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Recently the "Western Mail" addressed the folia wing query to a number of prominent citizens

"Who, in your opinion, have con- tributed most effectively to the making of Western Australia during what is almost a century? Who have so set their mark on this State that history cannot Ignore them?"

It was suggested that lists Toe con- fined to 15 names. One of these solioi red replies will be published each week. Readers of the "Western Mail" are in- vited to to compile their own lists and for- ward them to the Editor. From the opinions submitted, an average will be calculated, and full-page portrait studies of the persons most in favour will appear in the "Western Mail." Envelopes bear- ing lists and the reasons governing selec- tion should be addressed to the Editor, "Western Mail" at George's-terrace, Perth, and endorsed "State Makers" in the top left corner.


After declaring that to include the liv-   ing would he a very invidious task, the Chancellor .of the University of Western Australia (Dr. A. J. H. Saw. M.L.C.) selects thc following names:

Sir James Stirling.

Sir William Robinson.

(Governors of the State before the ad-

vent of Responsible Government).

Lord Forrest.

(Explorer and Statesman).

Walter Padbury.

Slr William Loton.

(Pioneers in Agricultural and Pas-

toral Industria. Merchants and

Philanthropists.     William Bayley.

(Discoverer of Coolgardie).

Pat Hannan.

(Discoverer of Kalgoorlie) ,

Alex. Forrest.

(Explorer and Civic Administrator).

Anthony Hordern.

(Promoter of Great Southern Railway).

Edward Keane.

(Promoter of Midland Railwav).

C. Y. O'Connor.

(Engineer for- Fremantle Harbour and

Coolgardie Waler Scheme).

Frank Wilson. (Statesman).   Bishop Hale.  

(Founder of Secondary Education).  

Sir Cyril Jackson.

(Reformer of Elementary Education).  

Slr Winthrop Hackett.

(Philanthropist, first Chancellor of Uni-  

versity and Newspaper Proprietor).      

"The aibove are not arranged in any  

order of merit." explains Dr. Saw. "Some owe their inclusion to purely ac- cidental circumstances, and whilst the re-   sults of their actions were fraught with  

great inportance to the State, they were men of no outsanding merit. Ten of those included in the lists I knew per- sonally and deem them worthy of in-    

clusion, though I have carefully weighed the claims of several others. Had I in- cluded the living there are at least three names that would have been mentioned.."

Neither the Premier (Mr. P. Collier) nor the Minister for Lands (Mr. W. C. Angwin) will commit himself on the above issue. The Premier does not feel sufficiently well qualified to pronounce judgment, upon such a delicate and im- portant problem." "There are so many

persons." writes Mr. Angwin, "who have, contributed to the making of Western

Australia that I do not desire to men-  

tion any particular names in regard to the matter: there would be difficulty in  

doing so."