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We give below a précis of the goldfield regulations, approved by the Governor-in Council, to come into force on the 1st of

October next.

General Regulations.

The following are the sizes of protection areas :-Beyond the limits of a proclaimed field, 400 yards by 400 yards. Within the limits of a proclaimed field, and more than three miles from the nearest workings, 300 yards by 300 yards ; not more than three miles and more than one mile, 200 yards by 200 yards ; not more than one mile, and more than 400 yards, 150 yards by 150 yards. A miner searching for a new reef from any reef being worked, may mark off and hold a pro- tection area of 150 yards by 150 yards. The areas to be marked at each corner with a post standing 3ft. above the ground, and 4 inches in diameter, set in a trench 3ft. long and 6 inches deep. Such marking shall be deemed a sufficient title for seven clear days, subject to the condition that every such area must be worked continuously every \iorking day within two clear days after marking, with at least half tho number of miners whose names appe .r on the notice as the holders of the area. Tne prospector must report to the Warden finding of the goid in apparently payable quantities within such protection area, within seven clear days of such finding.

A minor may take up and work any un- occupied Crown land as a claim by marking it in the manner already described, and making application to the Warden two days after such marking. Non-registration will not, howevor, bo deemed a breach of the recrn lations if caused by neglect of the Mining Registrar, etc.

Application may also be made for posses- sion of an unoccupied claim, or share liablo

to forfeiture.

All rules an* agreements entered into byja majority of at least two-thirds in number and interest of the shareholders to be binding. Such rules and agreements are to be regis- tered at the Warden's office.

Taking forcible possession of any claim after the right to possession has been disputed involves a forfeiture of rights.

Claims are to bo continuously worked, otherwise they will be forfeited, nniess sick- ness, attendance at courts of justice or other satisfactory cause of cessation from work,

can be shown.

Claims, leaseholds, business, residence, and machine areas to be marked at each corner with a post 4 inches in diameter, fixed firmly in a standing at least three feet above the ground, and the owner or shareholders shall point out the boundary lines and corner posts to any person requiring to kno\v the same.

The owners of a registered claim may have it registered as exempt from work for a per- iod not exceeding six months provided it has been continuously worked for the preceding six months and is not then payable.

Shafts and holes within 20 feet of a public road in ordinary use to be securely fenced and logged.

Claims will not ha forfeited through ab- sence of hired men without dne notice has been served on the owner or his agent

Any miner having forfeited or abandoned his claim, or share in a claim, shall be at liberty to retain possession ol all snbtances containing gold that nwy have boen raised at the time, provided it be .stacked on ground not interfering with the working of th<


No person shall cause or permit sludge tailings, ©r water to accumulate in or flow frem his claim, leasehold reservoir, dam machine area, or other authorised holding s< as to cause injury to claims or roads.

All accidents are to be reported to the


Props or timber in claims not to be remov ed nor ventilation obstructed without th( consent of the owner of any claim or lease hold affected thereby. The owner of ani claim or leasehold in which water has accu mnlated to the injury of any adjoining claim o

leasehold shall, on receipt of complaint to that eft'ont from fie party so affected, bail their claim or leasehold or in some other manner effectually remedy the injnry.

Mining plant will not be forfeited with a claim or leasehold provided it is removed within one week from the declaration of the


Applications for machine areas, market garden areas, and also for arcas for stacking tailings, with full particulars, must be made in writing to the Warden, and if no objection has been lodged, permission to occupy an area not exceeding five acres may be granted.

A business o'f residence area is not to ex- ceed one quarter of an acre, the frontage of which to any main thoronghfare, creek, or water hole shall not exceed 0(5 feet by a depth

of not more than 1C5 feet.

A claim or leasehold shall be considered as effectively worked when eight hours bonajide work is performed thereron by the comple- ment of men required by the Regulations, or every working day except Saturday, when four hours' work shall be considered suffi-


Alluvial Claims.

The size of reward claims which shall bo given for the discovery of payable gold in any «reek, river, or ordinary alluvial ground shall bo in proportion to the distance from the nearest occupied gold workings of the same description, and as follows : if distant over 400 yds., 2 claims of one man's ground ; if distant over half-a-railc, 8 do.; if distant over one milo 4 do ; if distant over two miles, 6 do ; if distant over three miles, 10 do ; and if beyond the limits of a field, 20 do. Such reward shall be in addition to the number of claims to which tho party would be otherwise entitled in ordinary alluvial claims, and may be marked off in any rectangular shape at the option of the prospectors. Provided that no side of the block shall be less than 50 feet.

Ordinary alluvial claims shall be-for one man, 50ft. by 50ft ; 2 men, 100ft. by 50ft.; 3 men, 150ft. by 50ft ; 4 men, 200ft. by 50ft. And so on for any number of men without restriction as to the number of party or shape of the claim. Provided that the claim of each party shall be a rectangular block, no

side of which shall be less than 50ft.

In wet ground, when water other than sur- face water exists, and necessitates slabbing throughout, or in rocky ground requiring blasting for 30ft. in the sinking of the shaft, the sizo of claim shall be as follows : one miner, 50ft. by 100ft. ; 2 miners, 100ft. by 100ft. ; 3 miners, 150ft. by 150ft. ; 4 miners 200ft. by 100ft. And so on in the same pro- portion for any number of miners. Provided

i that no side of the claim of more than one . minor shall be less than 100ft. All claimB taken up under this regulation to be register-


Quartz Reefs.

The term " reef " shall be taken io mean gold seam or quartz or any substance con- taining gold other than alluvial.

The reward claim which shall be given for the discovery of gold in apparently payable quantities on any new reef, or the re-dis- covery of the same on any reef previously occupied and abandoned, shall be in propor | tion to the distance from any reef being worked, and as follows : If distant less than 400yds -. 100yds. along the line of reef. If distant more than 400yds. and less than a mile: 150ft. along the line of reef. If distant moro than one mile and more than two : 200ft. along the line of reef. If distant more than two miles ivnd less than ten ? 300ft. along the line of reef. If distant ten miles or more : 500ft. along the bne of reef. With a width of 400ft. Tho above reward shall be in addi- tion to the number of claims the party would be otherwise entitled to in ordinary quartz claims. The measurements of distance to be on the surface of the ground by the nearest practicable water. Claims to be measured on the horizontal plane.

The extent allowed for each miner in any ordinary quartz claim shall be 50ft. along the supposed line of reof by a width of 400ft. The width of all quartz claims must be mark- ed off at right angles to the base line, but the whole or any part of such width may be marked on either side of such line at the option of tho share holders.

Only half the number of miners to whom any quartz claim has been allotted need be employed thereon until it has been proved payable or when it ceases to be payable again.

A claim on a quartz reef shall be deemed to be payable when the quantity of gold obtained from it shall be equal in value to the sum which has been paid, or at current rates would have been payable, for wages, to all the miners actually employed thereon, during the time occupied in extracting and crushing quartz, together with the other necessary working expenses. Provided that no quartz claim shall be deemed payable until a crushing has been obtained.

River and Creek Claims.

Fifty feet frontage in the general direction of the course of the .stream will be allowed to eaoh miner in the creek or river with a width from bank to bank, unless such width shall exceed one hundred yards in which case the excess may be claimed by any other


Any holder of a river or creek claim may construct dams within his claim on condition that the natural level of the stream above his claim is not interfered with.


Miners intending to divert and use water for mining or general purposes, or to cut a race, or construct dams or reservoirs in con- nection therewith to give notice thereof with full particulars to the Warden, and if no valid objection be lodged at the expiration of seven clear writing days, the Warden shall grant the required permission.

A race or draw may be cut through any claim, or over or under any other race or drain, provided no injury be done to snob, claim, race or drain.

Without the consent of the owner no timber is to be cut within ten feet of any

occupied race.

Tunnelling Claims.

Tunnelling ground shall mean any por- tion of Crown Lands containing hills or plateaux in which the superincumbent stra- tum shall be at least 100 ft. above the roof in any part of the tunnell. The protection area allowed on such ground shall be 800 ft. on each side of the tunnel, with a length of half a mile across the hill or plateau. The boundary linos to be marked with posts.

The reward claim for finding a payable quartz reef in any such tunnel shall be double the area of the reward claims already particularised as allowed for the discovery of quartz-reef, and in addition 50 ft. along the line of reef for every 100 ft. beyond 200 ft. comprised in the length of the tunnel.

The size of ordinary quartz claims in tun- nelling ground shall be double the area of the ordinary quartz claims already particularised, provided the reef be at least 200ft. from the month of the tunnel ; otherwise the size shall be the same as ordinary quartz claims.

A space of 200 ft. will be allowed at the mouth of every tunnel, or for every claim using a common tunnel, for the purpose of depositing quartz or rubbish.

Puddling Claims.

A puddling claim may be taken np on abandoned alluvial ground, the size to be 100 ft. by 100 ft. per man employed.

Goldmining Leases.

Area, not exceeding 25 acres ; term, not exceeding 21 years; rental £1 per annum for each acre or part of an acre.

Applications to be accompanied with a de- posit of the first year's rent, together with the survey fees. In all cases in which no objections have beeu lodged within 30 days from the date of tho application being lodged with the Warden, the ground may be worked half handed pending the decision of the Gov- ernment. The ground to be worked by not less than one man per acre or fraction of an acre. Leases surrendered conditionally upon a new lease being granted to be worked full handed until -the surrender is accepted. Leaseholds may be wholly or partially exem plied from work for a period not exceeding one month, upon such conditions as the Warden may deem necessary. Exemptions for a longer period not exceeding six months may bo granted by the Commissioner of

Crown Lands.

Rewards for Discoveries of New


For the discovery of a new gold field dis- tant more than 20 miles from any place where payable gold has been found previous- ly, and on which there shalf be employed 4 months after thejreport of such discovery not less than 200 miners, a snm not exceeding .£500. For a similar discovery more than 20 mi lea distant, and on which there shall be employed 6 months after the date of such discovery not less than 500 minor* a sam not exceeding ,£1000,