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An oxlruurdmarj mci lent of which theio does not seem uni piobuluhtv of discovering the lnstigutoi occuricd during the South Molboiiiiie \ Footscray mateli nt South Melbourne on Sntiudaj Just as the tennis lind gone on to the field nftei the inteival ut half {line the telephone bell in the sccictniv's office lang Mi

1 Moiton the scuetnij of the cricket club ansvweietl it und a voice said Dr Bishop is Bpclilmg Will ton please tell Mi Johnson the South Melbourne pinja Hint hiB wile in flmigcrotiBlj ill and tell linn to como homo ut once Please mnko this urgent" Sir Morton nt once went to Ml "L "MeTliien the secrctaiy of the South Melbourne lootbnll Club ind gate lum the messngc Air McBucn turned to Di Dtevv the honorai.\ medical olheer of the club und smd Do joh know Di

Bishop*" Dr Diew leplied Hint he bud novel Jieaid of u doctor of that name Jplmson lives mot fin from tho ground so Mr .Mcliiicn whose suspicions weie moused jumped into his* motoi car and diove to Johnson s house in Bank sticet io Ins clent îelief m nnswei to his ! nock, Alis Johnson opened the dooi On seeing Mi McBnen at that time in* the iluj Uts Johui-on at once thought that bei ¡husband Juill met with an ucudetit but iii McBuen assured hoi that theio was nothing -meng and explained that lie liad been passing und had called in

to hoc how she was

Ihe incident caused much excitement in the ¡south Melbourne dicssingioom attei -Hie matüh, the pinjéis being incensed at ±ho attempt winch had been made to take one ol then numhci oil the held Johnson -who mu nut know what lind linppciicd until he kit the urein showed that whoever lind thought ot the scheme to depute South .Melbourne of his sei

Mees had sonic method foi he kicked four collis in the second half of the game

Hie faoutli Alcloouine officials weie un able to ti ace the som co of the telephone message "but it is evident that who ever sent it did so with evil intent iho m cident solves to show the keen in toi eat taken in the game and the depths to which people will descend to attain their



Police Intervention at Geelong

A notous scene unpicccdcuted m the lustotj of football m Geelong took place ut the close of the Geelong St Kilda mulch on Saturday nnd the police have intimated then intention of Inking uction ngninst n bt kilda plajer, and a mun said to be a member ot the committee

li oin the tal I j stages of tho game, which was vigoious thioughout, spiteful tactics weie adopted and it must be said Hint both sides took part m them Hie crowd pew augiy as the game piogiéssed especiallj as several keelong plajers ap peaied to lecene special ill ticutmcnt

Up to half time no exception could hilve boen taken to the uutine ot the play as although there weie spiteful incidents thcic weie no ill effects Licke wns limp ing, but Hint was the lcsult of au cffoit to stop nuothei plajei. and m falling he twisted his leg ihe scores at the ultuvul weie \elj even-ht Kilda having had the best of the second «.uni tel and hail reduced the dehciencj ot 20 points to one of tw o points 1 oi n time in the third term Geelong battled iimd und the play waa paiticuluily vigoious and was so crowded that many questionable tactics could not bo obseived by the utnpiie Then Geelong broke awaj and St Kilda went at it with greater -vigour, May was the fust casualty though Ins mjuiics ?noie not the lcsult of lough play Ile bad danced about when Hagger was kick ing foi goal and m his jumping injin ed the ligaments of ins ankle mid had to

be assisted ft oin the field and was not able to take further part in the game

Plaj nig the men seemed to be the tuctics adopted bj scvcial plajeis in the last term St Kilda was waging a hopeless buttle Chumbéis was Intcrtered with mid when he rose fiom the gi omul lie men tionetl to a St Kilda pla*,el that it would bo well to cut ouf the rough' Almost uumcdiatclj imotliei St Kilda plajei lushed m and Chambers was sent binan ling fiom a knock Hie boundaij umpnc saw the incident and running np to Chambos is alleged to have lcmmkcd, 'It is nil light I saw what happened

Just befóte the gnme ended Rnjson wns bowled ovei nnd it was appâtent Hint he was sevoioly injured, and ho was mi

mediately removed to his house which is within the football grounds Building fiom a bioken rib

iho final bell then sounded mid the St Kilda men as they laced to their dicssmg loom were hooted Hie spectatois departed from tho usual custom of huí i ymg from the Btnnds as soon us the bell lang but lingered in then places Practically the whole of the St Kilda plojeis had gone tliiough the lace when thcie wns i gencinl indee Hebburn and Shelton weie the last two plajeis to enter the lace It is al

leged Hutt a blow with an umbiella was made nt Shelton and thnt tiuiiieoue else mode use of nu offensive evpicBSion Two molo blows weie iiimcil nt Shelton who bud nppiientlj Btopped to sneak to the pel sou who lind mudo use of tho offensive cxpicssion As he did so a nicket wns wiencbcd oil the fence and a blow aimed at cither Shelton or Hepburn It is stated Hint Shelton wienched the picket away fioin the man and was holding it in the nu to wntd olf fiuthei blows which weie being nulled at lum

Hip crowd swarmed aiound the plajers and on to tho fences of the lace und theio weie nil the elements of a seuouB disturb ance w hen Mounted constable Ila/el seeing that the police weie unable to break tliiough the ciov d which was wedged in so tightly, lode up the ince on Ihb troon hoise and wienched the piel et fiom Shelton L\ cntuully the police bundled all the plajers into the dtessing loom vvhoie gi cat excitement pi c\ ailed foi some time Scvcinl constables nlso went into the loom Iho crowd hugel ed on foi half an bom discussing the piospects of ceitnm pinjéis being reported and surprise was expicsscd when it was announced that the umpircB lind lcpoited nil cleoi '

iho polico intimated then intention of piocccdmg on summons against a St Kilda jilnjer ami a St Kilda civilian nllced to bo u membci of the committee while notion is also contomplited in lespcct to the incident in which Chamberí, was as


Hie Geelong coiiiiniltccmcn were dis tiessed nt the disgi lccful scene mid c\ picsscd icgiets that snell a thing should have linppcncl on the giound Hie St Killi ominittcc also expiessed Us io gi et« nn 1 m a statement lotet the secic t uv of the club saul be legietted that Shelton should have stopped to with the ciou 1 ns he hid lone us it wns np puent Hint the dowd wns in nil ungu

moo 1

'- St Kilda Secretary

Ali T Iivuic the St Kd la sect etui \

sud j esleíd u tint it had been a good gnuie until hulf tune but in the second half lfc gi t n bit willing As the pinjéis left the held Hepburn and ethelton who weie borne distance behind the lest of tlie temi weie the hist to cntci the re sene on then wny to then di cssing i oom Ihoy had insults bulled it them bj Geelong supioiteis lo one of tinte lnoie insult ing than the lost Shelton lephcd \ou would not sav that if theio was not a fence between us and immediately ho wns stiucl Hie St Kilda pi nels lushed bael

mid scvctnl sncctittois jumped the fence into the ince lending to the dtessing loom md thcic wns n coner ii fight A spoctatoi wi inched a picket off the fence and at t iel eil the bt Kilda plajeis In the sliiigglc Shelton pulled the picket fiom his iissmlint and was holding it when Hie police ninved Hie St Kilda plajeis weie hustle 1 into then di essuie: i oom and the tiouhle w ib all ovrt It was unfoitniuto foi the gillie but it wi s caused bj the Geelong li n rachel s and tin absence of adequate piotection foi the pinjéis 'Oin men

smd Ml Ii vine were nub'cctcil to much nbuse nul m the cn climat inecs Shelton uns justified in piotcsting nn 1 in defen I jg himself when he wnB ussui ted Some thing should be done to piotcit the

plnv eis

Polico Action

GllfOMT. Sun I ij -Police ictionwill ..L tal cn iiginibt lince St Kilda pinjas It ij son stated nftu he lind been lnjined th it a St Kilda plut ci lind menaced lum thioughout the mnteh mid lind smd 111 get von before its ovei Rnjson wns in jin ed befnc the fmnl bell