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"*, loiittorro^ >i}l I* tlic .la^t Sitmdm ¡plntll Äuglet 7 foi lontlull Mippoitcd tu ' ¡¡"watch? League picmiusliip gum* foi Hie

H'Jntentatc malchi« »ill 1« |ili\nl on 1

\-J4 and 31 - 'lim, mil In- main ii ho Mill ¡H« glad ol n uni li i ii lins lii'i li i stn nu

¿ oui year so lui Uithohdti an uigtimnl-.

{«?mil be «ppieuatrd In plain* us^mll i^ ; S«peotatorH, und ¡ill »ill i<-tiiin lo tilt- t,tine

54* fortnight lulu »itli ficliVnthiiMnsm Im Hil« game

Ï A Country Correspondent i

y I ha\c rciciiid nu intcimt ng ktni lunn Jlmcountn comspoiidi ni »li i lintis tim«

J i Heeding as 1 iii with ti'«t iiiteirsl lum nile« j1 In "The Uins (rom »esk to «ck on Mistral! iii

Mnles football 1 mint «limit that 1 admin- Hu rnlatvy splcndfd remarks ion make II eieln mur i «snsscl'lb in regard Io unfair plai «ml Isle »Mil ' imf of matches ¿c

I ha*» slum] «our stnllnienl« lor seuril u ii, "and ai h "delegate oil, couilri udiuitiUtiutii .{.Viodito (yrhere the frome at its best »as certain) , i-crad«), I-Jurce1 argued ou these point« till 1 na ' ¡'u!«tu«ted, ffor one slum. Duds tin. ?Illegales'« j who In their omi heait sham loin feeling,* in ' .thla .regard, but «ho Jet inter club Jcktutislei i "prtjiidlco everything el»c oin. triid tu-lo fin the ,',SOOt of Hie game I u ma comert to Hit (,-n al

AOrtralUn code In lal«» »lien 1 tlr«t mut ii mi

] the Riverina district« of Ni« «?until Mule^ tin

i Auitnlian game «a« iiiiknoun to nie, hut mc«

] iieolag the troniendou« mietest displaced lu Hit { gam«, even In the smallest proilnilal rentns ii 1 appealed to mc \s time ueut on I san better ! «football, until to du) I knon almost as little of 1'¡Rugby as 1 did the Australian cudi in l'Jl'l Pïher« ia no compatlson to mi mind Hie Vu«

^railak game is alone for a name of (ban, seien

.tina football, pla) ed as It should bl and it is n gnat,pit} If malpractices like those to »lilrh , lyon have lately made refen nee ure lo make in , ,roade on suoh a fine branch uf maul) sport I l'-Miva lately returned here und miss Hie tine

gamea X used to »itness at times doun south ? ,. Tho Programme

The programme of mutch« i foi to mot

1ÍTOW i» interesting 'Hie ilraf nttiiiction I Js at Richmond, «heit South "Melbourne 1 .will attempt to pass the Tigcm ^jlt ahould be au lnteii_ntiiig gime 'Hie

mefltfng of Kit7roi and Lolling» ood in alwaja attrnctno, bul tin ic ia minc hnng ing to the mutch nt Richmond St Killin imay »nrprisu Melbourne, itml linitMim arc «anguine that the> Mill make (jielong go all they know. Cm Koa »ill nuct the much weakened Ha» thorn, und 1 sscndoii 'will engage their ncighboiiiit ut Nmth Mel

"bourne, and m each match the old Associa- tion team should be beaten 1 he list i «sf matches is -

Richmond v South Melbourne at Richmond 'j Collingwood v. Fitzroy, at Collini,iiood ' l Melbourne v. St. Kilda at fct bilda

FaoUoray v. Geelong, at ïdotserm Carlton v. Hawthorn, at Carlton

North Melbourne v Essendon, at North >lcp i tourne

' Club Notes

1 SOUTH SIFLI10URNE has recoicrnl fiom

.deUgfaf-of Saturdas, and Is noll looking foi n ' Victories The defeut of Geelong »as

{talaed by sheer merit, and 1 um sine

aouthern teum can be Improie] In^Reilllc

Kicholla they baie Ino of the best plaiers of i tha year, and the side must go on iin)roi!ng, I but It needs a little polishing set, and I um < «ure Charlie Panuam »111 Um fit In Hie lessons

¡.of last week It »as Interesting to sei c""' i .Charlie, the former Got!!ug»oot! champion : in» about Die best »indinan | ci el sa»

} >'ioung" Charlie his son (omi tuptain of feoiilh i îlelbourne) together befóte und attei tin. matih - There ib all Uie niaterlu! for u premier side ut

fouth Melbourne It thei nil glie of their be«!

> and remember Hut straight foniard is tin shortest

' way" to the goal It »as u surprise lor Geelong

.bul the men from Collu liai »ere the first to < admit their defeat ititi to acknowledge the sun

remacy of SouUi Melbourne on the day It »ould 1 be Ilka old times to sic Geelong am! Soutll «Iel

bourne playing og for thi premiership I »us . pleated to see on Sittunlm such old hlentlilci. us ' Georg« McKenzie (of the Imperial), Dort 1 Howeon, Dick Gibson, Dick Mihaj and V Wind j ley, all great southimcrs in their dal The team .ume "well out of its cngageimnt though Cann i ron, who, if his height »ere as great a« his pluck

Ifould be a giant, Alack ii and Mahony are feel

í in¿ Die effect« and »III rest to murrow V

1 Condon, Ferguson and the ciergreen landy v. ill 'replace them 1 am sure the lastnamed »111 3 he given a special cheer »hen ho takes the field ] to morrow I baie to thank a correspondent for i directing my attention to an error 1 made on Donday ! «ltd South Melbourne bud beaten ¡¿»«long onli once since Hi nar at Geelong Shell as a,matter of hit thei won in 1123 nnd <1M4- Hied oierlookcd the ilcton in 11.¿1 »hen Igoutti won bi 10-10 to S-lo though 1 rcmem ? hired the viclorr bl 9-14 to 9-1J In 1124 Ho« -ever, there i« no doubt about tile unbeitcii record ' nf South at «-outli Melbourne ntninst Geelong ? eine« Juli 1, 1105

.(JEELONO supporters ure of Hie opinion that the defeut- at South Melbourne lilli as In the

ea«c ot Hie Collingwood match, cairne player« lol ditoto more intuition to training, and that the «He _« a »link will show out to lictter adtontagi. Iii tullin matclie» (.rcetes ha» rccottred from Hie lum»s hr receiinl in the game, and Flem nil, » kuti Injund In the Melbourne «rame, 1« nil ii-lil -mntii tutloi ha« from Iii» iiijmi« mut will I si-ilublo tor Saturdays iniilili «I ltiotsui) Doubts lime been expressed

i« I) lill wIhIoiu ot plutlnK liuhy after lils iii-.injin.-ilion litote he hull lud n try out with Iii mi<i ni« uuil in this respect It 1» felt that lui i. (multi hate a rim with Hie -ccond» btlorc ti-tuiinn. willi hi Imgue/ though lu in ellKible lu W.\ l irinmrn rhe'ieltirn to form of \\ 11

limns i« phasing Hie training last etenlng wa» it ii Iii i uatwi anl Hie sid. Is conlldent ? I willum. |U m mon Threi «|iiciil Irains «111 I um li ni iiiw leuuiii, 'ntoni, at 1030. 12 1, »"Iii I «1 neiiliit utlei iiuiliie Tailors ai Ule was n ,t us -tiong sa desired and the .?ililli n i mtnitli-. nsolteo to »[ill I,Ira for an. Um week ".airen Stetentoii »nd Patter vu Inn lern ip|lD(ed b\ Jone» Williuina, anti

liinl n

t IT/ll«>. lia« not had «uch a poor season as lili- fu lunn n 1 my; dav anil ihe wise course li i tiiMie iiuw wolli i bt to build up for next >t i Hill lo monow 1, Hi, Kum. at Mctorla lui' ml iii mutter how low Htxroy may be on Hi j lunier-hlp lut the. can olwaj» be relied ni lo pul in their ben game of the \ear aralmt I ullina-tumi «liât o di»! h) the maroona gale ni Ih leliirn mair li hist ti-iri On that form tin | ii milnhlii «ciined u lerlalnty for them Mil i ukin kKliid tour goal» that dal and the wit Jin lillie fellow« liatchelor, -tillen, and to.l^iiii plutid wa- u lctelattoii 1 hope there mut li »mil another irunii tomorrow The temi will Ik. \illhout Wlgruft who trained on Tu -!at and -gain teiiterd-t, but l)r Purer re fined to suuillon his playing: W igrafl vas keen to plat for on ii depended lils trip to Weitem «.u-tntlla \notliir notable ubwntee i» Moriarty,

not ttaineil lins week -o«tigan has

lins bein iho.en togethr

Mil ia lit li ted

iken a Itouikr

nd libke«


lo nu

and It

lueain-ie» caused nn being omit

.VONDON linn trip lo Ixinttgniu ot

time Mon

iiuii-t popul ir

-Pin ter» luimaliia lund it

lim li JO t


are looking forw

Tliey will leate and should líate ira 31,0 Intention tasmania uni pla

ord lo


wa» the ed one id two lu Hobart on each . time the Tasmanian» (rate them fiom tin moment tin t met them and took them to see the Calumet Gorge ami Cora Lynn until ittir hating tlslted Hobart and New »tor folk and Brown a niter, thet returned and were biilrltii faiewell -a the old Pileena or the Hinder« clcuicd low Head on the return journey platt r« ill Ihow dut» had 1 raty hearts for the ta nth mid bpiiult of the tight tittle island " lind madi them fiel quite at home In this con ncetioii nun I îefer lo the diath i f Mr J K Held link ol Hie tasmanian l'urllummt recentlt Ite plu.ed for lusm-tiiu before the dais ot whlih 1 tpeuk inn) he was one of tliosi who ulttuya

rate I «»endou teams a most cordial itel.orae J ton 1er If Hu lncwnt essendon leam will «tav j| lh, t-rllon Club In Hobart and whclhir thu will tis't Hie famous Cuacado Briwirt oter which an ill Mii.htoli pluyei Mr, i-us Utrklet, now I milli« Til teum will b.gln It» holiday to i « "im nip-lit when the présidait Mr .

Mcflow-n will entertain them In the pat ilion. Ills guells will Include the member» ot the Vic torlnn leum to tl«lt Western Australia omi South «.-«tralla lile team will leate in good heart, and though their lonfldence ttaa shuken by their mu 11 four defeats, it ha» been completely re stored and there are no doubt» it Tssindon as lo which team will Ot Ihe pennant for 1120 Tile l-iim for tomorrow 1» i hinged In two respect« (.arden Is not atuPnblo «o Irwin has been brought forward again, and Rowlot Matt takes up the pisitlon of extra roter instead of Carman

S| Klin, will itfll miss Ihe sertlces of Cub bin», Oiiinbitta. ard Ou mon, and thet are hoping to surprise Melbourne The form displaced by Phillips I" delighting the supporter« and still furthir show« the wisdom ot cullltntlng the young platen "We will beat Melbourne ' »sid Mr lrtiite tos.cnlui "for we plated our bc-t game nt Callion le«t tteik Optlml m lins eter h-eii n strung; motor ut bt Kilda To morrow Fidler and Triinor will be r-pluied bt Mut and Lou


0MILTON plarcr« had n great night at the lltoll on Tnesdat, when the prtsldent of the second IS (Mr C Orr) eiitertnlnid them .hire ia keen aumin.tittil ot the work of (tie tc-tm at Carlton, mil on all sides I hear of There ure tau« change« in Hu team tor Saturdut

Mc .Iplni Dunn tittie«, Mullen«, Donoghue, and Hell will be replaced lit Williamson (from Woori -ulloik), Irwin Morrissey, Kell., Witto and Out

( 011.INGWOOl) Inline in Icaiing well alone ' Ml will, nil happt, mid no lumpliiluts" »as Hie answer I recoiled when lliquiilug tot netta testeniat, and, my Informant added, 'Certain to ta premiers, and, all being well, there Is no uettt I' I may utter a note of warning, it is

llewoii of 1 Itrroy " Victoria Park has often i-cen an unexpected Hit ?ror success und tomorrow may proie uliother Instance of tin uncertainty of

the gunn

HAWTHORN had a dozen names on the list yesterday of men not available owing to injury. Headed by the coach and captain, Dan Minogue, who broke down in the first game, the list in- cludes Jackson (a former captain), Burke, the present captain, Splatt, the crack half-back,     Drake, Hyde, McCashney, Donovan, Calwell, Gill, Stewart and Ennis. Such a list of casualties makes it hard to manage a team, but Hawthorn still stands to its guns. Tomorrow Bullen, from   Doncaster, Corry from Rupanyup, Williams, and Donnellan will fill the vacancies caused by accident

last week.

ltiCIIMOND also aie not hating a good time \\ hen lhe> put up »ui.Ii a fini gumo nt Essendon they seemed llkeit to go on but latterly they hate not dune well The ' Tiger has been shedding hi« co it, hower.r, mid mut Improic It is liard work for an executlte when disappoint

ments cunio thick There ate six change» in tile

team for to-morrow Smith, Lunn, and "Valentine ara all on the Injured list, Rudolph waa dla qualified for two mat chea, and Iaiiui and O'Hal

lo ran, neither of v. hora lus struck form, will all look on Titus, Ljnch, and Finia) »on, from the lecond eighteen, will como in for the An>t time, and Waterhouse, Harris, and Corfield have been choaen again

MEUJOUt>E «ill go to St Kilda to morrón willi > apprehensions, but will play all the> know, for bt. Kilda haa often effected a eurprUc Lverj man on the training list ii fit and well, save Abernethy and ^eaV. Abernethy ha* an injured leg and Acal Is recoierlini The Felt ellon co mm I tt te at Melbourne must hate rubbed iU individual and collective eye« when the name of Timms appear«.d as chown for Mttorii »gainst faMnania The Victorian selectors mutt hate a different idea of Tjrouu. u abllltv, for at Melbourne lie it onlj second emergency The greut feature of the gam«. la»t week waa the return t« form of Chadwick aud Johnson

.NORTH MMJlOUKNt ho* bj now realised that the upward path It strewn bj thora«, and tlie criticism levelled against tho selection committee and the coach lias been moat pointed It pia) be added that It ha« been unfair, for though no vic tory has been attained, the club might hate won on two or three occailous with a pinch of luck Carlton beat North Melbourne by 11 point* Gee long by eight. Bout h Melbourne bj onl> two, > ltira) bj four Richmond by .one, and a cal nit Melbourne and Collingwood the Bide did well me for a lawe at one stage of the game Indecision and lack of chelton among the forwards han kept the aide back the urgent need, however, li the development of a district trplrlt and this can nnlj be donL b3 time No district has produced ro mau) champions'as «North Melbourne-for other clubi Now It should do bu foi lt>elf Gerald

Donnelly has not ¿et been able to do himself justice, owing to Illness, and he did not «.ubtnit his name for selection last night. He hope« after Hie interstate game« to be his old self, and that will mean much to North Melbourne \uother loes la the departure of their tine follower Jack Lewis to Ilroken Hill and with Uudiay injured the team Is «still further weakened To compelí

e fur thttte losses Harold Jolui&on, who la now business at ïtrra Junction, li In the team afculn- I had a letter from him this week telling mc of hit troubles and 1 am glad to see his name in the team again His father, whom old pla) en used to call Whalebone ' Joh mon wat a fine plater lu hi* dal, and Harold li a worth> son leotett Metcalfe Britt and Linton have also been selected

r001bCRA\ were the last to nick their team last ei en int. the reason was the mature delibera lion given in the hope of beating fit elong The plueiiiL» have been somewhat altered but there are < 11U two clianMc& Hick had the bad luck to twist his ankle at imtiie yestirda) afternoon and ho and Wilkinson will look on Hoolan and McHenrj take their places '