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At a meeting held at the Bull's' Head Inn, Drayton, on Tuesday,' 23rd July, 'l 850, the fol- lowing Resolutions w,ero put, and carried'unani- mously :- '

Proposed by Frederick N. Isaac, Esq.-Seconded by James Leith Hay, Eéq.

That Patrick Leslièiïtëq., do Hake the chair.

i'minwd l.j ^.i til I» j Hfcügaup, ^"T ilfe«odn.1o.l by John Gammie, Esq.- , ' '

That, in the opinion of this meeting, the interests

of the Northern Districts of tho Colony do not receive that consideration at the hands of the Colonial Government'to,which they are enti- tled ; and with a view;, therefore, to the ultimate separation of the Northern Districts fi om New South Wales Proper, it is desirable to ascertain the internal revenue collected to the northward of the 30th degree, of latitude ; and further, that, as a preliminary step towards bringing the subject before the Government, it is desir- able that some member of the Législative Council be requested to move for a return of all sums collected during the past year in those districts,-distinguishing tho assessments on 8tock'from the amount contributed towards the land fund and that contributed towards the

general revenue j filso of the sums expended in themj and of the number of government emi '' grants landed at Brisbane (being the only port

to which any have been sent) during the' same


2nd. Proposed hy George Leslie, Esq. - Se- conded by J. G. Ewer, Esq.

That S. A. Donaldson, Esq., M.C., be requested

to move in the Legislative Council for ,the returns named in the last Resolution.

3rd. Proposed by Henry Hughes, Esq.-Se- conded by J. M. Andrew, Esq.

That a very great loss is annually occasioned to

these districts from the want of direct commu- nication with England j and that, with a view to remedy this evil, application be made to some respectable mercantile house to establish a branch in Brisbane ; and, in the event of such application being successful, the parties com Ilosing this meeting undertake 'to give such

louse all the support in their power.

4th. Proposed by Pt. Ramsay, Esq -Seconded by M. M'Leod, Esq.- ,

That great inconvenience is sustained from there

not being any Bank in these districts ; and that, therefore, renewed application bo made to one of the Sydney Banks for the establishment

of a branch at Brisbane.

5th. Proposed by JJ.J J.'Whitting, Esq. -Se- conded by Charles'Marsh, Esq.

That the following gentlemen bo appointed a

Committee, to carry .out the objects of this meeting, 'with power to appoint committees to act in the neighbouring districts :-The Hon. Louis Hope, Tatrick Leslie, Esq., G. F. Leslie, Esq., A. Hodgson, Esq., Henry Hughes, Esq., Robert Ramsay, Esq.

6th. Proposed'by Gilbert Da; idson, Esq.-Se- conded by Charles Coxen, Esq.

That a subscription bo immediately entered into,

to defray such expenses as may be incurred, and that Henry Hughes', Esq., be requested to act

us Treasurer.

P. Leslie, Esq., having vacated the chair, which was taken hy J. J. Whitting, Esq., it was proposed by A. Hodgson, Esq., ana seconded by Henry Hughes, Esq.- ,,

That the thanks of the meeting be given to P.

Leslie,'Esq., for'his able "conduct in the chair.

-Carried. '

The meeting then dissolved.