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(From our own Correspondent.)

I had just posted my last budget on Thurs- day morning, when up went the blue flag upon the hill, signalising a ship coming in ; we were not long conjecturing what vessel it could be, for a splendid fair breeze was driving her along at the speed of a "racehorse," and we could, soon after distinguish by her colors, and by the use of the whip at the main, that it was the "Racehorse," entered at London for Swan River. During the week she has discharged her living freight and is now laid on for India.

According to pi'omise the Amateur Dramatic Company made their first appearance on Thurs | day last and following evening, and acquitted

themselves in a most creditable manner. I at-

tended- upon both evenings, and on Friday noticed many of the Perth Corps, whom I after- wards heard acknowledge that they were not only pleased with, hut highly surprised at the proficiency of their Fremantle brethren-an opinion I have since heard universally endorsed. I do not profess to be a critic, but I cannot re- frain from noticing the acting in the first piece ("Sarah's Young Man") of Mr. Marmion as Sarah, W. A. Stone as Sam, and A. Francisco, Jun., as Old Moggeridge. The get-up of Mrs. Moggeridge and her daughter Araminta (H. Davis and E. Ashton) was extremely good, their only fault resting in their low tone of conver- sation. In the second farce ("To Paris and back for £5"), the acting of M. Samson as Snozzle, Dean as Markham, and E. Newman as Sprig gins, was highly creditable. In both pieces the scenery and detail is worthy of praise ; one wing requires clipping, but a Red Lion is rather a difficult subject to handle.

In conclusion I think I but echo the feelings of the Fremantle public when I say " Success be always with them," and may the extremely modest request expressed in the prologue be al- ways responded to. I for one will strain my lungs " as they ask for noting more" in giving " 3 times 3 and one cheer more." By the by I am sorry I have not been favored with a copy of the Prologue, which was written by Mr. W. Fauntleroy and delivered by M. Samson.

After the second night it was determined to have a third on Wednesday (last night) at re- duced prices for admittance, in order to enable all parties to attend, and I ara happy to state a good house rewarded their efforts. I hope I shall again have occasion to notice at an early date the re-appearance of the Amateurs.

The " Sea Kipple" left on Saturday morning, and the " Ann Sanderson" in the evening, the former tor Singapore and the latter for Shang-


On Tuesday seven of the seamen belonging to the " Racehorse" were committed to prison for breaking into and robbing the ship's stores.

- On Wednesday the " Flying Foam" arrived from the north, and reports still further success at the whale fishery ; the party will now break up their station and come south.

Fremantle, Thursday, Aug. 17,1865.