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A match was played on Saturday afternoon at Fremantle, between teams representing the Rovers (Perth) and Union (Fremantle) clubs. Tho Union, it will be remembered, is considered the junior club of the Association, and consequently is allowed to play twenty three men in its match teams. In the match between the Fremantle F.C. and the Unions a week ago, the latter played twenty one men ; and on Saturday twenty two men were put into the field. The Rovers team, which was captained by L. Ogborne, was certainly not its best, some of the club's most prominent players being unable to play, The teams were composed of the following men : Rovers -L. Ogborne (Captain) A. M. Lowe, W. H. Glyde, S. Randell, C. Birch, E. Letch, R. Wigglesworth, A. Birch, E. A. Stone, E. Og- borne, J. Angove, P. Hussey, S. J. Chipper, W. Lawrence, E. Rodoreda, F. Shaw, J. Scrymgour, J. Rose, E. Kenworthy, and A. Sinclar. Union-J. Humble (Captain) A. Bromhall, G. Herbert, R. Cook, S. Franken- berg, F. Snook, A. Lock, C. Birch, J. Hicks, G. Hayward, S. Gregg, L. Hicks, G. Hicks, G. Harwood, W. Price, P. Cunningham, S. Nugent, H. Fay, R. Howson, B. Griffin, and G. Jarvis. The football ground at Fremantle is in bad condition for the game, the surface being very rough. Play commenced at about three o'clock, the Rovers losing the toss and tho ball being kicked off by E. Ogborne. The ball was promptly returned but was then car- ried down to near the Union goal, where L. Ogborne was given a mark by Chipper. From the kick the ball was smartly marked by Humble, a very short distance from his goal, and the «'ame was carried back to the centre of the ground. After some smart scrimmag- ing, a good kick by Fay resulted in the game for the first time moving into the Rover's half. The play now was vigorous, not to say rough, and as it proceeded, several of the players became rather reckless. For a few

minutes the fortunes of the game swayed

from one half to the other, but finally the ball was got well into the Unions half, where Ogborne got a hard chance at goal, and only a'behind resulted from the kick. Three minutes after the ball was returned into play again, it was carried right up to the Union's goal. Here the Rover's juvenile player Scrymgonr marked the ball and kicked the first goal. The Unions now made a great effort, and succeeded in keeping the ball near the centre of the ground for a while, but the Rovers were again too strong for them, and pressed them back until E. Ogborne took a shot at goal from the field and scored. After the kick off some smart play was witnessed on the part of both teams, the most promin- ent players at this time being Fay and Hum- ble for the Unions, and L. Ogborne, E. Og- borne and Birch for the Rovers. The Union men, chiefly through a nice run on the part of Fay, shifted the play well into their op- ponents' ground, and failing at a goal, got a behind. After this, chiefly throngh the ex- ertions of the brothers Ogborne, Chipper, and Sinclair, the ball was rnshed right down the ground, but the result was only another behind. Immediately after this another attempt on the part of the Rovers to force a goal resulted in a behind, Scrymgonr missing the shot., Then the ball was cleverly passed along the field by a series of marks taken by Rose, Sinclair, and Hussey, the latter taking a shot at goal, but, though it was a decided chance to score, he missed. The operation was repeated immediately afterwards, Rose kicking from a mark and sending the ball right up the ground, where it was well marked by Hussey, who. however, failed to score from a place kick. The game now moved into the Rover's half, the ball going to within a very few yards of the goal, but through some grand play on the part of L. Ogborne a score was prevented. Within the space of a minute the position of the game was reversed, it being now the Union goal that was at- tacked. Several attempts to score failed, but then Lawrence got a mark bang in front of the posts, and, of course, scored the third goal for the Rovers. Shortly after this time was called. The score at this period of the game stood-Rovers, 3 goals 5 behinds; Unions, 1 behind. As will be seen from the score, the Rovers had all the best of it in the

first half. The Union men did not play a

first half. The Union men did not play a

very good game, their followers, as a rule, being overcome in the scrimmages. During the second half of the game it underwent a considerable change, the Union men making a, more equal fight of it. Being so far behind on the score they simply played most of their men on the ball, there being occasionally as many as fiftien of them following The result of this was that the Rovers, too had to strengthen their followers and the game resolved itself into a series of scrimmages in which there was little scope for good play. Immediately after the resumption of play, Hussey got a mark near goal, and took a shot, but it was a poster. Humble, Housen and Fay now distinguished themselves for the Unions, while for the Rovers, Chipper, the brothers Birch, the Ogbornes and Randell were showing prominently. Chipper on two or three occasions made a fine run along the high side of the ground. The play in the second half was ofA a rough character and spills were frequent, but only a few behinds were got, chiefly by the Unions. The game closed with the scores as follows :-Rovers 3 goals 7 behinds ; Unions _ behinds. For the Rovers L. Ogborne, the Captain, played a grand game all through and was conspi cuous as far and away the bast man on the field

When his own gool was in danger he played like a lion, running with great power and kicking splendidly. He was well supported by Lowe, E. Osborne, the brothers Birch, Stone, Chipper, Randell, little Scrymgour and Rose. For the Unions Humble, Brom hall, Frankenburg, Lock, Fay,"Housen, Griffin and Jarvis played most prominently. Mr. Imray officiated as umpire.


The match between the Rovers and Vic- torians was played yesterday afternoon on the Recreation Ground, Perth, in the presence of a large body of spectators. The Victorians had been strengthened by several well known players from the other side, while the Rovers hod also amongst its members B. V. Scrym gour and one or two other new men. The Rovers were as usual captained by L. Ogborne, and the Victorians by Rankin. Play commenced at three, Webber kick ing off for the Victorians. The ball was promptly returned, and then Stone of the Rovers worked it in splendid fashion along the wing and carried it again to the centre, where, after a few minutes of scrim- maging, E. Ogborne took a kick at goal and scored for the Rovers. The first goal was got in four minutes from the start. On the ball being sent into play again, it was carried into the Victorians half, and now L. Ogborne, Stone and Ward, showed promin- ently for the Rovers and Wilson, Spooner and the captain for the Victorians. In a scrimmage that ensued, L. Ogborne took a back kick at goal but missed, scoring a behind. On the ball being returned into play both Hussey and Ogborne marked the halibut their efforts did not result in anything as Wilson marked them in return. Gamson also marked the ball well repeatedly and the result of one of his kicks was that Lake got a mark in front of the Rovers goal, but a considerable distance from it. He took

a place kick from it and in magnificent style' soored a goal. On the ball being kicked off by L. Ogborne, Wilson marked him and at- tempted a run and though he was well shep- herded he gained very little ground. A series of scrimmages followed in the neighbourhood of the Pavilion and from a chance kick from one of them Rodoreda marked the ball well down the right wing. He cen tered the, ball nicely to Stone, who caught it right in front of the Victorian goal and at a distance of only about twenty yards. He however, failed to score. Ends were then changed and for a while the play moved all over the field, but on its shifting down to- wards the Rovers goal, chiefly through a good run on the part of Gamson, Lake got the ball, took a shot at the gool and missed. After this, the play was carried on chiefly in the Victorians' half and here Angove marked cleverly to Scrymgour, who took a long shot at goal, kicked splendidly, but missed. A few moments later time was called, the score at this period standing : -Rovers 1 goal 3 be- hinds ; Victorians 1 goal 1 behind. Immed- iately after the resumption of play, the game oscillated for a long while, the struggle being a very even one. The Rovers wore frequent- ly baulked on forcing their way to the Vic- torian goal by Wilson, who played a grand game as back. Rankin, who was showing grand form, got a mark on the Rovers right wing and centered the ball right in front of the Rovers goal, bnt Letch returned it promp ly. Rankin again succeeded in marking the ball, but the result of his efforts was only a behind. Nothing of importance transpired during the next few minutes, with the excep tion that some brilliant play near the middle of the field was witnessed on the port of Randell, Scrymgour and L. Ogborne for the Rovers, and Rankin, Gamson and Spooner for the Victorians. Ends were changed and then the play was carried right up to the Victorian goal. Here Rodoreda marked the ball on the wing but missed the shot for the goal, as did Hussey a difficult chance im mediately to the right of the posts. Soon after this Lake took a shot at goal for the Victorians from the field but only scored a behind. During the remainder of the game the Rovers had all the best of it keeping the ball well into their opponent's half. Timo after time they succeeded in getting it within a few yards of the posts, but though they got several behinds, they failed to score. L. Ogborne made two splendid shots while on the run and just missed Letch made a fine run along one of the wings while Wilkinson obtained a mark in clever style. In the last ten minutes of the play the Rovers obtained no less than four or fivi behinds. When played ceased the score stood Rovers :-1 goal 8 behinds ; Victorians 1 goal 3 beninds. The match, therefore, wa a draw in favour of the Rovers. Mr. Imray of Fremantle officiated as Umpire.