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(By "Mab.")

The Honorary" Minister (Mr? Milling- ton) SIDO! Mrs. Millington arrived in Al- bany last Friday. They attended the Agricultural Show in the afternoon, and on Saturday left- for Denmark to attend the Field" Day arranged by the Agricul-

tural Society.

Mr. and Mrs. Berthold left for Perth by Thursday's train last week. Mr. Berthold was second master at the Albany Central School, and is leaving Albauy for health reasons. He will be much missed in snorting circles, and both Mr. and Mrs Berthold will be niiesed socially.

Miss Satdie Hassell, eldest daughter ol Mr. Ednie Hassell, of Cottesloe, paid a short visit to ber aunt. Miss Hassell, of Hillside, last wee-k.

Mrs. Thirkell, daughter of the late Anthony Hordern, came to Albany last week to visit her father's grave. Mr. Hordern fathered thc Great Southern Railway. He died on board a mail steamer when on his way to Albany, and was buried here. The Hordern Memorial was erected at the top of York-street in his honour, and is a well-known landmark.

Mr. A. Thompson. M.L.A.. leader of- the Country Party; Mr. A. Burvill, M.L.C.. Mr. A. Wansborough, M.L.A., and Mr. G. R. Baron-Hay visited the Agricultural Sho\v here, and then proceeded to Denmark for the Field Day.

The Mayor (Mr. C. H. Wittenoom). Messrs E. Balston. O. K. Norman. E. A. Hardie. A. Muir. F. Reedy. Me\. Hen- ning. G. H. Manley. E. NV Glyde. T. H. .Tones. E. J. Thompson. A. H. Richardson. Allen Hill. S Gibbs and many ladies were among those who spent the day at Den- mark

Mr. and Mrs. Whitfield and their small son are paying a holiday visit to Albany. Mr. Whitfield was for some yvars in the Union Bank here, and -s now station ed at York.

Mr. J. T. Plumb, the euergeric secre- 1 ta ry of the Albauy sub-branch of the

Ft.S.r... has been transferred to Northan, ;

in tlie. service of the Railway Depart- j incut. Mr. and Mrs. Plumb's departure is milch regretted.

Professor Ross delivered a University Extension lecture at Denmark on Tues- day of last week. He returned to Ppnh on Thursday. Mrs. Ross and her littic daughter arrived in Albany last week, mid will be staying the summer down ar Middleton Beach.

A. and H. Show.

A remarkable, success was achieved hv the Albany A. and H. Society reeently wlioi their annual show took place in Messrs. Henry Wills nnd Co.'s enorm<vi«t shed, very kindly lent to them by Mr A. IT. Dickson for the occasion, and wlifli was of reírse an immense help to ;li" society The flowers were disappoiiiHns. not bein.? nearly as pood ns in forn¡.,r

years, but the inter-district exhibits caus- ed great interest and were really a won- derful display and certainly did a great deal of good as far as advertising the dis- trict and land round Albany. Torbay, carried off the first prize. King and Sal- gan District second prize, and Kenden- up third. The women's industry section was very good, some beautiful work be- ing shown. The raffia work was especi- ally admired. Mrs. Edwards carried off Miss Lownde's prize for the best col- lection of raffia with a really wonderful lot of work. The Sisters of St. Joseph's Convent showed a beautiful collection of needlework and painting done by the pupils.

A wedding of interest to many Albany , friends was that of Violet Etuelwynno

Saw. younger daughter of Mr. and Mrs. ' T. H. Saw, of Bow River, Denmark, and Matthew McVicker Smyth, late Capta:u. A LP., of Elder House, Pert h. Tba cere- mony, which was performed by the Rev. XV. Bushell, rector of Denmark, took place at 'the residence ot" tue ertdc's parents. After the ceremony thc happy couple left for Albany, and after an ex- tended honeymoon touring- the South- west will settle down in their home at Nedlands.