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NOTES.-By "Sirdar."

I Tattersalls Club have issued the pro- gramme for ithelr summer meeting, to he held on their own course at Sandgate on Saturday, 2nd December. .Half-a-dozen events are comprised in the programme, and the prize-money totals £200. The different events are Trial Stakes of 25 sovs., 5 fur- longs ; Plying Handicap of 25 sovs., 6 fur- longs ; Tattersall^ Handicap of GO sovs., 1. mile and a furlong ; Novice Handicap of 25 sovs., 6 furlongs ; Corinthian Plate, 20 sovs., 7 furlongs ; and Brighton Handicap, 45 sovs., 1 mile. It will Lo noticed that a Corinthian race for gentlemen riders only has again been Included in the programme, the com- mittee no doubt being actuated by the suc- cess of the Corinthian at tho last meeting. Nominations for all events close with the secretary (Mr. Alex. Reid) on the 24th In- stant. The weights will be declared on the 28th instant, and the acceptances are

due on the 30th.

The Sydney jockey, J. Bardon, will ride Cocoa in all his engagements at the V.R.C. meeting. A Victorian paper says that Bar den's services have beon in great request, and he is likely to have his hands full dur- ing the meeting.

The Trident-Modesty horse, Bruce Lowe, foil In the race for tho Maribyrnong CUD on Wednesday, and broke one of his legs. The friendly bullet subsequently ended the career

of the horse.

Irish Ivy, who won the Cambridgeshire Stakes, was purchased as a yearling for 36 guineas. Prior to the race Captain Peel was offered £4000 for her, and negotiations weio Still in progress after the event was run.


(By Telegraph from Our Correspondent.)

IPSWICH, November 4

The Ipswich Amateur Racing Club's monthly meeting was held this afternoon There was a fair attendance. About £300 passed through the totalisator. The follow- ing are the results :

MAIDEN PLATE.-Cymro, 1 ; Filly, 2 ; Charlie, 3. Eleven ran. Time, lmin. 8sec.

AMATEUR HANDICAP.-Slipper, 1 ; Lady Archie, 2 ; Hawk, 3. Time, lmin 47y.sec.

HIGH-WEIGHT HANDICAP,-Romance, 1 ; Planet, 2 ; Bland Holt, 3. Time, 53sec

TOWN PLATE.-Lady Archie, 1 ; Hawk, 2 ; Slipper, 3. Time, lmin. 19sec.

FLYING WELTER HANDICAP.-Planet. and Athol, dead heat ; Bland Holt, 3. In the run-off Athol won. Time, lmin. 56sec.




(Played at Queen's'Park. The North Biis hanes increased their score of 100 for two ?wickets, made on the previous 'Saturday, to a total of 247, Stewart playingi a very gool linnings for 61, and M'Konzle contributing a freely-hit 48. Moran played nicely for not out 25, and several others added useful scores, the Toombul bowlers being all moie or less expensive. Toombul had half-an hour's batting at the end of the day, and lost three wickets for 45, 'Chessman making 26 not out in nice free style. Scores :

Toomtoul.-First 'Innings . 51

North Brlsibane.-First Innings.

INeshiit, c. Chessman, h. Graham . 9 'Gower, c. W. 'C. Davies, lb. Cheesman . 60

rw. Stewart, run out . 51 A. Atkins, c. and to. Gralhaim .:.... 13 ¡Patrick, c. Chessman, h. Graham . 19 M'Kenzie, c. Chessman, b. W. C. Davl.s 4S,

T. Moran, not out . 25 P. Graham, to. W. C. Davies . 6 F. Douglas, c. Doran, b. dewitt . 3 ¡E. (Edwards, c. Graham, b. Davies .... 4

Sundries . 9

Total . 247

Toombul-Second Innings.

A. D. Graham, b. M'Kenzie . 1

G. F. Hewitt, b. Stewart . 0

R., Chessman, not out . 2G J. A. Doran, l.b.w., b. Patrick. 7

R. Sellars, not out . 5

Sundries . c

Total for three wickets . 45 Bowling for Toombul : Davies took three ?wickets for 68 runs, Chessman one for 31, Hewitt one for 19, and Graham three for 70.



In this match at the Exhibition, the Val- ley team won an excjting game by 7 runs. The best batting performance on the side was that of Adamson, the English footballer, ?whose 44 was a beautiful Innings, styllsn and very hard-hit, two fives b3ing amona 'his strokes. Morgan, with 27, rattled up very quickly, also did well, while Cuffe and Jones, who each scored 25, played good cricket. It looked towards the end as if Woolloongabba would win, but Blackstock and Crawford stayed together at a critical stage of the game, and made things safe. Dr. IR. 'Macdonald came back to the team, hut met with no success with the bat, though he bowled finely in Woolloongibba's second innings. Scores :

Woolloongabba.-First Innings. 191

Valley.-First Innings.

R. Macdonald, b. Allen .,. 9 S. P. Jones, c. Hoare, b Darragh. 25 V. Macdonald, c. Kilgour, b. Allen. 1

C. Morgan, c. Hoare, b. Allen. 27

J. Cuffe, b. Hoare . 25 C. Adamson, b. Darragh. 44 W. Blackstock, b. Miller. 24

B. Crawford, b. Miller . 16

P. Maher, b. Hoare . 1

E. Down, not out . 5 U. Vallely, l.b.w., b. Hoare. 0

Sundries.".,. 21

Total . 198

Woolloongabba.-Second Innings.

W. Bradley, l.b.w., b. R. Macdonald_ 2 Darragh, c. Down, b. R. Macdonald- 0

Hoare, b. R. 'Macdonald . 7

Kilgour, b. 'Cuffe . 0 Higginson, not out . 1

Sundries . 8

Total for four wickets . IS Bowling for Woolloongabba, Allen took three wickets for 57 runs, Darragh two for 66, Crouch none for 16, Hoare thTee for 26, Martin none for 11, Miller two for 13. For the Valleys, Dr. R. Macdonald took three wickets for 3 runs, and J. Cuffe one for 6.


In this match at Nundah, the Nundah team could only make 59 runs In their first in- nings In reply to the inningß of 1G7 made on the previous Saturday hy Ipswich.

Oxenham, with 21 not out, 'being the only double figure scorer. PolloAving on they did much better, making 143 for eight 'wickets, of which A. Donkin made 48 and Byrne 37, when the captain .closed the in- nings. Ipswich at the call of time had lost one wicket for 32, Ipswich thus winning Ja the first innings by 108 runs. Ssores :

IpöAvich, first innings .".. 167

Nundah.-First innings.

T. Byrne, c. L. Campbell, b. ¡M'Glinchy.. 5

L. Oxenham, b. M'Glinchy-.. ? A. Donkin, b. M. Campbell .».../,.. » C. Day, b. ftl. Campbell..'. 6

C. Irvine, b. M. Campbell . »

L. Evans, b. M. Campbell . JJ. W. Evans, b. M'Glinchy.^ ° A. E. Oxenham, not out'.«;....- ix L. Donkin, run out .,.'.\-."...- * L. Bliss, b. M. Campbell ...,,.'..i ¡J J. Zillman, b.'M'Glinchy .'.. jj

Sundries . _f

Total .- e9

* Nundah.-Second Innings.

A. E. Oxenham, b. J. Campbell . R L. Donkin, c. Parkinson,' b. "Lyons .... 0

A. Donkin, b. M'Glinchy ...-..-. 48 L Evans, c. ¡M'Glinchy, b. ¡Lyons . 0 T. .Byrne, c. Pilkington, b. Campbell ... 37

'C. Day, st., b. M'IGlinchy . 27

W. Evans, run out . 1 'C. Irvine, not out .....'.. 2

L. Oxenham, b. ¡M'Glinchy . 12

Sundries ... 16

Total for eight wickets .,,148*

Ipswlch.-Second Innings.

J. Campbell, b. Byrne . i W. Campbell, not out . 14

M'Glinchy, not out . 12

Sundries . 2

Total for one wicket . 32

¡Bowling for Ipswich, 'M. jÇampbell took five wickets for 32, iMVGnnehy seven for 63, Lyons two for 4C, J. Campbell one for 26, ¡Bowen none for 25.

SOUTH BRISBANE (No. 2) v. 'EiNO'GGER'A. ^ After being G runs behind on the first in- nings in this match at Enoggera, the South ¡Brisbane team dismissed their opponents, who Avere one man short, for 42, and, hit- ting off the necossary runs without, loss, won the match by ten Aviekets, Marshall and Justins playing very well for 20 not out and 26 not out respectively. For'the winners, W. IH. Austin and Shipway had Avonderful boAvling analyses, while Richard- son 'boAvled finely for the losers. Scores :

Enoggera.--First innings . 44 South Brisbane.-.First innings. 38

Enoggera.-Second Innings.

M'AuIiffe, b. Lewis. 4 Stewart, b. Shipway ." " 15 Anderson, b. Shipway ..".."" 0 Marshall, b. Austin . '. 4 Tate, b. Shipway .\ '" o Warry, b. Austin.'_'...''!.'.'.' 1 M'Ginn, b. ShipAvay ........ 0 Dr. Dixon, c. Austin, b. Shipway..'.' 4

Richardson, b. Shipway .'. G Harrup, not out .'...,; 1 Sneyd, absent ."..'.!.! 0

Sundries ..'..'.'...'.'.'.'. 7

Total .'.'...'¡.J. 42 South Brisbane.-Second Innings.

A. ¡Marshall, not out ..". 20 J. Justins, not out .',. 2G

Sundries . 4

Total for no wickets ..*... 50 Bowling for South Brisbane, H. Shipway took ten wickets for 37, W. H. Austin five for 10, and W. Lewis two for l8. For Enog- gera, W. Richardson took eight wickets for 32, and Harrup two for 23.


This match Avae concluded at Goodna, Bundamba winning by G1 runs >on tha first innings. With five wickets down for 31, the game looked a sure thing for Toowong, but P.. Carew and Jones saved the match for their side. These two got together and fairly collared the bowling. Jones's innings of 50 was a very steady one, but P. CareAV played a fine, freo game, hie hitting being very hard and perfectly timed. «Colledge, who was only given seven overs, 'was the one bowler with whom he did not deal severely. The. scores are appended :.

Toowong, first innings ..-.* 156 Toowong, second innings, three for .... 20

Bundamba.-First innings.

J. CareAV, b. Higgins .'.. 13 W. Byrne, thrown out.,. 1 E. Shearer, b. Higgins ., 3

J. Cull, b. M'Mlllan . 7 P. Carew, c. M'Cormlck, b. Bolton .122 H. L. Jones, retired ..'.... 50 J. Conoban, c. M'Cormlck, 'b. M'Millan .., 0

'H. Carroll, b. Bolton . 1 A. 'M'Phail, b. Bolton .' 2

E. 83. Bowden, b. M'Millan .'.. 1

A. Verrall, not out . 2

Sundries . 15

Total ..'. 217

?Bowling for ToOAVong, 'M'Millan took three wickets for 54 runs, Higgins .two for 79, Colledge none for 7, Sapsford none for Bolton three for 24.


Grammar School v. Woolloongabba. Played on the Brisbane Cricket Ground, Woolloongabba Avinning on the first innings by 29 runs. Scores : Woolloongabba, first innings 166 ; Grammar School, 137 (Sapsford 46, Dennis 22, Mowbray 20) ; Woolloongabba, second innings 107 for eight Aviekets ,(Duffy 43)." Bowling for Woolloongabba, Jarrott took two wickets for 26 runs, Walker three for 28, Grey three for 23, and Scott one for


North Brisbane v. Toowong.-Played at Toowong, TooAvong winning by 50' runs on the first innings. Scores : Toowong, first innings 128, second innings 142 (Shield 45, Darling 48) ; North Brisbane, first innings 178 (Carter 20), second innings 73 for four Aviekets (J. Doran 34). For North Bris- bane, Doran took three wickets for 14 rune ; for TooAvongf'E. Armstrong took seven for 80, and Strickland four for 23. "


Stewart ? and Hemmant v. Wickham. Played at Queen's Park, SteAvart and Hem- mant winning easily by 110 runs. Scores : Wickhams, 35 ; SteAvart "and Hemmant, 146 (F. Hunter 40 TCtlred, Newell 39 retired, Pearson 1C, Morris 14). Pearson and Moy- lan each secured five wickens for the


Valley Presbyterian (B) v. Deaf-'MuteB.'

Played at New Farm, the Presbyterians winning by three wickets and 2 runs. Scores : Presbyterians (four men short), 53 (Saltón 35) ; second innings, seven wickets for 80 (Saltón 35, C. Stewart 29). Deaf Mutes, first innings, 97 (Young 23) ; second innings 36. For the Presbyterians, Saltón took nine wickets for 3fi runs. > '

Normanby v. Gordan and Gotcb.-Played at Alloway Dairy, Normanby winning by G7 runs. Scores : Normanby, first innings 57, second innings 135 for seven wickets (De- vine 57, Butterworth 3« ; Gordon and Gotch, 63 and 62. ,..".., Wellington Point v. St. Phillip's.-Played at Wellington Point, the Points winning by 11 runs. Scores : Wellington Point, 07 (L. Hugonin l8, A. Davidson 16); St. Phillip's, 58 (T. Holmes 15). For the Points, A. Davidson took six wickets for 22 runa ; and for. St. Phillip's, J. Doonan elx for 20.

Milton v. Wentworth.-Played at Junction Park, Milton winning by four wickets. Scores . Wentworth, 70 (Kohler 27, Pownall 20 not out), second innings four for 94, in- nings declared closed (Williams 32 not out. Wooton 27) ; Milton, first innings 86, second innings 79 for six wickets (Turton 31).

Chelmer v. Customs.-Drawn Chelmer, S4 (Crawford 23) ; Customs, 64 for eight wickets (Smith 17 not out). Bowling for Customs, Maddock took three wickets for 9 runs ; and for Chelmer, Keegan three for

1 Newstead DA) v. Redfern Gordon (second

grade Junior).-Played at Newstead, and won by the home team by OILS runs. Scores: Redfern Gordon, 66 (A. Edwards 38) ; and nine wickets for 36 ; Newstead, 184 (G. Har- ris 50, B. Prince 27, E. Langford 21). For the winners, «arris took four wickets for D runs, while for the losers Watson took

five for 14.

'St. 'Mary's Gordon v. Enoggera (first grade Junior).-Gordons won by 3S runs. Scores : Gordons, 122 and 235 for six wickets (Huey 76, Mills S6, Watson Q$, Cameron 33¿ ;

Enoggeia, 84.

Riverside v. 'Ithaca (B grade Junior).-<v\ on by Riversides toy an Innings and 131 Tims. Scores : Riverside 265 for seven wickets (in- nings declared-?. Martin 210 not out) ; Ithaca, 42 and 92. Martin played brilliantly, making his big score in two hours and a quarter, and hitting nineteen fours and

twenty-five threes.

Waratah v. Post and Telegraph -iPlayed at 'Bowen ©ridge, Post and Telegraph -win- ning by au innings and 21 runs. Scores : -Waratah, 26 ; Post and Telegraph, 97 (Judge 35, PcHchon 20) ; Waratah, second innings, 50. For the winners, .Dillon took ssven

wielcet3 for 10 runs.

Comet v. Rocklea -Played at Rocklea, and drawn in favour of the Comets. Scores : Comets, 133 for four -wickets (Innings de- eral ed closed-L. Fagan 60, G. Murphy 30 not out) ; Rocklea, 65 for six wickets ('Herdsworth 25 not out). Bowling for the (Comets, W. Hill took six- wlcket3 'for 26

'Btcn v. (Peregrine (First Grade Junior). IPlayed at Musgrave Park, Etons winning by Û3 runs. Scores : Etons, 149 for six 'wickets (Innings declarad), and .53 for two AVlckets (J. Wilson 74 and IS not out, A. Conde 31 and 17) ; Peregrines, 126 CM. /Cooper 4«, J. Roulston 26). For the win- ners. Falconer took five wickets for 42, and

WollB four for 2i.

Gregory v. Sylvan.-Played at Milton, the Gregorys winning by five wickets. Scoies : Sylvan, 44 and 67 ?HW. Alleidlce 20) ; Gre- gory, S5 i(J. Stafford 24), and 28 for five wickets. For Giegory, 'Maxwell took seven wickets for 28, and T. Gregg six for 23. 'For Sylvan, 'Mooney took six for 33, and

iHowarth five for 34.

Stonehenge (Druids) v. Vik.ngs-Played at Kangaroo Point, and won by the Druids by 34 runs. Scores : Vikings, 48 (C Gray, not out, 32) ; Stonehenge, S2 (V. Ponton 26). 'For the winners, Boatman took six wickets for 14, and for the losers Ashton four for 14



By "iBotostáy."

The Queensland Ya/oht Club held races on Saturday afternoon in the Hamilton and Lytton reaches for raters, lS-footers, and 22-footers. The weather was fine, and It was a beautiful afternoon for sailing, there toeing a good north-north-east udnd blow- ing, which was quite strong enough for the boats with their racing sails, and the bailers Wore kept at work pret.y constantly cn the (beat down. The course was from the Cairncross red buoy, in the Hamilton (Roach, down stream, round the red buoy opposite Boggy Creok, 'in the Lytton Reach, and baok to Cairncross buoy, leaving the Parker Island Heating beacon on the port hand 'going down, and on the starboard re-

turning. The tide was on the onto during j

the whole of t!ha Tacos, which made a bit of a jump, especially In the Lytton Reach. Tho steamer Young 'Mat, which had been engaged as ifiagLhlp, had on board only a small number of passengers, including the oflicilals for the day, who were-flag officer, Mr. Power L^Didkson ; and starter, air." S.

Cameron. The enfries for the events were "very poor, only three tooats facing .ho starter in the Raters and 18-footer olass, while the 22-ifoot race resoiltod in a sail over for iCanodbie, as Victoria^ tlj» only other craft entered, did not start, ewing to the death of 'Mr. R. iPortor, the brother-in-law of the owner and Skipper of that boat. Canéenle sailed over the course alone, and according to the club's rules Is entitled to one-half the prize In the IS-ttcoter event Mr. A. (Perry's Jibex proved the winner after a go5tr~anti exciting race with Messrs Ntos worthy and Mee's Aeolus, which tnada her first appeararuce in this event.

'Mr. J. Gary's Gondolier added another win to her long list of victories in the rat- ing race, IMr. J. Whlmp's Boomerang filling second place. Appended aro the details

of the races :- I

FJAiTEIRS ; prizes, £¡2 and £1.-Gondolier, ' scratch (J. Cary), (Boomerang (J. W'himp), and Viking (J. G. O'Eeimo), 3min. 40sec., were the stait-ers. The start took place at 3h. 20m'in., Vliking ¡being first across the line, followed soon after by Gondo'.ier and Boomerang, both being well to windward of Viking. Gondolier soon took leading posi- tion, bodi sho and Boomerang holding a bettor wind than Viking, which sagged away to leeward. Beating to the red buoy, Gondolier opened out a good lead from Boomerang, which in turn was a long way ahead oí VïÏÏlng. Tho times of rounding 'here were-^londoller, 4ih. Omln. 35sec., Boomerang, 4h. Crnin. 16sec.; Vik- ing, 4h. 9min. 47sec. Spinnakers were set for the run home, and Gondolier Increased her lead, the finishing times being

Gondolier, 4h. 43mln. 20sec.

Boomerang, 4h. 52min. 23sec. Viking, 4h. 56mln. lOsea.

Gondolier was well sailed by Mr. J. Cary, Mr. J. Whlmp handling 'Boomerang, and Mr. J. G. O'IBelrne Viking.

18-IFOOTIERS ; prizes, £2 and £1.-'Nellie (F. IWhirrup), Aeolus CNosworthy and Mee), scratch ; Ibex ('A. Perry),_ 22sec, were the starters. fl*,he start, which was a good one, took place at 3h. 2Gmin., the Ebex being first across, followed by tVeolus and Nellie. Both Ibex and Aeolus draw away from (Nellie, and at the end of the retalning wall, soon after the start, NeTile's throat

halliards carried aAvay, and she lost all chance In the race. Opposite the top end of Parker Island Aeolus passed Ibex. At the mouth of the Aquarium passage Ibex passed Aeolus again. Next tack Ibex again crossed Aeolus.but just above the Meatworks Aelous crossed Ibex. Soon after this Ibex put Aeolus about just below the Meat Works but did not hold her position long, as Aeolus again soon passed her. The race between these tAvo boats here was particularly close and interesting. At the red buoy, on round- ing, Aeolus's time Avas 4h. llmin. 25sec, Ibox rounding at 4h. 12miu. 539c. After running up some distance Ibex set a spin- naker, Aeolus soon after setting a ballooner. Ibex gradually overhauled Aeolua, and at Island was almost level with her. Ibex tried several times to pass Aeolus, but Avithout avail. 'Nearing the floating beacon Ibex crossed behind Aeolus, and taking her wind passed and drew ahead amid much ex- citement on the steamer. Passing the floating beacon Ibex had a lead of a couple of lengths. Soon after passing the float- ing beacon Aeolus took a dive and shipped a quantity of water, and Ibex got away from her some distance through this. Passing Parker Island Ibex kept too close to the shore and lost a lot of wind, Aeoluts closing up the gap a bit. Ibex, hOAvover, maintained her lead to the finish, the times of Avhieh

were :- t I

Ibex, Eh.

' Aeolus, 5h. lmin.

Mr. A. Perry sailed ibex, which pointed well on a Avind and Avas very fast off the wind. Sha Avon her race by lmin. 22sec, including her time allowance. Aeolus was sailed by Mr. E. 'Mee, and should Kio better next race, Avhen ehe has been better tuned up. It Avaa unfortunate that Nellie's throat halliards carried away so early in the race, as she lost all chance. After repairing the damage she sailed down and met the other boats opposite the Meat Works, -and there turned back and ran up with (.hem.

22-FOOTERS ; prize, £2. - Caneebie sailed over the course alone through reasons above stated, and ia entltlc-d to half the prize.


The only item of interest in local rowing this week, was the club regatta of the Bris- bane Rowing Club, which started on Thurs- day afternoon, the second heat being rowed on Friday evening.

First Heat : L. Johnson (bow), M. Callan (2),V. McDowall (3), N. H. Drury (stroke), J. H. Stanley (cox.), 1 ; E. K. Tully (bow), C. Bird (2), E. L. McCaskie (3), A. H. G. Drury (stroke), F. A. Hughes (cox), 2. N. H. Drury's crew, getting smartly away, at once led. Their opponents kept near them for half-a-mile, but then fell off, the younger Drury winning by about three


Second Heat: J. H. Stanley (bow), F. A. Hughes (2), W. Allen (3), E. P. T. Griffith (stroke), S. Mitchell (cox.), 1 ; C. Roe (bow), E. L. Ayscough (2), T. Bryce (3), S. B. Boland (stroke),,S. Lowry (cox), 2. Bo- land's crew were first away, Griffith getting his button outside the thole pin. Boland led until within a few yards of home, when Griffith threw out a challenge, and just pipped him. The steering of Boland's cox. at the finish was most erratic.

The final heat will be rowed on Tuesday afternoon, when an excellent race is antici- pated. Mr. W. A. Douglas acted as starter, and Mr. R. McCowan as judge.


Although the attendance was small at the meeting held on Friday to resuscitate the South Brisbane Rowing Club, which has long been in a languishing condition, good work was done in determining the conditions upon which active work might be again under- taken by the club. A list was made of sup- porters of the club, who, though not present that evening, were known to be ready to pay the club subscription whenever requested by the honorary treasurer. Mr. E. Col- clough, captain of the club, . now in Melbourne with the eight-oar crew, of which he is also captain, will probably send the committee an advice as to boats in his opinion suitable for the club.

The Queensland Rowing Associayion should bestir themselves in the matter of the re- gatta to be held on 16th December.

If some activity is shown the prospects of the coming season should be most encourag-



The Queensland crew and sculler safely arrived in Melbourne on Thursday, after a rough passage to Sydney, and an enjoyable one to Melbourne. The crew did not row in Sydney on account of the knocking about they received on the passage down, but the conscientious Slack, immediately on arrival, went up the Parramatta to Chris. Nielsen's, and put in his time in a manner that in- dicates his firm intention of retaining the sculling honours for his colony.

The Sydney critics are not impressed with our eight, and they are referred to in the " Mail" as a " job lot." However, they were the best the colony could get together at the time, and those who know intimately do not consider they have any chance of winning. The men themselves are not suffi- ciently versed in rowing, although they have had the advantage of the best of coaching, and have been given ample time for prac-

tice in Victoria.

The New South Wales crew are improv- ing daily, and, from all accounts, my pre- viously expressed conviction that they would win is likely to be fulfilled. Their boat arrived in Melbourne with the Queensland crew, and the light-blue representatives leave by train with their champion sculler, J. J. Daley, on the 5th instant.

Tho Victorian crew are improving, but the local papers affirm that they lack dash. Victorians, from their uniform style of rowing, are always hard to beat, but I fancy on this occasion second place will be their position in the forthcoming event on

18th instant.

The South Australian crew are hard at work under Mr. J. Burton, who was recently on a visit to Brisbane. The local Press   have little to say of their doings, but it is safe to conjecture that they are hard at work.  


By " Bobstay."

The thirteenth annual Humpybong re- gatta will be held on Thursday next (Prince of Wales's Birthday). As on the last two occasions, the committee have decided to let the boats sall over a triangular course, «ach side of which AVIII measure a mile. The various classes will sail round the triangle the number of times specified on the pro- gramme. The Otter will act aa flagship. The Hon. (E. B. Forrest will act as umpire, Captain Almond as starter, Mr. J. G. Vidgen as timekeeper, and Mr. F. Cowell as judge and treasurer. The committee wish bcat oAvners to understand that all boats must have their distinguishing colours or numbers on their sails, and this rule will be strictly enforced. It has been arranged to have larger flags fixed on the rounding buoys, so that they AVIII be visible from one mark to another, and will be a Re- dded improvement. Some of tho boatoAvners are trying to arrange to get a small steamer to toAV the boats down and back, and if this Is done the committee are agreeable to bear part ^of the of same. Arrangements will be made for

passengers to land at Humpybong on arrival , of the flagship and re-embarlc on board her j to return to town after the regatta. The flagship will anchor in the centre of the

triangle tiurisg the races, and those on board . should obtain an excellent VIOAV of the raee3 |

from start to finish. The events will also be easily seen from Woody Point by persons

on shore.

Six-foot dlngoys are coming into vogue in Sydney now, and are Avonderful little craft They are about 5ft. Gin. to Gft. beam, and a tuck about 5ft. One of them, it is stated, has a 15ft. mast, 16-foot boom, and a bump- kin 8ft. out-board. They carry three

hands as a rule.

Tho " Australasian" says :-On hör i

rival In American waters the neAVspaper re- porters were not permitted on board to In- spect the Shamrock, but that didn't pre\en minute descriptions of her construction ap- pearing in the different papers. Some of these statements, as can be imagined, were absurd, but perhaps the most ridiculous ap- peared in the "New York Sun," which grave- ly told its readers that the challenger's keel contained mercury. Affecting to treat 'this astounding discovery as a fact, the English

Yachtsman" said :-" Would the editor of tho 'Sun' be surprised to learn 'that when at anchor a diver is always kept down for the purpose of seeing that nobody bores, a hole through to let the .mercury out ? If the ' Sun' should see Shamrock gradually rising up one day, it-will now know precisely what has happened."

According to the Sydney "Dally Tele- graph" Mr. Brockhoff's 30-footer Aoma ar- rived on Saturday in Sydney by the steamer Waihora. The craft was built by the Messrs. Logan, of Auckland, N.Z., and ds a very shapely little vessel. In appearance she 's somewhat like tho .White Wings, (Mr. S. Hordern's new yacht, only smaller. Her principal dimensions are :-L.o.a., 41ft.; w.l., 27ft.; 9in. 'beam, the draught being 5ft. Sin. The sails are from 'Lapthorne's loft. Tho new arrival .will be an acquisition to the yachting fleet, and some good lating races should result between White Wings, Meteor, and Aoma (Maorlfor white cloud). She will most likely carry a racing flag on Saturday next In the opening race of the Royal Yacht Squadron's opening event.

There Was recently launched from Gold -'ng's shed at West Balmain, Sydney, to the order of Mr. S. R..Geddes, a handsome half decked centreboard cruising yawl of tho following dimensions :-Length overall, 22ft.; waterline, 19ft.; beam, 7ft. 2in., with a high-flanged clipper bow (no bowsprit), short counter, and rolled in gunwale. She should prove tho veritable seaboat desired, more especially as her light draught of 22in. rids her of that 'bete-noire of small yachts, the towing of a dingey in a seaway. The lug sails with which the craft is found afford facility of handling, and serve to keep the littlo cruiser well within the power ot one man, whilst the workmanship, strength, and stability shown reflect credit on the builder, who has carefully carried out the owner's design. ' ., ,



On Saturday afternoon the Brisbane Bicycle Club brought their season to a close with a

five-mile road race over the circular courséTat |

Alderley, twice round. The ofllcials were: Messrs. C. Briggs, starter ; R. Wilson, as- sistant starter ; and A. Brown, judge. There were thirteen starters for the event, the limit mon, W. Benjamin and Le Brocq, being sent away at four minutes past 4 o'clock. C. II. Benjamin hold the post of honour on scratch, with W. F. Coe, 10sec In front of him. The road proved to bo somowhat rough in places, and a strong wind blow in the facps of the riders at the start. The scratch man, together with A. V. Dudwell, 4 hours titnin. 40&ec., turned it up on the first round, neither appearing in thebest condi- tion. The first man home was J. White, started 4 hours 5min., finished 4 hours

22miû. 2scc, riding time 17min. 2sec.*K G. Mallinson, second,, started 4 hours 5min., finished 4 hours 22min. 14sec, riding time 17inin. . 14sec.; J. Shearer, started' 4 hours 5min., finished 4 hours 22min. îôsec, riding timo 17min. SSscc. L. Coe started 4h. (imin. 40sec, finiahel 4h. 23mlu. 17s&c, riding time lGmiu. 30sec. The fastest time was put up by W. F. Coe, wno starte-! at 4b. 7mln., finished 4h. 23min, ll'so;., riding time lCmán. lOàCC. The win-

ner iode a Red Bira.

A congelation race, for all club members who had -net won a prize, was then run off, once around the course, about two and a half miles. There were ten starters for this ovent, O'. H. Benjamin being on ¡scratch. iM^Master and Benson were limit, on lmin. 10sec. A close finish saw them-A. N. (Dodswell, lösec, first ; C. H. Benjamin, scratch, second ; Shearer, 30sec, third. Tho 'winner rodo a 'Massey. The party to the number of about thirty" then adjourned to the Alderley Arms, where, after a most en- joyable dinner, the evening was pleasantly spent in singing and dancing. The trophy 'for the principal event was presented by Mrs.

Fortey, of the Alderley Arms Hotel, the re maining prizes being club trophies.

A cycling road race was held on Satur- day by the_ employees of Messrs. Edward ¡Butler and Sons, Limited, over a three-mile «ourse, starting at Soden'e 'bus stables, via Moorooka, finishing at Yeronga. First prize, trophy selected, presented by the manager, Mr. E. Bailey ; second prize, open order, presented by Mr. F. J. Andrew ; also fastest unplaced time, prize open order. The results were : W. Bennett (scratch), first, time 10min. 40sec; 'B. Lancelotte (scratch), second, t'lmo 10min. 50sec. ; J. Short (40eec), third, time lOmin. 52sec. The latter u.lso secured fastest unplaced time, the others

close up.



There was ia fair attendance on Booroodabin Oreen on «the holiday and on Saturday afternoon. On both occasions the weather was favourable for bowling. Untlernotell is tile result of the games played :-No. 1 rinlc : Messrs. Young, Jaraie-:on, and A, Reid (skip.) beat Mesura. Meyers, Jones, and Jarman (skip.), 21 to 7 ; and in a second game Messrs- Jarman, Jamieson, and Youns (skip.) beat Messrs. Reid, Meyer«, and Jones (skip.), 10 to 7. No.'2 rink: .Messrs.' Young, jun., Overell, and Bruce (skip.) ' beat Rev. Dr. Fraclcelton, Messrs. Davidson and Stephenson (skip.), 21 to 17. No. 3 link : Messrs. T. Coutts and M. Jt. Itçid (skip.) beat.llessis. BlennorhaMett and Urquhart (skip.), 21 to 10. A rather e\citing game was played be- tween .those whose names commenced with the letters from A to h and those from Jl .to Z, but it was found that those from li to Z were too many for their opponents, as tiley defeated thom in every rink. Messrs. Overell, ll'Adain, and A. Reid" (skip.) beat Messrs. Copeland, Jamieson, Jind Jarman (skip.), 21 to 14. Messrs. .Meyers, Yoüns, and Sinclair (skip.) beat Rev. Mr. George, Mc-bra. Fox and Hruue (skip.), 21 to 1C. Mews. Qutiid, Wilson, and Stephenson (skip.) beat Meters. Hill, Aitchison, and Jones (skip.), 21 to l8.