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W15 think'this subject of great importance, and that tho suggestion of the writer of the subjoined letter ought to be given tho croutost nublicltv to in those colonies, and

ulso in Liondon. by moans -of tho JLTcbb on both sides the globo. ?' (To the Editor of the Hongkong, Itegitter.) '??'?'? Hcr'Majesty's Stoamor Vulture, ? ? : Hongkong, Septombor 2 1st, 1846 Sin;— ?Thornpid.strldttsofi steam have oxtondeU #?:-.? ??..?:?.

its usefulness, under the ausnicies of -the' enter- prising P. and O. Steam Navigation Company' during the past year to this distant station, and anticipatiug a yet/urther extension to the more' salubrious climate'of Australia, of which a more ready communication than hitherto is most desir able; I am led by the article in the Swan Riveh Inquirer, relating to this subject, to offer an opinion, and endeavour to show by what route those interesting colonies, at present as 'remote from each other as from the mother; oountry, might be brought togethefand share alike in the advantages,- whether political.or domestity-about to be offered; ...- ?- ?-. ^ ' '??;-? ? -If is a well established fact, that during the months of .November and, April (inclusive) along the NprtlrShore of Australia, and Torres Straits, theNliW, Wind blows, and during the rfmaining portiotrbf the year .the S. E.. trade is steady. It is O.18O observed that 'during thoN1. W.' moonsoon on the Noith coast of Australia, easterly winds prevail more or less, though not to be depended onj- 6n:-the: south coast through. Bass's .Strait; and in the opposite s'oason I am disposed, tothink the S E. trade, hangs qjpro E. S. E. and easterly, and certaiiily the westerly wind is met with 'in a lower latitude on, the west coast. ... '-.'.- . ,' ' Upon which data I will base the fbllowingpro pbsitions/viz. ; — .' . .,.,,, lstly. That duflnoffliB months, of November and March inclusive, the Australian branch' leav ing Singapore should proceed via Port Essington ana Torres Straits to Sydney,' returning* south about through- Bass's Strait, calling at George Town (Tasmania) or Adelaide^ and Swan River.---' '..',- ?;?'? -?-:?-;?.?? ,''?' -:. ??''?? \' 2ndly. That during April, and October in* elusive, loaving Singapore 'should proceed -via Swan River, and Buss's Strait toSydney, return ing through Torres Strahs. * . ''??''?'';?? Ih point of actual distance, -J epncciv0 there is only G00 miles in favor of theVeiistqnrroute, which bebomes nullified by tho pirevBiling winds favoring each route in the proposed seasons, viz.:

the communication with Sydney will oe'aDout eaual throughout theA'earV . ' 'i1.,. :Por.t Dairy mple (George. Town) ,'appenrs ? a more convenient intermediate station between Sydney and -Swan River, then Adelaide, thero being about 200 miles saved, besidos the claims : of all Tasmania entitling her to' the preference. ? .With respect to ''the twojroutes of -Torres Straits (o'ommonly dosignated the Inner and Outer,) I should make choice :of . ttio Inner, ,a*s with the use of Captain P. P. King's excellent chart of the nortlr-cast coast,' with the subsequent additions bylier 'Majesty's ships Beagle, \P ly,'ixnA iDrariiblei thp navigation wt?/-t'n.tlie Barrier reefs maV be compared to that of a' well buoyed harbour, with smooth water, (a luxury always ' fully appreciated Uy steam, ?vessels.) ' 'X-' ' ' ' , Wishing all prosperity'- to Australia. , ? ?'?.'? ?' ? .1 remain, Sir, . ? ? ' -;*'. : Your obedient servant, . r CRAWFORD PASCO, ? ?'?:????',, - !;-.-?'' Lieutenant, R. N.