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ALIKARES. —On January 16, at Nurse Hall's

Private Hospital, 44 Milligan-street, Perth, to Mr. and Mrs. G. Alikares, of Roe-street,

Perth —a son. Both well.

A'..v.-'Ja January 24, at Kurse Love-

land's Private ilospiial. Perth-« ctt, Cot î,nlco, tlic widow uf the Ute Utorge B. Andersen-of a ton (George Backer).

Br.EXN'AN.-On January 31, at Kurse Smith's,

Highercombe, 572 Newcastle-street, to Mr. und Mrs, T. Brennan, of Nannup-a son.

BLOWN.-On February 8, at Liudvalc, Field

street, Ut. Lawley, to Mr. and Hrs. J. F.

Browa-a son. Both we'l.

CAI! H.-On February ll), at Nurse Lloyd'*

Private Hospital. Coolgardie-street, to Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Carr, of Westonia-a daugh- ter. Mother" and child well.

CLARKE -On January 25, at their residence,

Coff se Palace, Geraldton, to Mr, and Mrs. J. M. Clarke-a 6on (Reginald Macintyre). N.S.W. papers please copy.

COLLINS.-On February 9, at Nurse Lloyd a

Private Hospita.], Coolgardie-street, Su- biaco, to Mr.-and Mrs. Martin Col'ins, ci Harvey-a duugnicr. Mother and child

well. _ .

CORK£R.-<)n February 7, at St. Clair Pri-

vate Hospital, Bunbury, to Mr. and Mrs. Horace O. B. Corker, Balingup-a daughter. CRAKE (nee Dyball).-On February 10, at Nurse

Parker's Private Hospital, Irvine-street, Cot- tesloe, to Mr. and Mrs. R. Crake, of Cot-

tesloe-a son.

DAVIS -On February ll, at Nurse Basden s ;

Private Hospital, 10 Smith-street, to Mr. J. and Mrs. F. J. Da-vis, of Merredin-a


DAWSON (nee Angelo).-On February 7, at

Rutherglen, Cottesloe, to Prank and Alice j

Dawson-a daughter.

DE.kNS.-On Februarv 10. at Nurse Lloyd's

Privat? Hoapit&l, Ooolgardle-strtet, Su- biaco, to Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Deans, of Sydney, New South Wales, present address Froncis-etrcet, Subiaco-a son. Motlier and child wc'l¿

DIMMITT .-On February 12, at Nurse Harris's    

Private Hospital, Claremont, the wife of James A. Dimmitt - a daughter. Both well.

DUEB.-On February 10, at Nurse. Jackson'« Pri- I

vate Hospital, Donnybrook, to Mr, and Mrs. G. B. Duer, Rocksprhigs, Donnybrook-a . daughter.

DUCE.-On February IO, at Nurse Jackson's

Private Hospital, Donnybrook, to Mr. and

Mrs. G. B Duce, Rocksprlngs, Donnybrook, -a daughter. ?

»VANS (nee' Williams).-On February 5, at

Nurse Fiddes* Privato Hospital, Boulder, to Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Evans, of Gwalia

ii son. Both well.

FITZSIMMONS - On January 27, 1916, at Nurse

Richardson's Private Hospital, West Mid- land, the wife of Mr. C. Fitzsimmons, Mar-

garet-street, Midland Junction-a daughter.  

Mother and child well.

#ATEB.-On February 4 at Nurse Jackson's

. Private Hospital, Donnybrook, to Mr. and

Mrs. 3. Gates, Mullalyup-a daughter (beryl


4HB80N.-On "February 10, at Kurs« Smith's,

Highercombe, 572 Newcastle-Street, to Mr. and Mrs. John Gibson, of Corinthians, South-

ern Cross-a «on.

GILLESPIE (nee Tomlinfon).-On February IS,

at hor parents' residence, Prospeot, Arma-, dale, the wife of Claude Gillespie, Gnow- angerup-a son. Both doing well.

HATCH.-On- February 14, at Maddington, to

Mr and Mrs. R. H. Hatch-a son. All


HOOKWAY (nee Isaac).--On February 13, 1916,

at their residence, Railway-road, Subiaco, to Mr. and Mrs. A. T. Hookway -a daugh


HUDSON.-On February 12, at Cottesloe Beach,

to Mr. and Mrs. J. £. Hudson-a son. Both well.

HURST. -On January 26, at Nurse Jackson's

Private Hospital, Donnybrook, to Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Hurst, Boyanup -a daughter (Beryl Lillian Hurst).

ÎNKPEN.-^On February, ll, at Nurse Richard

son's Private Hospital, West Midland, the wife of Wesley Inkpen-a daughter.

KYRWOOD1 (nee Davidson)-On February 6,

-ot Norse Doran's, Leadhills, 106 Lake-street, . to Mr. and Mrs. C. Kyrwood, of Carlton

et.'cet. Leederville-a ton. Both- well.

MAGANN (nee Corti). —On February 6, at  

Nurse Skone's Private Hospital East Perth, the wife of P. H. Magann—a daughter.

Both well.

MORPHETT. —On January 29, at Nurse Piper's

Hospital, Irvine-street, Cottesloe, to Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Morphett —a son.

MOSS. —On February 12, the wife of Jack Moss,

343 Murray-street —a son. Both well.

MCDONNELL (nee Well«).-On Thursday. Feb

mary 3, at Nurec McDonnell's Hospital, Beverley, thc, wife of F. M. McDonnell,

of Shackleton', a son. Both well. j HORGAN.-On February 9, nt Nurse Lloyd'* j

Private Hospital, Coolgardie-street, te Mr. j and Mrs. J. S. Morgan, Leonora-a daugh- ]

ter. Mother and child well.

O'MJEEHAN.-On. February 10, si 74 King's

Park-roád, the wife of Mr. Frank O'Meeha-n, of Mouroourup, Gnowangerup-a daughter.

CN i ELL <nee AUoe Nörting).-On. February !

7. at her mother s rcsdcncc. Fremantle, to Hr. and Mrs. Dan. O'Niell, of Wyndham a son. Both well.

PETERSON.-On February 7, at Nurse Smith's,

Higheroombe, 572 Newoftstle-street, to Mr. «.nd 'Mrs. Peterson, of Cannington.-a son.

BICHAROS.-On February 3. at Nurse Hall's -

Private Hospital,. 44 Milligan-street, Perth, to Mr. and Mrs. D. M. Richard«, of Merre- din-a daughter. Both well

THOMPSON.-On January 30, at Subiaco, the

wife of Corporal R. A. Thompson, 82nd Battalion, Egypt (late Cottesloe)-a daugh-


WANSBROUGH.-0» February ll, at Rippon

Lea, Viotoria^a-venue, Claremont, to Mr. and Hrs. A. Wansbrough-a daughter.

WOOD.-On January 25, «t Nurae Hall's Pri-

vate Hospital, 44 Milligan-street, Perth, to Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Woad, of Barker-read; 8nbiaco-a daughter. Both well.

WOODHOUBE.-On Febrniry 19, at Nurse

Cairae'e Hospital, 128 Nioholeoti-rond, Subi- aco, to Mr, and Mrs. C R. Woodhouse, of Hensman-road-4 son.


BOTT-HARROLD - On December 22, 1815, at

St. George's Cathedral, Perth, by tho Rev. J. A. Howes, Leonidas Ceoil. fourth son of Mr, and Mrs. D. R. Bott, Bronto-street, Perth, to Stella May, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mr*. J. Harrold, of East Perth, Present address, First-avenue, Mt. Lawley, off F&rnley-street

BROUN-N1CHOLS0N'.-On January 19, at 6t.

John's Church, Perth, by the Rev. Canon Marchall, Norman Wilfred, youngest son of the late James William Broun, of Avon daJo, Beverley, to Lillian Henrietta, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. Wardle Nicholson, Weat Leederville, W.A.

BROWH-ROWLES (Silver Wedding).-On Feb-

ruary 12. 1831, at thc Catholic Cathedral, Perth, by Bishop Selly, Charles H, Brown, son of Charles Brown, Newcaitte, W.A., to Ellen Rowles, daughter of Charles Rowles, Bristol, England. Present .address, Marian street. Leederville.

BROWN-DAVIS.-On January 3J, at thc Wes-

ley Church, Bunbury, by the Rev. W. Ü. Rogers, George Granvijle third eon of Mrs. Anne Brown, of Manchester, England, and Evelyn Sarah, thc only daughter of Joseph Law and Sarah Davies, of Bunbury, Western


BROWN-OSBORN.-On November B, 1915, at

the Wesley Churoh, Maylands, by thc Rev, Mr. Dundas, Oliver Brown, of thc A.I.F. (now in Egypt), tc Alice Maud, youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Osborn, of Bayswater.

BHANNON^-OROSS.-On February 5, 1916, at

8t. John's Anglican Church. Albany, by the Ten. Archdeacon Louch, Alfred, «on of the late William Channon, of Croydon, Sur- rey, England, to Ethel Gertrude, daughter of the late G. W. A. Dross of Kalgoorlie, and Mrs. Cross, of Albany, W.A.

DOONAN-BEAMISH.-On November 25, 1916,

at Wesley Church, Subiaco, by the Rev.   Thos. Allan, Ernest Ivon, third son of Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Doonan, of Claremont, to Winnie, second youngest daughter of Mrs. and the late G. C. Beamish, of Subiaco. At home, 395 Rokeby-road, Subiaco, Wednes- day. 16th inst.


i:A.TES-STONE-Ou January C, at the Weslcy

Chureli, .-.ubiuca, by tlie ttev. ti. li. PVIIOKB, William Julius, eldest son of Mr. and lils. W li, iiiiyi-s, ot Kenwick lark, Kenwick, to Li.iau (Fcurlj, oldest daughter of Mr. and i'.rs .1. S.oue, or Wendouiee, subiaco.

JOHNSON-OLSEN.-On January 15, 191«, ut

St. .Vary's Church, Coüu-etr rt, West Perth, by tho Hov. Uro, James Patrick, youngest £0n of the late James Johnson, of Hookah, Queensland, to Mabel, youngest daughter cf tho late C. M. Olsen, pf Adelaide, South Australia

ROBERTS-RIEDELL.-On. February 2, 1916,

in Wesley Church, Fremantle, by Rev. Corley Butler, Frank, youngest son of J. and E. J. Roberts of East Fremantle, to Olive Muriel, second daughter of M. F. and A. Riedell of Boulder City. Kalgoorlie and Melbourne papers please copy.  

WINSLADE-EDNEY (Crystal Wedding}.-On

February 12,' 1901, at Kt. Andrew's Church, Brighton, Victoria, by thc Rev. Canon Chal- mers, Arthur, youngest son of J. G. Wins- lade, of Chobham, England, to Ellen Kate Edney, eldest daughter of the late Henry Edney, also of Chobham, Surrey, England.


ALLAN.-On February 15, 1916, the result of

an accident at Boya Quarries, the dearly beloved husband of Edith Allan, and father of Eleanor and Dorothy Allan, aged 39 years Deeply mourned.

ALLAN.-On February 15, 1916, Albert Ed

ward (Bert), the eldest son of John and Ellen Allan, of Milnc-street, Bayswater, the result of an accident at Boya Quarries, aged 39 years. Deeply mourned. Victorian papers please copy. - .

A.NTHONY.-On- February 5, 1916, at. Harvey,

Susan, the beloved wife of William An- thony and mother of Margaret, Charlie, William, Hughie, of thc A.I.F., aged 49


CHITTLEBOROUGH.-On February 9, at Perth

Public Hospital, Emily Rebekah, dearly be- loved wife of Fred L. Chittleborough, 80 St. Leonards-Avenue, West Leederville, and mother of Ada, Maud, Fred, and Amy. Pri- vately interred.

HAMLING.-On February 11, 1916, at No. 2

Emerald Hill-terrace, Henry, the beloved husband of Elizabeth Hamling, late of Echuca, Victoria, father of Mrs. C. Moore, Mrs. A. Carter, Mrs. N. P. Rhodes, Mrs. E. Ogborne, Mrs. C. Lewis, Mrs. R. N. Og- borne, Miss M. Hamling, and, Mr. H. E. Hamling, - aged 71 years.

HITCHCOCK- On February 9, at Spring Park,

West Swan, David Hitchcock, formerly of Cuddington, Buckinghamshire, aged 81 years. Arrived in the colony by the ship Simon Taylor in 1842. Father of J. K. and J. L. Hitchcock, and of Mesdames William, James A., John, and A. E. Minchin, and Mrs. P. Demasson, also of the late Mrs. Fred. Minchin and D. E. Hitchcock.  

KENNEDY.-Oa February IO, 1816, at the resi-

dence of his wife's mother, Kamerioka, Dwellingup, Arthur, dearly-loved husband of Elsie Kennedy . aged 46 years

McKIE,-On February 10, at North    

Brighton Victoria, Helen Maude (Daisy), the beloved wife of J. G. McKie, and sister  

of Mrs. G W. McKie, Cunderdin, and   Mrs. T. Kelly, 'West Perth.

MADIGAN.-On February 13, 1916, at her reei

denoe,. 20 Parker-strcet. W, Perth, Winifred, the beloved wife of William Madigan, aged 51 years.      

MAYES.-^Qn January SM, 191«, at Virginia, South

Australia, Wilford Thomas (Fred) Mayes, youngest son of Levi Mayes, Virginia.

MEAGHER.-On February 13, 1916, at St.

George's-terrace. Perth. Gladys, the dearly loved eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Meagher, of Craig Royston, McNeil-street, Cottesloe, aged 17 years and 4 months.

MITCHELL.-On January 23, at Sandstone, Mur-

chison, Ieabîlla, the beloved wife of Clarke Mitchell,. and mother of William, James, and Janet Mitchell, aged «4 7*?*«-"

-Inserted by husband, Clarke Mitchell, P.O.,


¿'MEEHAN.-On February 10, Eileen, the infant

daughter of Mr. and Mrs. F. O'Meehan.

ROWE.-On Februarv 14 at the Perth Public

Hospital, Emily Frances, daughter of the late Mr. William Francis and Mrs. Campbell, sister of Mrs. F. Popple (Collie), Mrs. C. Knowles (Jolimont). Miss A. Campbell, and Messrs. John M. and Alex. Campbell, of Subiaco, aged 45 years.

ROWLAND -On February 13, at lus residence.

Jarrah Villa, Dongarra, Michael Johnson, thc beloved ' husband of Riebeooa Rowland, and father of Richard Michael, William Arthur, Frederick Charles. Harry John, Ar. thur, Frank, Octavius, Charles Johnson, and Mr*. A. J. Brand, of Wickepin, aged 76 yeans..

THOMAS -On February 13, 1016, at his resi

dence Parade-street, Albany, William Henry, the loving husband of Elisabeth Thomas and father of Mrs. J. A. Truslove, Midland' Junction, and Mrs. J. Thompson, cf Maylands and Oecll, cf Katanning, and Harry, Willie, and Percy (now serving with the EKpediticnaxy Forces), aged 87 years.

WALSHE.-On February 10. 1916 (suddenly), ot

Children's Hospital, Subiaco, W.A., Herbert James. the dearly beloved son of Bertie   J. Walshe (now at the front), and Mrs. Olive .P. Walshe, of 17fi GoóVrloh-street, East Perth; aged 9 months.