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Family Notices

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[In order to guard against imposition, notices of

Births, Marriages, and Deaths must be authenti-

cated by some reputable person to ensure their insertion.]  

Birth, Marriage, Death, Bereavement, In Memo-

rlam, and Funeral Notices, up to 6 lines, 3/, extra lines at 6d. BIRTHS.      

BALL.—On the 24th February, at the Vicarage, Omeo, the wife of the Rev. S. T. Ball—a son.

BATSON.—On the 24th February, at Corinella

private hospital, Williamstown, to Mr and Mrs. W. J. Batson—a daughter.

BLAND (nee Gwen Herbert).—On the 26th Feb-      

ruary, to Mr. and Mrs. H. R. Bland, Yarram—a daughter (Gwendoline Shirley).

BLICK (nee Vida Cameron).—On the 2nd March,      

at Mortlake to Mr. and Mrs. W. A. E. Blick, Shadwell Park, Mortlake-a daughter (Betty).

BLIGHT.—On the 1st March, to Mr. and Mrs.

H. J. Blight, Troyevllle, Vincent street, East Malvern—a son.

BOASE.—On the 26th February, at Dr. Arm-    

strong's private hospital, Stratton Park, Maffra, to Mr. and Mrs. Norman Boase—a son (Alan Maxwell).

BURGESS (nee Vera Healey).—On the 3rd March,  

1926, at their residence, Felden, Glenferrie road, Malvern, to Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Burgess —a daughter (Bettine Helen).

CHRISTIAN.—On the 2nd March, at Hopetoun

private hospital, Elsternwick, to Mr and Mrs  

H. Christian, Commercial Bank, Brighton—a son (John Kevin).

CLARKE (nee Maude Hill).—On the 19th Feb-     ruary, at Emoh Ruo, Cherry Tree road, Or-   mond, to Mr and Mrs. E. V. Clarke—a daughter (Dorothy Rae). Both well.

COBURN.—On the 1st March, at Wyndara, Sturt

street, Ballarat, to Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Coburn

—a son.

CROWE.—On the 23rd February, 1926, to Mr.  

and Mrs. Lindsay Crowe, Brynwood, Deakin street, Traralgon—a daughter (Winifred Audrey). CURTIS (nee Ivy Collett).—On the 24th Feb-    

ruary, at Dalkeith private hospital, Albert Park, to Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Curtis—a son (Bruce Wil-


DAWKINS.—On the 20th February, 1926, at    

Yanimah private hospital, Lismore, to Mr. and Mrs. Clinton Dawkins of Lismore—twin daugh- ters (Kathleen Margaret, Betty Isabel).

DEAN.—On the 3rd March at Wandoo, Coonil    

crescent, Malvern to Mr. and Mrs. Arthur   Dean—a daughter (Ursula Mary).

FARNES.—On 19th February, at Beechmont pri-    

vate hospital, The Grange, East Malvern, to Mr. and Mrs. R. S. Farnes, of Baker street, East Malvern—a daughter (Allison Ruth).

FORSYTH.—On the 24th January, at St.    

George's Hospital, Kew, to Mr. and Mrs. B. J.   Forsyth, of 10 Station street, Kew—a son (John   Raymond).

FOWLER.—On the 13th February, at the Com-      

mercial Bank, Warragul, to Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Fowler—a son (Robert John).

GIBSON (nee Armstrong).—On the 26th February    

at Tongil private hospital, Newport, to Mr and Mrs R. Gibson, of 25 Courtis street, North Williamstown—a son.

GROSE.—On the 12th February, at Listen, Queen's

road to Mr. and Mrs. T. V. Grose, of 1 Park street. St Kilda-a daughter

JONES (nee Nellie Deany).—On the 20th    

February, at 36 Punt road Windsor, the wife of   Rees Jones—a daughter (Gwenda Deany).

KELLY.—On the 24th February, to Mr. and Mrs.  

Harry Kelly, of Stanley—a daughter (Nancye


KENNEDY (nee Elva Littlewood) - On the 2nd

February, at Nurse Fisk's private hospital,     Glenelg (S.A.), to Mr and Mrs G. G. Ken- nedy, late Glen Iris—a son (Ronald Cuthbert John).

KENRICK.—On the 2nd March at Berwick, to    

Mr. and Mrs. C.H. Wynn Kenrick—a son       (Charles Wynn). (Lived 12 hours.)    

KIDMAN.—On the 5th March, at private hospital,  

Narracoorte, South Australia, the wife of Roy K. Kidman, Bonley, Penola (S.A.)—a son.    

KING-SMITH (nee Harlem).—On the 3rd March      

at Seskinore private hospital, Burke road, South Camberwell, to Mr. and Mrs. F. King-Smith,   Bellfield, corner Garden street and St Helen's     road, Upper Hawthorn—a son (Eric Alfred).

KNAPE.—On the 2nd March, at Lillieville pri-    

vate hospital, to Mr. and Mrs. C Knape, Jenkins street, Croxton—a son.

LARKINS (nee Kitty Hayes). — On the 26th Feb- ruary, at Fernihurst private hospital, Seymour, to Mr. and Mrs. M. Larkins — a son.

LUMMIS (nee Dorothy Clayton).—On the 28th    

February, 1926, to Mr. and Mrs. Howard   Lummis, Murphy's Creek—a son (Lawrence   Howard).

McCANN.—On the 4th March, at Dysart private  

hospital, St. Kilda, to Mr. and Mrs. Arthur McCann, 91 Park street, St. Kilda—a son. (Both well )

McLEAN.—At Henty private hospital, Glendra

road, Caulfield, on the 26th February, to Mr. and   Mrs. Alex. S. McLean, of 53 Gardenvale road, Gardenvale—a son.      

MELDRUM.—On the 22nd February, at Finchlea    

private hospital, Manning road, East Malvern, to Mr. and Mrs. William Meldrum of No. 1 Burke road, East Malvern—a son (Ross McHut- chison).

MERTON (A. Orgill).—On the 26th February at    

Bethesda, to Mr. and Mrs. H. Merton, East Malvern-a daughter (Marjorie).

MILES (nee Marjorie Langton).—On the 27th    

February, at Lancewood private hospital, Kew   to Mr. and Mrs. Harry W. Miles, of Beauchamp

—a son.

O'SULLIVAN.—On the 19th February to Mr. and            

Mrs. J. W. O'Sullivan, Victoria Bank, Underbool—   a daughter (Moira Elsie)

PAICE (nee Vera Williamson).—On the 4th    

February, 1926, at 585 Drummond street, North   Carlton, to Mr. and Mrs. F. C. Paice—a daugh-   ter (Margaret Chalmers).

SALLMANN (nee Eve Todd).—On the 28th Feb-

ruary, at Avonhurst, Queen's road, to Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Sallmann, of 11 Wandeen road, East   Malvern- son (Louis Junior).

SMITHERAM. - On the 25th February, 201 Baroda

street, Travancore, the wife of Charles T. Smith- eram—a daughter (Joan Elizabeth).

SPENCER (nee Munroe).—On the 5th February  

at Loughtane private hospital, to Mr. and Mrs. T. C. M. Spencer, 96 Marine parade, St. Kilda— a daughter.

STEIN. -On the 28th February, at Llandyssil

private hospital, Scott street Essendon, to the wife of Ernest A. Stein (R.M.S. Niagara)—a     daughter (Barbara)

SUGDEN.—On the 28th January, at St George's      

Hospital, Cotham road, Kew, to Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Sugden, Castle Glen, 37 Talbot crescent, Can- terbury—a son (Alfred Wilson).

TAYLOR (nee Beatrice Stevens).—On the 22nd

February, at 115 Garden street, East Geelong, to Mr. and Mrs. G. R. (Bert) Taylor—a son.

WEBB.—On the 27th February, at Beach street,    

Queenscliff, to Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Webb, of Portland—a son. (Both well.)  

WILLIAMSON.—On the 25th February, at St.

Helens private hospital, Dunolly, the wife of R. J. Williamson, of the Bank of Victoria—a son (Lived five days.)    

WITTINGSLOW.—On the 3rd March, 1926, at    

Rossamore private hospital, Benalla, to Mr. and Mrs. F. Wittingslow—a son (Geoffrey Roger).

WOODWARD.—On the 17th February, at Mount

Pleasant rd., Belmont, Geelong to Mr and Mrs   H S H Woodward—a daughter


BENNETT—SYMES.—[Silver Wedding.]—0n the      

6th March 1901, at Christ Church, Warrackna- beal, by Rev. T. D. Dunstan, James, the third son of the late Tom George Bennett and Annie   Bennett, to Florence, the fourth daughter of the late Thomas Symes and Elisabeth A Symes (Present address 3 Ash grove, East Malvern )  

BOADLE—MYERS.—On the 3rd February, 1926, at    

Pentland Hills Presbyterian Church, by the Rev. E. J. Welch, William, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. W. Boadle, of Melbourne, to Alice Patterson, second eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Myers, Cairn Bank, Myrniong.

CAMPBELL—RICHARDS.—On the 14th November,    

1925 at Methodist Church, Sydney road, Bruns

wick by the Rev Jas. A. Gault, O B E , Joshua   Arthur, second son of Mrs and the late Isaiah Campbell, Moorang, Murchison, to Florence   Mauriel, eldest daughter of Mrs. and the late   J. F. W. (Fred) Richards, Valetta, 82 Mitchell street, Brunswick (Present address—Camagh Park, Murchison.)  

CHAPMAN—CAMERON.—On the 23rd January, at    

St. Paul's Church of England, Frankston, by the   Rev A. P. McFarlane, Edward A., only son of   Mrs. and the late Mr. Edward Chapman, of North Geelong, and formerly of Beaufort to Nancy Janet, elder daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Cameron, Frankston.

CHEEVERS—BARRON.—On the 23rd January  

1926, at St. Michael's Church, Wandong, by the Rev. Father Ryder, James Cheevers, of Elematta, Nyah, youngest son of the late Mr. and Mrs. H. Cheevers, of Westmeath, Poplar street, Caul- field to Nora Patricia, eldest daughter of Mr and Mrs J Barron, of Aharoa, Wandong.

FITZGERALD—NOLAN.—On the 30th January,

1926, at St George's, Carlton, by the Rev.  

Father MacNamara, John, second eldest son of John and Catherine Fitzgerald, Yarrowee, Bowen crescent, Prince's Hill to Catherine, only daughter of the late John and Bridget Nolan, of Carlton. (Present address, Alandale, 28 Princes street, N. Carlton.)  

GREENWOOD—McDONALD.—On the 19th Novem-  

ber 1925, at the Burke road Methodist Church, Camberwell, by the Rev S. Adamson, George   Frederick, second son of Mr. and Mrs. W. F.

Greenwood, Balwyn House, Canterbury to Ilma Isabella, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. A. McDonald, 29 Mangarra place, Canterbury (present address, Merrie Meric, Weir street, Can-   terbury )  

HOCKING—GUNN.—[Silver Wedding.]—On the    

6th March, 1901, by Rev. A. Marshall, D D, Herbert, youngest son of Joseph Hocking, Esq , of Stawell, to Amy, youngest daughter of the late W. R. Gunn, Esq., and Mrs. T. L. Stewart, (Present address, Palmyra, Shenley street, Can- terbury.)  

KEAY—LYLE.—On the 16th January, at the North

Brunswick Presbyterian Church, by the Rev.

J. P. Chalinor, Percival Cathles, younger son of Mr. and Mrs. P. Keay, of Brunswick, to Nellie Florence Adele, elder daughter of Mrs. and the late Mr. J. E. Lyle, of Moreland.

LEE—RIAL.—On the 16th January, at St John's,

Darlinghurst, N.S.W., Alan E. Lee, Esq.,   F.R.C.S., elder son of Mr and Mrs Frank Lee,         Balliang, Victoria, to Ellen Adelaide, third daughter of Mr. A. J. Rial, Marlow, Middle Head road. Mosman, N.S.W.

LEE—COOKE.—On the 30th January, at St John's  

Church, Camberwell, by the Rev Roscoe Wilson, Arthur, fifth son of Mrs. G. Lee, Footscray, to Aileen Rosa, youngest daughter of Mrs and the late E. Frank Cooke, Camberwell.

MOFFAT—PERRY.—On the 22nd January, at  

St. George's Presbyterian Church, St. Kilda, by Rev Osborn, M.A., David Alan Henderson     Moffat, to Mavis Elizabeth, younger daughter of Mrs. H. Perry, St. Kilda.

MUIR-RUTHERFORD-On the 17th February, at  

the Methodist Church, Stowport, Burnie (Tas.),   by the Rev. F. T. Cleverdon, Harold George, only son of Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Muir, of Surrey road, Hawksburn, to Euna M., youngest     daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Rutherford, Mount Pleasant, Stowport, Burnie (Present address, 45 Howitt street, Hawksburn.)  

PARKER—HORSFALL.—[Diamond Wedding.]—On  

the 25th February, 1866, at Bradford Parish Church, Yorkshire, England, Charles, third son of the late William and Susie Parker, of Brad- ford, to Louisa, second eldest daughter of the late Jonas and Martha Horsfall, of Haworth, Yorkshire, only surviving sister of the late John Sutcliffe Horsfall, grazier, Widgiewa Station, NSW. (Present address—Shipley, 387 Glen eira road, Caulfield, late 122 Hambleton street, Middle Park.


PATTEN—MACAULEY.—On the 30th January,

1926, at Scots Church, Collins street, Melbourne, by Rev. James Crookston, Albert Lloyd, son of the late J. G. Patten, Launceston, to Leila Isabel, fourth daughter of the late J. A. Macauley and Mrs Macauley, of Kensington.    

ROWE—HARVEY.—On the 6th January, at Wes-    

ley Church, by the president of Methodist Con- ference, Rev. William Harris, Rupert J., elder   son of Mr. and Mrs. P. Rowe, Buckley street, Essendon, to Muriel A., eldest daughter of Mr.   and Mrs J. H. Harvey, McPherson street,


SHANKLY—BUCKLEY.—On the 17th December,  

at St. James's Church of England, Ivanhoe, by   the Rev. Sydney Buckley, assisted by the Rev. Frank Lynch, Roy Bruce, younger son of Mr.     James Shankly, of Sale, to Florence Ruth, second daughter of Mr. Allan K. Buckley, Ivanhoe. At home 10th, 11th March, Glandore, Mount Eagle,  


SHEPHERD—ABOMADY.—On the 17th February,  

1926, at St. John's Church, Alexandra, by the Rev. S. H. Burridge, Robert Allen, elder son of William Shepherd, of Diaper Hill House, Waringstown, Co. Down, Ireland, to Zarefa,         only daughter of George Abomady, of Haw- thorns, Alexandra, Victoria (Present address,   Manningham Grange, Quairading, Western Aust-


STANTON—WILSMORE.—On the 2nd February,  

at St. George's Church, Malvern, by the Rev.   Tyson, Frederick Chapple, fourth son of Mr.   and Mrs. H. Stanton, of Malvern road, Mal-

vern, to Alice Jessie, fifth daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Wilsmore, Wayside, Emerald.

STEELE—GURR.—On the 6th February, at St.        

Mark's, Camberwell, by the Rev. J. A. Scho-   field, Gordon, elder son of Mrs. Ruscoe Steele, of Coburg, and the late Dr. Ruscoe Steele, to Dorothy, younger daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. G. Gurr, of Camberwell. (Present address, Araluen, Kintore street, Camberwell.)  

STEVENS-TULLO.—[Silver Wedding.]—On the        

6th March at Castlemaine, by the late Rev. Hume Robertson, James, fourth son of Mr. and Mrs. G. Stevens, Guildford, to Eliza-

beth, third daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs.

J. Tullo, Guildford (Present address, River-  

side, Guildford.)       TURNER—BENJAMIN.—On the 6th February, at    

Congregational Church, Brighton, by the Rev.   N. Claridge Goss, Leonard, only son of Mr. and Mrs. R. Turner, New street, Brighton, to   Linda A. M., youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Benjamin, of Mansfield, Lindsay

street, Brighton.

WALTERS—AXFORD.—On the 3rd February, at    

the Holy Trinity Church, Bacchus Marsh, Rev.   W. A. Walters, eldest son of Mrs. and late Mr. Walters, Ballarat, to Blanche, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Axford, Dunoon, Alphington (Pre- sent address, Vicarage, Natimuk.)

WITTMAN—PLUMRIDGE.—On the 20th February,    

1926, at St. Brendan's Church, Flemington, by the Rev. Father Gleeson, James Murray,

eldest son of Mr. James Wittman and the   late Mrs. M. Wittman, of Flemington, to     Dorothy Jane (Jennie), youngest daughter of   Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Plumridge, of Richmond.

WRIGHT—NOVELLE.—On the 8th February, at

St Peter's Church of England, Brighton Beach by the Rev. B. C. A. Eva, Ernest Maurice,   eldest son of Mr and Mrs G. A. Wright, of Middle crescent, Brighton, to Dorothy Helen, younger daughter of Mr. and Mrs C. G. Novelle, of Were street, Brighton Beach.


BAHEN-On tho 4th March, John Gerard, infant  

sou of John and Margaret Bahen, of Ulverstone, Tasmania, aged two weeks.

BEAGLEY-On the 4th March, at his residence,  

2 Herbert street, Northcote, Richard Griffith, beloved husband of Annie Elizabeth. loved father  

of Nell, Will, Nance (Mrs Trickey), Arthur (deceased), Eileen, Dorothy (Mrs McCrohan),  

Mercy, and Lilian, loved grandfather of Dick and Jack, aged 67 years R. I .P.

BENJAMIN -On the 5th March, at 834 Argyle

street, Hobart, Samuel, loving husband of Fanny, father of Monte Benjamin and Mrs   Lydia Blashki, aged 87 years. (Interred at Ho-     bart, 6th March)

BENNETT- On the 5th March, at the Melbourne

Hospital, Fanny, dearly loved wife of Harry Bennett, 7 Sussex street, Yarravllle, loving mother of Doris and loving daughter of Mr and Mrs Frith, sister of Clara, Kit, Ruth, and Nellie, aged 38 years.

BENNETT- On the 5th March, at Melbourne

Hospital, Fanny, dearly loved wife of Harry,   and loving mother of Doris, loved daughter in law of H. and A. Bennett (25 Nelson road, Camberwell )

BENNETT - On the 5th March, at Melbourne

Hospital, Fanny, loving sister-in-law of Trixie     and Karl, and loving auntie of little Nancy and Marjorie.

Peace, perfect peace

BENNETT-On the 5th March, at Melbourne

Hospital, Fanny, dearly loved wife of Harry, and loving mother of Doris, loved sister-in-law     of J. and E. Allen, dear auntie of Betty, Lind-   say, and Jack. (25 Nelson road, Camberwell )

BERRY -On the 5th March, at her residence, 32

Mountain street South Melbourne, Mary Jane, widow of the late William Berry, formerly of   Bendigo, and loving mother of Bessie (Mrs. J. J. Martin, West Australia), Sarah (Mrs. S. Hastings), Emily (Mrs W. J. Green), Florence     (Mrs W. L. Green) and William, aged 80 years (Bendigo papers please copy.)

At rest

BREWER -On the 1st March, 1926, passed peace-  

fully away at her residence Annesley, Rosalie Harriet, only child of the late Dr. H. E. and Mrs. Brewer, of Portland, aged 57.

A lifelong sufferer at rest.

Peace perfect peace, with loved ones far away CALLANDER. - On the 11th February (result of

aeroplane accident Canberra N.S.W.), William   Edward, son of William A. Callander (died Mel- bourne, 1902), grandson Adam (died 1902, Mel-

bourne), master bakers, nephew T. Simmons (died 1902, E. M.), M. Simmons (died 1917, A.I.F. ), brother of Alex Callander (died 1917,     A.I.F.), brother of Queen (Mrs. T. Ashby),   loved son of Mrs. A. Andrews (nurse, 62 Car-

narvon street, Victoria Park, W.A. ), stepson of   A. E. Andrews, loving husband of Violet Cal- lander, dear daddy of little Gloria and Alex.,

aged 26 years.  

O God, Thy will be done.

—(Inserted by mother and family.)  

COLEMAN.—On the 21st February, at his late      

residence, No 2 Derby street, Northcote, John Patrick, beloved husband of Mary Agnes, and loving father of Francis, Agnes (Mrs. Vincent), and Edward, and dear grandfather of little Tom, aged 68. R.I.P.  

God's will be done.

COLEMAN.—A tribute of love to the memory

of my dear Uncle Jack, who died February 21, at his late residence, No 2 Derby street, Northcote. R.I.P.    

Revered and loved by all who knew him.   —(Inserted by his nephew, C. A. Sloan)  

COLLINS-A tribute of fond remembrance to

our late comrade, Bob Collins who passed away on 4th March, 1926 (result of motor accident)

Though absent from among us

You are always in our thoughts

Greatly missed. One of the best

-(Inserted by his comrades of Prahran cable tram sheds.)  

CRIMMINS -On the 3rd February, at Short

street, Bendigo, Catherine, widow of the late  

John Crimmins. R I P

CROMWELL - On the 5th March (suddenly),

at his residence Ubi, Holmes road, Moonee Ponds, John Henry, losing husband of Emily, and father of Jack and Hope and youngest son of the late James Cromwell, and brother of Lewis   Cromwell, aged 60 years. (Private interment)   DAVIDSON -On the 5th March at Children's

Hospital, Jean, youngest daughter of James and Ethel Davidson, of 89 Bent street, Northcote  

DEMPSEY -On the 4th March at Halley avenue,

South Camberwell, June Edith, the dearly loved infant daughter of Percy and Edith Dempsey, and loved granddaughter of Mrs E. A. Dempsey, of Talbot avenue, Canterbury

Grandma's darling.      

DORE -On the 3rd March, at Mount Arant, Nar

nar goon, James David, dearly loved son of J. G. and J. Dore, loving brother of Nonie, Greg, and Tom, aged 2 years and 8 months (Interred Pakenham Cemetery on 4th March ) R.I.P.     DUNN-On 1st March (result of accident)

Kilmore Hospital, John Colman, dearly loved second son of Thomas (ex-sergt. of police) and   Sarah Dunn, of 28 Percy street, Prahran (late of Ballarat), and dearly loved brother of Francis   (Yarrawonga), Annie, Michael J., Phillip Wil-

liam, and Mollie, aged 27 years (Interred Brighton Cemetery, Wednesday, March 3)


EARLES-On the 26th February, at his

dence, Skipton, Edward Coste, relict of the late A. Earles, much loved father of Annie   (Mrs J. J. Craig, deceased), Emily, Edward Milly (Mrs A. S. Choak, East Kew), Fannie (Mrs C. Johnson, Colac), Rose (Mrs. J. H. Gardiner, East St. Kilda), aged 88 years 10


At rest.

ELLIS-On the 4th March (suddenly) at May  

Terrace, Lockleys, South Australia, Charles beloved husband of the late Sarah Ellis of     Narracan Victoria, and loving father of Rue Melbourne, Charl, Nell, Bert and Edgar of Cropwell, Deniliquin, NSW, and Flo (Mrs H Smith, Savernake, NSW), aged 74 years

Peacefully sleeping

FLYNN.—On the 3rd March, at Caulfield Convales-

cent Hospital, Mary Ann Flynn, beloved adopted

mother and aunt of Mrs. Minnie Hibbett, loved   sister of the late William, Samuel and Edward Hocking, old Sunday school scholar of the Chilwell Church, Geelong, and school teacher, late of Mount Macedon, aged 73 years. Colonist   of 72 years. (Privately Interred Brighton Ceme- tery, March 4. )

Requiescat in pace.

FLYNN - A tribute to the memory of Mrs Mary

Ann Flynn, who passed away on March 3, 1926

At rest.

-(Inserted by Mr and Mrs T P Bryant and family, Essendon, friends for 37 years)  

GEDDES - On the 5th March, at 35 Hartpury  

avenue, South St. Kilda, Martha, dearly be- loved wife of John Haining Geddes, and lovell     mother of Alfred, Ethel, Arthur, and Herb (N.Z.), aged 81 years    

HAYES -On the 5th March, at Melbourne,

Michael, second youngest son of the late Jere- miah and Annie Daves, brother of Queenie, Eileen, and Jim, aged 39 years.  

Requiescat in pace.

HOLT -On the 5th March, at Goulburn street,

Seymour, Frederick James, the dearly beloved son of Frederick and Ann Holt, and loving brother of Joyce and Jack, aged four months

His cheerful way and smiling face

Are pleasant to recall,

He had a smile for everyone.

And died beloved by all.

Safe in the arms of Jesus.

HUNT -On the 4th March (suddenly, as a result

of acute appendicitis), at Moonee Ponds, Valmai Atlee, beloved second daughter of Ethel and the late Frederick Atlee Hunt.

JOY -On the 28th February,1926, at Am-

brosia, Maud street, Geelong, Emma Sarah, dearly loved mother of Alfred S., mother-in- law of Daphne, and dear grandma of Loisa and Gwenyth Joy.

Thy will be done.

KING - On the 5th March, at Warragul, William,

dearly beloved son of Leo and May, loving grandson of William and Fanny Croxford, and great grandson of Selina King, in his fourth year (Sydney papers please copy.)  

He was only a little snowdrop,

A sweet llttle child from birth;

But God came and plucked our darling

Before he was soiled by this earth

LACEY -On the 5th March, at No. 6 Woodstock

street, Balaclava, George the dearly loved hus- band of Rose Lacey, loving father of Edward and loved grandfather of Rosie and Teddy

Rest in peace.

LOGAN - On the 28th February, Richard, second

son of the late Michael and Margaret Logan, of Arklow, Canterbury. R.I.P


MANNIX -On the 5th March (accidentally

drowned at Hastings), James Joseph, the be- loved husband of Doris, and only son of James and Mary Mannix, of 22 Ashmore street, East Brunswick, aged 24 years and two days.

Rest in peace.

MILLER - On the 25th February, Donald Graeme,

infant son of Frank and Grace Coomrith, Cul- goa, and little nephew of Auntie Gertrude.

MONK -On the 28th February (result of acci-

dent), at Nurse Fink's private hospital, Dande- nong. Charles, beloved husband of Eliza (nee Lea-     mon), loving father of Daisy (Mrs Coyle), Mel-

ville (Jack), Vernon, Leonard, Eileen and Cecil, loving father-in-law of Harold and May, grand-     father of Reg, Jean, and Alan Coyle and Dorothy, Marjorie, and Violet Monk, aged 52


NICHOLSON - On the 4th March, at Nurse  

McEvey's private hospital, Rutherglen, John,   loved husband of the late Isabella Nicholson, father of Mrs Bevan (Rutherglen), Mrs R. Fisher (Warracknabeal), Bob (Rutherglen), brother of Mrs. J. Kelly (Colac), aged 72 years. A colonist of 71 years. Late of St. Arnaud.

NEWTON -On the 2nd March, at New Zealand,

Kate the dearly loved wife of the late William Newton, and devoted mother of Lily (Mrs.   Porta), 86 Yarra street, Alphington.

PAIRMAN.—Accidentally killed at Goomalling,    

W.A., Robert Buchanan, late A.I.F., the be-          

loved son of Alexander and Isabella Pairman, of 40 Watt street, Box Hill, and loved brother of Alexander G. (deceased late A.I.F.), Rachel       (Mrs. Williams), Richard W., and Albert  

REES -On the 2nd March, at private hospital.  

Malvern, Alice beloved daughter of Alfred William and Therese Rees, of Atami, Warragul   road, Oakleigh, loving sister of Max (Glen- thompson), and Ivor.

So fair, so sweet.

REGAN -On the 2nd Marrh, at Adelaide, Nina,  

devoted wife of Walter, loving mother of Grat- tan and Lily, loved daughter of A. and L. Nicholson, much loved sister of the late Jack, Roy, Les (A.I.F.), Myra, and Doris.  

So He giveth His beloved rest.

-(Inserted by her bereaved ones, 41 Newman street, West Brunswick)

ROTHWELL-On the 23rd February, at her late

residence, No 1 Gore street, I linroy, llrldgct relict of the late George Rothwell, saddler oí lltrrov loving mother ol 1 anny. George, I red, und Mary (Mrs Harris), aged SO years (I'ri valcly interre1 )

Life s long day la o'er

RYAN-On the 5th March at the residence of

her niece (Mrs Redmond), Woodend, Winifred sister of Mrs O Grady, native of Borrisoleigh Tipperary, aged 86years RIP (Interment     Melbourne General Cemetery )

RYDER - On the 5th March, at 681 Canning

street, North Carlton, Mary Ann, dearly be- lovel mother of Rose (deceased), Emily (de-     ceased), William George, Elizabeth (Mrs.   Trethewey), and Herbert, and loved grand- mother of Vic and Rege.

SAMPSON -On the 28th February, at her home,

13 Street, Mildura Annie Francis, beloved wife of Hartley Sampson, loving sister of Gertie (Mrs Callaway), Evie (Mrs. Brand), and  


A patient sufferer at rest.

STEAD - On the 28th February, at her late resi-

dence, Church street, Maldon, Rosa Hannah, relict of the late Charles Stead, formerly of Kerang, loving mother of Myrtle (Mrs C.H.     Phelan, Warrnambool), Violet (Mrs. P. Kirby, Kerang), and sister of Edith (Miss Page, Mal  

don), and George Page (Sydney) and fond grandmother of Kevin Kirby and Geoffrey and Jack Bryant.

STEAD - On the 28th February, at Maldon, Rosa

Hannah, relict of Charles Stead, dearly loved mother of Lillian (deceased), May (Mrs Bryant, deceased), Myrtle (Mrs Phelan), Violet (Mrs

Kirby), Stella (deceased), darling sister of George (Sydney), Fred (deceased), and Edith   Page.

In God's care.

SYKES - On the 3rd March, at Malvern,

the dearly beloved husband of Virginia Sykes,       and beloved father of Beryl and Eric.      

TAINTON -On the 4th March at private hospital,

James the dearly beloved husband of Elizabeth   Ann Tainton, of East Burwood, and loving father of May (Mrs. Crouch), Alice, Amelia (Mrs. Haigh), and William, aged 65 years.

TAPFIELD- On the 22nd February at her resi-  

dence, 37 Mitchell street, Goodwood, Adelaide Maria, widow of the late Frederick Tapfield, of Taritap, Kingston, South Australia.

TRAINOR -On the 5th February, at St. Vin-

cent's Hospital, Melbourne, Jack, youngest son of the late Thomas and Bridget Trainor, brother of Mrs. Jamieson, Mrs. Nihill, Mrs. Hartnett, James (Narrogin, W.A.), Harry (deceased), Tom     (deceased), late of W.A. (Perth and Narrogin,   W.A., papers please copy.)        

Rest in peace.

TREBILCO- On the 5th March, at Berkley street.

Glenferrie, Dossie Trebilco, the sincere friend of Marjorie Kane, 25 Meadow street, East St.


TYERS. -On the 3rd March, at Surrey Hills,

Samuel Harold, dearly loved husband of Maude   Stanley, Tyers (late of Beulah), and beloved son of Mrs. Elizabeth Tyers (Warrnambool. (Privately interred.)      

At rest.

VIVIAN - On the 25th February, at 8 Kerferd  

road. Hampton, Mrs M. J. Vivian, a dearly loved mother, grandmother, aud great grandmother

WHITE- On the 4th March (after short illness),

at her parents' residence, 138 Argyle street, Fitzroy, Hilda, the dearly loved daughter of   Trevenen Herbert and Annnie White, loved sister of Lily (Mrs. J. Tom), Edith (Mrs R. Beasley),   Herbert T., and Frederick H. White.  


WHITE-On the 4th March at her residence,

Argyle street, Fitzroy, Hilda, beloved friend of

her fellow workers.

WILLIAMS-On tho 4th March, Emma, of Wilts,

68 Horace street, Malvern relict of the late Henry Plane Wiliams, and Ioved mother of

Willis (Sydney), Ernest (Cheltenham), Albert (Oakleigh), and Ethel. (Privately Interred.)


ADAMS - In loving memory of my dear husband,

Bob, loving father of Harvey, who died on the 6th March, 1924, at his residence, Hawaii, Boundary street, Kerang.

A beautiful memory. - (Flo and Harvey)

ADAMS - In loving memory of our darling

son, Robert George (Bob), who died at his home, Hawaii, Kerang, on March 6, 1924.

Just when his life was brightest,

Just when his hopes were best,   Just in the pride of his manhood

He was taken home to rest  

We'll strew his path with memories,

the path our dear son trod,

We'll bless the years as they roll on,

And leave the rest to God.

- (Inserted by his sorrowing father and mother)

ADAMS - In loving remembrance of my dearly

loved brother, Bob, who died at his home,

Hawaii, Kerang, on March 6, 1924.  

When at least expected death did come,  

No hand could stay its power.

One of the best the world contained  

Was cut down like a flower

He had a nature you could not help loving.

And a heart that was purer than gold. And to those who knew him and loved him

His memory will never grow cold.

ADAMS - In loving memory or our dear brother

and uncle, Robert George, who died on the 6th March, 1924.

God broke the vase,

And took unto Himself the flower

- (Inserted by his sister and brother in law, Georgie and Will Dunn, Iela, Laurie, Halley.)    

ADAMS - In loving memory of Robert George

Adams, who died at Kerang on the 6th March,   1924, loving brother of Alf and May Adams, dearly loved uncle of Stewart and Nevin.

Thoughts return to scenes long past.

Years roll on but memories last.      

ADAMS - In loving memory of our dearly loved

brother in law, Robert George, who died at his   home, Kerang, on the 6th March, 1924.  

We bless the years we called him ours. And leave the rest with God.

- (Inserted by M. and V. Mahar, Kerang.)

ADAMS - In loving memory of my dear brother,

Robert George (Bob), who was called home     on 6th March, 1924.  

Memories.   - (Inserted by his loving sister, Cissie Hodgson.)       AGEL-In loving memory of our dear mother

Isabella Elizabeth, who pasfed away at 1

Brunswick on the Gth March, 1925 I

I ver r.membcred

-(Inserted by her family )

AGEL-In loving memory of our dear mother,

who passed away on the 6th March, 1925 (In- serted by her loving daughter and son In law, Florence and Ernest Bulte.)    

AGEL -In lov Ing memory of our dear auntie   i Bella, who died on the Gth March, 1925 ' Ixivcd by fell

-(Inserted by her luv Ing brother and sister In law, Arthur aud Jesslo Webber, and family)

ANDERSON -In loving memory of m) dear hus-

band, George, and our loving luther, who passed away at W uranga on the 7th Mardi,


Love lights tho gloom of sorrow,

I ni til sees the dawn to he,

Hope waits the. glad to morrow

i hot brings us nearer thee

-(Inserted by his loving wife nnd family)

ARCHER - In loving memory of our dear hus

baud and father, W li Hum Whitehead, who passed away March 7, 1925, at Orbost Gipps I land

ARCHER -In loving memory of William, our

dear father and grandfather, who departed this life on March 7, 19*5

At rest

-(Inserted by his loving daughter, Violet, son In law, Digby, grandchildren, Jean and John Rose )

BARRY-In memory of mr dear brother, Leslie,

who died on the 7th Morell, 1925

A tender chord of memory

Is eottly touched to daj

Lo zing thoughts of you, dear brother,

That will nevr fado uwaj

-(Inserted by his loving sister Lcena, and brother In law O lewis)

BARRY-In loving memory of my beloved

nephew, Leslie Gladstone Barry, who died ut Sydncj, N S W , on 7th March, 1925 It 1 P.

A tender chord of memory

Ia sadly touched to day. For it is Jufct- one jc.r

Sin co dear I CB passed owaj. -(Inserted b3 Aunt Maggie )

BASAN -In sad nnd loving memory of my dear

husband and father, Theodore (Bob) who passed away at Tooradin, on the 7th March, 1915, also my dear son and brother, Theodore (Dick), accidentally killed at Holbrook (NSW), on the 12lb August, 1913

Always remembered

-(Inserted by his loving wife, daughters, and

BENT-In loving memory of our dearly loved

nephew and cousin, William Wallace (Billie) Bent, who died at Lil}dale on the 7th March,


A tender chord of memory

Is softly touched to day

Deep in our hearts Is a memory

Of dear Billie, who passed away

-(Inserted by E and A. Geddes, Gwen, and Ran )

BENT - EVANS-In loving memory of my two

grandchildren, William W Bent, killed at Lilydale, 6th March, 1925, also, on the same day his cousin, Jean Evans, was killed by motor in Fitzroy street St Ki


BENT - EVANS-In loving memory of our two

cousins, William (Hilly) Bent, who died it Lllvdale 7th March, 1925, also Jean Evans. died 6th March, 1925. result motor accident

at St Kilda

liol h fondly remembered

-(Inserted by Ivy, Jack, and I-yndsay Bent,

Newmarket )

BLUNDELL-In loving memoir of my dear mother,

who ¡usted away March 7, 1020

In our lonely hours of thfnklnf, 1hoii(,htn of >ou ara always near

-(Inserted by her loving Bon and daugn.eMn law, Will mid LUI )

BOYCE-In loving memory of our dear mother,  

who departed this life on 2nd March, 1925, at

E Malvern

-(Tom and Annie )

BRIGGS.-In loving memory of my &w litter

and aunt who |iamed away at Moreland, Cth March, 1924, also my dear husband and father. Tilomas Robertson, who passed away at Albert Park, lflth March, 1910

fawect remembrance

-(M Robertson, E Iiarned.) BRIGGS -In loving memory of my d FHrabetb, who passed 1924.

Fver remembered

-(Inserted by Mr*. A E Burton. Euroa.)

BRUCE -In memory of my husband, John Bruce,

who died at Canterbury on the 7th March, 1925.

May his «ou1 rest In peace

-(Inserted by his wife, Lather Bruce)

BRUCE -In fond memory of our dear father,

John Bruce, who died at Canterbury on the

7th March 1925

May his 60ul rest in peace,

-(Inserted by his two littlo daughters and «on, Maps'le. Bonnie, and Alan.)

DAVIS - In loving memory of Richard Darli

(Dick), who died 7th March, 1923, at Lyster ville avenue, Malvern, beloved husband of Filen, loving father of Tlorrio (Mrs Moffat), Mab«l, ami Harold, and father In law of írank (de ceased)

Ever remembered

DENNET-In Kindly remembrance of Robert Den

ney, who passed to the higher Ufo on Oth March,

] hing and loving in God's vast beyond.

Reaping the renard of many a good deed done.


DOYLE -Tn loving memory of my dear daughter  

and our dear sister, Ruby (Mrs H Doyle), lov

ing mother of Audrey, who died on the Cth March 1924.

rvfr remembered

-(Inserted by her loving fathc-, sister» «nd brother« )

DOYLE-In loving memory of our dear sister,

lluby, who died on the 6th March 392*.

Mlnsing, yes, for all time miwdng.

Ona that wc BO 111 could apare, ÜW n day do we forget you

In our minda jon are alwajs near

-(Inserted by O and A Pearce and family, Bey

DOYLE -In lovinff memory of our dear sister In  

law Ruby, who paused away ou the 6th March,


Dearlv lovd sadly missed

-(Inserted bj hUn mil Ivj, Seymour)

EARNSHAW -In Io\Jng memory of our dearly

beloved datifcht^r und sister. Agnes Victoria, who nuneri awtj on the Cth Maru-, 19¿¡, at C2! McholBon street, ïsorth Carlton

\ou arc alwajs in our thoughts, dear Agnes,

It ia Bwcet to think of jou. In life we loved jou dearlj.

In death we do the tarni

It is hard to part with those yat. lore

\m] hold mi earth to dear

The heart no greater trial knoinv

Or sorrow moro severe

But God is good Ho gives ua strength

lo bear our heavy crow

Ile 1J the only one who knows

Our loneliness and los-t

Some daj, nomo time, our eyes shall se* Your dear fact hell in memory

And God will link the broken chain Mill clouer when we meet agi fit

-(Inserted by her uiotner, father, and only

slslf r Isabel )

EVANS-In fond and loving memory of our dear    

Jean, who departed this lite bth March, 19-G, also her dear cousin, William W Bent

I ver remembered

-(Inserted bj her loving parents and brother».) FENCHAM -In lov ng mernoo of my dearly

loved and lov Ing hunl and, who pinned away suddenly on the Oth March l*)2r-, at Lauriston, Albert stree t, l_,-_st Rninmflck

I/Hlngly remembered Longed for alwnvs -(Inserted by his loving witt )

GILL -In Bud but loving memory oí oiir darling

little girl, Lillian ííladjs (lill), who was accl dentally killed ut Itirragoif, March t», 1319, aged 11 ycirs and four months.

ihc had a nature jou could not help loving.

And u heart that vni purer thun gold,

And to those who knew her and loved her.

Her menu ry will never grow cold

-(Ij)Berlcd Ij her loving mother, father, «Inters Maggie and Hannah, and brother. Otorgo Gill, Yarragon )

HADKINSON-In sad and loving memory of Anne,      

iny dear wife and our darling mother, who passed away on March 7, 1025

I ver remembered

In dreams vvt (tee vour dcur, kind faca,

And kisT jour loving brow,

But in our aching hearts wo know

ne have no mother now

Ko ono knows the silent heartache

Only thone oin tell

Who have lo«t their best and dearest friend

J heir mother

I or many a weary heart lies hld

llencith u smiling face

-(insfrted by 1 HadklruoQ and children, Kell

and 1 red ) 1

HARD -In Joving memory of Hudson, my beloved

hiwband nnd our dear father, who died March 7, 1J21

HIRST -In loving memory of my dc*ir husband  

and our deir father, Robert, who died on March 6, 191J

love lights the gloom of sorrow,

1 aith sce^ the, diwn to be,

Hope wait» the glad to morrow,

1htit brings us nearer thee

-(Inserted bj lila loving wife and family)

HOUSDEN-In loving memory of my dear wife

and our dear mother Sarah Housden, who passed away ot Castlemaine three years to day

At rest

Love lights the gloom of sorrow,

I-aith sees the dawn to be,

Hope wnits the glad to morrow*,

Hint brings us near to thee

-CF D lintis len Costlemoinc * G, W E, and L B Housden, Hampton )

JENKINS -In loving memory of my dear mother

and grandmother, who died ut Charlton, Mareil

G 1925

Though lost to sight to memory ever deai

-(Inserted bv her loving daughter Hlzobcth, grandson, and daughter, May and Sinn )

MACDOUGALL -In Kid and loving memory of

our dear brother, Albert Ernest who was sud ilinly called to the higher life on March 3


Some day we H understand

-(InFerted by his loving sister and brother In low, Mangle and Frink Bateman, also his nleco Olive Last St Kilda )

McINNES-In loving memory of my dear fother,

John, who passed uwnv on the Gth March, 192o also mother Ellen who passed away 17th June, 1919 (Inserted by Jack on. Florrie)

O'KEEFE -In lovinp memory of Nicholas Fran

eis (Frank) beloved hu-suan 1 of Charlotte, snd loving father of hath Matt, and 1 rank, who passed awaj on March G, 1921

Ever remembered

ROBERTS - Th loving memorv of our dear father

(Jrlfll t h Roberts of Wychitella, who passed away at Itimpton March 7 1925 (Inserti-1 by his lav lug fcon and daiiLhlcr in law, Lewis and Mai el )

STATTERS -In cherished memory of our dear,    

beloved brother, Joseph Herbert, called home

March G 1925

STATTERS-In loving memory of my dear huo

band, Joaej h, and our loving father, who passed uwoy at Coburp* on March (J 1D¿5

To live in hearts we leave behind is not to


-(Inserte I by hit loving wife and children )

STEPHENSON -In loving memory of our dearly  

loved rum and Irotbcr, Aubrey, who passed peacefully away at Sale IIosplUI, March 7, 192-J, aged 17 vcars

So dearly loved, so sadly missed

STEPHENSON -In loving memory of Aubrey, who  

pawed away at Sile Hospital March 7, 1925

Though life brings much trnt alters,

._nd time brings much that s new. There s one thing never ollera,

J hat s our memory of you

-(Inserted by lils friends, G and S Bell, North loowong)

STOTT -In loving remembrance of my dearly

loved husband and our dear father, who passed away at Uranus, Glenhuntly road, South St Kilda. March 8, 1925

There are da>s of pain and sorrow

When our heurts feel strangely sore. With a silent, hopeless longing

1 or the one who comes no moro

Sadly missed

STOTT -In fond remembrance of our dear father,

who passed away 8th March 1925

His memorv is as dear to day

\«i in the nour bo parsed away I -(InFcrtel Iv his daughter and Bon In law,

South St K11 'i ) | TREW -In loving memory of Elsie louisa, fond

daughter of Henry Maurice and Catherine (de ceased) flstcr of I Ulli and Eva, who passed to the higher life Mar li f 1924

Sadly missed

VAGG -In sad and loving memory of our de

voted sister Eliza, who died on March 6, 1925, at Naroghid, Camperdown

May her soul rest In peace

One of the best

Our fond sister so dearly loved so sadly missed -(Inserted by her sorrowing sister Nellie, brother in law Willie, and niece, Maggie Erring ton, Moonee Ponds)    

WHITE -In loving memory of my dear father,

who paused away on March 6, 1925, at Sycamore street. Last Malvern

Loved In life treasured In death,

A beautiful memorj is all I ha\e left, rrcflsurcd memories of my dad so dear, Often trlng a silent tear

Ho -was a friend to many,

And to his own proved true, Unselfish honest kind to all.

And o loving grandfather, too

-(Inserted by his loving daughter and son In Hw Dora! hy ami Charles May, and grand daughters Sjlvle and Dorothy)

YOUNG-A tribute of love to the memory of my

dearlj loved mother who passed to the higher

life on Mar h G 1925

Those whom our ejes have lort, Love still sees


And thoughts too deep for speech ring through

our minds,

For Love aloiif can 'ace death's presence

And still be strong

-(Ria I Butcher, Croxton.)

ZIEBELL - In sad and loving memory of my 

dearly beloved sister, darling Sophia, who passed away on the 6th March 1925.

Loved by all

What peaceful hours I once enjoyed;

How sweet their memory still.

But they have left an aching void,

The world can never fill.

-(Inserted by her sorrowing sister, Bertha

Webb )

ZIEBELL - In loving memory of our dear mother,

who died March 6, 1925 (Inserted by her loving daughters, Rita and Sylvia,)

ZIEBELL.-In loving memory of my darling aunt,  

Sophia Minnie Foster.


ARDLEY -Mr. E. ARDLEY, Mr. and Mrs. FRED

STOTT, and Sons, desire to THANK their many kind friends, relativ ra, and neighbours for their cards, letters, telegnms and beautiful floral tributes and personal expression» of sympathy, es pecially thanking tho doctor, matron, und stall of tho Janefield Sanatorium for their unremitting kindness during their recent sad bereavement Will all kindly accept this as a personal ackuow ledgment of our deepest gratitude St Elmo, 14 Paterson street, Abbotsford_

BASS - Mr C MASS and 1 a mil j dcsln to

express their sincere THANKS to their miriy friend« for expressions of B\ II»; a thy. telegram», letters, cards, and floral tributes during their recent sad bereavement C J Bass, ¿I Queen

Ireet, Melbourne

BULL - Mrs BULL and Mrs MORRIS desire

to THANK their kind friends nnd .«lathes for cards, tclt grams, letton, (oral tributes, and personal expressions of sympathy In their recent Bftd bereavement Mill all please accept this BB a personal acknowledgment of our deepest gratl tude 22 Flm grove Ripponlci

CARMICHAEL - I-amily aid Miss ARNOLD wish

1 to tender their sincero THANKS to their many kind friends for expression« of ajmpathv, floral tributes, lette«, telegrams, and cards during their recent ead bereavement. City road, Ring

COON -Mrs A COON nnd Family «lah to ex ^ press their sincere THANKS to their many friends and relatives for their kind expressions of sympathy, floral tributes, letters, telegrams, nnd cards, especially thanking Mr Sam Thomas for his persona] kindness during their ead bereave ment 42 Carlisle street, St Kilda

CORP - Mrs L COUP and * amity desire to

THANK their many kind friends nnd rela- tiv« for telegrams, letters canis floral tributen

and personal expressions of sympathy in their recent sad bereavement 'Will nil kindly accept this as a personal acknowledgment of their sincero RTiitltude 19 Bridge st , Northcote

GAFF -Widow and Sons of the late  

ERNEST OSBORNE GAFF desire to express   their heartfelt THANKS to their many friends and relatives who so kindly sent telegrams, let- ters, cards, and floral tributes, also for personal   expressions of sympathy in their recent sad and sudden bereavement. Will all please accept this as a personal acknowledgment of their deepest gratitude. 66 Charles street, Ascotvale.

HANSLOW -Mr A HANS. ÜW desires to ex

prefls his sincere THANKS t > his many friends mid in ighlKiu» for their kind expression«? of BJ m pathv, Tetters, and tell grams during his retent sad bereavement He wuuld be pleased at tin ir acceptance of flits as n personal unkuow ledgment ofjrjjitltude 10J Victoria pande, East Melbourne LEES -Mr und Mrs LLLH desire to IHANK       - mcir many kimi friends for visits, letter», telegram«!, cards, floral tributes, and personal rxpresslou» of svmpathy In their recent «ad be reavement Wilt uti please accept this m u personal expression of our ainecro gratitude 247 AVhito Horse road, Balwyn_

MR and Mrs D McMILLAN desire to return

their sincero THANKS to all their many friends, relativen, fliid staff of ldment«. Bourke Ptreet, for letters cards, personal cxpre-islous of sympathy, and floral tributes in their recent sad bereavemuit Will all p!ea«c accept tUU a» n personal acknowledgement of our deepest gratl * ' in Hoi* fllreet, Port Mell ournc


North Milbouiut, sincerely HUNKS alf

lind friendH, relatives neighbours his employer and comradrs, til KO Dr Booth, for their prnc ti cul expressions of sympathy, floral tributes, am" prompt attention during his recent sad bereave


MR CHAS. NELSON and Family wish to ex-  

press their sincere THANKS to their friends   id neighbours for their kind expressions of sym Eathy, letters, and cards, during their recent sud

freavement Ardmona

MRS MELLOR au 1 lu rally desire to tender their

sincero THANKS to kind friends for letters, telegrams, cards, visits and floral tributes In their recent ead bereavement. Will all kindly accept this na u personal acknowledgment ot deepest gratitud, 47 Bank street, Box Hill_ MRS OGDEN and Mr and Mrs I. PAQF,

370 Montague street Albert Pirk, deslro to THANK their many kind frhnds for letters, cards, telegrams, and personal expressions of sym Eathy In their recent tad bereavement Will all

indly accept this as a perta nal acknowledgment '__ de« pest gra ti tu le_ MRS ELLIGETT anl *amily desire to

press their tlncerc TIUNhS to all friends for telegram«, Jetten» rards anti tokens of sj n pathy In their recent sud bereavement_

SOUTHAM - The Widow and family of the late THOMAS Pdesire rainy kind cxpremloni of sympathy and ilornl I tributes extended to them In their recent bertav ment, and would especially TH.VK the Masonic f raterait} ulfio the Rev Robert Williams and clergy for kind ministration- boutha 11, Lister

»venue (.ardenvale_ I MIL Sister and Brothers of the lato 1 RNFS1

THOMAS REID, Mount Beckwith, and MlhS   1 UMCL ANnilHVS, wish to IHANK most HIII

ccrcly the mut ron and musca at Amherbt Hospital for their ceaseless effort** nnd devoted attention, un 1 the many kin 1 friends and relativ es for floral tribute*, telegrama, letters and personal expreiwioiiH of sympathy in their recent had tcTLavemcnt, also thanking the H»v John U'alkci and the Rev Donaldson, and Dr. Watson and

Dr f-altcr


WORLEY - Mr 11 1 WORLEY and 1 .nilly    

desire to exlirm their 1 HANKS to their many friend« nnd relatives for letters tunis, tile Krams, und flornl tribute» forwarded Uicin during Iheir recent sad bereavement


BENNETT.—The Friends of Mr. HARRY  

BENNETT are respectfully invited to follov   the remains of his dearly belovcd wife, Fanny, to the place of interment, the Footscray Cemetery.    

The funeral is appointed to move from his

residence, 7 Sussex street, Yarraville, THIS DAY (Saturday, March 6), at 2.15 o'clock.  

WALTER A. WARNE, Undertaker, 289-291   Barkly street Footscray, and Birmingham street, Yarraville. 'Phones 9 and 685 Footscray.

BERRY- The Friends of the late Mrs MARY JANE BERRY", .""

respectfully invited to follow her remains to the  

place of interment in the Brighton Cemetery.

The funeral will leave her residence 12 Moun- tain street, South Melhourne, THIS DAY (Satur day, 6th March, 1926) at 2 o clock Motora

THOS. RENTLE, Funeral Director, Park street,   South Melbourne and 201 Dandenong road, Caul field 'Phones Cent 1179 and U5810.

CROMWELL.—The Friends of the late JOHN      

HENRY CROMWELL, loving husband of Emily, are respectfully informed that his remains will be privately interred in the Boroondara Ceme-

tery, Kew.

The funeral will leave his residence, Ubi, Holmes road Moonee Ponds, THIS DAY (Saturday, March     6) at 11 a.m. Motors.  

PREUSS BROS., Funeral Directors, 300 Burwood   road, Hawthorn Tel. Hawthorn 7.      

DAVIDSON - The Friends of Mr JAMES  

DAVIDSON are informed that the remains of his late beloved daughter, Jean, will be in- terred in the Fawkner cemetery

The funeral is appointed to move from his residence, 89 Bent street Northcote, THIS DAY   (Saturday March 6) at 3 o clock punctually

W. G. .APPS AND SONS PTY. LTD. Tel. J1145 (2 lines).

GEDDES.—The Friends of Mr. JOHN H. GEDDES    

are respectfully invited to follow the re- mains of his dearly belovel wife, Martha, to the place of interment the Coburg General Cemetery

The funeral will leave his residence, 35 Hart- pury avenue, St. Kilda, THIS DAY (Saturday, March 6), at 10.45 a.m.    

R. ROBSON, Undertaker, cor. Brunswick street and St. George's road, North Fitzroy. Tel. N'cote.        



are informed that his funeral will leave

Raybould's Funeral Parlours, 193 Lonsdale street,   city at 3 o clock, for interment in the Boroondara Cemetery THIS DAY (Saturday), arriving at 3.20. RAYBOULDS, Funeral Directors, 193 Lonsdale street, city. 'Phone C. 361.

KENT - The funeral of the late Miss DOREEN

KENT will leave No. 7 Pratt street, Moonee Ponds, To-morrow (Sunday) Morning, at 10   o clock, not this morning (Saturday), for the place of interment, in the Coburg Cemetery.

ALFRED ALLISON (Estab. 1854), Undertaker. LACEY.—The Friends of the late GEORGE       LACEY are respectfully invited to follow   his remains to the place of interment, in the Melbourne General Cemetery,

The funeral is appointed to move from his late residence No. 6 Woodstock street, Balaclava, THIS DAY (Saturday, M ireh C), at 3 30 o clock

ALFRED ALLISON, Funcral Director (Estab. 1854), 221 Victoria street, Melbourne West. Tel. F1980.

MAGUIRE.—The Friends of the late Mr.    

WILLIAM HENRY MAGUIRE are respectfully   invited to follow his remains to the place of in- terment, New Melbourne Cemetery, Fawkner.

The funeral will leave his late residence, Rona street Regent, THIS DAY (Saturday, March 6)

at 3 o clock

JOHN DALEY, Undertaker Latrobe and Spring

streets, Melbourne Tel 827

MANNIX.—The Friends of the late Mr JAMES JOSEPH MANNIX are respectfully informed

that his remains will be interred in the Fawkner Cemetery.

The funeral will leave the residence of his parents, 22 Ashmore street, East Brunswick. THIS DAY (Saturday 6th March, 1926) at 3.45 o'clock    

JOHN ALLISON, Funeral Director, 291 Sydney road, Brunswick (op. Empire Theatre) Tel Bwk   - Head nfflcc J1003 and J3I19_

TAINTON.—The Friends of the late Mr JAMES  

TAINTON. of Springvale road, East Burwood,   are informed that his remains will be interred in the Burwood Cemetery.

The funeral is appointed to arrive at the ceme-

tery THIS DAY (Saturday, 6th March, 1926), at 11


LE PINE and SON, Funeral Directors. 'Phones

J1441, Haw. 813.

TRAINOR.—The Friends of the late Mr. JOHN TRAINOR are respectfully invited to follow his remains to the place of interment, Brighton


The funeral will leave St. Vincent's Hospital,   Victoria parade, Fitzroy, THIS MORNING (Satur-   day 6th March), at 10 o'clock.  

JOHN DALEY, Undertaker, Latrobe and Spring   streets, Melbourne Tel 827. WHITE.—The friends of Mr. and Mrs. T. H.   WHITE are respectfully invited to follow the   remains of their dearly loved daughter, Hilda, to the place of interment in the New Melbourne Cometery, Fawkner.

The funeral is appointed to leave their resi-

dence, 138 Argyle street, Fitzroy, THIS DAY (Saturday, 6th March), at 2 p.m. Motors.

HENRY J. R. LEWIS, Undertaker, Johnston       Street, Fitzroy, High street, Northcote. 'Phones J1066 and N'cote 579. Est. 1843.