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Claremont Improved: Perth Disappoints : Niven s Clever Display : Shepherd Again Perth's Best: An Improved Player: North Perth Juniors Continue success : Fremantle Rangers Soccer Teams First Win : Rugby Chatter.

Showing greatly Improved form, Clareinont-Cottesloe extended East Fremantle on Saturday, in a game characterised hy several exciting incidents. Perth's heavy defeat at the bands ot South Fremantle was as unexpected as lt was disappoint- ing. Niven and Shepherd, fer West Perth, and Perth, respectively, gave outstanding exhibitions.

Fremantle Rangers (Soccer), af ter a game full of Incident, defeated North Perth by a goal. Tilts is its first win

for the season.

"Hook" discusses matters of interest to Rugby players.


The League. (By "Ftodu")

^THOUGH the cardinals went douro to

young Easts in the first round, West Perth managed to turn the tables in the first game of the second series or* Satur

day. West Pertb played a magnificent game 1 and displayed remarkable accuracy in kick-

ing fer goal. Even the erratic Hopkins, displaying some of the form which earned bis selection in a recent State team,, was playing like a champion, both on the ground and in the air. His work has been considerably smartened. Had Cashman been playing his influence could not have been made more apparent. His eoaehing has undoubtedly straightened out the team's chief weaknesses,, but there is still room for improvement. Marinka and J. SfeDiarmid were the most outstanding of the pack, but Marinko was, in my opinion, the pick of the pair. As the saying goes he was "playing a paddock full." His work to date has amply justified West Perth*e action in bringing him back to the team this year. Strong and tireless, he oses his

F. HOPKINS : He displayed much Improved

form last Saturday.

weight to the best advantage and never kicks the ball aimlessly. Niven, the Vic- torian recruit, has infused new life into the forward division. His eyes are kept to the ball and his forwards, and, given the slightest opportunity, he gets the leather to the next line of attack with the utmost expedition. Tyson, who shares with Rowlands the honour of heading the goal kicking list, scoi'cd nine full pointers in a masterly fashion. Gordon, on the flank, was easily the best of tbe centres and had the redoubtable G ubi fairly beaten.

Despite his lack of inches, Screaigh (who by the way pronounces his name "Screech") pushed his way in and out of the crushes surprisingly well, and though he could not rely on weight he used a safe pair of hanls and a driving boot to the best advantage. Billy Thomas, another member of East Perth's small brigade, was up forward, displaying every now and then lightning dashes, and at all times clear and cool judgment. Mick Croninr who was in- jured in a recent match, waa unfortunately not in his usual place at centre, his place being taken by Woods. A surgical examin- ation has revealed that Cronin's injury is fairly serious, and it seems as though it will keep bim out of action for some tame. Jim Lalor, brother of the team's wing, who has acted as 19th man, was included in the team and acquitted himself satisfactorily. He is young, having played for the Mt. Lawley Metropolitan Júniora" two years ago. Last year he was a prominent mem- ber of the University team in the Amateur Association. Others to shine were Grieve, Booth and Little. Woods, Cronin's snb stitute at centre, was fairly effective at the beginning of the game, but towards the end Morgan's tactics obviously had him baffled.

That Claremont-Cottesloe should run old Easts so close sneaks well for the young team. Claremont has improved considerably, and has gone from strength to strength since the first match. During the third, quarter, however, the combine was not able to press its attacks sufficient- ly» and its followers were confronted with the annoying sight of the ball within scoring distance but without anyone te drive it through the sticks. In the final term the tieers made a concerted attack, but the backs on both sides stuck to their

jab, and in consequence the scoring/ was not prolific. Rowlands» for old Easts, was one of the few who knew a point too many for the Claremont backs. The ruck was in good form, reflecting great credit on Glass and Telfer. Fordham and Munro were solid in defence.

Greenwood and Dingwall were the life- blood of the tigers' back line, and time and again repulsed the port team's at- tackers, while Lovegrove and Sanders afeo did some exceptionally useful work in defence. Western and Regan held their


F. Greenwood.

One of the most improved play- ers in the leapfue is F. Greenwood, of Claremont-Cottesloe, Few who saw lu's able work at half-back against East Fremantle last Sat- urday would reajise that a few years ago his general play was extremely poor and his kicking atrocious. Before coming to Claremont-Cottesloe he played for

the Subiaco Association team, but his latent talent was not re- cognised by the Subiaco league team selectors.

A typical half-back player, he sîiows a good knowledge of tactics while on the field, and is rarely beaten. He does not dispose of the ball aimlessly; whenever is possession he has an eye to dis- posal, and when necessary he makes it, quickly and accurately.

Though Ms marking is good, it is for his ground play that he wins most admiration. His "hands are safe and his boot carries a lot of force behind it.

As he is ouly 21 years of age he should have a number of years of football ahead'of him. He is of solid build, weighing 11.2 for his 5ft. Sin. He has been play- ing in league games for three


own against thc opposing rucks. Clare-

mont-Cottesloe almost equalled its feat of j 1320 when, in one of the football senea-l tibns of the year, it defeated Eatt Fre-, mantle twice in succession after that team had beaten every other club.

Perth capped a series of poor perform-] anees this season by gping down to South |

Fremantle. Perth's team, work waa sadly

lacking, and with, the exception of the]

ever-reliable Shepherd there were few patches of individual brilliance. The red | legs' form was not a patch on that dis Í)layed in the game against South in the

ast round, when, after a hard game, they j

managed to win by six points.

Whether with the pack or in defence, i

Holt was the most reliable man for Soutit Fremantle, while Carpenter» with the at- tack, gave a 6ound display. Edgar in de- fence was consistently good. Delfs once again proved himself a serviceable rover.

Following were the results of Saturday's


ill Fina». Pts. WEST PERTH . 6.0 IO. 2 13. 4 19. 5 119 EAST PERTH . 6.S 9. 8 12. 9 13.14 92 EAST FTLE . . 5.5 IO. 7 R. 117.14 fifi C'MONT-COTT. . 3.2 7. 4 11.10 14.13 97

SOUTH FTLE . 5.1 IO. 3 13. 8 18.15 123 i

PERTH .... 1.7 8.10 4.12 9.14 68

Next Saturday's Fixtures.

Claremont-Cottesloe has a good chance !

of lowering East Perth's colours at Perth Oval if it maintains last Saturday's form. Perth and West Perth met at Leederville, but the cardinals should not be troubled. East Fremantle should add another victory to its long list when it meets Subiaco at Fremantle. South Fremantle has a bye.


P. W. I>. For " Agrt. Pts. E. FREMANTLE . 7 6 1 789 482 24 WEST PERTH ... 7 4 3 667 515 16 EAST PERTH .. 7 4 8 639 689 16 SOUTH F'TLE. . . 7 8 4 623 479 12 PERTH. 7 8 4 646 655 12 OLAREM'T-OOTT. . 7 8 4 498 621 12 SUBIACO .... 6 1 6 392 621 4


R. TYSON (West Perth) '. 31 C. ROWLANDS (East Fremantle) .. 31 A. ASHTON (South Fremantle) .... 23

D. OLIPHANT (Perth). 23 K. O'REILLY (East Perth). 22 A. ROWLEY (Claremont-Cott.) .... 21