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ïiîîcnB Î0B4eïïîgc.!icc.'

Thl Vol um li n Moví men r-In Satur- day's issue theiowis an .uheitibement in 5 timating that Coloi Seigeant Gi con would

attend on Tuesdays anil Fndays at 8 o'clock t in the evening, at tho Foresters Hall, Foiti

ludo Valloy, for tho pin pose of dulling that portion of the A olun'cerlîiflo Coi ps îosidiug in that locality, who find it inconvenient to attend the dull in cent ni Busbinc The fnst meeting is to lake phce this e\tniug, mci as Jil. "Warien, the hndloid of the Foiestei's LTotel, has kindly consented to giant, fice of expense, uthei in point of lighting 01 rental, tho use of his spicious hall,-probably the largest in Bnsbane,-we imagine that there will bo a goodly mustti, and that fho pioject will bo ciitoied into with ipiut-we do not mean any other Lmd of sputt than that of puio patriotism

SOUTH BRISBANE MECHANICS INSTITUTE. -A meeting was held at the temporary   reading room last evening, Mr A. J Hock-     ings in the chair, for the purpose of electing   officers, adopting rules, &c. The following gentlemen were duly ballotted for and ap- pointed, namely - President - Mr. A. J. Hockings, vice-President-Mr. Samuel Stevens, Treasurer-Mr. Thomas Kinsela, Hon. Secretary-Mr. S. L. Peterson, Com- mittee-Messrs H Hoghton, Wonderley, Eaborn, T. B. Stephens, Coote, H. Hock- ings, Allen, and Frazer. A code of rules was read to the meeting and determined upon, after some few alterations had been made, and the gratifying intelligence was announced that the members' list now numbered 60 names, and that the sub- scriptions and donations amounted to £60.

ERRATUM -In our notice of the laying of   the foundation stone at Kedron Lodge, in Saturday's issue, the name of the architect was inadvertently misspelt. It should have     been Mr Christopher Porter  


-By a proclamation in the Government     Gazette of Saturday, parliament is further prorogued till the 1st of January,

A Movement in the Eight Direction.

, -The Surveyor-General has at length . - shown a desire to facilitate the settlement

i of the public lands by advertising j i for tenders for the survey and sub- ( j division of agricultural reserves in the More- ; - ton and Darling Downs districts, into allot- 1 : ments of 40 to 80 acres each. The success I - which has attended this mode of procedure . ¡ elsewhere cannot but follow upon its in tro- ¡ - duction into this colony ; and we hope the ' - result will be so satisfactory as to remove ' ' from the minds of those who are attached to ^ s the red-tape method of doing things, all ap.

; prehensive forebodings as to the consequences < ! of a departure from that system. . THE GOLD EXPEDITION.-Captain Me-     chosk and party,-Mr. Glassock, second in i   command, who started on their gold ex-   ploring expedition on Saturday last, were     compelled to return to Brisbane yesterday     after having travelled about 12 miles. The   reason of the interruption was the necessity     of procuring a better driver, and that object     having been accomplished, we believe the     Captain resumed his expedition yesterday   evening.  


The investigation into this matter was con-     tinued yesterday, and will probably be con-     cluded to-day, in which case we shall be en-    

abled to report the matter fully in our next


GREAT EXHIBITION OF 1862.- The follow-   ing gentlemen have been duly appointed   Commissioners for devising and carrying   out the details necessary to facilitate the   transmission to London of the produce or   articles intended for exposition at the   above-named Exhibition ol Industry, viz. :   The Hon. J. J. Galloway, Messrs. A, C.   Gregory, Walter Hill, W. Hobbs, and Charles   Coxen, M.P.  

i Immigration Board. - The undermen - tioncd gentlemen have been appointed to ; act upon this board :-Messrs. A. C. Kem t ball, A. W. Manning, W. H. Geary, and W.

I Hobbs.

; The English Mail.-The Yarra, which ; leaves on Thursday morning at 8 o'clock, : will take the mails to be despatched by the - Behar on the 22nd. Stamped English let , ters may be posted up to 10 o'clock on the , night previous.

i Fidler, v. Jones.-The defendant in this r action was released from prison yesterday , afternoon, after having been in confinement - for five months and a half. The sum i accepted by the plaintiff was £70, and upon . this amount being paid into the hands of I Mr. D. F. Roberts, the solicitor who acted - on Mr. Fidler's behalf in the case, as agent i for Mr. Oxenham, Mr. Jones was forthwith

- set at liberty. We need scarcely say that ; he was overjoyed at his îelcase.

f State op II. M. Gaol, Brisbane, for ; the week ending 13th October, 1860 :

Males. Females. Gaol hospital . 1 ... 0 For trial . 2 ... 0 Imprisonment . 10 ... 2 ' Remand . 1 ... 0 1 Hard Jabour on roads ... 2 ... 0

Hard labour in gaol ... 21 ... 2 Debtor . 1 ... 0 i Lunatics . 8 ... 2

46 6

t We are requested by Mr. St- George I Gore to give a positive denial to the rumour [ that he has accepted, or is about to accept , the police magistracy at Warwick.