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From , the Alia?, May 2'.1

The lovers of; races feeling an interest'-' in1 'the: result of the Derby anil the Oaks',- at 'the May Ep ? ?om/meeting,/whichycarne.bff ^oh'the 24th of the' same' montli, we .reprint, the same for .their'.

information./ ;;ji,,,;v /,, :.?; r.'- ??;?', .- i.-mV-' ?-.'?? :.f'..i ?? iThe'Perby Stakes of SO sovs. each, h. ft. for 3 ycars.old,colts,8st. 71b., and fillies, 8st.2lb. ; the second to receive £100 .out of the stakes, and the winner to pay £100 towards the police and regu lations of the course. 1 ' Lost mile and half. ? 182 subscribers. ' v;j '?{ '?', '?'?'? ;? ~ ,'?-'''? ? '' CploherAnstfn's b.! or br. c.' Attila, by I .?';coidyvick,:(wL!Scptt):^..'::i..vv;. .; 1/' '-' Lord Veruln'm'S br..ciiRbbrft/de'1Gbrhani .. '' ' by Sir Herculcsi (Cotton) .-.' . . . '. ': .? .' :' 2 ' II The following also started, but were not placed : Rclcccur, Palladium, Oneida' Chief, Lasso, Hydas ?pes,'Nessus,(' Jack, Roycr, Policy br. c. by Agree able, Golden . Rule; The Devil-among-the-Tailors, Chatham, Cheops, Baroneti Auckland, Singleton, William- de/Fortibus, Combermere, . Coldrenick; Defier.' 'Seahorse.' '?'-. ./'//' ' '' ' ''':' ' ! Betting at starting.1 — 11 to 8'agst Coldrenick, 5 to 1 agst Attila, (6 to 1 laid two or three times), 12 to 1 ag3t Jack, 12 to 1 agst Forth's lot, 14 to 1 agst Seahorse, 20 to 1 agst Agreeable colt', 30 to 1 agst William' de.Fortibus, 40 to 1 agst Lasso; 50 to 1 agst Auckland, and 1,000 to 10 agst any other. At half-past, three the start-took place'; Com bermere took the lead, followed by Attila, Lasso, and Belcceur; : the second; lot. being headed by Auckland, Chatham, Seahorse, . Policy, and Cold renick; to these succeeded a body, of horses (in racing phraseology 'the ruck,') and-then the tail, viz., Defier, Robert de Gorham, Palladium, Hy daspes, and Jack ; the ; last having lost a start of nearly 100 yards. For the : first quarter of a mile the pace was moderate ; it then quickened, and Lasso immediately vacated the third .place, but in other respects the race proceeded as .we have de scribed it, till near the turn.. when Belcceur headed Attila and Combermere, and .with the two at his shoulders carried- the running into the straight course, the lot behind them consisting of Chatham^ Auckland, Seahorse, Policy, land the' Agreeable colt; Robert dc Gorham, who had gradually im proved' his position,* lying next. The front rank continued intact to the road, but it was otherwise with that behind it. Coldrenick had already shown that the distance was too great for him/Chatham fell lame, ' Seahorse, Policy, and the Agreeable colt'had shot their bolts, and Robert de Gorham passing them in succession, took his ground- next to Auckland, within a few yards of the distance. Combermere gave up- in toto, arid fell into ' the ruck,' and immediately after1 Attila shot past Belcceur, took a decisive lead; kept' it to the end, and won with the most perfect case imaginable by two lengths. Robert de Gorham ran by Auckland half- way up the -distance/ collared Belcceur at the stand, and beat him for the second money cleverly by a length, Auckland being well up with Belcceur at! the finish. . The Agreeable colt and Policy were fifth and sixth, Seahorse - dividing them from: the crowd behind. Jack and Palladium were about the last two. The pace was good, but certainly not first rate. Value of the stakes, £4,900. Col. Anson, Lords Chesterfield and Maidstone, and, in fact, all the gentlemen 'connected with Scott's stables, are great winners on the race; the; Man chester men are also on the right side, the balance to be handed over amounting, according to report, tb£70.000i . ..'../ 'V !

/':-.., '.?-? TUB OAKS...', ?,'.,..' ,? .,..'. .Yesterday was the Oaks-day, and Epsom- downs were tolerably thronged with the very best com pany. The . weather was remarkably fine, not a drop of rain fell upon the course. ' ' * ,. ? ' The Oaks' Stakes of 50 sovs. -each, h. ft., Tor 3 years old fillies, 8st.'71b. each.- The last mile and a half.; The .owner of .the second filly, tbjreceive 100' sovs. out, of the stakes. The winner 100 sovs. towards the police and regulations of the course. '(117 subscribers:) ' '' :i ' '' : Mr. Murshall's Fury filly (Lye).. ...... 1 Mr. Shackel's Meal (Butlerj.f.-.. ;;.... 2 j The following also started, but were not placed :' F. by Touchstone, Dll-bar, Lucy 'Banks', Firebrand,' br. f. by Touchstone, Utopia,' Pharmacopoeia, Ma' Mie, b. f. lister to Alexandrine, b. f. by Ellis; Coral, Iole, Topsail, and Eliza. ? ) - - ??' ? Betting at starting. — 2 to I ngst Dil-bar, 3 to 1 agst Adda filly,' 8 tol agst Fury filly,9 to 1 agst Firebrand (t), 9i to 1 agst Lucy Banks, 15 to 1 agst Aniina filly (t), 18 to 1 agst Ma Mie, 20 to 1' agst Topsail, 28 to 1 agst Meal (t), 20 to 1 agst Pharmacopoeia, '30 to 1'; agst: Eliza, 40 to 1 agst Iole, 50 to -1' agst' Sister to' Alexandrlna. | Lord George !Bentinck declared to win with Firebrand. : ,r, ,/..,...,. ,' ?, ;-* ? ' Topsail tobkthe iead;at-a,,gpod pace, followed by, the Aminafilly,;Dll-b'ar,,(Firebrand,,. Coral, and the Fury' filly.' /Topsail . gave, way.near,the turn,' and the running, was taken up' by. firebrand,. the Amina filly and Coral waiting on /her,. ;'with the Fury filly, Dil-bar, Meal,! Ma Mie, and Lucy.Banks; a* their heels. * In making the turn Dil-bar ran; out, and lost her chance,, if chance she had. The others went on to the distance, where^thcFuryj filly, (1 la Attila, went ,to. the frqnt,;headed Fire-, brand insta'nter, drid'won'in a very' clever manner, by a length.. Meal /lay in 'the /rear' in the early, pnrt of the race, approached the front-after cross ing the last road, caught. Firebrand at the stand, and defeated her. for the second money by about a; length. Value of the( stakes, £3,150., , . [ Ascot 'Races began yesterday .'(June 7} under, brilliant auspices; the weather waSj bright, .and the Queen and Prince Albert were, present. ,...1. The i Royal party/which wbb very. numerous, occupied, seven open carriages and two pony phaetons: it included the Counts Mensdbrff and several of the suite and visitors at the Castle. .The Trial Plate was won by Lord Westminster's Satirist; the Sweepstakes of 200 sovereigns each, by Lord Westminster's Auckland; the Gold Vase given by the Queen, by Mr. Pettit's ' St. Francis ; the Ascot Derby Stakes, by the Duke of Bedford!* Envoy. , ... ,,' Tho following aro tho particulars rolativo, to tho Ooinngo of 33ngland, as prochiimocl 3rd of Juno last : ' Evory gold sovoroigii of loss weight than fivo. poimywoights tu'o gruins and a half, and ovory gold half sovoi-fljgn of loss Weight than two ponny woights tliirtocn gwiina nnd ono-oiglith,. bo not nllowcd to bo current or pass in any paymont whatever.' — London Oax., June 7.