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MONDAY, JULY Sa, 1899.

TTine weather is expected to prevail dur- ing the next twenty-four hours.

The polling in connection with the return of a member of the Legislative Asst-inbiy for the electoral district of Brisbane South took place on Saturday, when on the first count Mr. Turley had a majority of 9 votes.

The election proved very exciting ; eacn candidate polled 1168 votes ia South Bris- bane, and at Rockhampton Mr. Tarley secured y votes, while none were recorded

for Mr. Jones.

The International football match, England v. Australia, was won on Saturday by the Englishmen by 11 to nil. '

The attendance was the largest known on

a Queensland football field-namely, about


The Land Court appeal cases (South-

western) come before the Supreme Court


A man died suddenly at a hotel in South Brisbane on Saturday.

Mr. Blocksldge has been elected unop- posed to fill the aldermanic seat rendea-ed vacant by the death of Mr. Luya.

The Premier and party left Bowen yes- terday afternoon for Townsville.

While at Bowen, Mr. Dickson received a deputation with regard to the railway ex- tension to the 37-mlle peg.

The steamer Denton Grange has left Bowen with 700 tons of frozen meat.

The Christian Brothers are about to open a school at Charters Towers, and £197 was

collected in half-an-hour to provide a resi-

dence for them.

The amount of salvage to be .paid to the Union Company for the towage of the dis- abled Steamer Perthshire to Sydney has been fixed by mutual agreement at £5000.

An address from the Queensland engineers has boen presented to Mr. John Blair, chief

engineer of the Perthshire.

The match between the Australian cricketers and W. G. Grace's eleven, played at the Crystal Palace, resulted in a draw.

The Australians scored 301 in their first

innings, and being 130 behind, had to follow


In their second innings the Australians had lost three wickets for 113 runs when

time was called.

A presentation is to be made to Howell, in recognition of his great feat in taking

the ten Surrey wickets in May last for 28


With regard to the proposal for the coinage of silver by the colonial mints, the British Treasury authorities are unable to formulate conditions until the colonies have settled whether all the mints, or only one, are to coin silver, and other difficulties have

been overcome.

An explosion occurred on board the tor podo-hsat destroyer Bullfinch while she was making her steam trials, eight men being killed and six others injured.

The famous Muckross Estate in Ireland, which iucludes the principal portion of the Lakes of Killarney, has been purchased by Mr. Gallagher, a Dublin tobacconist, for


Fifty families have been rendered home- less by a fire at High Wycombe, in England.

In the international university sports in England, Oxford and Cambridge beat ÍHalo

and Harvard (America) by Uve events to


Speaking at a meeting of the Eastern Telegraph Company, the Marquis of Tweed dale further explained the attitude of the company towards the proposed Pacific cable.

At the Peace Conference .the British and American delegates voted' in favour of the use o£ asphyxiating shells and expanding bullets in war, but they were opposed hy the representatives of all the other Powers.

In the Canadian House of Commons a re- solution, proposed by Sir Charles Tupper, urging that efforts should be made to secure preferential treatment for Canadian produce in the English markets was rejected by 77

vothes to 41.

The British authorities are continuing their precautionary preparations in view of the situation in the Transvaal, and eleven batteries of artillery are now in readiness at Woolwich for despatch to South Africa.

The steamer König has sailed from Naples willi a large cargo of rilles, ammunition, and mules for the Transvaal.

Air. Schreiner, the Cape Premier, has tele- graphed to President Kruger, exhorting him

not to yield any further.

Pike Bros.' Great Hat Department.-A delivery of the newest shapes and colourings in select headgear for gentlemen, including a special line of Terai hats, 7s. Cd. each ;

excellent value. See window.»


IMt. Turley's election on Saturday' must the regarded as a distinct vietoiy lor lederation. The challenge thrown out l>y iMessis. Stephens and Jones leaves us no other conclusion. When ¡Mr. Jones wa« asked at his first meet- ing what fedeiation had to do with the Sou üb. Brisbane election, She said clearly and emphatically that it had everything to do with the eleetion. Not only did the candidate who considered lie was standing in the Government interest

argue that union was the burning ques- {

lion-the out» issue of importance-bur

fhih sponsor announced that lie had '

dared "the Premier to endorso n federal candidate. Oír. '»Stephens stood before the ISoulh. tBrisbane electors, therefore,

as pledged to light the Commonwealth |

¡Bill with any and every weapon to this I

hand, and Mr. Jones was not ashamed to confess to "a similar unreasoning bitterness. It was to he war to the knife. TDie candidate for the suffrages oí the 'South Brisbane electors would

not even promise that lie would how to ' the will of tho majority. We may as- sume that (had 'Mr. Jones hoon elected

lie and his colleague would 'have ham-1

pered the "Government at every tura ; and Hie -tactics pursued during the open- ing session of lbe present Parliament ?would bave "been unblushlngly con tinued in 'the coming session if the Com- monwealth Bill had to he endorsed. What would their support of the Go- vernment have 1ieen "worth ou wich con- ditions V Would it not ttiave been manifestly unfair to Mi". Dickson

give him a double dose ol' Mr. W. ?Stephens-for that us -what tlie election ol' Mr. Joues meant V But the pity of the whole thing i« 1'hat there was no need lo raise the federal issue in the shape it was raised. Federation as a vital quesriou is wita the people for decision not with 'Parliament. Both Houses have dealt "witlh the essentials by passing ino Ifealbling Ililli, and had Messrs. Stephens a ad Jones been con- tent to state iihat they were prepared to luoAV to Ihe -will of Une majority, as law abiding iBritous, though opposed to the iCominonwealth -Bill, the way would have been open l'or a compromise. Bul nothing would satisfy Mr. ¿stephens ex- cept Ü10 extreme ol' ferocious opposi- tion, and upon his head 'must rest tine -whole responsibility ol' a ecat lost to the Government. His idea evidently .was to walk into the assembly with Mr. Jones ou his arm and dare .Mr. Dickson once again to he true to the cause of union. Apparently, too, he (believed that ISouth 'Brisbane was so strongly ami-federal as to make his role of swash-buckler an acceptable one to the electors. The result was that some Kio verminen t supporters declined to vote at all, a number of oUhers voted for federation hi the person of ¡Mr. Turley, and ol' the rest ¡many east their votes for Mr. Jones under protest. A cursory glance at the number of vote«, cast shows as much, for (Mr. Joues polled 270 votes less than air. {Stephens did at tin» last election, notwithstanding the intense interest taken in the present contest, while Mr. 'Purley polled prac- tically -the same .trs ¡betöre. looked

at ia,tn'ciji;¡ght jíg)it,^aieu. &Lr.vT"urley\s

victory- «should encourage (Mt. Dickson. The(jPr>înièr will'see 1'hat in wHát was suppose^ lo tn'.n hot-bed of provincial- ism the people take broad views and endorse ihis advocacy of the Ooniauon wealth Bill, lie must realise now that lederatiou is the Question of the hour, and that as he puts forth all his strength to achieve it he wall be supported and encouraged. The enemies of. union 'boldly called for Blr. Jones's return on the ground that it would represent a first deadly blow at federation. The Premier has been "held up to derision for the conree he 'bas adopted and the fight he is making. Very well, the Kouth »Brisbane electors have practically called upon him to go right ahead, and the colony as a whole is undoubtedly

with (him.