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AVIifii .lohn Heniy Mont nuil lli'iii) lMwuril Luke »»n» ceding un tin: Nurrumbeet retail on Mardi 2t tiley welo «ntl taken by l»»el motin(stn. I'lie Iii«! one panuni them, but Hie beean/ -Allrcil lionel, collided willi Slum. Iloiul un« «barged in mc tilly Couti on Tuesday Milli hnving drlicn in a negliguit rnannei .-ergennt .Ioiicb, Mhu prosecuted, stated thal tile cycllsls liml swelled to moke room for tho molorlsls lo pam on their richi, hut that lionel had »ucrvcel behind them, 'iiiodcicnccwns Unit Mont limi turned right in Iront oí the far ami muk ixspansiblc tor lllie accident. .Mr. p. II. V. Klliget, P.M., wild thill the Magistrates Mero silt [«Heil illili, ilelt'ildant lull not kept lo hi» pieper »Ide u[ Hie mail. .A lino of £', Milli a/0 cost,., «us Imposed.

.Air. Ilex Wnrrllo«, who Ima cuiupleted a suc- cessful touue at tho.HjllimU School of .Alines, lins leceivcd a three »cars' appointment us it mining engineer Milli the Austral Malav Tin-mining Company, unit Mill leave on WodncselaV. Anothei hllccos.Iul stiielclil of the school, Mr. Oll'cr Pye. lins been nppotntcel a mechanical engineer to tile .South Unken Hill Compton.

Hie- Hist prosecution» iii Ballarat for htiilng installed wireless tot» wllhnul holding a licence More bruni in Hie City Court on Tuesday, ivlion William J. Carthen-, Allant Skinner, stanley V«le, and Jos. I). AVrlglcj «ere' each lined fa,

Milli £1/1/ cosl«.

(leoigc llnmy Copping «as cliiuged In the City Court em 'ltieseluy willi Inning Ililli nu tuuegis lered pistol In his postMslon. Plain-clothes Con ?Üble Jackson stilled that Coppin lim! elenied tllnl lie had a iciolicr, but «alien one M'as found he ndmilleil Ulai II »mis lils, and Hint lie lind hail II In his possession for some* little time. Coppin stated Ulai ho lind picked up (lie iciohcr in tin» street. JJc mc« tioed £3, and It «as ordered Hut Hie pUlol be loilcliiil.

Aruligcmcnls »io being completed for Hie «ool sorting classes «lilch uro lo be established nt Hie School of .Alines and Industrie», In conjunction ivith the . Agricultural and Pastoral Society, lleneliM baie been made at .Hie school provieling itcconuiiodietioii for 15 students, uml nil of them have been taken up. Instructions Mill be given çveiy sateirilay morning b) u vlsillug instructor from Geelong.

In Hie City Court on Tuesday AVIIIInm Alot.oan, aged J2 years, a showman, «as elmiged «-¡Iii having obtained money nilli Intent to defraud. Me'Loini m'iis grjtiteil n remand of a neck, hail icing iUoel at £3U,'mII1i .i peisonal bond o( ii

like amount.

Tho siib-commlltei' appointed bv the city council to allot new rollies for Ifie'inotor-'huso's .»lilch run along Ihe li uni tracks lo Aloutit I'lcauM and along A'lctoila tlreot has not .jet been able to make arrangement« for giving effect lo tho decision lo eliminate competition between trams and 'buses. The tram company has inti- mated Hint It nil! instal -bli«T n« mi-eilldries to the trams on certain line's if pillule 'hilsea

""i» lemoved from them. i

buring Hie absence In Tasmania of .Air. '.I. C. Hoanlen lils house at ballarat .VinIII mus foiciblv ntered, and a gold «ilst-nateli, a seilt of lollies. and oilier at Iiel.-s ol u illino uf bout £"¿0 Mere stolen.

John llavlcs was in Hie Cllv Com I on Tile' day fined £1 fur haling driven a car without n light. Francis .1. .AlcGiilgan, ni (¡onion, «na mied £1/10/ fm haling diiveii u car nu the

«tong »ide of Sturt »licet.

.lereiniali Joseph Darcy «ns iliaiged In Hie City Court.on Tuesday nilli haling maliciously .mil unlawfully «'oundell «corgi» Aelams at Mol longgblp, em January .11.' Or. (Irlllllb said Hint Adams waa suflcrlng from oalicme shock «ben he» «.is admitted at tin- hospital. ile liad it Mound 31ln. lu length, IJIn. in width, mid ljln. in depth lu the left leg. The Mound' Mas sur- rounded by pellet« embedded In Hie (.kin. Theic »oie pellets In the righi leg nl-o. Ibero were no powder maiks or burns aboul the «iiiiiul. Adams «na in a »ery sei ion« stale, anil «-as still a patient, at Hie hospital. The hearing »»as adjourned until nest iluv, bail being alloMeil.

liepresenlatlecs nf Hie le.illwuls ilepailtnelit «111 visit Canudlaii on Thunda»' lo Inspect the «ile upon which the Pululo I'n'iiliiei. Ciimpaiu's »voiks aie erected. Cnnsldeiatloii will bo uli'en In n proposal relatne to an extended lease of Hie e-round liebig grained lo Hie comp.iuv lu Older Hint It may enter Into certain ilniuici'al iiil'angc


Ciimplielul is. made I« .Mr. c. Aim in, of ulallie, thai upon Iii« icqiiliiiig Hucks for the Iratispnrl of sheep to 'market Hie department no1 lllnl him Hint he must Hue!; ni Aleieilllh, llnis pulling *lilm to eonsideiiible itieonionielicc in' iliiiin-r lielK-een 700 omi SKI «hiep to the

latter station.


At tim Henil i go i-nillc t-jh.*, un Tuehila.. inoro lln»ii Ü00 heul .wie jaiilt'il, a l.iiKt! proportion being1 Moii»s. Prices for nil gnuie!» nihe «¿2 a lifud. A coiislt'iiinynt of bullocks hi cd muí pas tnu-d by Mi«. I J. W. l.inm-», of limiiowimg Mat.on «1*1(1 at X-X/17/G, which is Hip liet-t pill'« riMliscil rliit. >f-iu lor bullocks; Um\s t-ohl to .-CU./10/, and \t-lilcih to ¿.'lO/tV. 'Ihci-s uns «i good denim,-.! for uture rutile.

In many of tin- iiorlhi-in tllttrlt-ls mothe power tmetors uro «siipi'ire'lhig hor-ien for thawing plough«« mid other land tilling ímplein-cnls. It ih L-l-ilmul thut tlio tractor powi-r la more eApedilloiis und


.Miibhiuonif li»»o been ph-nliful in nome ilii-, tiicts hejond llontHgo. und nett Ici s Iu.c tent lillee con ¡-ig nine ii tß to the Melbourne iiiaikets mid


.Mr. ii. K, thorburn, of the licndigo Technk-..] Schuf)! Btaff, has been Irniisfrircü to Davlcrj«


At the Bendigo Supreme Court, befoic Mr. Justire MoArthur, Henri ' Floate,-a pensioner, who wit!« eliaiu-'d willi au, oil elite afraint»! a pill at

Chinkitpook, was acquitted.


'Hie public woiks committee of Hie eil.» council on Tuesday .iiilholikcd lim tiran elect; (.Mr. AVnl ler) lo coiumuiiicalo willi Hie Melbourne Kleclrlc Light Campant-, willi tlio object of icncivlng the I'leutilc lighting contract foi- sewn jeais.

.Aiising out ni a collision between it eily Service .Alotoi'-'biis. and uno of .1. ¿I, Wise's imitor-bufcca on the evening- ol JIarcle Ï7, Manley Sclnvulli-., drivel oí lile City Sónico 'bus, »va» cliuiged III Uie Cllv Court on Tuesday willi haling liri»cn a inotui ear'in .Miiliip slreet lu n negligent mininer, Schwärt*,

lined .i*:i, «lib £1/111/ costs.

. (!. A. Camelon hu« been clecteel president, Air. W. Camelon si'ctcl.iry, mid .Mi. II. .1. Fuller ' é.ihiirer oí Hie Coiinoevnrie Alcmorlal Hull corn-

il tee.

Owing lo the stala ol Hie Abattoirs road, the city council feels that Hie business al Hie abattoirs and »nie «arils lias been adversely alfectod. Tho lleolong West Council «liolly cuntióla four chains nf loud upproacliiug the nine and ii half chains of load Julullv controlled, and Ihrougli Hie stale of its finances has boon unable te> «auction repair »»oiks. -'Hie» public wölk« I'ominlllce of tho cary I'liuncil on Tuesday elceldeil to ask tho lleolong Weal Council lo curry out its «oik, al au esti- mated cost of JSlittl, mid lo iep.iy Hie city coun- cil during (he next financial .»ear. Kailing tins Hie citv council will take legal action.

Mr. K. Al*. Uack«»ell has been appointed superin lendenl of the A'arrn street Methodist ¡»linday School, In »iiiceislon lo Ml. llo»»'jrd Ilitchcejcl.. «bo lins resigned, aller 13 years' occupancy ol the


Juina Woolrldgo, aged 4S your", oí \\ lltshlic ( linid). chief nllicer of Hie «learner llaii Tavlsli, who was In ¡11-lieallli «hen Hie vessel called at (¡oolong last week, «Heil In Hie (¡colong Hospital on Monday. ," , , ,

Jean Nash, aged 13 ycllrs, oí AVelllngtoii slreel, «ns admitted lo the hospital on Monday as the: íesult ol swullowing a pin.

While al A»ork on the wharf oil Monday William Portland, aged "ii years, of Spring street, sus- tained leg injuries through the lull o! ball a ton of iron. ., 'P

The eiuestion of the widening of Hie Melbourne road, at North Geelong «»as lelerrcel lo at the public works committee of Hie city council on ruosdav. Tlio piotest ol Hie Chamber of toro moree 'against Hie council's decision of widen- ing Hie ciuriago way by icdiiclng the width uf the foolpath wa» received. In «lee»- ni tim pos slbilitv of a double line ot trams being run along'thi' street, the committee decided to deter making Hie» street. lu answer to Councillor Holden, (hi' engineer said that a 100ft. loudway would I» necessary with ii deiuble tram.track.

In tlio Cllv Court on Tuesday, William Henry Wood wa» fined Ü2 on a chingi» of having ob- structed tho footway by permitting a inotor 'bus to stand ncross the ji.illi. Alfred John Oshorno, salesman, was lined X5 on h charge ot haa-ing liseel indecent language.

Tho Licences Reduction Board (Messrs. R. Barr, J. Lock, and V. Tanner) commenced a de- privation sittings in the Geelong Courthouse on Tuesdav. Forty-five licenses in the Geelong dis- trict and five .Australian wine licences will be under review during the sitting. -Asked by the Court for a general statement as to the condi- tion of the hotels in the district, Superintendent Banks, licensing inspector for the district, said that, because of their present condition and the limited amount of accommodation, he would direct special attention to The Globe Hotel, in Pakington street, Geelong West; Bush Inn. Corio street, Geelong; Factory Hotel, South Geelong; Gardens Hotel, Malop street,- Geelong; Melbourne Club, Yarra street, Geelong; Phoenix, Moorabool street, Geelong: Rosemary Branch, Maude street, Geelong; Royal Mail, Yarra street. Geelong; Sir Charles Hotham, * Cavendish street, Geelong; Telegraph, Pakington street. Geelong West; Young Queen. Moorabool street, South Geelong. Several of these hotels were in excellent locali-, ties, and if modern buildings were erected and accommodation provided for the public they would be necessary. The hearing of cases was then proceeded with. Decisions were reserved.


In the police court. Adolph Spears, licensee of lie Southern Orora Hotel, MO)ston, was fined £2 with IS/0 costs for liai Ing failed to keep the lodgers' book posted. C. Smith, licensee of Hie Victoria Hotel, wa« fined aï5 willi GI costs for haling allowed persons on the promises during prohibited hours.

Constuble Lawson, oí Ararat, has been trans feneei to Carlton.

.Air. AA'nnlcs«, night statloninastor at Ararat, ha« been transferred lo Kunian. He will be succeeded heie by Mr. T. AVhlle.


Oivlng lo tlio Intense hoot during the s

mer. followed by thunder and lightning, hundred« of trout, ranging from an inch and "n half to 12 ilícitos lu length hal o died In Hie

IU'aii'n Creek stream.

Before lcailng Udialla, Mr. und Mrs. 1!. Edgni «ore fare«elled by the Itallwa-» Institute. Mr. Kdgar rccehed a gold chain, and Mis. lielgar a siller cakcstanel.

At the ofllcial cIo<lug of the Denall.i Ilonlliiir Club, a women'» competition was won bv »'

.1. Smith.

Benalla Methodists (minor premiers) met Lima in tile lennis finnis, and were elcieated. Ilesults Lima, 62 games; Methodist», 'ii games.


At the monthly meeting of Hie Camperdown Cheese and Rutter rnctor«, 'Ihe manager reported that 1,107.3121b. milk, lOli.OSOIb. cream, and 3,150 doren eggs li.eel been iccehetl In Mardi. The total pay for the month »»as .'.11,018/12/1.

A committee of memliorfi oí Hie Camperdown Football anil Athletic oIuIh is lo be lormeel «'ith a vie«- lo laUing money nceessaiv to put Hie mena ot the reciealion rescue in ordei.


Mr. Telford, who has been in Hip employ of the Forests ilcpailment ni Apollo Hay, has

been transferred to Hie Hendlgo eiMncl. I

i Hie annual meeting ni Ihe AVomen's I

Club, nlnicr« ol.»et*il »pie:-PlCfiilenl. Mr«. .lulili«on; iie'e-pie*lelcnls, AlPFiiaincs 11. M.

Dunoon omi .T. C. McDonald: cnplaln, Mrs U M Cahert; vice captain, Mrs D M. Dtinuoii.

The holm1 cuinmittro of Hie Colac District líos pital has recoininenili.. the appointment of ni txtia staff nurse foi 12 month«, »nd an cxtr. peunancnl piolmtlonei. It ha« also iocommeude< improvements tn the quaitcn.. ami the in*.t.jlh t Ion of electric light. I he recommendation lin*, e been npprov cfi of In tlic hospital rum


Reference io the death oí Dr. W. IT. Tlrowt in Melbourne wau nude »t it meeting «f tin Colao Ulrtrlrt Hospital committee. Member stood in Mirnee for two minutes as a muk o respect to his mcmor.v.


Mi. M. Tinker, of WharpaiHhi.. was rldintr to wards Kciuica when his hove fill and rolled or

jjlc was admitted to a piivato hospital.

special train returning to Echuca frop» Moulamoln ran into a draught horne at Hen ara ero «I ng, Tlie animal urn* hilled bistaiitl.v.

' The annual calf club «how at Kebnea West wa. (jeld on »Sattirdav. Awards were:-Haj William

(Krlccian), 87 pointe, 1; Trank Yeaman (short i) and Glad.» Kelton (.!eiM'\), ST» points, 2 LI»Ie -Williamson (ri.pslaii), 81 points, 4.


Before tlmir departure from Dooen Mr. and Mrs ... Lovlt/ke and dauphin; were given n farewell social by district resident*, nt which presenta tiong were made to eaeh guest.

A Kjml.hani nt Gymbowen in nid of the fund, for the crcrtion*of a public hall resulted in a profit of more than £100,

X plan for the bcatitiflcation of the new'li or am HIsb »School grounds has been prepared by Mr. A. J. Svvabj. The work will shortly I» commenced. 'Ihe expense will bo subsidised or the X1 for £1 tusk bv the Ministry. -

Communications which bate pissed between the State Wv eis and Water Supply Com in Us ion ant

borough unincit indicate thal good progress brou made with the prell m i na ríe», and it b expected that*« sewerage authority will be con stltuted for Horsham at an early date.

Mr. W. ,1. Woddcll, of the National Hank staff, Hoi-sltum. baa been tran«ferred to Melbourne, Before his departure he was presented with token* by his fellow oflUcrs.

Miss Mabel Donne.t, wbo resigned from the position of stater in charge of the Goroke Cottage Hospital, was entertained at u social and pre sen ted with Mt eral rou venin».


AU the Protestant ministers in Kyneton hate aureed to forego the e\enhtg sen ice and tia« their churcho*» on A mac Dar, Sunday, April 25, ti unite in one ten leo to be held In the Paramount theatre. 'Hie address, will be delivered bv tin lte\. It. 1). Walann, of Mia Mia, who foi 14 jean wa» a Presbyterian mi'slonary in Korea, and win experts« lo leave Australia in .Ii ii j to again tak< up missiouat.v work on ht s former station.

Violet Mary Wiseman, a young married womau living apart from her husband, was charged in the Kyneton Court, before Mr. P. Bartold, P.M,. with having stolen a £1 note from Mrs. D. Garlick, a neighbour. A sentence of three months'   imprisonment was imposed, to be suspended upon accused entering into a bond of £10 to be of good behaviour for 12 months. Before dealing     with the case, Mr. Bartold called the accused's mother, Mrs. E. East, before him, and severely     reprimanded her for having accosted him in the street earlier in the day, and entered into friendly   conversation about people whey had both known     and events that had taken place in Kyneton years before. At the time he did not know that a rela tive of hers had been charged with a crime, and was to appear before the Court, nor did he know then what the motive she had in accosting him.


Mi. ti. P. Cut He, past president of the Lcngm Pout ball Club, has been presented with au cn target! group photograph of the team and official« a life members' medal, .md gold cigatette «ice, at tokens of esteem. The last named gift came iron the plovers and traincis, and the otheiü from tin


On the suggestion of Councillor frost, MX \. the public woiks committee of the borough conn iii is to inspect land bordering the boiough, witl a view of planting tilmy. 'Hie comirll «Uo con template« action for the removal of deserted build ings in the old Chinese (amp.


WUh the eveept Ion of New Zealand, the Mil Ima district li ii s a lower (Kalli rate than an> country in the world, mid a hirth rat« tint if only hiuiusu'd bv f-h (.miniiles. 'Hie birth ratt (or the Jted Uli IN portion of the district cclipsu any part of the wojld, and il> (leith tate if correspondingh low. Foi Uic ,veai 1025 thou were 598 birth* in Mildura district, which has a population of 1(1,000. Of Ibes*- Ibfl weit* tegi» let ed at lied Li tire, where the population ii 2.Ö0U. Mildura district, iheictore, has a birth rate of .1G.S ii 1,000 of the population, mid J i ni ( lifts nS.:i. Deaths in (he Mildura distrlrt foi litC** totalled 138. or ¡».G a J.000 of the popula How, of which 17, or 5.Í) a 1.000 of the popula tion, were* registered nt Red ditto.

A Die occurred ni Meiers. Yoi« and Co.'s gar.ige in I.atigtree avenue on Tuend jj niorning, hut pructtially no diimgr wau sustained.


'Hie diitiUt has been experiencing a spell «I Id weather In tlic last few dava, accompanied bj frequent shown?.

A Ceutral-South-nastcin Football AM.oeiat.oii it being forimd, with its headqtiarletK In Mount tiatnbler. 'Hie local team1* have decided to dis band and join the association. The learns which will compose the association will be drawn fiom Naracoorte, Penola, Millicent, mid Mount Gambier

md dhh ict.

'Ihe bick of gia>& feed U giving il-c to m-riom 'oncorn among dalrj producers, very f(vv of whom te able lo take advantage of the' high piicts nling foi butter owing to the small output f cream. r'ompar.iihi>lj Htlc rain lu« fallen, ml production continues to decline except in he districts where stork aie being hand-fed.


At h Hireling of the committee of the lCochc«ln Agiicullural and l'a ht urn I Socletv, Mi .A. Mctircgoi iva-, elected president, Mr. \\. li Hart, treasure!, and Mr. -\ (¡. Newman auditor. Ii wits decide«! thai, the uocictv alllllule with the Noi thorn Dis ti lit Association. Mr. C. Bieklev wan* elected trustee in place of the late Mi. I. II. Williams.


Aiisiug uiit of u serious street disturbance, in the conree of which Com-lables .). II. McKav und It. Muir hid to ti«o their batons freelj, Paul l»ougert appeared befóte Mi. O. .1. Hogeis, P.M., on ii chingo of having i.-«td obscene language, und of having iinbiwfullv a^aul ted (Jon stn hie McKav. lAiugut was lined JCÜ, in default une month's iinprit-onmiut ou (he ti M (batee, and X10, in di fault two mouths' luipi inonmcnt, on the M-cond (barge. Reginald Blackman appealed on tvvu charge*, of having nsHiulled Constables Muir and McKav, and was tin ft I £10 on each clurge, In <!<. futilt tun mouth-.' imprisonment. Fiederkk Denn, for having resit-ted Constable O. li. Cornal!, wuk lined £T¡, In default one month's imprltion

'»ent. _\


Al the meeting nf the borough council, on Mondav night, Mr. W. T. Hlgiiin--, president oi the Uiuiguiatla District llusultal committee, wailed on th* council in reference lo the treal ment nf Infectious case« bj the hospital, and 1|u< liability of nnmicipnlftie<, nu the matter, Mr. Higgins sahl that Mr. Love (inspector of charl

tO had staled that a for fufe« - HoiiK ca*>es should be elected at the hospital. At jiresent infectious cafes weie w-gtegated in one of the wards. Mr. I»ove lud suggested ti con ferenie of the »lunicinalltfe*, with a view to the

'icctfou of such a building. If the hospital cou* tlulled in its present method it would be In I danger of loi ing portion nf tell charity grant. Ile,

therefore, asked the ( ouncil to convene a conference, at which Mr. Love indicated he would, if possible, attend. Councillor hmllh said that Mr. Love had pointed out that the te-wonftibilitv

.htod Hist willi the monlcip-ility. 'Hie muni* cipalitv was compelled lo provide treatment, and thcie was an'obligation on the Covernmcne to defray half such cost. It was agreed that each

nicipalitv be asked to h«nd n representative of h riding In the shiie. Ihe following me the munictpatltici incurpotatcd In the hospital dNtrictfl:-Wangaratta (borough and sliire), 0>:lev, Benalla, Volet Town, Karon,' llutherglen. Tunga- mah, Charlton, llright, Yarrawonga, and portion

of Wodonga.


i» nomination was received for a repicsentatlve for the faoulh Hiding of the Warragul Shire to tako the place of Mr. Krlandson.

Matron feiern», who was in charge of tho West Gippsland Hospital fcr nearly three .vcurs, was presented,with a hil\er flower vase bv the com-




At the annual meeting of tho Albury branch of* the National Association officer*, elected were:-President, Mr. <?}?. J. Rclbrldge (re elected); vice-presidents, Messrs. M\ (J. Hender* son and James Stephen, and Mrs, W. Crcaver Woods; honor»o* secretary, Mr. I). W. Hague (re-elected). 'J ho meeting passed a resolution emphatically protesting against the action of the Minlstiy in attempting to abolish the Legis- lative Council without a direct mandate from

the electors.

The names of district poid i ern wbo died in the Great War are to be inscribed lu a pal chinent album which will be placed in the town hall entrance. (

The Minister for Kducatlon (Mr. Mutch) lum nnnounced that tendera for a new high school will he called for immediate)... Ii> will visit Albury at the end of the month to discuss school

matters. -

As the result of a collision between a motor* car mid a sulk.v, Mr. J, Webel, of Jindera, driver of the cai, In in hospital In a serious condition. II, Landsdown, who occupied the sulky, was severely shaken. lloth vehicles were considerably damaged.


William Bode, clerlriral engineer for Hie Horri- gan Phire, was adjusting the wires at the top of an electric light pole, when he must have come in contact with a live wiie. He received a shock and was tin own to the ground, a (IMnnce of :5ft . breaking his leg.


Th« following officers weie clecled at the «".»ml n». Um* of i ne liheiina football Associa- tion .-Pi esidciit, Mr. \. ,1. And rev. i.; Eccictaiv, Mr. M. \. It. killis treasurer, Mr. L. C. Coulter; auditor", Me*«is. Currie and Walker.

Mc-sr* *I Melville and J. Butler, of the Iïall «avs dep ut ment, have bein notified of their transfer to Mdnev.

Befoie tlmir departure ho dalec Mr. II li. Hawes, head

it-u pibiu hIm-uI -nu \iiv )!i,v.4 u-mi em« r tamed and pi canted with a wallet of notes and a xvlonlte toilet Fet. Mt. IfawciS also received a willing cane from the Culcilni Football Club. Mr. C. Wallace, of Luddenham, Heir Penrith, has bren appointed head master in plate of Mr


_, U Carey, who has held tlie position of shire engineer to the Culcairn sliiie Council for iscveral

lift, hu« le-t mr (oo)i.moii, wlieie lie lu« ac -pted a similar position for the Coolamon bli ire



he Junee and district soldicin* com l«< has decided to build a monument In Broad v 'Hie committee has about £700 in hand rther toilettions .ne being made

he police on Tuet-dav afternoon neoxered Mr. II. Mutch'« motor ctr, vvlneli um stott it ftom lil-v giragc on Sundav Ihe tar was found neal Koorawatha. It vii cevpreh danuged.


The football mufoii v\as opened here on «atiir* n, tv lim h match was pla.ved between Mathoura

aiiil the 1 orpslrv department s thinning camp, Hie latter winning be eight points

Willie returning Inline from Alalhoilra on Satur da» Ali Al Nunn in mil «iib iii; ace lili ni Riding

i »ouiig horse and lpadinir another somotliinc/ frlghlriifil Hie hor e which was being led, and the iiillnll iinmediatcl» made oil at Hie simo tim« ilrie,giiii: Air "Minimi from the sid ile nul ri ii

iler'ng him uncon»cions A i asslng motorist found Air Noonan nu Hi loiiside anl romcicd bim to Hie Deniliquin llo.pital «here he is suffering from slight concussion and abrasions


Mr lilli AILA las leen ad»lsed Ihnt the Minister appro»es oí the establishment of a Court ol Petti SoseIoiis at Oiklanil»



The rainfall lor the week enilod April 17 wau JO" point»

*Ihc lttanslon «late school was broken Into, a «lindow being forced, and n small sum of monej

taken from Ino lonelier s do«k

The Alagples' 1 ootbill Club at Its annual mcpt Ing di elded In pla» again in tho Westernport as sedation The Ile« Mlher I gan «as elected president, Mew» lreckleton «.milli and Conn clllor (. llnllin« lire president», Mr Harold AA Ilion sccrctaij and treasurer, and Messls Alahor and Cockroft associalinn delegate«

The Blackwood Forest club has elected Mr. John Ware president, Mr. N Wallace vice-presi-  

dent, Mr. L Combridge secretary and treasurer and Messers, N. Wallace and W. Coates associaton delegates


At Hie annual meeting of Hie public hall com- mittee the following oflleera were elected - President, Mr Arthur Hen ill alco presidents, Me«sr» P Anughau and Allred He«lit, secretar» and Treasurer, Mr I A\ Parkinson auditor. Air C H Grlscl An honour roll containing Hie nnmes of local men who wont on nellie setiice, will be etcctcd In the halt at an earl« date


A part) ol bo« scouts tinder Commihsioner II

F Murat from Geelong alslted belo lo help the Bannockburn troop lo raise finnis to liquidait! tho debt Incurred hi the uniforms The «isitom were met. at the shire hall In mcmbeis of the Bannockburn scout council and upiescntatiio» of the shiie, who welcomed Hiern to Hie town "ship After the welcome the part}, accompanied bl the loeal troop, journciod to the leeroalion reseñe and Hie Geelong bo}» gaeo dimonstin lion« lu scout cralt, Including first nid, bridge building, Ac Aftei the demonstration« *i fool

ball match wa» plaved between Ihe boa» In the dening a concert «a» glien ill Ihe Medíanlo-,' Hall Milich was well attended


li the aniunl meollng o' tho Berwick Golf Club oilicor» olectod nero -President, Ali ! r Sunken «it» president« I'r langmorn Mea«» AA Gamble, A Miller, Al 1 Drew captain, Mr. II Oxlndo, «lee captain, Mr 1 Charle», seen tari Air O Adamson assistant societal», Ali

I (liarle», trcasuier. Mr J- Reid A «omen « committee. ««« formed, consisting ol Mrs lol

gillon Air« U 1 Smith Ali- I I* Murken, Mis Moll«Iel«, and Miss M Clwrlci, nilli Miss

II rider a« taplaln


A »oikingbee was held at Aaiiglian Springs lo eoinpleli improipmonl« to thi» tourist reeiort, «lilch la on the Lod Ion llleci

Air and Mrs .lame« Conroj baie celebrated their sohl«1 wedding Hie 50 «ear, of their mauled life» h»« been «pent in Alllcklefoul

rho Chewton sport« eommlttce has handed 1.1 17/1 lo Ihe Castlemaine Hospital Hie Young People s 1 nterlninment Socletj has railed AW for

Hie same institution


Aludí land Is being put under crop this nea f°" DOOKIE

I ho official opening of Hip Dookie golf link» look plan un »»aturda« lindel ideal i ondit ion«

A football match hot «con the Dookie mid Dookie College clubs resulted ill n «III for Dookie bv


'bout 500 bushel cum«, lopreselitlng It ton» export apples, «ore nut una» li) un-hardi-ls

for oieisen inuikcl last wiek

So fal this month 11C points nf rain has been

registered here

A lalrli lie»»} Irost on Trida} night checked

all cereal crops


Hie school committee has been notified bl Hie I duration ilepartment thal inquiiles are being nude legarding the establishment of sloed and tooker} clus-os, as loqtiestod

At a meeting of Hie Henthcole dl'trlcl leacher«, a branch of Hie Teachers' Luton «as formell, nilli Mr f Gibbon» president, and Air A Camp

bell secretan


A »aiiituan ehalr ot Australian oek hu been dedicated al SI Andrew a ( burch, Ksabrani to the incniori ot the late Mrs It tit lohn Mitchell, «ho «a» ii eommunictut mil supporter of lln»

e burch for IO uara

Ihe «ulindi nt (he hialiram Agricultural s" non hu« i lio»cn October 20 as the dati oí Ibis }enr » sho«

Hie Goulburn A alb l ill ltd »hu and fruit growers baie decided to m-iikel the eulin illicit foi home eonsumplinii itidepuideutl» eif agent,,, and lo iiiMti n rp|irisentati»e of Hie Common »veallh Dried 1 rull« Board to »Isit hialiram mil nddrcsB menino!« on tho oeciscas niiiiktlllig posl lion Die nssoclatloii Intends to »otk le presenil

lion for the Goulburn Aallo} on Hie suite» Duel

I mit*. Hoard


A sale of gifts and competitions in aid of the fund of the Presbyterian Church was opened by   Councillor Moody, shire president. The function

was very successful. A profit of about £50 is


Red spider has again appeared after the   rains. This pest which was unknown in this dis- trict until recent years, does considerable damage to vegetable crops, especially on the lighter soils.


Hie He» li I' simons «as iniluitcil Into thé Macarthur charge of the I'losblterlan Chun ii in the piesence of a large congregation Hu» Ile»

II Houston «is presented «Ith an Onkaparingi rug and Mr I II Stimson secretan of Hie church with an umbrella and smokei s outfit

Air Dunge» head teacher of Hie Ardotuiehii» Stati school, has resigned to lake a position lu Bendigo He «as i ntertaliied ni a smoko night and piesonted nilli a wallet ot Holes


the Stawell Hia«s Band joiuiieiod lo Munro i and plated music on behalf of the Mimili Ho« pital the nppcal icallsed i-IC


At Hie SI Dominics ti mils com Is at Mellon the grand filial ol Hie Mellon und Dlslilcl Linn lennis Issoeiatlon's compi tltion match was plated between the Melton Public duli mel the Melton Presbyterian Church club I ile Presbe  

tctiaiis, who had lost onie one match during tlio association matches won bl la games The lire

»Ident of the association (Mr Alfred Smith), of Strathtulloh, Melton South, gave a pennant for the winning club


Hie Alcstem I'cnlusuln Cricket Assoit ilion held i social to »lind up Hie season when Poitnen, Hie premier», were presented nilli (ho Hill Chill longe Cup


An inquiry was held before Mr. J. T. Park    

J.P., into tile death of Vittorio Bonfigli, who   was killed by being run over by a motor waggon and trailer in Goulburn street, Nagambie. Ac- cording to the evidence of the driver, William Atley, and William Carmichael who was also on the waggon, Bonfigli, although warned by Atley to wait until he stopped the waggon, at-    

tempted to mount it, and missed his footing, was knocked down and the waggon went over him crushing him to death. A verdict of accidental death was returned, no blame being attachable

to the driver.  


. icau defated tarragon south at lentil« and Nanacan defeated inrraKon South at cricket

The Narrioan Rifle Club fired a match -with Trafalgir nnd «on


U tho annual meeting of the Omen Gulf Ctttf Hie folio«Ing ofheers «ero elected - President Ali

A I Hall, «ice president, Air A \ Loierlilgc, captain Mr J Itcnnlck, secretar}, Air J Biri eil

Mr Alulllns, road» foreman nt Hie raileeay «ta tlon has been transferred to Tchuca Hi» sue

cessoi ia Air Kian

Mr I Muir, accountant at the Commercial Bank Ouyen, li is been transferí eil to the relieving staff

Mr K Murray, who ha» boen on tho staff of the Bank of Aictoria at A\nlpeup, has been truiis.fcrrcd lo Dunolly.


Before leaving ior lorquon, the lice A A inoer, Methodist minister, was entertained |i« tho Church members and piesonted with a wallet of note« from tho Alethoilist tennis club bo re celled a pair of golel sleeve links and a gold badge, gift from Hie local branch nf the I O It , eif which ho «as derrotar-, Airs A inccr recoiled a jardiniere and aises from Hie Methodist iJidles' Guild, of which she «as president

Air A Kenn», senior postal assistant at Itupan «up, ha» boen transferred lo hlstcrnwick Be fore bl« dep-irllirc ho was presented willi n «al let of notes I

A rifJo match (10 men a side) between Itupan nip and Murtoa clubs «a« non In Alurloa lu 19 points


Residents of Saeafiaa have arranged to hold au Anrac commemoration sen ice on Sunda} after noon, at tilo Mechanics' Institute fir Stewart Comm has arranged for tie Ile» lohn A\lilian» of the Methodist Church, mid Air Kenneth Ballet

»ice minier oí Queens College, to address the gathering


The Hie stork ronsitrnments to Hie Melbourne maikets on Alondii el nsisted of 21 Hucks of fat sheep and limb« mo trucks of pigs, and three trucks of fat cattle


Ilie Aseotvalo Presbiterl-in Chun li Critkpt Club «isitcd btrathenen and engaged the local team at cricket SI rat lieu on nude MG mid Hie Usilors ¡¡I In the ei eulin,' members of Hu tscntiale club proeldod it concert ninth \\m great!} np


cent rain» In»o refilled m much non gras« lind Hip countr} look« much bpttcr linn It did a

'li ago Grnners of toinilic li/\i bul mun

:1s spoilt lu Innre ciiiks nu oil he ti

gronth since the rain Three hen«} frosta

liceiedinir inomlntrs lia» ruined Hie tomato plants


a public meeting it «ins elcctdc I to nait on ouncil to mire the purchase ni li-, aero»« of lind, for Ü30 uti -ure nt I line», for a recrea linn ground A deputation is lo wait on the eeilllicil to urge Hut another £100 Ile added to tin i*00 en loin Hie meeting pleelgcel itself

to i liso tile balance


Hie question of no work on back '.aturda}» has Ticen settle I by Mr Hlbblo, coal tribunal, who has decided Hut work shill continue as hereto fore for i period of file lears unies»; iltered iii the meantime b} la« or nrbitrir} means The trouble mer tlio dismissal of illinois on the mini mum »»ace qui «tion Ins lieen refi rrcd to tile foil

ration Ihe (.ciioril president (Mr D Bees) will »isit hoie next «eek and will endeaiotu to bring ibont a penonlile settlement

Air 1 Warriner head teacher of the Slate se hool «ho icllred on »-iltur I»» oller 41 «ears nilli tile 1 due-ition department, slated at a fare well iunrtion that his whole life hail been nsso cialpil nlt'l coontie schools He sud that lu found In Wonthac/gl a different line of human lift, which was an education In itself Hie» liHil ihlldren to be proud of, a tape that appenle j

to him