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Family Notices

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BIGNELL.-On July 28, at Bunbury, the wife of

J. S. Bignell, Esplanade Hotel, Busselton-  

a daughter.      

COLE.-On Thursday, August 13, 1908, at Cam-

bridge Villa, Bunbury, to Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Cole- daughter.

DEERS.-On the 10th, at Nurse Warne's, 158  

Mandurah-road, South Fremantle, to Mr. and Mrs. L. Deers-a daughter. Both well.

DIVER.-On July 30, at 74 Shenton street, North

Perth, to Mr. and Mrs. J. W Diver-twin daughters.  

FISHER.-On Thursday August 13, 1908, at The

Bungalow, Belmont, to Mr. and Mrs. James O. Fisher-a daughter.

FLYNN.-On August 6, to Mr. and Mrs. Flynn,

Bunbury-a son.    

FOGARTY.-On August 11, at 247 Havelock-

street, West Perth, to Mr. and Mrs. Fogarty,

-a son.

GEDDES-On Sunday, August 16, at Indooroo- pilly, Seventh-avenue, Maylands, the wife of  

C. Geddes-a daughter. Queensland papers please copy.   GLASSON.-On August 13, at 109 Hubble-street,

East Fremantle, to Mr. and Mrs. W. Glasson -a daughter. Both doing well.

GUMBLETON.-On the 10th inst., at 180 Barker

road, Subiaco, the wife of W. H. Gumbleton. -a daughter.

HALLIWELL.-On Monday, August 17, at Mrs.

K Bowman's, 52 Hay-street Subiaco, the wife of L. D. Halliwell. of Lancefield-a daughter. New Zealand papers please copy.

HUGHES.-On July 25, at Seventh-avenue, May-

lands, the wife of L. B. Hughes-a son.

HOLMAN.-On August 16, at Murchison, 616

Beaufort-street Perth, the wife of Jno. B. Holman, M.L.A.-a son.

MACE-On August 13, at Avon Villa, 9 Gold-

ing street, Perth to Mr and Mrs. C. J

Mace-a son. Both well.

McCAY. - On August 12, at 18 Bedford-avenue,

Subiaco, the wife of W. H. McCay - a daughter.

PERKINS.-On August 15, 1908 at Victoria-road

Fremantle, the wife of F. E. Perkins, of a daughter (premature). All well.

ROBINSON.-On Sunday, 9th inst., the wife of

Fred. Robinson. W.A.G.R., of Bayswater -

a son.

ROME.-On Sunday, August 9, 1908, at 491

Beaufort-street Mount Lawley, to Mr. and Mrs. E. G. Rome-a daughter.

ROSENSTAMM.-On the 14th inst., at Astolat,  

Cottesloe, the wife of B. Rosenstamm, of a daughter.

SOLOMON.-On Friday. August 7, at Gnarkeet,

No. 7 Fitzgerald-st., North Perth, to Mr. and Mrs. E.. P. Solomon-a daughter.

SUDLOW.-On August 18, at Le Chalet, Cottes-

loe Beach, to Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Sudlow-a


STOKES.-On August 5, 1908, at Geraldton, the wife of John Stokes, of a son.  

THOMAS-On 14th inst., at Willis-street, Cot-

tesloe Beach, to Mr. and Mrs. Evan Thomas -a daughter.

THORNBER.-On 2nd inst., at Wallaroo, S.A.,

to Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Thornber, of Subiaco -a daughter.

WEIGHT,-On August 13, at Ophir. 193 Heytes

bury-road. Subiaco, to Mr. and Mrs. Weight

-a son.

WILLIAMS.-On August 10, at residence, Wisb-

ech-street, Bayswater, to Mr. and Mrs. W. Williams-a son. Both well.


BAKER-CHARLTON.-On August 1, at St.

Mary's Church, Perth, by the Rev. E. Make- ham, George, second son of John Baker, Moonee Ponds, late of Gippsland, Victoria, to Mary Price (Mollie), eldest daughter of Mrs A. Charlton, Armadale, and tue late John Price Charlton, of Sebastian, Bendigo, Victoria.

CONNOLLY-McGOVERN.-On August 5, by the

Rev. Father Neil, at Roman Catholic Church, Cottesloe, John Bede, eldest son of Hugh Connolly, Perth, to Mary Christina Beatrice, eldest daughter of John McGovern, Albany,

CROSS-ERRINGTON.-On July 29, 1908, at St.

John's Church, Fremantle, by the Rev. Canon Barton-Parkes, Albert Charles Cross (of W.A. Bank, Northam), second son of the late Richard Robert Cross, of The Oaks, Auburn, Victoria, to Elsie E., elder daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Errington, of Tynedale,

South Fremantle.

INNES-TAYLOR.-On July 16 1908, at Romsey,

Rheola-street, Perth, by the Moderator of the Presbyterian Assembly (ev. A. S. C. James), James Cox elder son of the late J. H. Innes, R.M., of Tasmania, to Annie (Nance), fourth daughter of the late James Taylor, of Bendigo, Victoria. At home, 334 Rokeby-road, Subiaco, 26th and 27th instant. JONES-PHILLIPS.-On August 5, by the Rev.

C. H. D. Grimes, at St. Luke's Church, May- lands, Athole William, fourth son of Walter Jones. Glen Athole, Stirling-street, Guild- ford, to Jessie Alice, eldest daughter of Thomas Phillips, Ashby, Sixth-aveuue, May   lands.


thc Rev. D. I. Freedman, at the Synagogue, Samuel Madorsky (of Lawlers) to Evelina Shrimski (of Mt. Lawley, Perth), youngest daughter of M Shrimski, Esq., of Auckland, N.Z., late of Perth, Auckland and Sydney papers please copy.

MAHONY-GEARIN.-On July 7, at St. Brigid's

R.C. Church, West Perth, by the Rev. Fr. O'Brien, Myles Patrick, son of James Mahony, of Port Broughton, S.A., to Annie Elizabeth, daughter of the late Michael Gearin, of Avonmore, Bung Bong, Victoria.  

TANNER-LAUDER.-On August 10, at St.

Mary's Church. Beverley, Western Australia, by the Rev. W. T. Strahan, Henry William Afric, son of the Rev. W. A. Tanner, of   Norwich, England, to Florence Mabel, second daughter of George Graham Lauder of Warrnambool, Victoria. English papers please


TREVENEN-WALTHAM.-On May 20, at Holy  

Trinity Church, Williams by the Rev. F. Davis, Frank Birt, youngest son of the late

A. Trevenen, of Paynham, South Australia, to Constance, eldest daughter of J. F. Wal- tham, of Barroworn, Williams.


ANDERSON.-On the 16th inst., the infant son

of Mr. and Mrd. J. C. Anderson, junior, 290 Hamersley-road Subiaco, aged 11 days.

ARDAGH.-On the 14th inst., at Malcolm-street,

East Freemantle, Mary Louisa, (nee Murphy), the dearly-beloved wife of G. J. Ardagh, late of Surry Hills. N.S.W., aged 39½ years. A loving wife and fond mother. Sydney papers please copy.

BROWN.-On August 10, at Perth, Annie Brown,

grand-daughter of Mrs. Ellen Brown, of 252 William-street aged 16 years and ll months BATTEN.-On Sunday, 16th inst., at Trematon

Hall, Geelong, Victoria, Thomas Batten, be- loved father of Miss C. Batten, Northam.  

BUTLER.-On July 16, John, son of the late

Joseph Butler (engineer), who met with an accident at Khartoum, in the Egyptian Soudan, during contract of railway construc- tion. Deeply regretted. Inserted by his sor- rowing mother, -u. Butler.

GARD.-On. August 11, 1908, at Florance Villa,

Lake-street, Richard Bailey Gard, late of Bendigo, Victoria, and Mulline. W.A. Deeply regretted by his wife. Victorian and Gold- fields papers please copy.

GENTLE.-On August 17, at Perth, Alma May, the late beloved daughter of Mr. and Mrs.  

A. Gentle, of Mount Morgans, aged 3 years and 3 months. A patient little sufferer. Ade- laide papers please copy.

HILLMAN.-On the 18th inst., at Woodlupine,

Nea Nixon, dearly beloved wife of Mr. Joseph Hillman, aged 60 years. Melbourne papers please copy.

HILL.-On August 15, at his residence, Bridge-

town, after a long and painful illness pati- ently borne,-Thomas, the beloved husband of Charlotte Hill, aged 67 years

"Safe in the arms of Jesus."

-Inserted by his loving wife nnd family. South Australian papers please copy.

HOEFER.-On August 14, at Claremont, Emily

Hoefer (nee Dawson), the beloved wife of Charles Hoefer, aged 46 years. At rest.

LUND.-On August 1, at the residence of her

uncle, Arch Sinclair, Terip Terip, Victoria, Lilian, beloved youngest daughter of the late Frederick Alexander Lund, of Ballarat.

MILLER.-On August 13, 1908, at 68 Mount  

street Perth, Joseph Bara Miller, Esq., J.P., late of Warracknabeal, Victoria aged

84 years At rest.

McPHERSON.-On July 29. at No. 26 West

bourne-street, East Prahran, Victoria. Louisa Jane, relict of the late John McPherson, of Victorian Railways, late of Geelong and   Maryborough, native of Victoria., in her 63rd year. Interred in the Werribee Cemetery, August 1.


BENDALL.-On August 13, 1908, at Silas-street,

East Fremantle, Mr. Richard Bendall, senr., aged 66 years, late of Litton, near Bath,

Somersetshire, England, and Albany, W.A., Deeply regretted by his wife and family. English papers please copy.

ROBINSON.-On August 14, 1908, at his resi-

dence, 493 Murray-street, Joshua. Robinson,

aged 74.

SHAW.-On August 17, at Applecross. Alfred,

the beloved husband of Margaret S. Shaw, and formerly of Melbourne, aged 76 years. Deeply regretted.

STRICKLAND-On August 13, 1908, at 14

South-fitreet, Fremantle, Eliza, relict of the late William Strickland, Cambridgeshire, Eng- land, and South Australia. Deeply regretted. South Australian and English, papers please


SWEETAPPLE -On August 19, at 23 Cavendish

street, North Perth, Alfred Henry Sweet-  

apple, the beloved husband of Caroline Sweet- apple, aged 43 years.

THURMOTT.-On Tuesday, August 11, at his      

late residence, 381 Beaufort-strcct, Highgate Hill, the beloved husband of A. E. Thur mott, after a long and painful illness.

At peace.

Peace] perfect peace! with loved ones far away, In Jesus' keeping wc are safe, and they.

Melbourne and Adelaide payers pícate copy.

TRUSLOVE.-On August 14, at his residence,

Boundary-road, Midland Junction. John Gibbs Truslove, aged 81 years. At rest.

WEBB.-On August 19, at Avalon, Glyde-street,

Cottosloe Beach,- Louisa. Emma, the beloved wife of Mr.. .John S. G Webb, aged 52 years. Deeply regretted.


DORIZZI.-In loving and affectionate remem-

brance of our dear mamma, Alice Maud Dorizzi. who died August 17, 1907 Immaculate Heart of Mary,

Your prayers for her extol; Sacred Heart of Jesus

Have mercy on her soul.  

-Inserted by her loving children, Minnie, Tom, Fred, Will. Alice, Lily, Bert, Edgar, and Marie Dorizzi. Ballarat papers please copy.