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Richard Watson Returns

On their way to Melbourne, where they will open within the next few weeks, seven principals of the J. C. Williamson Gilbert & Sullivan light

Opera Company arrived from England in the Mongolia on Saturday. The party comprises Mr. Ivan Menzies, the comedian, Mr. Gregory Stroud, and Miss Eve Gardiner, all of whom played in Australia during the last Gilbert and Sullivan season; Mr. Richard Watson, an Adelaide singer, who has been abroad for several yearrf; and Mr. God frey Stirling, the principal tenor: and Miss Winifred Lawson, principal so prano, who are making their first visit to Australia. The company will play the usual more popular operas, and it is hoped that one or two of the lesser known plays will be produced. Although the opening date has not been fixed for the Adelaide season, it will probably be in June or July. Since his last visit Mr. Menzies has been studying the technique of the comedy parts with the D'Oyley Carte's London manager (Mr. J. M. Gordon), who worked with Gilbert, and knew how he wished to see the parts played. As a result. Mr. Menzies has altered : his style a little, and he indicated on | Saturday that his interpretation of several of the roles, notably Koko in > "The Mikado," would be more re strained than they were during his last visit, when he provoked a storm of public criticism by his departure from the traditional methods. i Mr. Richard Watson, who won a scholarship at the Elder Conserva-I torium and went to Ffriglanri eight! years ago to continue his studies, has] returned to Australia with the com-1 pany after.a brilliant career. He will play the bass parts which John Ral ston used to play before he died in Perth during the last Gilbert and Sulli-1 van season. He epent three years at the Royal College in London study ing with Johnston Douglas, and later was taught by the Frenchman, M. Dinh '? Gilly. He was then principal bass at Covent Garden, and spent two years with the D'Oyley Carte company. He also spent six months with the Carl Rosa Grand Opera Company. The tenor of the company, Mr. God frey Stirling, has played in Gilbert and Sullivan only once, when he played the name part in "The Mikado." . He played in the Carl Rosa productions with Richard Watson, and has done a great deal of concert work. Store Bobbery.—The general store of G H. Westie, at Stocfcport, was broken into on Friday night, and tobacco valued at £15 was stolen. Entry was gained by removing a sheet of iron from the roof.

CALGAKT, April 16. A Royal Canadian Mounted Fo?ce Corporal, ?u\rtm/>i Moriarty, was sbot dead today when attempting to rarest Daniel Knar, a. farmer, who bad driven a bailiff off hie farm at the point of a gun. Knox. wbo barricaded hftn?f'f in the granary at his farm, wbs slain by the police after an encounter tast ing two hours.