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Letters are lying at lins Office for "N.E. 150," "J." and " W. E. Pull."

There was a clean sheet at tho Freman- tle Police Court on Monday.

The overland mail from Perth reached Albany at 7.30 p.m. on Sunda,.. «

An instalment of our " Lady's London Gossip" appears on the fourth page of to- day's issuo.

Imperfect communication on the ¿lucia telegraph line beyond Eyre sand patch was reported at the Central Telegraph Office, yesterday.

The name of W. Doonan lias been placed on the list of persons for whom unclaimed messages are lying at the Central Tele- graph Office

The R.M.S. Valetta arrived at Albany at 11 a.m. yesterday. Her passengers for this colony were Messrs. Littlejohn, Scott, Misses Rose (2), Misses Wilmot (2), Mr.

and Mrs. Hardman.

AN error crept into a paragraph wo pub- lished yesterday, stating that the gas bill of the Corporation of Pertli for tlie last " week" was £24 15s. It should have been for last " month."

An inquest was held at Cossack on February 15, on the body of Thomas E. Clarke, who died suddenly at the Pearler's Best. A verdict of " Death from natural causes" was returned.

An inquest was held at Roebourne on the 6th February, on the body of Wuniallan brnng, alias Ben, au aboriginal native, who died in prison while awaiting his ti ial on the charge of murdering a native girl named Opossum. A verdict of "Death from natural causes" was returned.

At the Derby Sessions held on Jannarv 26, William Bottomley, charged with obtain- ing goods by false pretences, was sent to prison for six months with hard labour ; and John Batch, charged with the man- slaughter of a nativo, was sent to prison

for twelvo months with hard labour.

The R.M.S. Valetta arrived at Albany from Colombo at 10 a m. yesterda}-, with the European and Indiau mails, and left for Glouelg at 2.30 p.m. The overland mail left Albany for Perth witli the Eng- lish mails at 4 p.m., and ought to reach the General Post Office about 10 p.m.


While the Malays and the pearling fleet were celebrating Christmas at Port Head- land, a man named Gnstavus, in the em- ploy of Captain Walton, fell overboard from the lugger Vision, where he had become drunk, and was drowned. A diver was sent down, and every effort made to recover the body, but without



E have received a letter from a corres-

pondent signing himself J.G. complain- ing of the conduct of a station master on the Eastern Railway in making frivolous accusations against him. The statement of our correspondent is certainly of a curious kind. But we would point out to Lim that his proper course is, not to write to the newspapers-in the first instance, at any rate-but to lay his complaint before the General Manager.

The Major and Commandant of the Volunteer forces of Western Australia has ordered abrigado parade ot the Volun- teers pi Perth, 3? remautle and Guildford, to take, place at 7'45 pin., tomorrow (Wednesday, 91 h inst.) ou the New Re- creation Ground, on which occasion the special prize, valno5£10, shot for on the jllth December last, will be presented to the winner, Private D. Gregg of the Metropolitan Rifles.

Captain Gale has reported to the Roe- bourne police that, while anchored at Forrester's Island on January 11, a hurri- cane during the night upset hiá cutter, the Eagle, and one of his crew, a coloured man named Joseph Kabor, was drowned, and himself and the remainder of the crew had a very narrow escape. Both the Eagle and another boat, the Yule, wore dismasted. The body of Kabor was not recovered, owing to a strong tide thatTvas running carrying it away.

We have received another letter from the Rev. A. J. Lecaille addressed to the Victorian Express, which tho rev. gentle- man asks us to publish. As wo stated before it is not in accordance with jour- nalistic etiquette to ropublish communica- tions to other papers. Since then we see thatFr. Lecaille has written to the Express a detailed statement of what actually occurred at the Greenough funeral under comment, from which it appears that the

story of an alleged 'disgraceful scene' originated in a mere accident, unfortunate but reflecting no blame upon anyone con-


It ntíw appears that one death resulted from the thunderstorm which prevailed over Perth on Wednesday, March 2nd. A wood-cutter named John Shannon, re- siding in a cottage at Freshwater Bay, waa struck by lightning when lying in bed, and thrown on to the floor. Since then he has boen ill, and has boen visited twice hy P.C. Bonnor. Yesterday morning P.C. Bonnor went to the cottage with a View to bringing him to the Perth Hospital, and found that lie was dead. Tlio body was removed to the Hospital.

The Fremantle Quarterly Licensing Ses sions were held at Fremantle, yesterday, before a bench consisting of Mr. R. Fairbairn, R. M., Messrs. L. W. Clifton, D. K. Congdon, and Dr.J Hope, J's.P. Wm. Fishwick was granted a transfer of license for the Star Hotel, and Alfred Alex. Davis a license for a new hotel now in course of construction at South Terrace and Norfolk Street, to be known as the Oddfellows Hotel. The applications of Geo. Thompson and R. T. King for gallon licenses were acceded to, likewise were those of Cornelius de Silva and Baloth Hasson for Hawkers Licenses.

The adjourned sittings of the Supreme Court, in its civil juiisdiction, will ho resumed this morning, when the case of Chester v. Hassell will bo heard before

tlie Acting Chief Justice, without a jury. The plaintiff, Mr. George Chester, claims £2,000 damages from the defendants, the Messrs. Hassell, for an alleged trespass. It had boen arranged that the Full Court should sit at the conclusion of this case, but, since that arrangement was made, a delay arose in disposing of a case from the North West (Wood v. Finlay &, Baynes).

which was to have been tried before Mr.

Acting Justice Leake last week, but which owing to the absence of an impor- tant witness was postponed until Thurs- day next. As this witness has ar- rived in the steamer Perth, probably that case will be taken up at the conclusion of the action for trespass, and the sittings in banco held afterwards. The Court will sit in its criminal jurisdiction on Monday ne^.t, for the trial of the Kimberley mur-

der case.

At the Perth Police Court yesterday, Patrick Reardon was fined 40s. for dis-

orderly conduct ; John McAllen charged

with drunkenness was cautioned and

discharged ; Alexander Young charged with sleeping in the open air was caution- ed and discharged ; John Smith charged

with drunkenness was cautioned and dis- charged ; George Grimsdale charged with lodging in the open air was cautioned and discharged : William Ward was fined 10s. for being drunk in Wellington Street ; William Cassidy, charged with stealing 25s. worth of towelling from the doorway of the store of Mr. W. G. Hearman, pleaded guilty aud was sent to prison for six months with hard labour ; Carey Linthorn was charged on a summons with on Feb. 26, inciting a prisoner, named James Brown to resist arrest. Two pol- icemen gave evidence to the effect that Linthorn called to Brown not to go with them when arrested for disorderly con- duct. Two witnesses of respectable ap- pearance swore that Linthorn was stand- ing with them at the time of the alleged offence and that he made no remark either to Brown or the police. The magistrates accepted the evidence of the police and fined the defendant 40s: and costs.