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(See Illustrations.)

The- first inter-State Rugby game in Western Australia took Mace on Wednes- day on the Association Ground. Several showers fell during tho play, and a titrons wind was blowing throughout, which gave the defenders of the west- ern goal a decided advantage. The ground in places was covered with water as a result ol the recent heavy rains, and the ball being slippery mili- tated against open play by the backs. A good number of spectators were present. Tho AV. A. team, led by Corlette (cap- tain), tojk the field first, and received their opponents with hearty cheers as thev came on. led by .1 olin sou (captain), «nd flie New South 'Wales responded. . His Excellency the Governor arrived just

before (he game stalled, and both teams lined up und greeted bim willi three hearty cheers. Mr. \V. Stewart Corr refereed. The New South Wales colours were light blue, and the W.A. team olive green jersey, with gold ewan on bi east . The teams were as follow :

New South Wales.-Full-back. Whit-

field ; three-quarters, Burleigh, McCabe, Handall. Daly ; five-eighths. Prentice ; halt, Bolt ; forwards, McIntyre, darken, Lamb, Musgrove. Hi rsc h berg, Gavin. Johnson, and Craig.

Wcslrrn Australia.-Full-back. AA'in 1 liing ; three-quarters. Brown, McLean,

and T. Jago ; fivo-t'ighths. Cable and S. Jago ; half. Molloy ; forwards, Corlette, Freeman, Arcus, Smith,'Ross, Williams, Giblin, and Walker.

W.A. won the toss, and New South AV ¡iles defended the ea si ern goal the first half, ag-iiust t lie wind. Lamb kicked oil, and after give and take play Chirk en bloke through a )ine-ou(, and McIntyre followed well and punted, and AA"inning sent ou( at centre. Frbni a serum Bolt shot out to Prentice, who sent on to

Randall, and thc latter was well stopped

by Brown, Molloy sending the loather cut. Craig and Gavin broke away, and carried to AA'.A. "25," and from a scrum Molloy came round and sent well down touch. McIntyre was prominent in a blue rush, and T. Jago marked and limited into touch. Gavin broke through tho lino-out. and Giblin responded at tlie he;yl of a green rush. Lamb carried back to AV.A. ground.,and T. Jago kick- ed out. Prentice secured and punted high, .ind Molloy returned to AA'hitfield, who sent out. McIntyre" broke away brilliantly, and AA'iuniug returned well down the touch line. Cable put in a good rmi. and T. Jago kicking hard New South Wales forced. "T. Jago returned the kick out, and Prentice sent out. From the scrum Bolt sent to Prentice, wlio forwarded to Randall, and for off- side piny W.A. were awarded a free. Prentice returned McLean's kick, and Molloy sent out at midfield. Cable was prominent in a dribbling rush to New South AA"»les "25." and McCabe sent out. Hi rschberg, darken and Lamb broke away, and-AVinning relieved well. Free to thc greens, and McCabe marked and sent out "well down the line. Giblin.

AValkcr and Corlette attacked wit li, a good dribble, and Coble carried on. McIntyre. Gavin, and Musgrove, respond- ed, and McCabe put in a dodgy run, and sent to Daly, who kicked out. Craig and darken were prominent in a h\w

rush, and Arcus returned and carried into touch on the New South Wales side of thc centre flag. T. Jago marked and ceuti-cd. and Gavin sent out. Bolt took possession and sent to Prentice, who _ punted, and S. Jago led a strong green

rush tn Whitfield, who sent out near his own line. From the throw-in (he bali was carried over the New South "Wales line, and T. Jago dashing up scored a try amidst great enthusiasm. McLean made n good but unsuccessful attempt,

at goal, aud the seores were ..-Western] Australia. 3 points ; New South' AA'ales, nil. ? . ,

Ou resumption of play McLean return el Gavin's kick^out, and McIntyre ear- ned on. Mol lox- relieved well into touch.

Biown secured'and. put in a smart run.

and Hirschberg, Johnson, and Musgrove' returned with the ball at toe. S. Jago stopped the rush, and Walker, Hoes, and Freeman carried back to midfield. Bur -Ieigh puuted, and Lamb aud- Craig car-

ried on, and Brown put in a useful run. and sent out at centre. A good passing run by the blue backs ended in Bur- leigh being well taken by Winning. Daly, McCabe, and Prentice again at- tacked,- and Giblin cleared with a fine

dribble to midfield. From a écrum Bolt_ shot out to Prentice, who sent on to ' McCabe, who after a' short dash sent out at his own "25" flag. Williams broke through, and the ball going over the New South Wales goal-line Whit- field forced. T. Jago took the kick-out, and dodging several opponents punted and Whitfield sent out at centre. Gavin npd Clarken were prominent in a blue rush, which McLean stopped well, and from a free McLean had a shot at goal, and Gavin kicked out at the "25" flag. Mclutyre broke through the line-out, and the blues carried to the W.A. goal-line. From a scrum Cable secured and put in a fine run, and T. Jago following, carried on to centre. Whitfield returned y punt by McLean from' a free. Boss kicked back, nod Prentice sent out at centre. Bolt secured, and sent out to Prentice, who forwarded on to Randall, who punted, and following well, nearly scored ; Cable saving. Burleigh returned the kick-out and Molloy picking up smartly, punted high, »nd Randal) Fent into touch. Molloy marking a knock-on, punted, and Daly sent out, just as the whistle blew for half-time. The. score then stood:-Western Australia, 3 points; New South Wales, nil.

After thc interval, the teams changed ude, and Ross kicked off. Gavin re- turned, and Winning sent out. Ross broke through, and Burleigh carried out. Williams broke through the line-out, and Molloy picking up punted, and McCabe returned. Cable "'marked, and

McLean made a splendid kick at goal from a difficult angle, and Randall forced. After give-and-take play, Lamb broke thiough the ruck, and Winning seut out near centre. From Hie scrum Bolt broke round, and was well taken by Brown. Johnson led a blue .rush, and the ball was carried over the W.A. goal-line, and McCabe beating a couple of opponents in pate, scored a try. Randall failed to convert, the scores being:-New South Wales, 3 points ; Western Australia, 3 point*. After even play, Molloy and Giblin were prominent in a strong" green rush, and' the ball was -kicked out at centre. Johnson took a scrum, and Bolt broke round smartly, and punted well down into touch. McLean secured, and by a good line kick against the wind, sent out at centre. Giblin broke through and Gavin sent ont. Bolt secured and

punted, and McLean sent out. A splen- did blue rush in which Craig, Musgrave, Clarken, aud Lamb were prominent, was

spoilt by a knock-on, and from a free to

W.A., Gavin sent out. McIntyre and Hirschberg broke away, and from a scrum Bolt sent to Prentice, who came round on (be blind «de, ¡md carried into touch. Arcus, Smith, and Ross came through the line-out, and Burleigh car- ried out. Gavin and Clarken broke through, and Cable returned with a good kick into (ouch near centre. Freeman tame through brilliantly, and carried to the New South Wales "25" flag. Corlette and Smith carried on, and nearly scored, the ball going into toueh-iu-goal. Gavin kicked out, and . Molloy returned, and from a free lo the blues. McCabe punted, and Hirschberg, McIntyre, and Musgrave carrying on. Winning cleared in a bril- liant maimer into touch at centre. Lamb broke through, and Brown sent out. Bolt seiuved, and unit to Prentice, who punt- ed, and Cable marked and punted, and following well he and T. Jago cleared to centre. Johnson and Craig led a blue rush to W.A. goal-line, and from a nerum Bolt shot out to Daly on the blind side of the sci mn, and the lat ter by a bril- liant dash got over and scored New South Wales' second try. Randall made a good but unmccessful hick at goal, and ?Hie totals «food :-New South Wales, 6 point* ; Western Australia,"» 3 points.

After even play, McIntyre broke

[ through a line-out and Williams led

back to cen i re. McCabe snapped up, and sent iq Burleigh, who punted, and the blues carrying on. Corlette stopped well : «nd"carried out at his own ''ii" flag. Williams and Molloy broke through, and Musgrave and Hirschberg attacking J strongly. Winning forced. Molloy kicked

ont, and sent into touch at "25" flag. McLean cleared a blue attack, and McCabe sent out at centre. Craig broke away, and Molloy responded in mid- field. Cable slopped a strong blue midi, and punted, and Williams follow- ing well, dribbled to New South Wales "25." Burleigh cleared and Brown and , Molloy carried back. Prentice relieved,

' and Cable sent cut at centre. Willimill:

again broke (brough, and Randall *e,ut out near the W.A. "25" flag. , The blue forwards, led by McIntyre . and Clarken, cirri fd to <r.A. line, and from a scrum

Randall -secured, and dashing over, scor- ed New South Wales' third try, which he converted. New South Wales had tlni6 i scored il points, and Western Australia

S noints. From the kick-out another brilliant blue forward rush .carried play tj W.A. territory, and Molloy cleared t into touch at the "2.V flag. Ross marked

from a knock-on and punted. Craig breaking through to Molloy, who sent

j out. Bolt secured, and forwarded ? to

? Prentice.. and tho ball ouickly travelled

through thc hands ol McCabe, Randal!. ¿md Duly." and the latter after a splendid ¡?lin. scored New South Wales' fourth (ry behind the: goa! poste. Randall added the extra points, and the--totals stood. , »New South" .Wales. IG ucauts ; Western

Australia. 3 points'. ? Prentice r?turned 1 the kitk-püY;a.nd thc blue ^forwards -car

ried to the W»A. goal-line. Bolt from a j scrum, sent out to Burleigh, and Rose | ch ared. Gavin secured.and eent to McIn- tyre, who carried into touch near the W.A. "25" flag at the call of time.

London, July 28.

It is practically certain that the j Rugby Union will send a strong team j

to New Zealand next year.