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In connection with the agitation for a reduction of postal charges the Taxpayers' Association in confunction with the kin-<*> dred society in Victoria, is organising a

i!rr>.itation. wfc.fh ?i!l 1*? roprfsoiitat. <?<? o-' inn-iwtc tlirr-iig-li'/iit tho- wholi1 t'omnioii ip'j'tii to vait iipon ih?* iu-i\- I*.>stjn3?i?r ?:e"iM!r..'l "I"'"'1 'Sl'vt Kxi-han^ of Ade 'aiile. tlie AVal^roo Miinici;>al (V.uncii, llie Housewives" Afswialion. the *:?"??' A=snciati>?n -?f New- tio-jrii "VVaW=, t'ae Victorian ?t'wekcontT*" Af?tv-siirm. snd the Federal Institute of Acc.iuiii.iuis have all arransed to be rej>reseiited.

(and bacteria. The professor, who i* <fc v.-ars of see. has made manr contributinne I !?? the literature of bjplotrical erieiice. Tlio K.t. \\". A. Ijanjasord wsr ap? r>'im^?J JYvnienndec* o: the MeUiodisC tV.-n:Vr.>ace at rhe oivninc of tbe repre- swimis on Tbur-iaj- evening. Ho if ono ?ii oid.vst and lie?; known M.-i!i->diKt mi:i;ston> in the Slate. IWn. a: .V?:wi?J iji IS.")), he *'as vdacatrd at iho IVinr,. A!:rod C/.-.c^f and tb e Ailo !.!ide I'iiivmk'v. Ho '.H-came a f-r !!..? Jnii.i--.iy o: tlu- \V.~.;evaii Me'Ji^ il:st 4'huti-Ji in isn. an'i after tno \v-\ct XT a tlicu';oi: t ;?2 :n-:;itui;on <i?inieni-ed his lirrn-tn- in IS.ii. 11,. ir>inied the cl.le-t da^Jit.-r of the late Hon. Alfred Ou.;,

nnd ror.iimwvi >n active wort for 41 year*. I'Viii;; inui time he occupied the posi lio'is ?i i"'iainmn of Districts, wvretaiT .?jid p:r-s.:doui , :" the Wcfleran Methodist C?.-:iV!oj<o. and for the last four years his- filed the oth.-e of . ii.ipl.iin at toe Ade ?:if.!? Ho>;n!-il. l-'or iSi vcars Jie has been f.eriei] ueawircr of the Theological lu ftitutjon KunJ. anj Jia.* taken a deep in tore-". in the training (?; students for the ministry. He is the present treasurer of IHe lirishton Theoiosu-al College. Uc be k-anv a s-ipenmmorary in I*l7. Mr. Wilton Hack, formerly a well-known resident of Glenelg, died at Beverley, Western Australia, on Tuesday. He was born at Echunga on May 21, 1843, and wa? a son of the late Mr. Stephen Hack, who arrived in South Australia in 1837. He was educated at the Sandbach Grammar School in Cheshire, and at the Heidelberg University, Germany. He then joined his father. Mr. Stephen Hack, at his station. The Long Desert, and afterwards took up country as a station-owner between the Long Desert and North-West Bend, River Murray, which he named Pinnaroo. He was forced to relinquish his holding owing to the drought of 1867. He next became drawing master at Prince Alfred College, and Mr. Caterer's Grammar School, Nor   wood. Shortly after he married Miss   Anna Stonehouse, a daughter of the Rev.   George Stonehouse, he entered the Bap- tist ministry, and as chaplain at the Yatala Labor Prison. He sailed for Japan as a missionary in 1873, and acted as such for five years. Lack of funds led to his having to abandon mission work. Coming     back to Australia be engaged in mining in New South Wales. He successfully floated the Foley mine at Bowling Alley Point, Mr. Richard Hamilton, of the Great Boulder mine, being the first manager. He also floated the Anderson's Flat alluvial mine, the Golden Chance at Hanging Rock, and the Pine Ridge Diamond mine in New South Wales. He started the Village Settlement at Mount Remarkable   in 1893. Mr. Hack later became greatly interested in Theosophical work, and jour- neyed several times to India and Ceylon, studying the religions of the East, gaining a fund of knowledge and writing exten- sively on the subject. At the time of the Western Australian gold rush he went   to England, and was appointed manager of the East Murchison Gold Mining Syndi- cate, which took over the old Eagle's Nest mine in the Mount Margaret dis- trict, which proved a failure. He was a most interesting lecturer, and up to the last year or two of his life delivered ad-   dresses upon Japan and the East with great success. He could converse on many subjects with ability, and owing to his   many travels and varied experiences was a   most interesting companion. He had a special gift in art. and painted beautiful pictures both in oils and watercolors. His collection of paintings has been distributed   amongst his children, of whom four are living, namely Mr. M. S. Hack of Upper Blackwood, Western Australia; Mr. C. C. Hack of Bokarup. Western Australia, Mrs N. G. McKenzie, of Turip-Turip Victoria; and Mr. Wilton Hack, jun, of Glenelg. t)ur Svdncy correspondent reports that the death in his 761h ycax haa occurred at his home at. Oambewarra, Shoalhaven, ot Mr. Thomas Shepherd, a, Pi?"cf' r-/' f ? district, and father of Mr. llulcoflm Ij. .-lieiiherd (fecrctarj- in Iyondon to the Higtt C--.mmi9sloncr for Australia). Air. hncp herd was identified with variora organw* tions He a prominenl tVeemaflOiu an aiderman and a member oE the local airi^ultiiraJ society execuUre. He lc*va? a widow aui several sons and daughters. JJr f C ttimki?, M.P.. left for Vio to'ria'on ITiursday to take part in a coo ferencc called to coordinate inter-Mate op pasitk.n to the State Premiers' P?P?-?J" to amend the Oo?iUUiUon to exclude State instnimcWalKies from the jurwiio tion of the Commonwealth Arbitration fourt . Tic nil! go on to THsmanw where he will aidiess a meetings ol civil ser vants. The president of the South Aartraban Ooguet Association. (Mr. '?'v^-.^g^"* left by Thursday* express for ildfaoorn. to represent South Australia at a con tewnc* o? this States proposal to fonil ? ca-oquet council for Australia. Mr L. W. Stanton, LS.O-, was ye* Urday re?lect?d unopposed as a .=n"i- Iv- oj t)i c ioard ot niaiiagfment m ?*e Teachers ?ii]*rannoatjon Fund. Mr. IStant?n Jirrt S>f?une a member of Uie ??ird in November, 1596. havin? 6uc ?,'ded "he late Mr. .T. A. Hartley. He has ben diainnan of die board during ?ia wl>ole period of bis membership, and the valuable wliich he has reuderc* TO the Fund make's it fitting that he should vontinu-e Co Iw^ Oic j)JSJtion witbout op }lOMliOU. Our London correspondent reports b^/ cable the deaOi of M. Francoisi Hamena, the famous Kiem-h painter, aged 67. lh? M,n and pupil of Leopold Hameng, the cneraivr. he studied |?aintmff under t4ibanal, haurrns, and Hedouin. ??? works dealt wiih historical subjects tor the creator part. e*pec-ial!y the I-renefc Hcvolution. He was al?o a portrait jwinier, and dirtiajruished himself by bi? dec-orations tor the stairway of the bor boiine, consUaiuj; of seven subjects from the hUtory of that institution. Miss Blanch Ilyrom, the authoress i" hnviiiK iTi-i-ied in the Catholic chapel at (;ii-ii(iiinan. Jiiverness-diire, Scotland, a meinoiiiil brass t? the Young Pretendw. who raiNod his standard in "the '45" not i^r a?ay b>- dark J.wh SliciJ, at a spot marked "by'a monument to hjn put up onne \?.-ftrs ago by the Macdonalds of <:ifiiala<iali-. These Slacdonald?, whose is at <:loutintian. owned a rare, but [itiie known, colic-lion of relics of the Pu-i.-nd.-i. imrliidiiig a swoixi. snuffbox, ari'i a Jm-k <>! >?* hair in a rinc. all pre wiitid to t!i?- Maidonald of Olenaladalc of hi!- day. ?ilvnaladak- w;is Prince Charhea earliest friend in Si-otland. and when he I:mde.J i".jr iiis '*3 venture he proceeded loitiiwith to <i'io!ifiniiaii, where the clatu iI.H.-k<-d t.j-hif 5-iandaid. Mr. I{. \Y. Sollcrs (hon. treasnrer of tiic Adelaide ?;lcc i'lulil underwent a *>>-iotis Djvralioii at the ?".?n:ira IVivnte IloMiital ?.M<'ll?oumei. last week. Thi oji('!:iilion \va^ sucivssfi:!. but Mr. Kcllwij i^ ii.a ><-t ??!? ot .liiniiur, and it will pr^> liabiy U- iiiiw o- i'.ur months before he will be able v< re-nnif liis occupalioa. Mr. JC. H. Pc.irsc. editor of "Tlie Pasto ral Ut-vieiv ' and iiis wile, arc leavioa by Uic sltaiiicr Noft.-?r next month :or Africa, n!i<r.- JJr lVaj*c wtenda visiiina tile l.adiui sliei-it farm?. He will then co to ilhoai^ia 2ud <>v to Givdt Britain to at- U.ui ihe Jliiyil a ad. otlier ehirs. The posi'.ion <jf first aii instructor hx the ?ini.niiiiKT '.naiiL-h <>: the lailaays baa :h-.ii taki-n ?i> Ifi Mr. ij. I-'.. Hums, a, iiicni'icr ot ten; '.ratiK; de]?aruuent. Mrs Mot}- Thomas and Hder"s Trustee and l'xecutor O-imi?ny. as executors of tJie ?iil of the la.te Mr. Henry Howard Thomas, of Aberdeen, have paid the ?o"-<"' voaily instalment of lac legacy be qw.i:h<?i i.y" The u^uiar JO the ft.)V>?ns in-'_itut;..ri?='---Mclhodi*! Chunh. Hednith, Li": t:.M ( *? Ki-draili Methodist tSiarck nijii-^w ii.i: fi-.itral Mcllifiliet Mission, AJi-U;!.-. '.'-?'): >aiva!ion Army. AdrUide, Moihodisit Ho>;iitfl| Movement ol Australian Mct'aodijt Comettcnue, £3f); ?:urra JUrnn UospilM.. £10; MJcUlllg Children's Hospital, X3O. .*^- -.—^- -

Ke.-. W. A. l-uifisf.Mxl.