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(By Telegraph from Our Correspondent.)


The British footballers arrived last night from Sydney, with the exception of the cap- tain (Mr. Mullinoux), who is going to Bris- bane by steamer. The team were enthusias- tically received, and later on Were the gueâts of the Athletic Association at a performance of the opera " Les Cloches do Corneville" by

local amateurs..

The weather yesterday, which threatened" to be wet, cold, and bleak, has cleared up beautifully. This morning was brought with


The English football team were officially received by the Mayer at noon to-day, when speeches were delivered by the Mia}or and' Messrs. Sinclair, Fogarty, and Pugnó. Mr. Stout responded on behalf of the vUiiors.

During the morning the visitors were treated to an interesting exhibition of horse- manship and rough riding.


A match between .ihe "Englishman and a local leam was played this afternoon on the ?Royal Society's Grounds. The weather was (beautiful, and the attendance was a record one for a footiball match In Toowoomba, numbering about 2500. Filshie skippered the Toowoomba team, and F. M. Stout the Visiiors. In the first half the British players kicked for the southern goal. Stout kicked off, and the visitors brought the ball forward. From a scrum Cookson got away, and passed to Adamson, who passed to Bûcher, the latter missing the ball. Thomas kicked out and relieved, and a number of free kicks followed on each side. Filshie passed to Doyle, who passed forward, and a scrum followed. The British team had thj best of it, and forced the bail well forward, when Jarro got a nice kick, and put the ball well down the line. After a few more scrums Gray got a good run orr, and looked like scoring, but was nicely grassed by Red- wood. From the throw-in Gibson got the ball, and secured, and passed lo Bûcher, Who made a nice run up the field. He passed to Nichols, who passed to Gray, the latter scoring first try for the Englishmen. Adamson took the kick, and converted. Scores : England, 5 ; Toowoomba, nil. Broadford kicked off, and Doran returned. Allman kicked over ,the visitors' line, caus- ing them to save. Stout punted well into the centre of the field. Tho Toowoomba for- wards then rallied, and got the ball well into their opponents' " 25" ; but Martelll made a nice run, and punted the ball well forward. From the ihrow-m the »English team were given a free kick, and Adamson tried a kick at goal, but failed. Bioadfoot kicked off, and the English forwards tried l'.o doubla forward. Allman secured the ball, and passed to Broadïooc, who missed. From a scrum Nichols secured the ball, and made a scrum to the centre, when ho passed to Bûcher, who was collared. Nichols, however, again secured, and got over the line. Adamson took tho kick, and again converted. Scores : England, 10 ; Too woomlha nil. Play being resumed, scrum followed scrum, and in each instance the BTitish team had by far the best of it. Again some nice passing wias shown by the visitors. Cook- son got away, and passed to Down, who made a dodgy run, and again passed to Cookson. Tile latter passed to Adamson, who got over the line ; but Adamson failed to convert. England, 13 ; Toowoomba, 0. Shortly afterwards half-time was called.

On pliay beting resumed, the local team made rallies, and put in some good work, but they were hlandicappeü by their heavy- weight oipponenits, thouglh Young and Ala- man, playing a splendid game, prevented tihe visitors scoring on several occasions. From ?the centre, B-ro&diToot got away, but was soon collared. He, how-ever, passed to Tolmie, who got through and passed ta Phil TWomas. PlhU dodged Maritólll, and

scored the first try for Toowoomba. Broad foot took the kick, and converted. Stores : England, 13 ; Toowooanlta, 5. The BngilBh? m-ern rallied,- and thelir forwards tried to drilblble the bull along, hut the Toowoomba 'team on each occasion prevented their cam 'bltt¡?d rushes, though in pfaasdng the Eng- lishmen were too smart for tihe local men. A free kick was given to the British team for off-side play. Adamson took the kick, and scored. England, 16 ; Too-oo_!ba.

The Brofcish forwards now forced the game, amd som« splendid play was shown by both sides. From a scrum, Afflaimson got away and aasBed to Doran, who colta/red and passed to Näeh'ols, who got over the line, «rait Adamson failed to convert. England, W ; ToowoOirriba. 5. There had been no further scoring when time was called.

Conisidering that the .visitors weire not too closely pressed, their exposition of the game was sufficient to show their quality. Their scrum work was beauitiful, and their long passing remarktotoly clean and sure, but

their short passing was hot quite so good, j They are particularly strong in the bock |

players, and their combination, considering the time they have been playing together,

is excellent.



By "Player."

The second team of English footballers to visit Queensland arrived in Brisbane from Toowoomba by the mail train last evening, and were accorded a hearty reception by a crowd of fully 500 people. ? A few minutes prior to the arrival of the mail train another train-a goods-dashed into the station, and cries of " Here they are" resounded on every side. The disappointment, if such it can be called, was not long lived, nowever, for almost immediately after the mail train ar- rived, and as it pulled up at the platform three ringing cheers were given for the visitors by those present. The union officials present were-Messrs. H. J. Godsall (secre- tary), F. C. Lea, M. Baldwin, Dr. Brookway, Messrs. WÍ, H. Beattie, Ai. Falkner, J. Coulter, and many others. On alighting from the train, the visitors were at once

conducted to the drag awaiting them, and I were driven to Lennon's Hotel, which place will he their headquarters during their stay in Brisbane. After partaking of supper, which was awaiting th,em, the visitors quickly sought their rooms, being evidently tired after their journey.

Wlth.the exjfcption of the captain, ihe Rev. M. Mulllneaux, and Messrs. Beloon and Thomson, all the members of the team arrived last evening. The three 'gentlemen mentioned remained in Sydney after the departure of the others, suffering slightly from a mild attack of influenza. They are oxpected to arrive by steamer this -morning.

The visitors will be received by the Mayor (Alderman W. A. Seal) at the Town Hall at 11 o'clock this morn<ng. Only a limited number of tickets have been issued, as it is desired to avoid unnecessary crushing. This is a step in the right direction, as a large crowd is not at any time desirable at such gatherings ; all that is necessary in such cases Is that the attendance should be thor- oughly representative.

Arrangements have been made for the visitors to practice this afternoon, as they will no doubt be glad to work off a little of the stiffness of the railway journey.

It is understood that the Railway Commis- sioner has been approached with a view to

running special excursion trains from Too- woomba, 'Bundaberg, Maryborough, Gympie, and other places duilng the football carnival, commencing next Saturday. Such an ar- rangement should prove most satisfactory to all parties concerned, and the residents of those places would, no doubt, avail them- selves largely of the privilege, as It is not every day auch high-class exponents of the game visit Queensland. It is to be hoped the Commissioner will be able to grant the request.

The Exhibition Ground, on which the in-

ternational and intercolonial matches are to be played, is in capital order, and should the weather conditions hold good for Satur- day, the players could hardly wish for any- thing botter. The ground has already been tnarkod off, and the goal posts« erected. The arrangements for the spectators have also been considerably improved by the erection of additional seating accommodation. The public will be admitted to the ground at the large gates near the playing ground, on Gregory-terrace. The turnstiles have been placed here, and everything Is thus early in


Most of the members of the Queensland team selected to practice were out on the Union Ground yesterday afternoon, and put in some solid work. The final selection of the team will be made to-day. The mem- bers of the1 team are requested to meet at the Brisbane Gymnasium at S o'clock to- morrow evening, for the purpose of electing a captain, and also for serum practice.

The Q.R.U. wish it to be distinctly under- stood that only those persons holding the union ticket will be admitted to the ground on 'Saturday next. National Association tickets will not be recognised.