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THESE sports came off according to adver- tisement on Wednesday last, the 26th

instant. The extreme heat of the weather

during the early part of the day, no doubt deprived many persons of the sight; but even as it was, we saw a very large as- semblage of spectators, who seemed de- termined for once to make holiday, and enjoy a day's amusement. Most of the stores were closed, and we were agreeably surprised at the number of gay boats '" their streamers waving in the wind" — that danced upon the surface of our beau- tiful river. Through the kindness of Capt. Norris, the fine schooner Ebenezer was anchored in the stream, and used as the flag ship. Dr. Cannan acted as Trea surer, and Captain Freeman as Umpire of the Regatta. As usual, some delay oc- curred in starting for the first race, which although advertised for half-past ten, did not take place until half-past eleven o'clock, when the following was the result.


For whale-boats pulling the oars. From

the flag ship to Kangaroo Point, thence back to Walmsley's Point, and return to Flag Ship. Prize £8 with entrances   £1 each added. Entrance returned to  

the second boat.

Lucy Long......J. Petrie ...... White........1 Dundee Lass.......Binstead...... Blue..... .2         Fly............... White...........Union Jack,

gave up.      

At starting Dundee Lass took the lead, and maintained it for a short distance, but the Scotch lassie was soon overhauled

by Lucy Long, who, in the language of the exquisite ballad, "stuck to her music," and came in an easy winner. Messrs. John and Walter Petrie, in the winning boat, maintained their well-earned repu- tation as oarsmen throughout this, long race, and were ably seconded by the re-

mainder of the crew.


For four-oared gigs, pulled by Amateurs.

Prize £4. Entrance 10s. each—added. Flying Fish.. Cannan.. Red white and red.... 1   Pirate.............disqualified. The Flying Fish, manned by squatters, came to the scratch, but although her op- ponent, the Pirate, was also "to the fore,"   no crew could be found for her but blacks, who, how ever, seemed determined to, try the mettle of the jackeroos. The flying fishes rowed over their course in dig- nified composure, proving their supe- riority by permitting the natives to shew them the way round. Flying Fish was declared the winner, and her gallant crew reposed upon their laurels.    


For. two-oared, boats. First prize,, £3 ;

second ditto, £1 10s. Entrance 7s.6d.  


Kipper.......—..... Union Jack..........1   Frederic......Copper.....Blue and white...... 2 Tow-row.... Jones......Red........3  

This race was well contested between

Kipper and Frederic, the former winning

with difficulty. Two other boats, the Arrow and Petrel started, but neither had a chance.    


For amateur scullers Prize £2 10s. Entrance fee — added

For this race the boats were entered, viz.:—          

Spring Heel'd Jack....Connolly...Red with white    

border.. 1   Dart........Cannan... Red Cross

non est inventus.

The Dart being invisible at the-starting   place, the spring-heel'd gentlemen walked  

over the course, but having "rounded the

boundary boat on the wrong side, the owner tried it again with better success,   and was adjudged the prize.  

FIFTH RACE          

For four-oared boats. Prize £4. Entrance    


Pirate....Binstead .. Scull and cross bones... I    

Swiftsure..... Cannan....Red Cross ........2       This was an excellent race. The first  

boat was rounded almost simultaneously by the rival competitors; and , although  

the Pirate was believed to be the fastest    

boat, great hopes were entertained of the Swiftsure, form the known skill of her steersman (Captain Norris). Passing the flag ship on their upward course the boats were nearly abreast, but on rounding the upper boat it bacame evident that then Pirate had the lead, which she main- tained to the flag ship, winning by only     a few lengths. Both crews pulled their hardest, and the manner in which Capt.   Norris spun his boat round the boundaries    

was admirable.

s ¡ SIA.XII ItAÇT. . , .

j j For two-oared boats, pulled by amateurs. I I 'Prize £3. Entrance 7s. 6d:-added. " p I Ei lipse.'.'.... Bigge..'Red'and white.. .'.. 1

Kipper '.":.... Cannan.... Red and w bite border*. 2'1 Bait...')....Hawkins. . .Réfl Cross. ..gave up. This was a very good race, between -the two first 'boats. The Kipper lost some \yay by bl eating a roulock, but this defi- ciency was almost momentarily supplied by the steersman, and the Eclipse might have bet»n bei self -eclipsed but that one of the Kipper's pullers, beingHtnaccustomed to the shoit rapid stioke îequired in such boats, became fagged, and changed places with the steersman. The boat being dis j qualified by this movement, it was evident ' that she did not afterwards'do her best to I overhaul her antagonist, who came in a i! good iii st.. The Dart soon " jibbed." It ' appeared to usihat one of-her pulleis was at a logs where-to stow his legs.' v

. SEVENTH tt\Ci:. ? -

For scullers. 'Prize £2 <10s. Entrance

? 5s,-added. '' Jj' '

Sp>inr,-hc'ei'd Jad\ .Gulpin (aborigiiji) .. ..1 Moonbeam^.Wallaby Jue (aboi igine) '

I . no w here. The Moon-beam was invisible as well

as impalpable, and Mr. " Wallaby Joe'^ had piobably been absorbed Jn its influ- ence. He of the spring-heels, having no substantial antagonist, pulled the race against his own -shadow, ami was pro- nounced victorious. , ' '


For four-oai e'd boats, manned by aboi iginal

iialives. First prize £2 ] Os. ; second - thtto^il-to be expended in clothing.

Enhance free. > '

Pirate.. ..Abongincs. .Scull and fross bones.. 1 Sic'ftivre.Aboiigines.. Red Cross.V.2 This was the. best lace of the day. , The so-called Pirate is the boat which was

given Jio the blacks of Amity Point for theil exei lions in íescuing the survivors of the unfoi túnate Soiaebpi steamer, and her sable creyv exhibited skill and emula- tion m the rae«. The Swi/tsure, though not nearly so fast a boat, pressed her anta- gonist so hard that we are inclined to be- lieve she had the best cieyv.' Bets were even until both had rounded the upper boundary boat, when the black flag flut- tered foremost in the race. On nearing the Ebenezer the Stuiftsute made a bold push, but the piratical hero came in first, by little moie than his own length. Great praise is due to the Committee for arrang- ing this match, as a means of convincing the blacks that, if we punish criminality, we ca'n also reward merit ; and we trust that the example will be folloyvad in all future Regatta's on this river. The spec- tator expressed their pleasure at the íesult of the race by loudly cheering both boats, to the evident delight of the natives. The second prize ivas subscribed by Messrs. Hawkins, Archer, and Tucker, being the amount of bets won by themon this race.


For a dingy and a foVr-oared'gig. ' The

bowman of the gig to catch the man 'in the dingy, in twelve J minutes after staiting. Prize £3. Entrance free.

Much,-amusement was anticipated from this race, but blessed are they that expect nothing. - The bark of the, fugitve, ap-i proximated almost as nearly to the degree of a .sKips'jolly-boat as to that of a digny, and was, fargoo unwieldy to show ' much sport. After a vain attempt to dodge the gij-j (Swiftsure) round the flag s ip; the 'dingy* was overtaken and'its- tenant obhdged to leap overboard! ' The gig's bowman folloyved him, but was compelled to return to his boat which soon overtook

the victim who was making boldly for the shore. The bowman now pounced upon him and thus finished the race in less than five minutes. It was contended by some persons that the capture, was ' illegal, as

water.p'^Thiscertainly appears^&sónabley1 as a\ ¿wináiq'er; 'cbuldjiàvje but|a| flight chancé/'oF^'jCscaping' a^four óárcdv gig;? however, as the gun was fired when ^the runaway was secured, we presume that the Umpire considered the race to be fairly won. This kind of sport, might have been dangerous a short time ago, but the fresh now in the river secures us against the intrnsjou of ouriate salt-water visitants

the sharks'. " " ']"":'? '?''--;;';;-'-!"r':i:^'--.--?-;

- This concluded the day's sports. We must," however, notice a private race, got up, "during the intervals of the regular matches, by, some of Uie 'seamen now in port. Five setrîi'e'Vsstartéd^oni--the flag

V^.'¿<f ,--vnwt: i,..ihi>l. i-'"".,-..-;;;--.,..-isy-.;.x. (!."? ,;.-? °. ship to-round ¿he/upper,boat oil- Walmsr

4eyViPóint? ah'dj; return tPsgthe;.'starting; piacfi,;; JiThp. funds were "subscribed on' hoard-..'the flag ship. Tivo>liboats fouled each ¿thereat; starting ; \ihe) remaining, thiee.í-madé way,- one. of; them, however, wandered,.,-entirely ; put ; ofr^his course.

After some-delay, one ofthe fouled, boats" (pulled by the mate of the Ebenezer). escaped from her thraldom, and steamed ahead ; the other gave up at once. The mate now made play, and regained, much, of his lost ground, but eventually the two first boats came, in at. a slashing pace, about, fifty yards asunder,' and the. mate about the same, distance asterni The gun. however; was not.fired;.until the arrival of the latter, who was declared the win- ner,'iii; conséquence of the other .boats having rounded tlie boundary on the wrong side. This, decision occasioned some, squabbling, but the "Umpire was firm.

. : There..''vvás.''.mú'cíi festivity on íboard the Ebenezer. One gentleman became so

much exhilarated that he resolved to swim to the shore ia puiis naturaiibiis ; but, as he was supposed to be uhcouscioüs of his actions, his friends very kindly took him .under their protection for his own safety-. We cannot conclude, without ex- pressing our regret that so many prizes should have been wort without a contest. We attribute this circumstance to'the de- lay which occurred in the final arrange- ments of the Committee,from which cause the prizes to; be run for were not decided upon . until Monday evening last. We trust that next year greater publicity will be given to 'the resolutions of the, Com m'ittee,;ih order to give'full satisfaction to.', the subscribers., , On thei whole, how' eyer,: the j day,'s sports went' off very'well; and we should be sorry to censure, where thertfMvas so much to praise. .