in the Mia Mia four. Limb and Dixon (B.) anode an auspicious collnuencement for .their, side against Taylor and Morris. who were 'first pair for Miia Mia. The Bowl. ors, running away with 'a great lead in each set, scored the rubber with ap parent ease, at 6-1, 6-1. It seems hardly accountable that Taylor and Mor. ris should have beaten at such over. whelming figures, but probably the fact that this is their first game together would explain a good deal. Limb put in an amount of useful work, combined with many winning strokes, while Dixon capably backed up his partner, and came to the rescue on many occasions. nu the other court a battle royal was going on. The contestants were M'Ken. zie and Jackson (B.) and Stewart and Room (M.M.). The first two sets were as evenly fought as could be possible, and honours were certainly "easy." The mnaximum number of games had to be played in each instance, and each club scored a set. In the decider' a like. wise well-contested set was the out. come, but the Mia M.Iia pair "came" at the critical juncture, and scored as interesting rubber at 0-5, 5-6, 6-4. The next bout brought Taylor and Morris (MM.3) opposi.e to M'Kenzie and Jackson (B.), and here tl.h, Mia Mia pair somewhat atoned for their former bad showing by winning a straight set rubber at 6-1, 6-2. In the linal matchl between Limb and Dixon (B.) and Stew art and Room (M.M.) a spirited three. set rubber was the outcome.' Caught napping, the Bowlers were robbed of tne first set at 4-0, but, taking no more risks, they soon had the rubber well in hand at 6-3, 0-3. It was a fine effort of Stewart and Room's, and nearly gave victory to their club, On a count rubbers and sets were found to be even, but Mia i?ia, lhaving ,a majority of three games, were declared winners of an interesting match. There was no flxture last week in the ladies' "A" grade, due to Cricket Ground failing to get a team. Esk, who were to meet the defaulters, therefore scored the "two points for a win" which places them well ahead on the pemnnant list. The ladies' "B" division are pushing on with their progrannme. The latest tie to record is Mia Mia v. College Il., wherein the students were beaten "all round the board," being unable to score one rubber during the afternoon. Scores: Misses Pepper and Heritage (M.M.). beat Misses Costain and Holmes (C.), -5, 4-0, 6-4. Misses Pepper and Heritage (M.M.); beat Misses Bruce and Williams (C.), 0-3, 6-2. Misses Hogarth and Gunn (M.M.). beat Misses Costain and Holmes (C.), 0-5, 4-6, 6-2. tuosses IHogarth and Gunn (M.M.). beat Misses Bruce and Williams (C.), 60-2, 6-0. lMia Mia, 4 rubbers, S sets, 56 games. College II., 2 sets, 35 games. Presmiership list to date: Club. " d ?.? Men's "A" Grade. Cricket Ground .5 5 - 10 100 Launceston . .. 4 2 2 4 50 Bowlers ..... 4 1 3 2 25 Mia Mia . .3 - 3 - - Ladies' "A" Grade. Esk ......... 4 3 1 6 75 Launceston .... 5 3 2 6 00 Tamar ......... 5 3 2 .O 60 M:ia Mia ... 4 2 2 4 50 Ladies' "B" Grade. Ilia 3Iia ..... 3 3 - 6 100 Esk ........... 2 2 - 4 100 College I ...... 1 - 1 - College II. 2 - 2 - - Cricket Ground . 3 - 3 - The pennant event for to-morrow will be a tie in the, men's senior grade,Laun ceston v. Mia 1ia. Launceston are second on the list, and should have little trouble in accounting for Mia Mia. The latter have failed to "break their duck." though they went very close on Satur day last to put' a stop to quite a se quence of defeats, which has left them an ignoble last on the pennant list. Australasian admirers of their couns trymen wvill be pleased to learn that the states "down under" are being well represented abroad. A. F. Wild. ing, of New Zealand, -who was a member of the Australasilan teaml defeateld 'by America in the interna tional contests at Wimnbledon,lmas achier ed distinguished success on thie Conti ient against Englis'n and Cointinental cracks. At thie P.rague meeting he won the champuionship of Austria, defeating M. J. G. Ritchie, of England (last yeag's winner), iun 'the final round at 7--5, 2-f, 7-5, 0-3. In the contest5 for the championship of Europe, \Wild ing reached the semi-final stage, when he failed to get .past F. L. Riseleyv (this year's "Renshaw Cup" winner), vho de feated himn at 0--4, 0-3. In thIe mixed' doubles chasmpionship Wilding, partnered' by Miss W. Longhurst, beat I. L. Do herty and Miss Sutton, tihe lady chain pion of America, 3--0, 6-3, 6-4, amnd won ~tho event.