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Family Notices

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[In order to guard against imposition Birth, Marriage, Death, and In Memoriam notices must   be authenticated by some reputable person to ensure their insertion.]    

Birth, Marriage, Death, Bereavement, In Memo-

riam, and Funeral Notices up to 6 lines, 3/;

extra lines at 6d.


ANDERSON. — On the 16th August, at Sister  

Spaul's private hospital, Bunyip, to Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Anderson—a daughter (Isabel Mary


ARCHER (nee Mabel Fleming). —On the 31st

August, at Finchlea private hospital, E. Mal

vern, to Mr. and Mrs. G Archer, of Glenbrook avenue, E. Malvern—a son (Walter James)

ARTHUR.—On the 29th August, at Hopetoun

hospital, Hopetoun street, Elsternwick, to Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Arthur—a daughter (Patrice


BALLANTYNE.—On the 3rd September, at

Roslyn private hospital, North Brighton, to Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Ballantyne, Byron street, North Brighton—a daughter (Heather).

BENNETT (nee Oregon).—On the 2nd September,    

1926, at Nurse Major's private hospital, Ardros san, Dandenong road, Carnegie, to Mr. and Mrs. W. Bennett, Chelsea road, Chelsea—a son (Wil liam Gordon).  

HERMAN (nee Kaye Cohen).—On the 28th August  

1926, at Quinsiana private hospital, Windsor—a daughter (Marjorie). (Both doing well.)  

BROCK (nee Annie E. Moon).—On the 13th    

August, at Ballara, Castlemaine, to Mr. and Mr.s J. Brock—a daughter (Hannah Elizabeth).

BUSHMAN -On tho 4th September, nt Nursa

Hyatt's privóle hospital, 32 Aberdeen road, East Prahran, to Mr and Mrs Sam Bushman, of 40 Chatsworthroad East Prahan -a daughter Norma Elizabeth )

CAMERON -On the 29tb August, at printc bos

pltol, Croydon, to Mr nnd Mrs J A. Cameron, Gwandalan , Kilsyth -a daughter.

CHANCELLOR.—On the 7th September, 1926, at

24 Currajong avenue, Camberwell, to Mr. and

Mrs. W. G. Chancellor—a son.

CLEAL-On tho 1st September, 1925, nt Nurse

Majors privóte lump al V u

mad, Carnegie, to Mr and M s C. N. Cleal Byron street Carnegie-a daughter ( Thelma Jean). (Adelaide papers please copy.)  

COCKS-On the 1st Siptember, ot St Helen's

I, rivale hospital, Windsor, to Mr ond Mm Leslie C Cocks-a daughter (Gwen Lesley)

CONROY (nee Lena Madden) -On the 8th September,  

at Trinafour private hospital, Moonee   Ponds, to Mr and Mrs B F Conroy, 72 Napier street, Essendon - a son ( Bernard Ashley ) (Both


DANDIE (nee Bertha Kubale ) -On the 29th  

luguft, 1120, ot Hopetoun privóle hospital, Ilstcrnwlek, Hie wile of W J Dandie-a son ( James William).

DOCKNEY (nee Elsie Thorne). —On the 4th Sep    

tember, at Nurse Frost's private hospital, 74     flauscen street, Norlh Htrrov to vii mil Mis W. Dockney -a daughtci ( Lesley Gwen Cathe

rine )

DOWIE (nee Elma Congress). —On the 29th  

August, to Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Dowie, Lumeah,

Carisbrook —a daughter.

DUNCAN. —On the 8th September, to Mr. and      

Mrs. J. M. Duncan, 9 Hampden road, Armadale

—a daughter.

GILLESPIE. —On the 4th September, to Dr. and  

Mrs. J. E. Gillespie, Newlyn, Malvern road, East Malvern—a daughter.

HALL (nee Freda Masters). —On the 4th Septem

ber, at Fernleigh private hospital, Preston, to Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Hall, Ellison street, Preston —a son ( Leonard Athol).

HART. —On the 1st September, at Nooralie private

hospital, Ulupna road, Ormond, to Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Hart - a daughter.

HENDERSON - On the 2nd September, at Pen

dene, Kooyong road, Armadale, to Mr. and Mrs. Claude E. Henderson, 5 Leaburn avenue, Caul field —a daughter ( Arline Joyce)

JAMIESON. —On the 7th September, at St. George's        

hospital. Kew, to Mr rend Mrs, A. C. Jamieson,

15 Bradford avenue, Kew-a son

JUDD (nee Eileen Prescott)-On the 26th August,

at Clouston private hospital Nyal West,       to Mr and Mrs. T Judd, of Sans Souci, Yarraby a son (Brian Frederick ).

LINDSAY (nee Patty Rogers) -On the 6th Sep-

tember, ot sister Earle'« privóte hospital. Wari nanibool, to Mr and Mrs Stan Lindsay -a son McLELLAN (nee Millie Ellis )-On the 22nd July,    

at Warrawee Finite street Auburn to Mt- and Mrs Arch. McLellan, of Burwood-i daughter (premature)

MORGAN -On the Sth September, at Lancewood

rihato hosr tal, to Xir and Mrs. T. W. Morgan -i son (William Thomas)

MOULDS.- On the 29th August at Memorial Hos

pital, to Mr and Mrs. Lance Moulds, of Nortons »ne-mil S.A-n daughter

MYLIUS.- On the 7th September, at Maristowe

private hospital, Fairfield, to Mr and Mrs S E   Mylius a daughter.

O'BRIEN (nee Dahllof) - On the 5th September,    

at Warrawee private hospital, Elmie St, Auburn, to Mr and Mrs O'Brien - a son (Both  

Well )

PASCO (nee Gatha Keenan) -On the 15th

August at Wandinong Braemar street, Essn don, to Mr and Mrs L J Pascoe, jou -a son ( Raymond)

PICKWELL.- On the 29th August, at Nurse

McCreery's private hospital, Melrose, Malms bury, to Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Pickwell, Malms   bury - daughter (Norman Irene) (Both well.) RERDEN (nee Annle Mountjoy-Thomas).- On the  

5th September at St Andrew's private hospital,     Brighton to Mr and Mrs. Phil H. Rerden -   a son ( Martin Oswald Boyd)

ROBERTSON. - On the 27th August, at 7 Lock

wood avenue, North Brighton, to Mr. and Mrs. A. T. Robertson - twins (boy and girl).

ROWLANDS (nee Freda Watson)-On the 30th  

August, 1926, at Dalkeith prívate hospital, to Mr. and Mrs. F. G. Rowlands, of 75 Spring street. Port Melbourne-a daughter (Audrey


RUBE (nee Nellie Borley). -On the 6th Septem

her, at 59 Hargreaves street, Bendigo , to Mr ond Mrs H Rube-a daughter (Dorothea Hannah) (Uoth will )

RYAN - On the 3rd September, nt Hopetoun

hospital, Hopetoun street y Istomvv lok, to Mr in 1 Vlrs T J. Ryan, lowan Galaquil-a son.

SIM (nee Margaret Allen) -On the 28th August,

st Caral nil, Alma road, List St Kilda, to Mr nid Mit, Frank Sim-a son

SLATER (nee Maisie Gordon) - On the 23rd    

\ili.iist, at Hamilton, the wife of W. Slater, MUA-a son ( William Gordon)

SLOANE -On the 9th September, at St Mar-  

garets private hospital, Geelong, lo VIr and Vlrs Arthur Sloane, of Tresco-a daughter

STRAHLE.-On the 4th September, 1926, at Cres-

wick House privóte hospita! Hampton, to Mr to! Mrs George Victor Strahle, The Gums,   Upper Crisp street, Hampton -a Bon (David     George ) (llolh bonnj )

SWAN (nee Gladys Colltrell). - On the 25th    

August to Mr nul MrsD. Swan in of Pleasant Hawthorne -a son ( Maxwell David )

WHITESIDE (nee Ruby Crespin) -On the 7th Sep-

tember, at Wenona private hospital, 94 Lewisham road, Prahran, to Mr. and Mrs. Robert White- side, , of Kooweerup–a son (William John).

WILSON (nee Mena Robertson) -On tho 21st

tugiiif at Sister Pnstons prlnlo hospital, He) CHITs, to Mr mil Mm Robert Wilson-a son (Thomas Sydney Robert).

YOUNG -On the 10th August, at Guildford lins

lilli Shepparton, to Mr lind Mrs. E. R. Young ,Waaia - a son (Kevin).


ARNOLD—OLD — On the 4th September, at  

Forest street Methodist Church, Bendigo, by the Rev. A. E. Albiston, M A , R. D., Rev. John   Kim k, son of Mrs C. M. Arnold, at Brighton, and the late Alfred T. Arnold to Hilda Con- stance eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. T. H.  

Old of Bendigo (Address, Capo Pearson, via

Samarai, Papua.)  

BUGGE.-NICOLAI -On the 7th August, at St,

Ismcss, Ilstcrnwlek, John Bawdcll, eldest son et Commander and Mrs J M Biikgo, Catford, l/milon, to Alnn Miter, onl> diughtcr of Mr und Mrs H F Nicolai, Nirvana, Hamilton

strtel Gardenvale

BURGE-DAVIES - (Silver Wedding) -On the    

11th September, 1901, at Inkerman street Methodist Church, Maryborough, by Rev. Wm. Besley Charles James, eldest son of the late Charles Burge, to Margaret Jane, eldest daugh- ter of the late Ivor and Mrs. Davies, Rhondda, Burke street, Maryborough (Present address, 50 Brougham street, Kew )

BUTTS. - COLLIER.-On the 4th September, at

Camberwell Cont,rcgltlonal Church bv the Rev n N Gunson. B A , Charles Frank, eldest son of Frank and lito Fllnb-th Butts, of London, to Maude, only diughtcr of tho late llontlo David and Mrs Collier, Auburn.

Isle rf Bendigo

CALDWELL - BARNES- On the 30th June, at

Methodist Church, Avenel, by the Rev H Palmer Phillips, of UtiroJ, William A. Cold well, second eldest 60n of Mr and Mrs Wm. Caldwell, Chor'lon cum Hard), I rolland lo Hilda Lilnn second eldest diughtcr of Mr and Mrs Oco Barnes, Eversleigh, Avenel, Vic.

CHESTERFIELD-LYON. -On the 9th September,    

19285, at Adamson Hall, Wesley College, by the Rev. E. Nye, B.A., Cyril J. Chesterfield,   B.C.E, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. J. H.

Chesterfield, 7 Allenby road, Canterbury, to Beatrice Margaret, only daughter of Mr. and the late Mrs. A. P. Lyon, Cassells road, Bruns-   wick. (Present address, Chatswood, Sydney.)  

DARBY-HORSFALL. -On the 30th July, 1926,  

at Kerang, by the Rev. Rees, Louis Victor, youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. R. Darby, Grey- holme, Geelong, to Thanetta, third daughter of Mr. and Mrs. F. C. Horsfall, Minnehaha, Lake Charm. At home. Fernley, Inglewood, Wednesday and Thursday, 15th and 16th Sep-


DUNN - PEATE -On the 15th July, at St John's

Church of England Camberwell bj the Rev

Iloscoe Wilson frederic Stricklond, )minger ion of Mr and Mrs 1 Bunn of Kow to rn|d Margaret jounger daughter of Mr and Mra A E Poole East Camberwell (Present od dress Joanrourt, Ringwood )

GRIGG-FIGGINS-On the 14th August at Wes-

ley Church, Melbourne, by the Rev. J. H. Cain, William John, oldest son of the late Richard Grlgg and Mrs. Grigg, of Newlyn, to Hilda Winifred, second daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. J. Figgins, of Prince's Hill.

HOPKINS.- PINCOTT.-On the 7th August, at  

Congregational Church Burnley street, Burnley, by Rev W E Simmonds, Gladys, eldest   daughter of Mr ond Mrs Edward Pincott of Somerset Street Richmond, to Herbert Roy, eldest son of Mr and Mrs J T Hopkins, of Sebast-

apol, Ballarat  

JENKIN.- DENNIS.-On the 21st August, 1926

at the Box Hill Methodist Church, by the Un V. Hollhom assisted bv tho Rev J " Warren, Frlc third son of Mr ond Mrs

Jenkin, Ballam, Njoh tVcst, to Alice Annie, ¡tiiinger daughter of Mr and Mrs H Dennis,

Elmore Court street Box Hill

KING. - KEYES .On the 22nd July, 1926, at New

¡nan College Chapel, b) the Rev J M Murphj, J J, Thoms» oldest Bon of Mrs F M King of ««"mont, Balaclava road, Caulfield, ond the late Thomas E. King to Nina, younger daughter of the late Dr. and Mrs. Keyes, of Nathalia.

POULSEN-HAMILTON -On the 01th July, at St.  

(forge's l'reBbyterian Ohurch St Kilda, by the n« A It Osborn, Henry Otto, fourth son of Mia. Poulsen and the late Mr L Poulsen, of Qu/nplaul to Ellrahctll, only daughter of «» Hamilton Hawksburn, and tho lote Mr. * Hamilton, of Balaclava

REED—SHERBURN — [Silver Wedding]—On the  

11th September, 1901, at Ringwood, by the   late Rev R. L. Reed (bridegroom's father), Florence, eldest daughter of Mrs. and the late C. Sherburn, to Richard, eldest son of   Mrs. and the late Rev. R. L. Reed (Present address, Toolong, Moyneview.)    


RENFREE - REDDOCH -[Silver Wedding.] -On

the UUi September, 1001, at AVwlcy C burch, by the Rev T B Held, Albert Edward, second «on of the late Albert and Mary Rcnfree, of Htzroy and Perth (WA ), lo Olivia, joungest daughter of the late Jome» and Margaret Red doch, of Buninyong and Carlton (Present ad- dress, 4 Pleasancc street. North Fltzro) )

RIEDELL-GIFFORD -On the 4th September,

1001, hy the Rev Go)cn at the residence of the bride's brother In law (Cr R. T Ta) lor. St hilda), Belle, third daughter of tho lato Margaret and James Gifford , Belle vue. North cote to Charles third Bon of late M K and h Illcdcll, Toltlund, Congupna (I'resont nd dre«« Oakland.« Junction, Bulla )

ROSS-GEARY.- On the 28th August, at St.  

Peter's, Ballarat, by the Rev. N. S. Fettell, Wallace Robert, second son of the late Mr. and Mrs. D. McK. Ross, of Glenthompson, to   Gladys Lynda, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Geary, of Ballarat. (Present address, 456 Albion street, West Brunswick.)  

SIMPSON-CHARLES.-On the 14th July, at the

Baptist Church Brighton, by the Rev F H Holloway, Henry Michael only son of Mrs Simpson of Malvern, and the late Geo Wm Simpson,     of Upper Hawthorn, to Lucy Esther, only daughter ter of Mr and Mrs E G Charles, of Brighton late of Western Australia Present oddrcss, 66 Cooloongatta road, Camberwell

SOLOMON-LEEMING - [Silver Wedding] - On

the 11th September, 1901, at Nowra N S W,   Arthur J, youngest son of the late Henry and Fanny Solomon, to Adeline Maud, eldest daughter of the late Richard and Emma Leeming (Pre sent address, Opawa, Balaclava road, Caulfield.)   SOMERS--LAZARUS - On the 7th September  

Girlie Lazarus only daughter Mrs R. Lazarus and the late S Lazarus of Melbourne, to John Robert Somers, of Cranmore, Euratha, NSW


ALLEN - On the 7th September, Ellen, beloved

wife of Robert Joseph Allen, Melbourne street, Kilmore, and devoted mother of Robert, Kitty, and Edward R I P (Interred In Roman Catholic   Cemetery Kilmore on September 9)      

ANDERSON - On the 9th September, at her

«.»tor« reiidenn Helen Reid loving »Wer of Louise R and Agnes M. Anderson (Iriiatcly

interred )

ARMSTRONG-On the 10th September, 1926, at

tlie Melbourne Hospital, Joseph James Arm »trong of 237 Elgin street, Carlton beloved brother of Fllznboth (Mr« Hyde ol Laverton), Knto (Mr« Bryce, of Elthnm) loved uncle of Albert. Fdwnnl Horace, AVIIllam, James David. and George Hyde, of laverton, lynda (Atrs M"h binon) Neill- (Air- yyi.nn nt I-l|h-»m)

friend of Mr« Redmond of Carlton, aged 61 ycirs, late nf British Austrahnfan Tobacco Co Pty Ltd RIP

BLACKBURN.- On the 28th August, at Camber-

well (late Rupert street, Collingwood), Frances Jane, relict of late William Blackburn, aged   83 years. (Privately Interred )

At rest

BOOTH.---On tho 9th September, at her residence,  

Carinya, Olinda, Mary Amelia, beloved wife of   the late John Valentine Booth, and loving     mother of Henry and Ada, aged 63 years.

Passed peacefully away.

BROWN -On the 8th September, at Sydney, Mary

Mlnnli, relict of A E Brown (I-ile jeweller. Camberwell) beloved mother of Don (deceased), Lois (Mrs F Mlles), Anita (Mr» R McLaugh- lin) and Fnid (Mrs W Davidson) (Interred S)dne) )

BROWNE- On the 9th September, at the resi-

dence of her daughte* (Mtb. Margaret Sims), 25 Soudan afreet Malvern, Mary Ann, loving wile of the late P T Browne and loving mother of Rebeeca (decenfiod) Margaret, Sarah (de- ep incd), William Bridget (deceased), Grace (de- ceased), Annie l'isle (deceased), and Katie (deceased), aged SG year«

At rest

BULL-On the 9th August, at 31 Albert-street,  

East Malvern Henry Alexander Bull, late ofE   River View Bairnsdale aged 81 )car» (Inter- ment nt Bairnsdale )

CAMPBELL- On the 7th September, at  

Wahgunyah Marion relict of the late David C Campbell and loving mother of Mrs Smithett,   (deceased) Mrs Johnstone and Osbourne

At rest

COCHRANE - On the 31st August, at his resi-

dence, Casterton, Robert, beloved husband of Alice Jane Cochrane and dear father of George,   Jack, Nellie (Mrs. Grills, Portland) Grace, Walter, Stanley, Archie (deceased), Charles,   Alice (Mrs. Breit , Casterton), Violet (Mrs. D     Williams, Lubeck) and Sydney, aged 78 years.

At Rest.

COX -Result of a-- d t John Cox, late of

Palermo Dilrv and Rockley, Toorak road South Yarra, aged 66 years.  

CURRIE. - On the 10th September, of Osborne

Park Scoresby ron( Bayswater , Ina E. M. beloved clde«t daughter of the late Rev J R and Mary Currie.

Behind all shadows stindoth God

DONALDSON.-On the 28th August, at his resi  

deni» 25 Collins street, l>«on loo. Robertt deirl) loved liusban 1 of Florence Marion. devoted father   of Jessie Passed peacef.ill) away (Interred prívale!) 3rd August, fawkner Cemetery)

A face we love bo well

Il-»lh toft u« for a »pill.

But time, which now doth sever, '.» Hine will loin tnpethcr

DUCKWORTH -On the 8th September, at the re

nldeocc of her ilimthter (Mrs.Halliday ), No 1 Stephen «Ireot Seddon, Elizabeth , the deirlv be loywî wife of Richard Duckworth aged 69 years (Interred prfv>tolv at Brighton Cemetery )

Moy her s ml rest In peate

DUNN-On the 10th September, at Sister Rus

soll'« privito hosnitnl Korumburra Lorna, tho deirlv helmed Infant diughter of Stewart and Florence Dunn nnd loving sister of Joyce,

EDWARDS.-On the 31st August, at High street,

Wedderburn, Mary Ann relict of the late John Edwards loving mother of Emma (Mrs. Rose ), Elizabeth (Afra Hiker) H-nnih Ada (rta conod) TI oma» John rdoceascd), Frank W11

ll-m Jemima (Mrs Ward) and Jim, aged 78


I*«B«ed pcncciullv away

ELLIS-On the 10th September, at his residence,

Bryn Dee 116 Richardson street. Albert Park William Edward dearlv beloved hu«band of Maggie (nee Morgan), loved father of Clegg the late Rebie Ethel (Mrs Cox). Newton, and Keith aged P2 jcavs (No flower« b) request)

I eioe perfect ticnoe

ELLIS-On the 10th September, at his residence,

Brvn Dei 116 lllolinnlion street Albert Park, William Edvviird, the donrlv beloved huslnnd of Maggie 1 li» (nee Morg-in) and loving father of Clegg, Rebli (deceased) Pthfl (Mrs. W. Cox ) IS,winn ant Kelti], aged 62 years. (No nouera, li) request)

Peace, perlcct pcaco.

GILL-On the 4th Septembci at her residence, 1

Laburnum street, Middle Brighton, Ada Sarah beloved eldcKt daughter of the lato Idwtn and Selina Gill and sister of Alice (deceased) Her bert, Cecil, Maud (Mrs A Newing, Mount Ivcfon) Reginald add lilian (Privately In terrell 6th September )

GLEESON - On the 9th September, Thomas Glee

son beloved son of the late Michael William and Margaret Gleeson, of Woodlawn, Colac, be loved brother of Jack, Margaret, Mary (de- ceised), Mother Michael, Julia (deceased), Mother Patrick, Ellen, Michael (deceased),   Aquinas, Kathleen, Joseph, Teresa, James,   and Mother Ignatius Bridget.

HANSLOW-On the Otb September, at his ?c»1

dence, Avonlea, Fordholm road. Hawthorn, Harr), beloved husband of Emelyn Hanslow, loving father of Lillie, Harold, Frank, Ralph, i grandfather of Dulce, Eddie, Kaura, Rita

Fstelle, Don, Loila, Roger, gre it grandfather of Joan and Gwen, aged 72 jcars (Private liter ment.)

HARMAN-On the 7th September, at Syston-

holme, 11 Jordan street, Malvern, Lydia, dearly beloved wife of Walter Harman, and loved mother of Eunice (Mrs. Lucas), Susannah (Mrs,   Condon), Nathan (deceased), Henry, Louisa (Mrs Phiddian), Julia (Mrs Lousada), Selina, Seth (deceased), Golder (Mrs Kerrison), and Stanley, aged 79 years (Private Interment.)

At evening time it shall be light.

HARTRIDGE.-On the 2nd September (suddenly),

at his residence, Osmond, Inkerman road, Caul-

field, Osmond John, dearly beloved husband of   Sophia, Caroline, and loving father of Sophie (Mrs Harry Donovan, Ivanhoe) and Osmond, loving grandpa of Beryl and Ronnie Hartridge and Ray, Alan, and Carol Donovan, aged 61


HORAN -On the 7th September, at his residence,

Skene «treet Warrnambool, Patrick, beloved hus hand of Neill,, ond elde«t son of the late Daniel and Mary Horan of Wnrrnamlwol, oged 68 years

Rest In peace

HORAN-On 7th September, at Skene street.

Warrnambool, Patrick beloved husband of Mary Ellen, eldest «on of the late Daniel and Mary Horan, aged 68 )cnrs. RIP

HOWELL-On the 10th September, at his resi-

dence, Bethlord, 31 Stewart street, Williams- town, James Howell, beloved husband of the late Agnes, dearly loved father of Elizabeth (Mrs E. Wilson), and Margaret (Mrs C. E. Scott), loving grandfather of Keith Scott, aged

72 years

A patient sufferer at rest

HOWER.-On the 9th September, at Toongabbie,

George, the beloved husband of Anne, and loving father of Anne (Mrs. Marstin), Barbara (Mrs. Mahoney), Jane (Mrs. Oat), Charlie, Dave, Johanna (Mrs. Pank), Sophia (Mrs. Young), Jim, Will, Jacob, and Fred, aged 84 years. R.I.P.    

IEVERS.-On the 12th July, 1926, at London,

p lion, eldest daughter ol the late Councillor William nnd Mary lever«, of Mount lever», Royal pirade, Parkville and aliter of Mrs M T Fitzgerald (Rosebud) and Mr» D Bourke (Burke road, Upper Ha« thorn) (Interred prt

vatcl) Alelboumo General Cometer), September

10. 1926 )

JOHNSTONE -On the 5th September, at Glencoe,

Grassmere, Warrnambool, Isabelo Man. lhe loved mother of MtB Arthur Thwaites, 0 Dicken» street, St Kilda, aud lol ed grandmother of Mr» R AVoolcott Kirribilli, S)dnoy

KILTON - [By cable.]-On the 4th September, at  

London, Henry Edward beloved husband of the Into Annie Elizabeth Hilton, and loy Ing father of Daisy (Mrs Smith, Union road, Balwyn).

LAMB.-On the 6th September, at Melbourne Hos-

pital (result motor accident), Henry Oliver, dearly beloved husband of Mary Jane, and loving father of Will (deceased), Jack (deceased), Harry, Annie, Lizzie, Bert, and Rena, late of

Romsey, aged 72 years.

Till we meet again.

LATHAM-On the 2nd September, at ber real

di nee, Nuntin Stratford, Maty Jane, relict of tho lato William Latham, aged 82 yeani

LONGDEN-On the 10th September, at the resi-

dence of her daughter (Mrs M Street), 9 Hood street, Elwood, Inna Elizabeth, relict of late Herbert D Longdcn, aged 73 yearB (Private

Interment )

MACBETH -On the 0th September, Margaret Mac

Beth (Aunt Mb)), of31 Norwood street. Flem- ington, beloved Bitter of Mrs. T Muir (Moonee Ponda), Robert, Jome», and the late Mr« Dawe» (Flemington) (Interred privately Melbourne

Oencral Cemetery )

MCCLELLAND-On the 5th September at  

Delburn, Darlimurla; Jessie, relict of the late William McClelland, mother of John,   William, Charles, George (deceased), and   Jane (Mrs. F. Sargent); late of Morrisons. Ballarat papers please copy.)  

MCDONALD-On the lOth September, at Alvie.

Dinwoodie street, Hamilton, Teenlc, the beloved second youngest daughter of the latç Archlba d and Christina McDonald, late of fclgln, Condah


McFARLANE- On tho Oth September, at the

Castlemaine Hospital, Miry Ann, relict and beloved wilt- of the late Sir John Mcfarlane, of Htzro), and 6tcp mother of George, Robert, and Cnrollne nnd Bister ¡n law of Mr Alfred Baker, Circular road, Castlemaine, aged 70



MIDDLETON. - On the 3rd September, at private

hospital. East ' Mai, em, Jennet«, dearly l<c

(iv d ulf of Bell Middleton, of 43 Dixon street. Malvern ; laving mother of Harry (Queenscliff), George (Malven)), Arthur (Syd tipy), Herbert (Campbell V Creek), Edgar (de- ceased), Ada, Leslie (Malvern), diarite


> A good wife and mother called horn*.

MITCHELL-BURDEN.-On the 3th September, at

Prahran, Alexander, husband of the late Annie Letitia, and father uf Alexander, Annie (Mrs. F. Collin«, derrnsed). Nellie 'M-s I' Munro), and Charlotto (Mrs. A. Russell), aged 77 yam.

O'CONNOR. - On the 6th September, at her

son's residence, Cobram, Mary Ann, beloved wife of Patrick, and mother of Patrick, Frank, Wil- liam, John, Thomas, Vincent, Katherine (Mrs. Cody), and Allan (deceased), aged 75 years.

Rest In peace.

PETHEBRIDGE. - On the 5th September drowned at Richmond, Queensland, Frank, elder  

son of the late A. B. and C. M. Pethebridge, dearly beloved brother of Alexander, James, and Jessie, and loving nephew of J. A. Pethe bridge (north C'arlton), Mrs. Byron, and E. T. Pethebridge (of Brisbane).

PUDDICOMBE.-On the 5th September, ot Swan

Hill, Margaret Mary, relict of the late William Henry Puddicombe, and loved mother of George and Harry (deceased), aged 75 years. (Interred at Landsborough, 7th September, 1926).

RAWLINGS.-On tbe Oth September, tit hil*

reiiu resilience, Brownbi'l street, Geelong. Albert Arthur (Bert), aged 21 years and 5 months, beloved nephew of Mr. nnd Mrs, Clem Kelly, Gordon street, Korumburra.

Deeply mourned.

Loved by all that knew him.

-inserted by his Auntie Allic and Uncle Clem.) RICE--On the 10th Beptembcr, at his residence.

Terrara road, Vermont, Alfred, dearly loved hus- band of Isabella Rice, and loving father of Elizabeth (Mm R. W. Leeds), Annie (Mrs 'D. Thomsin), Florence (Mrs. E. W. Turner), Isabella Rice (deceased), loving- grandpa of Florence Leeds, Rrginnld, Leslie, Kenneth, and Roy Turner. (No mourning.)

Sweet rest.

RICHARDS.-On the 9th September, at 23 Grandi

sou street, Moonee Ponds, James, the beloved hus- band of tlie late Susan Richards, nnd loving father of Jessie, James, Harry, and Charles.-flifed 76 years. (Privately interred Melbourne General Cemetery on the fOtb September.)

RICHARDS.-On the Oth September, at Adelaide,

Harold 1 tay mond. loved son of Maggie and late

John R Richards, of Eaglehawk, aged 33 year«,

SMITH. -On the 10th September, at Canterbury,

Lucy, the beloved wife of Richard Smith and loving mother of Mabel (Mrs. Chesterfield), Elsie (Mrs. McDonald), Pearl (Mrs. Lardner), Eunice (Mrs. Porter), Lindsay, and Ray, aged 73 years. Late of Homebush Lower and of Moreland and


STRAUGHAIR.-On the Oth September, 1926, Jessie

Maud, dearly beloved wife of Valentine Straug- hair, and loving mother of Valentino, Margaret. Richard, Raymond, Ernest. George, and Ian, aged 41 years. (Bendigo paper«, please copy.)

SUTTON.-On the ft.h September, nt the ros!-1

dence of his eon-in-law (Mr. Christopher Ander-1 son), £8 The Esplanade, Clifton Hill, Thomas W. H.» Hie dearly beloved husband of Cecelia Sutton and loved father of Eva (Mo». Ander- son), Ruby (Mrs, Palmer, of Canada), Ella (Mm. Sunnan,- of South Africa), Rita, and Clayton. (Interred Heidelberg Cemetery, 10th September.) (South African papers please copy.) TROUSSELOT.~On the 10th September (suddenly),

at Kalapoi, New Zealand, Henri (Harry), be loved husband of Elizabeth, and loving fattier of Harry, Charles, and Eduard, late of Bruns- wick, aged CG years.

One of the best.

VAGG.-On the 20th August, at the residence of

her sister (Mrs. W. .J. Silvester), Swanston street, Geelong, Alice Louisa, wife of the late T. A. Vagg, late of Nalangil, Colac, aged 69 years. (Inserted by her loving sister, A. Pascoe.)

TH MEMORIAM. On Active Hit vice.

HOLMES.-In fond and loving memory of our l_

and brother, Oliver, who waa killed In action, September 2, 1925. (Inserted by L. W, Holmes, Louis, Llnsay, Frank, Marion, Doreen, and Ken-


Until the day break.

KEIGHERY.-In lot ing memory of Francis

Leonard, killed in action at Lone Pine, Uth September, .11)15, second son of Edward and Jeanie Keighcry, Ung Long, loved brother vt Chris, Sheila, and Ned.

A 'tender chord of memory I Is softly touched to-day. '

KEIGHERY. - To the memory of my beloved '

brother, Frank, 24th Battalion, killed In action, I Lone Pine, Uth beptember. l'Jlu. I

SECCOMBE.In cvcr-Ioving memory of Lionel A. '

who died of wounds in Franco, September U, I 1916. (Inserted by hfs loved ones.) , WYNNE.-A tributo of love to the memory of Bob,. my dear brother, killed In action at Hamel. ' Fruncv, ßeptwnbr 10, 191R.

His memory still so »weet ond dear

Is treasured still with love sincere, I -(Inserted by Ids fond sister, M. A. Correll,


WYNNE.-In memory of Ko. 14617, Gunner R. J.

(Bob) Wynne, of the 12th Battery» A.F.A., who wa» ki led in artion in Belgium on the 12th September, 1917. (Inserted by U.C.)

BERWICK.-In loving memory of our dear

father and grandfatner. James Berwick, who ¡«iBsed away at West Mcllmurno on September 11, 1925. (Son, Jen, and Dorrie.)

BERWICK.-In loving memory'of our dear father

and grandfather, James, uno poised away on .September 11, 1925. tlnwrtcd by his loving daughter and non-ln-law, M. and h. B. Welre, and grandson Leslie, Batman, Church street. Parkville West)

BRETT.—To the sacred memory of our beloved

and honoured sister, Edith Victoria Brett, who passed away at Mispah, Bacchus Marsh, Septem-

ber 10, 1925.

Let me be with Thee where Thou art,   Where none can die, where none remove; There neither death nor life will part

Me from Thy presence and Thy love.

She being dead yet speaketh.

—(J. A. and M. E. Coverdale, Bacchus Marsh.) BROWN.-In memory of Martha M. Brown, be-

loved »ile of F. II., and mother of K. G., died September 11, 192.1

CHARLES.-In loving mernoo* °' our dear

mother, who passed away on the 11th Sep- tember, 3925.

Sadly mlßpcd.

-(Inserted by her loving daughters.)

CLARK.-In loving memory of our dear daughter

and Bister, Rhoda, who jMiBscd away on Septem- ber VA 1921). (Imcrted by lier loving parcnto, brothers, and sisters, East Camberwell.)

DOUGLAS (Hilda).-In loving memory of my

dear wlfo nnd our dear mother, who departed this Ufo on the 11th September, 1925.

In our hearts a momoiy lingers, I Sweetly tender, fond, and true.

A« the > ears roll on, dear mother, I Wo will alwajs think of you.

I -(Inserted by her loving husband and chil

I dren.)

1 DOUGLAS (nee Hunter).-In lovfno* memory of

l my dear'daughter and elt-ter, Hilda, who de-

parted this Hie on the 11th September, 1925, 1 Tho midnight stars are gloaming I Upon a silent grave,

Where, sleeping' without dreaming, | Lies the cue,we could not save. , Peaceful be thy refit, «dear Hilda; 1 'Tis «weet to breathe thy name.

In life wo-loved you dearly.

In death wc do the same,

-(Inserted by her loving mother, sisters, and


EVANS.-In fond and loving memory of my dear

wife and our mother. Flora Ann, who passed away Scptcmlrcr 6, 1921, at Selwyn street. - Brighton. (Inserted by her loving husband

anf family.)

EVANS (nee Loie King).-In loving memory of

my loved sister, who died September 12, 1926, also dear mother, who died December 1, 1926.

I often think of those happy days When we were all home together.

-(Inserted by Winifred Laverick, Vicarage, Serpentine.)

FARRELL.-In loving memory of our dear    

mother, who departed this life on lltb Sep- tember, 1925.

A loving mother, kind and true;

A friend like her wo'U never find. For all of us she did her bejit, May God grant her eternal rest.

-(Inserted by her loving daughters. Meg, Edith,, and Flo.)

FEORE.-In sad but loving memory of Annie,

dearly loved wife of J. ti. F tore, who passed away September 12, 1919, dearly loved mother of Allen, Irene, Leslie (killed In action, France, 16/8/18). Edgar, Vera, and Harry, loved sister

of M.Read.

A life made beautiful by kindly deeds, -(Amplcforth, Fraser street. Malvern.),

FEORE.-In loving memory of dear mother and

grandma, who passed away September 32, 1919; a Ino our dear brother, Leslie (killed In action. Franco, 16/8/18).

Dearly loved. Sadly missed.

-(Allen and Tries and grandchildren, 1 Coppin street. East Malvern.)

FEORE.-In loving memory of dear mother,

paused away September 12, 1919; also our dear brother, Leslie (killed. In action, France, 16/8/1S.)

Loving memories.

-(Irene, Will, and grandchild Leslie, Fraser «treet, Malvern.)

FORBES - A tribute to the memory of Jack

Forbes, who was accidentally killed on Septem- ber 12, 1925. (Inserted by his fellow club mates of the Moreland Harriers.)  

FYFIELD--In loving memory of Alice, dearly

beloved wife of E. Cecil Fyfield, and loving mother of Jack and Paul, who passed away sud- denly, 11th September, 1924, at Colac.

GUBBINS.-In fond, loving memory of William

Michael Baden Joseph Gubbins, the only loving son of Sarah Gubbins and tho late William Mark Gubbins, died 11th September, 1924, aged 24 years and four months. R.I.P.

I think of you in silence, Billie, dear, - No cyea can seo mo weep;

For many a bitter tear I shed, , When others arc asleep.

Immaculate heart of Mary,

Your yraye.s »or him extol; O sacred heart of Jesus,

Have mercy ra Ins soul.

-(Inserted by Ids sorrowing mother.)

HAW.-In- loving memory of our dear father and

grandfather, who wished away öeptemuer 11, i\r¿S. (Inserted by his loving son and daughter in-law, Andrew and Lizzie, and grandchil-


HAYES.—In loving memory of my brother, P. J.

Hayes, who died at 75 Wilson street. Prince's Hill, on the 11th September, 1924. R.I.P.  

Sadly missed. —(H. E. McKenzie.)

HEFFERNAN. - In loving memory of my dear wife and loving mother, who died September      

11, 1924?.

In our hearts your memory lingers

Ever tender, fond, and true;

And as the days go by, my dear

We always think of you.

—(Inserted by her loving husband and family ) HILL.—In loving memory of my dear wife and

our dear mother, who died at Dandenong on the 11th September, 1924. (Inserted by her hus- band and children.)

HILL.—In sad but loving memory of our dearest

mother, who departed to a higher life on September 12, 1925.  

Sad are our thoughts,

But sweet those memories.

—(Inserted by her loving son, Jack, and daughter-in-law, Esther, Chillingollah.)  


HOLMES.—In fond and loving memory of my dear

wife, Marion Chalmers, who was called home September 12, 1925. (Inserted by her husband,  

L. W. Holmes. )

HOLMES.-In fond and loving memory of our

mother, who was called home September 12, 1925.

Life's race well run. Life's crown well won.  

—(Inserted by her children, Louis, Linsay, Frank, Marion, Doreen, and Kenneth.

IRVINE-In loving memory of my dear mother,

who passed away on September 12, 1918 also my clear father who passed away on March 27, 1914, also my dear brother (only ton of the above), who passed away December 22,

1902. Reunited

Loved and treasured memories

-(Inserted by their loving daughter. Kitty

Bryon )

IRVINE —In loving memory of our dear mother,

Catherine Irvine, .who passed away on 12th Sep- tember, 1918.      

Ever remembered by her loving daughters. —(Mary Ann and Anabelle )

LOTT - In loving remembrance of our devoted

mother. Mary Ann.Lott, who passed away 7th September, 1921, lot« of Carlton.

Cherished memories of one so dear

\vill cling round our heart» from j,e»r to year, Dearer to us than w/ird» can tell

Are tho thoughts of oar mother we loved to


-(Inserted by her loving daughter», Alice, Kltt), Jim, and little Betty, Brighton road. St

Kilda )

LOTT -In cherished memory of my darling

mother. Mary ann Lott, who died suddenly .»oi tomber 8, 1921

A cluster of loving memories, I

The fondest my heart can frame. We weale into a garland

And twine around my darling mother'« nome,

Our sweet grandma, . -(Inserted by her fond daughter Miranda son In law, Alf, and loving grandchildren, Thelma and Bonnie )

MACKINTOSH. - In loving memory of my dear

and, and our dear father. John, of Glencoe

who passed away on the 12th September, 1919 also our dear grondmoiher, who passed may on tho 20th Februar), 1919

In our homo you arc londly remembered,

Sweet memories cling around vour name,

The heart« that held jou In dicpest affection

Still love jou In death just the samo

-(Inserted by lils loving wife and cblldrcu, Mia

J Mackintosh.;

MARTIN -in loving memory of Tom, passed away

10th September, 1925

Denrly loved ond sadly missed -(Inserted hy Viv and Rea,)

MONIE - In loving memory of my denr -

ponton, tessie, who paused awny suddenly at Surrey Hills September 9, 1923

Badlv missed

-(Inserted by Lena Mcintosh )

PAYNE-In lot ing memory of our dear brother,

Fred who died at Santa Paula, Collfornla Util September, 192a

Love s only gift-Remembrance

-(Inserted by Nellie and Rex, Kyabram )

PENDER -In sad and loving memory of my dear

husband, John Pender, who deported this life Hth September, 1023 Sydney rood, Brunswick


PENNY. -In loving memory of my dear daughter  

and our oistcr Dorothy, also loving mother of little Teddie, who passed awoy at Essendon on the 12th Si] tomber, 1922

Love s dearest gift-remembrance

-(Inserted by mother, elster, and brother )

REBBECHI (nee O'Callaghan). - In loving mem  

ory of my dearlj beloved wife and our devoted mother Margaret, who denartcd this lill al liest BrunBwIck on tho 11th September. 1925

May her dear soul reat in peace »

-(Inserted by her loving husband and children, Kevin Brian, and Gregory )

REBBECHI (nee O'Callaghan) - In loving nsem

ory of our dearly loved daughter and our dear sister. Margaret Alice, who departed tills life at Brunswick on tho 11th September, 1925

Deeply mourned

May her dear bou] rest In peace

-.(Inserted by her loving father, mother, brothers nnd sisters, Warracknabeal )

ROBINSON,--In loving memory of our dear Bister

Marla, who passed away on the 12th September,


Our sister

-(Inserted by Mrs. and Mr. Reynolds.)  

SMITH. -In loving memory of our dear daughter

and sister, Josephine Smith, who passed away at her residence, Gordenvale, 37 Westbourne road, Kensington, on September 11, 1923.

At rest.

-(Inserted by her loving mother, sisters, and brother, Mrs. M. McMahon, Mrs. Nellie Gal- liott, Kitty, and Tim McMahon.)

SNELL. -In loving memory of roy dear wife,  

Emily, who passed away 10th September, 1924.

Sleep on, beloved. -(Inserted by A. J. Snell.)  

STAKER. -In loving memory of Amy Jane Staker,    

who died September 12, 1924, the dearly loved daughter of Fanny and the late David Mundell.

SWAN. -In loving memory of our dear mother

and grandma, who departed this life at Warrnam- bool, September 7, 1925.

At rest-In God's keeping.  

-(Inserted by her loving daughter and son-in-   law, and grand-children, George and Jean  


TERDICH. -In loving memory of our dear father,

John S., who passed away on the 8th September.

Ever remembered.

-(Inserted by his loving daughters and sons.)    

THORNTON -In loving memory of my dear hus

b in 1 Samuel tohn Thornton, who passed away, September 12, 192o, at 24 Dudley parade, Last


Sadly missed

THORNTON. -In loving memory of my late em-

ployer, and our friend, Mrs. S. J. Thornton, died at East Camberwell, September 12, 1925.   (Inserted by Mr. and Mrs. Sholl and family, North Melbourne.)

VICKERY. - In fond and loving meroory of my

-dear wife, Eveline, who nasscdnw-ay at Knowles street, Westgarth, on the 11th September, 1921.

Ever remembered.  

-(Inserted by her loving husband, J. Vickery.)   VICKERY.-In loving memory of our dear mother,  

who passed away ut Knowle» street. Westgarth, on the lilli September, 1921

Love Ond remembrance JiiBt lof

-(Inserted by her loving fomlly )

VICKERY -In loving memory of our dear

mother, who passed awoj at Westgarth on the Uth September 1921 (Inserted Dy Ern ond Jean St Arnaud )

VISSER,-Remembering ever tlilB the sod annl

versary of our dear brother Jack, loving husband of Moy, who was taken away, 11th September, 1925 (W A- papers, please copj )

Alwajfl sadl) remembered

-(Inserted bj his loving elster«, Marian and


WHITELAW -In sad but loving memory of my

dearest husband I ere), who died on the 12th

September. 1923

>A« we loved so wo miss him,

Thoughts of him are ever dear.

Loved, remembered, longed for alwiyß,

Through every passing year -(Inserted by his loving wife >

WHITELAW -In loving memory of our dearest

dad, who died on the 1?th September. 1923 (Lauris, Phjllls, and Alan )

WH1TNFY -In laving memory of my door mother,

who died on the 12th September, 1923, ot Gee-


Though absent from me, jou arc alwajs in

my thoughts.

-(Inserted by her loving doughter Madge )


ASHDOWN.-The Family of the late Mr.

THOMAS ASHDOWN desire to THANK all relatives and friends for personal visits, letters, cards, telegrams, and floral tributes, also thank ing Dr. Trood, Rev. Charles Tregear, and Mr. Burton (undertaker) for kindness shown in our recent sad bereavement. Will all please ac cept this as a token of our deepest gratitude. 27 Osborne street, South Yarra.


desire to THANK all for letters, cards, tele- grama, floral tokens, and personal cxprewiona of eyrapathy In their recent sad bereavement. Will all accept this us an acknowledgment of their deepest gratitude.

BREDIN.-The Daughters of the late W.

1JKKUJN wish to THANK their many kind friends and relatives for telegrams, letters, carda, also floral tributes and personal expressions of bj in pu thy. especially thanking Dr. Aitchison and Dr. Thwaites for their unremitting core and atten- tion. Wi.l all pjease accept this aa a personal acknowledgment of their blncere gratitude. 42 Palmerston crescent, tkmth Melbourne.

BRETHERTON. -Mr. and Mrs. H. G.

DRETHERTON and Mrs. E. BRETHERTON wish tu convey their heartfelt THANKS to all kind friends, relativer, and neighbour* for lott/TB, cards, telegrams, floral tributes, and pcnonal expressions of sympathy in their recent sad bereavement; especially the Ret. Martin and the Rev. Echwiegcr, Doctora Lambert, Rrctherton, Trood, Niall, Muiron Lord, nnd -Jeter Hewitt, ot Chiswick private hospital Prahran; Mr. Allmson, staff, and children, of Hampton school; Mr, Smith and Mr. Paige, and staff, of Middle 1'ark school, the g tail and mothers' club of the Qucensberry Btreet school, the staff of tiie Mawe ii »chool; Drayton and Oonton iori the way they curried out funeral arrangements, i Will all please accept this as a personal acknow* ' lodgment of our deepent gratitude. 43 College .street. Gardenvale; 56 Orlando street. Hampton.

COLDWELL.-Mr. J. COLDWELL and Family and Miss Edie Trewin desire to THANK all   kind friends, relations, and neighbours for letters, cards, telegrams, and floral tributes and personal expressions of sympathy during their recent t>ad htreavcmenU Will nil kindly accept this as a per« Eon3l acknowledgment of their gratitude. feel* mont, 23 Qram street. Shepparton.

HARRIS.-Mr. HY. HARRIS and Daughters wish

to express their hearitelt iHAjnK- to atl relatives and friends for personal visits, tele- grams, letters, and floral tribute« In their re- cent ead bttreav ement. Reducy, 106 Tennyson

street, BU Kilda. _^__--_.

HARRISON - Mr. and Mrs. THOS. L.

HARRISON wish to THANK all kind friends and relatives for letter», cards, telegrams, and floral trlouto- in their recent sad bereavement. Wendoora, Corinella.

HILL (Dargan). - Mias DARGAN wishes to

THANK the sisters o! HU Monica's, St. Teresa's,.-and Father Powers for their kindness to her niece, also the many kind friends and re- lations for letters, canin, floral tributes, and personal. expressions of tumpathy during her re- cent pad bereavement. Will all please accept this ns a personal acknowledgment of my deepest gratitude. 693 Mt. Alexander road, Moonee Ponds. LYNCH.-Mrs. HENRY (Harry) LYNCH and Relatives wish to THANK their many kind   friends for letters, cards, telegrams, beautiful floral tributes, and personal expressions of sym- pathy fn their recent sad bereavement,' especially thanking Dr. Strahan for his kind and'untiring attention, also thanking the Rev. Mr. Frederick for his spiritual comfort. Will all please, accept   this aa a personal acknowledgment of our deepest gratitude. " _ MR. LUKEY and Family desire to express their

sincere THANKS tp nil their'many kind friends and relatives for personal visita» telegrams, letters, cards, floral tributes, and personal cv prewiona of sympathy in their recent pad be- reavement in the loss of a loving and faithful

wife and mother; especially thanking Mrs. A. King, Rev. E. C. .allot, and Dr. Ratten, mil all, friends kindly accept this acknowledgment of our deepest gratitude. 101 Tinning street, Weat Brunswick. _

MR. A. E. CASS wishes to THANK bis many

kind friends for letters, cards, telegrams, floral tributes, and pcnonal sympathy lu his recent eau bereavement, specially the Rev. A. R, Mace, Nurse Stainsby, Mrs. Thomas, Mrs. Hurst,

and Mrs. Filer, .


MR. C. M. JURY. Sons, and Daughters desire   ?\ta THANK their kind relative» and friend« for letter«, telegram«, card«, floral tributes, and personal expressions St aympsthy during their re- cent ead bereavement In the low of hi» dear wife and their devoted Toother; specially thank- ing the Rev-. Father Egan tor hi« klndnws. Will all friends accept thl« aa o personal «clolov). ledgment of their deepest gratitude. Tralee, John

street, Kant Malvern.

MR. and Mrs. F. A. JOHNSON and Family de-  

sire to THANK their many friend« and re- latives for personal expressions of sympathy, In- ters, card«, telegram«, and floral tribute« In their recent bereavement. Will nil kindly accept thi« expression ot our very »Inceío gratitude. 461

Nicholson strtet. North Carlton.

MR. and Mrs. G. HILL and Family, Cranbourne

road, Dandenong (late ot -Sorrento), «rlih to THAKK relation«, friends, 'on* neighbour, . for îliclr»kindness and floral tribut« in thelt «ad


MR. and Mrs. FRANK COX with to THANK

their many friend« for their kindness, al«o for letters ot aympathy, telegram», and floral tribute«. G6 Bloomfield mad, Ascotvale.

MR. J. J. O'HARA and Family wish to THANK

all kind friends and relative« for letters, canis, telegrams, nnd floral tribute» In their r*»cent bereavement. ISO Park Btrect. South Melbourne.

MR and Mrs. H. BULLOCK and Family, of

Hamilton, sincerely THANK their many friends fnt» messages of sympathy in their recent


MRS. A. C. GREEN and Daughters, Sidhurst,

Robinson street, Malvern, wish to THANK many < kind friends tor letter», cards, tele gra'ms,_",florii,l tributes, and personal expression» of sympathy in the sad losa of a loving husband ?nd father, especially thanking Drs. Trood and Gamble, Nurse Kilpatrick, employees 'City Motor Service, and Mr. and Mrs. Priestley, senior and

junior. ?

MRS. G. H. TINKLER and Family desire to ex

. pim their sincere THANKS to relative» and friends for letter», cards, floral tribute«, .and per- sonal cxpresHions of sympathy received'in their recent sad bereavement; especially Rev. A B. Campbell. Air. and Mrs. J. Dixon, and Mr». Black.' Will all kind friends accept our sincera thank»._'_ MRS. CARRICK and Family desire to express

their-sincere THANKS to all kind friends and relation« for letter«, and all personal exprès «Ion» of «ympathy In their recent »ad bereavement of à loVIng husband and father; especially thank- ing Nurse Zeigtcr, Mr. and Mr». Coade, tne tram- way employees, and tho Rcy. Bride Barber. Will all .please accept thl« as a personal acknowledg- ment of our deepest gratitude. ' »l8 Barrow »treet,


ROSS,-The Family of the late Mrs. ROSS

dcBlro to cxprcf« their -he-utfclt THANKS to .their many kind friends, relatives, and neigh bom« for letter«, telegramB, cards, and floral tribute«, and personal expressions of sympathy In their recent fiad bereavement, especially thank- ing Dr. Sutherland and the" Rev. Ti. Williams. 5.1 nlnomfield road. Ascotvale._

SHAW.-The Sons and Daughters of the late Mrs.

ELIZABETH MARY SHAW desire to THANK all friends for letters, cards, telegram«, floral tri- bute«, and personal cxprcs«ions of «ympathy in their recent 6-id bereavement. Will nil please occcpt this as an acknowledgment of their deepest


THE Family of the late Mr. JAMES MILLS de ' sire to sincerely THANK all thnae who so kindly called, sent messages of sympathy, and beautiful floral tributes In their recent sad be reavement. Hurstbridge._ TRUEMAN.-The Daughters of the late Mrs.

THOMAS TRUEMAN wish to THANK their   manv kind friends for letters, card«, telegrams, floral tributes, and lierional expressions of »yni

lathy received In their recent sad bereavement Vill all kindly accept this as a personal acknow* lidgment of their .gratitude. (Olive Matthew Simmon», Elva Trueman ) -_


ARMSTRONG.-The Friends of the late Mr.

JOSEPH JAMES ARMSTRONG aro respectfully Informed that his remains will be Interred in the New Melbourne General Cemetery, Fawkner.

Redmond, z¿¡ Kigin street, unmon, un»

(Saturday, ¡september 11,1026), at 3.-15 p.m.

JOSIAH HOLDSWORTH, Funeral Director, 3S0 Lygon street. Carlton; ond at Thornbury, 'rhouo

I H1232.

BOOTH.-Friends of the lot« Mr». MARY

AHF.LIA BOOTH are Informed that her re- main» ulll be Interred In the Box Hill Cometíry.

The limerai will leave her residence. Carinya. Olinda, THIS DAY (Saturday, 11th September), at " v'clock, arriving at the cemetery at 3.30.


BROWNE.-The Friends of Mrs. MARY ANN BROWNE are informed that her funeral vvi" leave the resldenco of her daughter (Mrs. Margart

Sim«), 25 Soudan street, Malvern, THIS HAY (Saturday), at 10 n.m., for Interment in the Kjneton Cemetery, possing the post-office, Kjnt

_'Phone U1427

COX.-Friends of the late Mr. JOHN COX, of

Heidelberg, ore Informed that his remains will be Interred In tlie Brighton Cemetery.

The funeral will arrive at the cemetery, THIS DAY (Saturilaj, lllh September), at 4 o'clock.

I). MATTHEWS PTY. LTD., Motor Funeral Ser vice, routh Yarra; and at Caultlcld and Oakleigh.

CURRIE-The Friends of the late INA MARY

CURRin aro respei-Uully Informed that her rem.ilna v\IU bo Interred in the Box Ulli Cerno


.... fnneral i» «¡Bpolnled to \av» her lato Kui tice. Scoresby road, Bayswater, . THIS DAY

icsitunlay), at 2 p.m.

, A. W. PADBURY, IPuncwt Director. 'W, Auburn, and Box lill!. Tel. Haw, 31, 1531, Box Mill 14«. _____,_

DALY. -The Friends of Mr. JOHN DALY are

informed that the funeral of his .beloved wife, Fanny, will leave his residence, 128 Alma road. Caulfield, THIS DAY (Saturday), at 12.30, for interment in the Brighton Cemetery, arriving

2 60.

RAYBOULDS, Funeral Director», opposlto sta tion, Malvern. 'Phono U1437.

DICKINSON.-The Friend» of, the late. Mn,

FANNIE ANN DICKINSON arc respectfully In vlted to follow her remain« to the place of inter- ment, the Boroondara Cemetery, Kew.

The funeral «till leave her itaidcnce. 1BD Peel »treet, North Melbourne, THIS DAY (Saturday),

at 2.80. o'clock.

JOSEPH ALLISON, Undertaker, Errol street, North Melbourne-('phone FITCH; SOO Mt Alex, ander road. Moonee Pond» ('phone FStül); 7K ?Sydney road, Hrun«vv!ck ('phono STU Rrunsvvlck).

ELLIS.-The Friend» of the late WILLUM

EDWARD ELLIS are rcsrcetfully invited to follow hi» . remains to the place of interment. In the Brighton Cemetery,

HOWELL -Tho Friends of tho lato Mr, JAMES

HOWELL aro respectfully inlormod'Uiat hi» remain» will b« Interred tn tho Williamstown Cemetery.

The funeral Is appointed to move from hi» residence, Betliford, 31 Stewart street, Williams, town, THIS DAY (Saturday, tbe 11th ScpUmbcr), at 3 30 p m.

fcRNEST W. JACKSON, Undertaker and Era balmrr. Ferguson street, Williamstown. 'Phone 23 Williamstown_

LONGDEN. - The Friends of the late Mrs.

EMMA E LO»vGDE>, aro informed that hor remains will ho interred In the Brighton Ccmc

The funeral is appointed to move from tbo residence of her daughter (Mrs. M.'Street), 0 Hood ftreot, Elwood, THIS DAY (Saturday, 11th beptcmbcr), at 11 am.

AITS AND BOSS TTY. LTD , Undertaker«.

RICE.-The Friends of the lato Mr. ALFRED

RICE are respectfully invited to follow his remains to the place of interment, the Box Hill Cemetery.

The funeral will leave his late residence, Terrara road, Vermont, THIS DAY (Saturday, 11th Sep- tember), at 3 p m

HERBERT KING and SON, Undertakers, Lennox street, Richmond 'Phone J3462.


aro Invited to follow the remain» of hi» beloved wife. Lucy, to their last resting place in

the Box Hill Cirocterv

A service will De held at the Henson street Methodist Church, Surrey Hills, THIS AFTER NOON', at 3 o'clock. At the conclusion the funeral will proceed to tho cemetery.

LE PINE »nd 80N, Undertaker». Tel. J1441

ind Haw 813. '_

STRAUGHAIR-The Relativos of the late Mrs.

JESSIE MAUD S1RAUQUAIR aro notified that bor funeral will urrlvo at the Heidelberg Cemetery gate» on Monday Morning (Í3th September), at 11 am. Private.