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AT noon, on Thursday, according to an- nouncement, a large number assembled at the Police Office to hear the declaration of the poll.

JAMES GIBBON, Esq., the Returning Officer, was cheered on rising, and he spoke

as follows:—Gentlemen—we have met here to-day to declare the result of the poll for the election of aldermen for the city of Bris- bane, and I will now read to you the names of the candidates, and the numbers they have polled.

The numbers were then read, but in our classification we have given the number of votes polled by each candidate at each poll- ing place.

The Returning Officer then declared the first nine on the list elected :—Messrs. Petrie, Mayne, Stephens, Jeays, Hocking-, Edmond- stone, Cribb; Warren, and Sutton, and said then was the time if the successful candi- dates wished to speak.

A. Voice : How about the Auditors ?

The Returning Officer : There were only two of the gentlemen who were proposed who were eligible, and I, therefore, declare Mr. Ebsworth and Mr. Phelan elected.


Mr. JOHN PETRIE: Fellow Electors: I beg to return thanks for the great honor you have done me, and I will endeavour to dis- charge the duties of the office faithfully. (Cheers.)

Mr. MAYNE : Fellow Electors : I beg to thank you most sincerely for the honor you have conferred upon me. It will be my

endeavour to work and not to talk. I am proud of the position in which you have placed me this day ; and as I have risen amongst you, the state in which you have honorably placed me shows that you value what I have done. (Applause.)

Mr. STEPHENS : As we have been elected to work, I don't think you expect us to stand here to talk. I return you my thanks for the confidence you have reposed in me, and the honor deserves all the more notice as it was entirely on my part unsolicited. As you have elected me I will accept the post as a matter of duty. (Cheers.)

Mr. JEAYS : I have great pleasure in thank- ing you for my election, and I congratulate you on the choice of men you have made. I believe they are all men who are prepared to do their duty, and your choice has been as good as it could have been under the circum- stances. (Cheers.)

Mr. A. J. HOCKINGS: I have great plea- sure in returning you my sincere thanks, and I do so with the highest appreciation of the mark of your confidence. I trust when it comes to my turn to retire from office, that you will have no reason to regret the trust reposed in me. You must not expect too much, as there are a great many difficult matters which will occupy a great deal of time ; nor must we undertake too much, as this has been the rock on which corporate bodies have often been wrecked. (Cheers.)

Mr. EDMONSTONE returned thanks, and promised his best endeavors to do his duty. (Cheers.)

Mr. R. CRIBB : You have given me more work to do to-day, and in thanking you, I express my intention to do my duty. I be- lieve those whom you have elected will work together for the good of the town. Mv chief object will be to prevent the expending of too much money, and to keep the expenses down. (Cheers.)

Mr. WARREN returned thanks for the con- fidence shown in placing him in the position which he said was unexpected. (Cheers.)

A Voice : You made a bet you should be at the head of the poll. (Laughter.)

The Returning Officer read a letter from Mr. Sutton acknowledging the honor, and containing a promise that he should support the fair distribution of the outlay on all parts of the town, and then asked if any of the unsuccessful candidates desired to speak. (Laughter.) Cries for Brookes.

Mr. BROOKES said it was only fair that there should be some one to return thanks for those who had been unsuccessful, and for his own part he could not but thank those who had recorded their votes in his   favour. In reference to his own wish so far as the decision was concerned, it did not trouble him in the least. (Oh, oh.) The time was now coming when they were to enjoy the privileges they had so long de- sired in the incorporation of the city of Bris-   bane. He would congratulate them on the choice they had made ; and though they had seen fit to reject him, if at any other time they should think proper to elect him he would do the best he could. They had wanted Municipal Institutions a long time and now they had elected their men let them do the best they could to help them, and not be quibbling or quirking at them in the newspapers, but judge of them by what they had said that day, every one of them being desirous of helping on the in- terests of the town. (Cheers.)

A vote of thanks, by acclamation, was given to the Returning Officer for which he thanked the meeting.


J. Petrie.

P. Mayne. T. B. Stephens.

J. Jeays.

A. J. Hockings.

G. Edmonstone.   R. Cribb. G. Warren ....   W. S. Sutton ... W. Pettigrew... H. Richards.... .I Kelly. T. h «inrv.... W M.i-on.'. W. Brookes ....   G. Raff. W. Connolly.... W. Sheehan.... H. H. Payne... ft. l)tivid«on.... J. Innes. »V. Hobbs. It. Duiiglud.... It. Idt'le. .I. \lnik«e|i....

J. W.TIiinnp-iMi. It. A, Kingston!

li I) Suutlierdei' J. Morton...,.., .1. hnt liol lund...

J. Spence.

J. Swan. J. Souter. .1 W't'Stawiij ... A. M'Intyre.... J. Mulgul. W.Taylor.



< r


2. n



S3 50

27 24

39 40

1 7

50 30

2 2 G

2 37

4 13

14 0

2 3

46 19

C 6

2 13





1 (j

29 15

4 14





2 8

2 4

3 ft

0 4

1 4



1 7





0 10

2 4













325 27t 2>3 IGT. 120 VIT, 107

'.l8 93 87 s 5 80 71 71 C7 í'5 61 CO 59 57 55 41 S8 37 36 35 34 27 l8


16 11 9 Ö 4 4


North Brisbane .2G

Fottitndo Valley . 7 Routh Brisbane. 4 Kanguroo Point . 2 Tn judging of the numbers against some of the nnmos of the candidates, it must b« remembered that Mr. Little, Mr. Raff, and Mr. Swan, had by advertisement requested that votes might not be recorded in their