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The offices of tho German Consulate General have been transferí ed to the levenlh door of Temple Coull .Buildingj

IK! Little Colllm. »licet.

Two moto commodities, hairdressing and ice, haie hoop brought within .the pio visions of tlicQuecjitland J'ioßtecijlig Pre- vention Ad. ' The chargcs*for hairdressing und fur ice will bo (Wed by, the' Hoard of Trade und Arbitration.

Owing lo the higher prices"fin live slooll, the butoheis nt Broken Hill (N.S.W.) have decided lo ¡ikicusc the chatges for beef and mutton by Id. n lb.

The Consul for Xorivay at the .Bluff CS.7i.) stales thut the now whaling com- pany .innounced fiom Hobatt h ihe Polar Whaling Company, which will work in opposition to the Clark. Ross Heel, which is ill continue to uso Stewart Island ns a'base.

Union's Rigid Dlsoiplinc.

At a meeting of tho daking Trade Em plo.sce.,.' union at Picken Hill (K.S.W.l, a itimplnhit uns made that one member had gone to win k on .Sunday for the purpose of Washing his cm I. It was resolved that for any similar offence in future a fine of ,£5 isould bo imposed. New Safety Zone.

Jt is proposed by Hie City Council to establish a bafety rone for south-bonnil

n p.isscngcrs under the railway viaduct on tho cast nido of Market street. The pioposal tv ill bo considcied on Monday. Outbreak of Dengue Fever.

For many months dengue fever lins ravaged the Tuccd district, and nt Lis moio between 12 and M of the Govern- ment depottments' staffs have -been at- tacked by the malad*.*. Business house staffs have been seriously depleted and some shops have been closed.

Burst Water Main. , ,

A lui gc excavation was maije in the road- way at the corner of Hoddle and Roseneath streets, Clifton Hill, at 0 o'clock on Thurs- day morning, when a water main burst. The water rose to n height of 100ft., and before the water had been turned off thou- sands of gollons hod rim away.

Gallery Students' Holiday Work.  

The results of the competition among the students of the National Art Gallery in painting holiday subjects during the last vacation were announced by the Public Library trustees yesterday. The prize for   landscape painting was awarded to Miss Constance Parkin, and the award for deco- rative work was won by Míss Ogilvy. The work was judged by Mr. George Bell. Museum Coin Room Opened.

It was announced at a meeting of th Public Library Trustees yesterday that in future, on the first Saturday in each month, the coin-room at the Museum would be open to the public. Mr. A. Chitty. who has given many lectures and guide talks on the subject of coins, will be in attendance to offer information. The room will remain   open from 2 o'clock until 4 o'clock. Netting Near St. Kilda Pier.

It is notified in the "Government Ga/ctto" that fiom Apiil 3 the proclama- tion made in 1887 prohibiting netting nour the St. Kilda pier will bo repealed. An- other pioclamatiou will be made prohibit the use for fishing of any trammel, ti awl, or other net or engine, whether fixed or imfi-sod, within a rjiuntcr of a mile of any pin t of the St. .Kilda pier. Building in Collins Street.

Mcssis. J. and N. Tait are contacting the election of a nine-story building in Col- lins street, adjoining the Auditorium, on the western side, at No. 175 Collins street. It is piopoficd to consliuct it of structural steel and reiufoiced concrete. The facade »ill bo of polished ginnite. It is intended for shops on the ground floor, with an-ar eade, and the other stories for showrooms

and offices.

Morwell Electric Supply.

It was officially announced yesterday thal the State Electricity Commission will lake control of the existing electric supply under- taking al Moi well on April 1. Under tho agreement with the Morwell Shire Council the two-part tai iff where charged will be similar to that in force in Traralgon, while for those consumers not under the two-part tariff tlio new scale of charges will not exceed those now levied by the council, that is Od, a unit for lighting and. öd. a unit for power.

Trafilo Control In City.

It wns announced j-esleiday that the Now South Willes Chief Secretary .(Mr. Lazmrini) would shortly consider the ques- tion of tra flic regulations in order to-en- sure greater_ wifely to the public. Mr. Lurzarini said yesterday that ho would piobably leciiniiucnd to tho Railways Com i missionors that step» should be taken to

have tho entrances to tramearg blocked, on what ivas generally known as the "wrong" side of Ihe tiani. This would gieutly minimise Um lisk of accident to passengers alighting from trams. Brandy for British Army.

Jt was announced by Hie Minister for Markets and Migration (Senator Sir Victor Wilson) yesterday that the War Office, London, m calling for tenders for the supply of Australian brandy to the British army. The conditions provide that tenders must be for pure grape brandy, not niivcd with grain, roots, nnd other Bpirits, nt lenst five yenra old bcfoie bottling, and not less thnn 2Ü degrees underproof. The War Office lequircs 2,004 bottlcB, each con- taining 20 2-3 ounces in cases, mid tenders closo on June 8 nt the War Office, White- hall, London.

Blinded Soldlor's Success.

Among the names of the successful can- didates for final honours in law nt the Melbourne Univcisity, which wore pub- lished rcstcrday, was that of Mr. Dudley A. Tiegent, a young blinded 1 (¡turned soldier. Mr. Tregont enlisted when uged 17 years, and went to france with the original 107th Battciy P.A. Dilling the lions v fighting along the Hindonburg lino nhoitly bcfoie the Aimislice, Afr. Tro gent's sight wns destioyed by tbrnpnol. tin his leturn tn Melbourne ho began iii-' studies al the University, and in three yeal h took hi« degree of bachelor of arti-, nnd took bia bachelor of laws degree lash year. In examination» early this month ho gained his master of laws degrco with honours, securing equal second place on the

class lists.

New Railways Parcols System Defended.

Tho cash on delivery system recently in- troduced in the Victorian Railways for the carriage of parcels by passenger trains has led lo piotests from country* store kcepeis. who contend that the now prac- tice will be dell ¡mental to their interests. In u statement issued yesterday, the Rail- ways Commissioners stated that the new system wus not confined lo paiccls sent by Melbourne mcrchnnts, but that its benefits could be enjoyed by country traders, as it applied to or from any Victorian stntions in charge o£ u stationinaster. There was no i rason, therefore, why country Btoie; keepcis in Victoria should not make the system a medium for extending "their busi- nesses. Howev'er, the freight on the con- signments was computed at full parcels rates, whereat, country traders usually ob taincd their supplies by goods train at much lower rates. The commissioners fur- ther explained that the system was intro- duced in Victoria to facilitate business relations, and in response lo public re- quests. A charge of 2J per cent, com- mission was imposed to cover the cost of the additional clerical work involved.