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The following aie iba performances" of ^ Metal and Sunny Days,' the two' ifcornugh breds purchased by Mr. Frank Hassell for racing purposes in this colony :

Metal, a bay horss, 5 years old, by Tubal Caip-Stockrose. He did not run a3 a two year old. As a three year old he ran seven times without a win. He w&s unplaced in the Maiden Plate at the V.A\T.G. Spring meeting; in the Maiden Plate and iè £hô Mares Produce Stakes at the V.R.C. Spring meeting ; in the Foal Stakes at tho Geelong R.C. Summer meeting ; in the Essendon Stakes at the V.R.C. Autumn meeting; third in the Maiden Stakes at the same meeting ; and unplaced in the South Yarra Handicap at the V.A.T.C. meeting. As a four year old, he ran four times and was each time un- successful. His first attempt was in the Melbourne Cup, won by Sheet Anchor, in which he waa backed down to 25 to 1 and never gave his supporters a show. His next race was the Veteran Stakes over a mile and a half in which he finished third, with 6st. 121b3 up to Britisher, ¡aged, 7st. 121bs., and Côrise and Blue, 4 years, 6st. 91bs. The distances between the placed horses were a length and then half a length. The time of the race wos2mins. 38jsecs. He was nuplaeed in the Carrington Stakes, over a mile and three furlongs at the Tattersalls Club (N.S.W.) meeting, the winner being Ben Bolt. On the same same day he ran in the Free Handicap over a mile and a quarter and was again unplaced. This finished his career for the season of 1886. The horse was nominated for the Perth Cup at the New Year meeting of the W.A.T.C. in the name of Mr. Locke of Bunbury but was afterwards withdrawn from the race.

Sonny Dats, 4yra, a bay horse by Haw- thornden-Sunshine, ran four times as a two-year-old. He was unplaced for the Sapling Stakes at the V. A.TC. Grand Nation- al meeting. He ran second with 8st. 41bs. np, to Solo, 6st. lOlbs., for tke Two Year Old Stakes, at the Victorian Club Janu- ary meeting, there finishing behind him Ocista 7st. lllbs., First Pop 8st. 81bs., Derision 7st. 121bs. Remus 7st. 91bs. and Warina 7st. 31bs. Solo won by half a length in 1 min. 44- sees., the distance being five furlongs. Sunny Days nest ran third to Juanna and Girofla for the Hopeful Stakes at the V.R.C. Autumn meeting, five furlongs. The time of the race was 1 min. 4J sees., and Sunny Days was 3J lengths behind the win- ner. Matchlock was amongst the unplaced horses, and the field numbered fourteen. His nest venture was in the Nursery Handi- cap, at the V.R.C. meeting, over five furlongs. The field numbered twentyone, and Sunny Days gava weight to all of them except Joanna, who conceded him 8lbs. He car- ried Sst. 4lbs , and won by a neck from Abner, 7st. Clbs. Delamia, 7st. 71bs, being third. Amongst the beaton horses were Juanna, 8st. 121bs., Matchlock 8jt. 21bs., Arsenal Sst., Solo 7st. 121bs., Lady Wilton 7st. 41bs., Djrision 7st. 21bs. The time o*f the race was 1 min. 6l, sees. This concluded a suc- cessful two-yeo-r-old career. As a three year old he ran only twice. He was unplac- ed for the Ladies' Trophy, six furlongs, at the V.A.T.C. Juno meeting, iii a largo field. The time of the race was 1 nrn 18i sec. He was also unplaced in the Flat over a mil9 at the V.R.C. Grand National meeting.


The annual general mooting of the Vic- torian Football Club waa held at the Criterion Hotel on Thursday night. Tho Secretary read his report showing that the Club had a balance in hand of £ö 14s. 3d., and that they had won 4 matehes, drawn 3, and lost 2 dur- ing last season. During the meeting, 14 new members were elected. The following were elected as officers: Patron, Mr. E. Keane, M.L.C. ; President, Mr. C. H. Rason ; Vice-Presidents, Mr. J. R. North, Dr. Kenny, Hon. J. A. Wright, the Hon. Malcolm Fraser, C.M.G., Mr. W. G. Hearman, Mr. A. Thomson, Mr. C. T. Mason, and Mr. W. Sandover; captain, H. Wilson ; vice-oaptain, H. Sadler ; hon. secretary, A. Lake ; committee : captain, vice-captain, secretary, and Messrs. Speak, Webber, Jones, and Sheah ; Association dele- gates, H. Wilson and A. Lake. The club are trying to secure a room which can be used as a gymnasium, where the members can go through the ordinary training that is required to enable them to play the game. There was an enthusiastic feeling in the meeting, and it is certain that the " Vios" will try hard to gain the premiership of the colony.


The following Association matches will be played to-day : City Temperance C.C. v. Union C.C, New Recreation Ground ; Port C.C. v. Metropolitan C.C, Old Recreation



The following will represet M.C.C. in this match to be played this afternoon :-G. Parker (captain) Stafford, James, North, Monger, Curtis, Lowe, Wright, (Wilkinson, Piper, Mason.


A match between teams representing the above drawn from the members of the M.C.C. was opened yesterday. The married men went to the wickets and when time was called five wickets had fallen for 84. Scores

Married Men.

E. Sholl, c Sweeting b Piper ... 0 H. G. B. Mason, b Glyde ... l8 S. H. Parker, o Curtis b Glyde ... 11 G. Parker, b Glyde ' . 17 F. E. Stafford, not out . 28 R. A. Sholl, b James . 1

Extras . 9

Total for five wickets 84


The above match was played on Wednesday last on the Esplanade, and resulted in a victory to the Mercantiles by 50 runs on the 1st innings. The Mercantiles batted first, and succeeded in putting together 100 before the last wicket fell. Of this number Gamson contributed 37, J. Kenworthy 28, and Greville 12, not out. Moffatt bowled well for the Cygnets, taking 8 wickets at a cost of 35 runs. On going in to bat, the juniors made 50, of which number Moffatt by good cricket made 24, when he was run out. He is a very promising all round player. Fruin was the most successful trundler for the Mercantiles,

taking 7 wickets for 19, Law took 3 for 14, and Ranford 1 for 13. The Mercantiles went in again for a short time in a bad light, and lost 3 wickets for 13 ; Gamson, not out, 8. The following are the scores ;

Perth Mercantiles. B. Ranford, b Moffatt

... 2

G. Ryley, b Kennedy

... 2

H. Gamson (capt.), b Moffatt

... 37

R. Law, b Moffatt .

... 0

G. Fruin, c Conway, b Moffatt

... 2

W. Reardon, b Kennedy ...

... 4

A. Canning, ht wkt b Moffatt

... 4

J. Kenworthy, b Moffatt ...

... 28

W, Greville, not ont.

... 12

D. Guthrie, b Moffatt

... 0

F. Chipper, b Moffatt

... 0 Extras.

... 9 Total.

... 100 Cygnets."

Hyde b Ranford.

... 4

Moffatt, rnn out .

... 24

Liddelow, b Fruin.

... 0

Conway, b Fruin .

... 4

Kennedy, b Fruin ...

... 0

Bowra, b Fruin

... 0

Crawford, b Fruin.

... 0

Christie, b Law .

... 0

Whitlla, aun ont .

... 3

Delaney, b Law .

... 2

Barker, absent .

... 0

Welsh, b Fruin .

... 1 Nolan, b Law

... 5

McGann, c Sinclair, b Fruin

... 4

Wylding, not'tut .

... 0 Extras.

... 3 Total.

... 50

The next Pope is to be a young man-that is well understood-and Mgr. de Rende is, so to say, the favourite. He has been carefully put to the proof, and the verdict of authority is that he has been found prudent. The same combination which placed Leo XIH. in the ehair of Peter, in spite of years of neglect at the hands of Cardinal Antonelli, will place the discreet Paris Nuncio there when the Roman Catholic Church loses tho guidance of Leo the Pacific-Galignani.