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now Tin: -HOUBLI- iti:c!Ax.



LONDON, Jins T - I he gnat iifcht ins begun Hie people of Gleit lltilniii linvi pitted theil htiengtb against Hut of tiudei unionism Probiibh tin eliuggle was in

cvilnhh but it lins been tin eui euc 1 se often thal it t imp tis a stupiise at He end, and non ben was Hu suipiiHi gunin than amont, the leaders 01 ti ade unionism Tending tiude unionists seem to have bien bines-full) i_niiinnt of the piobnblo e nisi

qtienres of their iel lons J lio«, wctc niua/cd when the (.oveininent look them ni Hull nord and issued the ultimatum which made

n conlhct iirlain

Hie scene vi hull brought donn the em tam upon the first act of this industrial irnged) was the home of the Punie ihm« ter ni 10 Donning Mi cot the time tho quiet of btmdav night, vi hen the rest of tho connu) wns ictiuug to nu cmlj bo.! On the iridnj the miner« liad nitlidiawn then labour from tho pits owing to the cm plojprs having poBtod a schedule of wages lower than that agreed upon with (ho unions in 1021 To this action the tindo union leaders ictoilcd bj proclaiming Hint a general stuko would begin on Holiday night All through bunda) preparations foi this general strike went on '4lio Govcin mont, on its pait, put the Liner|,enc) Ponas Act into operation NOA«rtliilesB mgotiations for n 8011101110111 nae» con tinned and bj Stindnj morning tho_ 11 D10 proceeding apace buiiduy evening sun tbo Irado Union Council and Hie Cabinet nt Downing btroct billing 111 adjoining looms, mid able to come to n settlement nt nny moment With connidciablo com ago Mi Baldwin bad chosen to disrcgmd the gene ml atulic tin cat He continued negotiations as if Hie conn ti j was not facing the coi

tnmt) of n gcucinl stoppage of business nitlnn 21 hours As Ah Billilli m said m lus speech in the Commons- next day bo those to um the nul; but he took it 111 tho hope of avcitmg a disastrous coufliet 11) half past 11 0 clock on bunda) night the in gotiuliona nero sufiieientlj advanced to allow of the mincis' executive being summoned to Donnmg Street lo give ils judgment upon n new form of compromise J. hen carne one of those unfoiceccn inci dents winch licqiienllj distillb caiefully luid plans

lhere had already been attempts to m lei fore willi tbo London neiispnpeis Cci

Inin puntéis mid others had declined to oat items of news which (hey regarded as conlraiy to tho interests of tho trado unions Atost of these threats nero dis icgiidcd, though m sonto cases minor con cessions nero made to the wishes of tbo men At the "Dailj Alail" olllce on Sun day evening, bow eva, the machinists de elmed lo punt a lendoi which Ihev con tended was coull ni j to the Punie Aluns lei's plea foi 'cool heads ' Hie tom plaint was submitted to Hie cditoi (Mr JIailonc) Mi Jim lone is dtrectoi of nnd a lingi shmcholdei ni Amalgamated Neus pupets Limited His îcplj to the tom plnmt was couched ni Biblical phinse ology, 'What I have mitton I have nut ten ' 71o declined to nltci it coniinn Sli ong n 01 ds w ci c exchanged in the ' Daily "Milli ' ollieo that night mid the honottis Hi this pluibo of the contest were not entirclj with the lcptescntatiics of the men J hoy ended bj hooping fiom Jh Alarlowcs loom, deeluiing that the editor ¡nihht punt Ins own papa


Die neus of the cicnts at Hie 'Duly Alail ollieo was telephoned to Dinning Street, and was lccoiicd bj Ah Dubinin H hectotari just ns the mincis' o-ccutiio nat, joining the J indes Union Council foi the discussion of non pence terms liniiu (Itali I j a diffcicnl spit it animated Hie Cabinet Mi Bald« m himself saw Hint he had gone as fai along the path of com pioniiao ns vins possible \a lie sud next day ' lito Government found itself eli ii

lenged by an nlteuuitiie government and that goicuimcut ignoiaut of the wa) in n Inch its commands nae being cm lied out nnd incnpiiblo of niresllng disobodi euee to it ' Hie Cubmct jnoceeded to ill lift n Icttci putting Hu se eousideintiotiH before the minas c-eculiic mid the J lade Union Council vihieli neio sitting in tho ndjoming loom Ilofoic the lotta tins de hvercd Air ltildnm ninda a lust rffoil t> picsaic pence Ile pulled out Ah Pugh and Ali I liorna», AIP mid linpicssed upon than the graie results nbieli vino following upon the Hu eui o' a genet til sinke Appui cnlly tim trade union leadtis did nut take the hint poSbibli lliej did not undoi stand it I ha 1 elm ned along tho cormioi ami joined the 10 othei mein bei s of the J rade Union Council and tin hi linnets and engaged iji nnolboi seat eli foi u fin mulan» Inch would bung pence

It nns ni this moment that a inesbengoi knocked ut lite dom, s ii ing that Mi

Baldwin wished to see iii Ultimo, sccitv taii of the liado Union Connell Appin nilly the gathciing thought Hint the mes snge inditnled let nnothci Gin eminent ?offei mid n fin thor enmpiomiso îlot 11 man oipoptod an ultimatum Ihoip uns n lluttoi oi c\eitemcnl when Sh Ciliiuo returned mid the delegntes eronded mound the ehanninn nhilo Air lialdiiins letter nns boitiL. lead It produced consta na lion foi it intimated Hint the gpnolnl strike must be calle 1 oil befoio negotia tiona rniild continue N e nae dumb founded, siid one dolegnte Othci dole gates demanded that Ah Bnldnin should bo. questioned legnrding the signihcnncc of his action, and especially ins lefcicnics to Hucats against uciispitpcis- ii Indi the dude unionists piofesseil not to tinda bland A pal ty tioopcd uilo tilt cm idol

lending *to Mi Baldwins stud! but it found the loom emplj Mt baldwin had gone lo bed1 But the (81)11)01' tltei askctl I bei io {,011c home was the insnci fell cn bl the attendants In ein side)able dismal the tindc union luidas 1 (Hied to then hcutkpial ta » in I eclosión Square to diaft a letter of complaint lins took them until about half past I 0 1 lock nhen the mcmbcis followed \h Hnldwins example and letned to then beds

Tiir icoNOMic rssxi

Sa the sti ike began It can end onli 111 11 shiup setbiek for tindo unionism or the collapse of Hie Almlstii I he defeat of the Minibtrj would moan a 1 evolution nhielt would establish m poiiei cither Laboui 01 n 1 tiselst dtctatoi Mnnifchtls ti setbacl

lo Hade unionism Is (ssentinl Not a few Conset v ativ CB, bon eva, feel sympathy nilli hade unionism and, paitieulmlj with Ah T II I bomas, the beaetatj of Stnte fin the Colonies in Hie MaeDonald Ahnislii

«ho woiked hard foi pence Unfot tunatelv he was hmipcied tluoiighotit hi the de elat-trotm of Ah \ I Coil llio nunn h sientan Nota pciini offwnges nnd not 1 numil, on to bonis saul \h Cool

Aliñéis' iludes iiittj be on a lo« bttbts and Ultu bonis intiv be siliiieieiitlv long though uuiiij «01 kus are cien less null paid 1111 must tf Hu ni w >rk longa b niih, arnon), Hu til titi sillied engiiiieib III Hie bhippniL, tulde 1 lib 1 Uumtelv litiges d ) not di j en I itptn iibbtinil J tsttee but upun tin cap 1 Hi of an milusti! to sitisfi its unplojies III I it is ulmitteil that Hu nuning lulus irj c innot h ipi to multe 11 ] rollt while nigib nie at til it 1 usent leu I I ,1 n «eel Aíi Hal hint bul been ruiiUrituc, ililli tin niiiieniin is an I li! I 11 lal lie

I eitiaetel a ft mist Hill thei w mid 1 1 nuil uti naltotiiil minimum «use to mini is 111 much the Hume busw us thut Hie scttluueiit made 111 ULM pionded liinl the men would n ik light hums

ii ti lol a linn J or its pitt the (01 el 11

incut pioiniecd ti letttni the Seien Hollis Act on the statute hoik and diiecth ttade nnpioied to pioiido K11 I letuin to the slioitei dil lu tin minninup tin propos ils oi Hu Coil Connnissini fit Hie liorginisa tion of Hie mdusti! would be pushed fornnid The ti ide union leudéis might

1 eil haao been giatltied In the surr<"s

f thon iffoit nid p»bibil 11 I 1 1 s

them K s m use 1 iib 1 Mi Muldu m pplMiadcd lile mítico«neis to nure to these conoaisione Ho-ev«, tho minen

¿ad the, Jait word, and ttyy -.turned a

direct ncgiitm the lenigniisiti m ct Iln inining nitlusti) mimi come lir-t Jiiotlui «unís Hu intuit* injune 1 tint Hu !"t

tu nal Mibsi 1) 1 i.minim until ill Hit ittoiiimeuJiili in- it Hu i ninnie i i bud bein put min f in, jntl the liidusli» »»us on u pi)ing basis again in »iliuli . lent thin won!! mumu «ti» be ni mid tor mi« tliitutht e( «« ie,t s ni nill liiiietii-i

ol' houis ed »in li

Mil ll«l IIIUN - i-Oí r M (II

Un Aloud n atti i nunn winn Mt luid »in Ml nu attmint of the no"Huilions lu lind a mo«nig len plum in the House ot Commons "Mi lliililutu spoki for in bom, ipili l!) uni! list lilli 1», (.unis a butti Hiiiiiiiiai) of Hu ntgoti liions mid pointing to Hie dimgos inning ii inn Hu tlireat of II general strike At tile end be «as exhausted, but lie summoned Ins energies to one of those leienliiig pinna lions »»huh lm»e mo»ed the House bcfoie, und matul it n-am Jinnda} afternoon "It »»ill be said tins is the end of }otu di can») Mstonary speeches about peace,' ho said ".Let ino sa) tins 1 lin» c .»» oi ked Ino }cius to tbe utmost of ni) abiltl} in olio ducction I ha« c failed so far J»ci)

Hung that I uno foi is being smashed to bits tit this moment, but that docs uni tnke n»\a\ fiom me my faith oi ni) couiugo Wo may in this House bo full of stufe, but; bcfoio long tho angel of /saco »Ulli boah ig in lim nings »»ill bo »»Ith us again When be comes let us be thetc to meet him I shall pick up Hie bits I shall stiii t »gam I may not sec «hal I lucíe dreamed of m ni} lifetime but I know that Hie seed I lta»c planted in mens hen Is »n(l germinate It is m thal dinetiou niano no shall pass tiflet much suffering tlunugh deep «»liters and -loinis to that bcttei land " 'lho closing «ords «cic almost niniidlblo Mi Baldwin sank back on the 'J i cusin y bench and i«caril) buiind his bend in Ins hands

Spcukmg Hie same nf lei noon, Shs litild «in gmc anotlici glimpse of «»hat some of Sir Unldw m's cutios temi his "soft" sido Sha recalled that hci husband »»as a man of peace "Ycsteidn\ 1 said to lum, 'It seems hard that ) ou, «» ho bn» e n orkeei lill »our life foi penco »uri n bettet lindct

standing among people, should lie hoisted »»ith this big stukc ' Ho looked it mc and saul, 'Well, I'm Bon» It Is lathci like building a bouse of cm tis, going up stoi) b} stoi), putting a eaitl hen. and ti catd thetc, and then something comes and brings tlie »»hole thing down Hop I bp on!) thing is that 1 must collect the canis -pick thom up again and build again ' '

'J thought to m)self, nilli pride," added Iii s Huid« In, 'He is n mun ' "

COST or Tin stmsiii»

'lhere is a small section of opinion «Indi fa»ours a contmuanco of Hie coal subsid« »n oidci tint the nniiets may not be beset by misfortunes nlneh arc uiitnoidablo This point of »ic»y »«as put into »»ords b} the Bishops of Winchester und hoiith»»ark While agreeing that n subsidised mdustt» is, miprinciple, bad, the bishops urged that the Go» eminent, bj granting tbo siibsid» ni the first plnee, bul made the nation io sponsiblo for Hie nolfnro of the coil mincis ' J lorn the human point of \ic»»," the» con tinned, ' it look» us if the suppoil of the subsid» being siiddenl) knocked n»va),

the binden of sustaining the atmet ui o is to be laid first upon those who aie least uble to beat it »»tuncas it nould olnioui.1) bo eheapci and Burel) nisei for the millern to sliouldci it fur a nhile longci at an expenso »»Inch »»ould bo infinitesimal an eompaicd »»ith the expense of a t,encial strike" Vossibl»' the bishops ha\c nut icaliscd Hie extent of tlio subBiel) Ah cul) 120,000,000 ha\c been spent, and Hie sui¡ sid) in ¿Intili «ns £2,800,000 No cottntr» can stand snell a drain when it linn also to maintain ii million inicmplo»cd Jinn» »»oikits aie fating e»en »»oiso than Hie minéis Win should the} be tn.ed to gi»o «oikois in mines tin uneconomic »»age

Ihe Co« eminent could come to onl» one decision, «hin 4 000,000 ti ade unionists flinnislicd "tho big stick' of n gcneinl stoke 'J he unions lui« o ngieed to pt ii then lesoniees At 10/ a ncek foi pat li Ktukci uioio than -.5,000 000 nil! Iiiut been spi nt b» nest Satin da) A »nek Intel 110 000,000 »»ill lune e,ono Hie n sources of Hntish tindo unionism cannot »»ithsland snell a di am »ct« long I lien will como bcaiclnugs of henil, descition,

and collapse

[ I lie genet al stuko was settled on Ala» li on Uto lindel standing thal the coal subsid) «ould be ii ne»«eil foi such n loasonabh peuod us might bo iPt.iuiocl li pioeu P I wot king basis fpi the settlement ni the conl stoke 'lins bus not jet been funnel -Pel "A"]