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By " Rattler.'

Officials : President, "Hon. B. D. Morehead, M.L.C.; vice-president, 'Mr. Justice Power ; stewards, Messrs. J. Arthur, G. R. Byrne, G. P. Elliot, and 05. T. Seymour ; judge, Mr. J. H. G. Pountney ; starter, Mr. J. Shea ; timekeeper, Mr. E. Mcsweeney ; handicapper, Mr. W. Richardson ; secretary, Mr. Abel


Fortune favoured the Queensland Turf Club again on Saturday last for their June race meeting. For some days previously the meteorological outlook was none too promis- ing, and even on Saturday morning a light shower fell, but fine weather set in before the lunch hour, and more delightful weather than prevailed during the afternoon could not have been desired. Under such pleasant conditions it would have been surprising had there not heen an excellent public at- tendance, and as in all other resnects the results -were exceedingly satisfactory for a minor meeting, the club will in all pro- bability be able to add another mark to Its already long list of successful undertakings. It was only to be expected that the course would be a trifle soft and holding after the

recent rains ; hut, though the times were comparatively slow throughout, the fields were numerous, and the racing of a most en- tertaining description, while the only mishap that occurred, this being when Tripos fell in the June Gift, was happily unaccompanied by anything more serious than a shaking to tho horse and his rider. There was again considerable animation in the speculative market, and a total of very little short of £4000 passed through the totallsator ma- chines, but the tide of fortune's favours did not flow In the channel made hy the backers of the favourites, only one oí the six " good things"-of the day "being successful. The machine investments no doubt compared favourably with the records of similar occa- sions in the past, hut were the necessary steps taken hy the authorities to simplify the jtransftcUon of the totallsator business it is reasonable to think that a considerable in- crease ' might he, effected in the returns.

When the new totallsator system was adopted ' It was understood that better facilities were to be provided for investors, but so far no- thing has "been done, and the crowding which takes place in front of the machine must have the effect of keeping n lot of money away from the hands of the officials. The barriers at present standing In front of the machino appear to be of no use whatever, and their removal altogether, and the raising of the building some 3ft. or so from the giound, Fo that a good view could be obtained of the figures, would he a most appreciable improvement. A new feature in the appolntenents on Saturday was the trial of a recorder and scratching board, erected hy the patentees, Messrs. Echlin and Burton, on the 'wall of tho stewards' building, and i'bs advantages wer» se patent that Its permanent adoption Is almost a certainty. By a very simple con- trivance >rhe scratchimgs were recorded from time to time by means of wires and keys worked from the secretary's office, and the striking of a gong proved an effectivi. way of calling the attention of the putolh. to each alteration of the figures. The Headquarters Band, under the direction of Mr. N. P. Larsen, occupied their cuatomao position on the lawn, and played selections during the intervals.

A good beginning to the day's sport waa made by a field of sixteen horses going- out1 for the Trial Handicap, and the selection of Miss Trenton to furnish the wlnnlns number put the followers of the favourite» on good terms with themselves, the daughte» of Trenton winning nicely from Ishmael and Fielder1 ; t>ut the next turn lu the whe& ot fortuno put quite a different complexion upon matters, and tfliere were no further re- joicings on the part of the backers to the end of the piece. in view of her many brlllaant performances oí late, it was not without apparently good reason that Overduw was made a sfhort-iprlced favourite for tho Flying Handicap, and for a time she flat-

tered her supporters by keeping pretty close to the leaders, and then making a dash to the front at the home turn, but once in the straight she died away, and ¿hose who called to mind the splendid effort made by Little John In the Stradbroke Handicap, when he was the runner-up to Sweerthearo, were well repaid for their allegiance to the son of Archie and LlBtle Jeannie. The fact that Little John had bled from the nose after a gallop a few days previously no doulbt kept many from backing him ; but he

was evidently nothing amiss, Cor the run he put in In the last furlong of the Flying Handicap was one of his very best perform- ances. * The greaitest surprises of the day were furnished by the runnilng of some of the candidates for the June Gift. For the principal event the friends of the three year-old Boreas were not to be denied, and the argument that _o colt's Leger performance, taken in conjunction with Dundonald's subsequent victories, was better than any of his opponents were capable of, seamed sound' enough. Once again, however, the distance proved 'troublesome to tbo son of Little Bernie, and, though he looked Uko a winner for a moment as ne shot to the front turning Into the straight, he shutt u<p again very quickly, and. dropped book right -out of place. Very few thought seriously ot Kauri's chance, and the way in which he cut out the running all tne way was quite an eyenopener. When Boreas stopped it looked a good (bing for the Lochiel gelding, but when the pinch carno he ran out wide, and North Australian, keeping a straight course, and Uniting resolutely, headed htm In time to win by a length. The Ipswich horse did not look 'to be forward enough in condition to Impress one wttlh tbe idea that he would run on to the end of a mile and a-half, but appenra-Eces were mislead- ing, for he was one of the most unlucky of the lot through the run, and was a long way back half-anmile from home. Hla

performance was, therefore, all the more creditable, and we may yet see him winning a more important event for Mr. M'GIU. The nine youngsters who stripped for the Two-year-old Handicap wore only a mode- rate lot, and though Savoy, by hla defeat of Laurl and Fjabaito, to some extent re 'deemed the opinion that wes formed of him early in the season, the performance was not by any means brilliant. Another very warm favourite in Athlone suffered defeat in the Novice Handicap, which was won cleverly by Little Tartar -, and Katata, who on the streng'dh of her easy victory In the Park Handicap on the previous Wed- nesday was reckoned one of the be3t ot good things for the Accession Handicap, 'had to play second fitUlp to Crater, who Started at quite an outside price. Detnilt? of the racing will be found below :

TRIAL HANDICAP of CO sovs.; second horse 10 sovs. from the prize ; for horses that at nomination had not won a race on the flat of the value of 20 sovs.; the winner of a handicap flat race of the value of 25 sovs. after the declaration of the weights 7tb. extra ; 7 furlongs.

0212) R. Norman's br.f. Miss Trenton, by

Trenton-Chloe, 3 years, Sst. 9tb.

. (Osborne) 1 (10S) J. C. Matthew's b.g. Ishmael, 4 years,

6st. 71b. (Byrne) 2 (46) W. A. Ward's br.g. Fielder, C years,

9st. 3tb. (H. Gough) 3 (31) J. M. Stewart's blk.g. Nor'-west, 5

years, 9st- Uro. (J. Stewart) Q (58) H. Best's blk.h. Figaro, aged, 9st.

31b. (Tucker) 0 (IS) Mrs. E. Jackson's b.m. Brenda. 5

years, 8st. 111b. (Scott) U (30) J. M. Cochrane's br.g. Detonator,

aged, Sst. 51b. (Doyle) 0 (13) A. C. Carr's br.g. Beresford, 3 years,

gst. 31b. (Bryant) 0 (8) J. C. Perry'a b.g. Bolero, aged, 8st.

. (Stone) 0 (12) S. A. Wllllams's br.g. Cuirassier, ¡>

years, 7st. 101b. (Walsh) 0 (33)®. J. Eaeton's ch.c. Resolution, 3

years, 7st. 9îb.CWlloon) Q (14) E. Vince's b.g. B. J., aged, 7st 9Hb.

.(Wood) q (3G) Abel Hyde's to«. June, 5 years, 7st

.(Carney) 0 (27) F. W. M'Gllll's fc.g. Flndlafter, 3

years, 7st.(Woodward) Q JOl) W. Farrelly*» (b.c. Protection, 2

years, 7st..(Mooney) ft (6) C. E. Smith's ch.g. Spark, 5 years,

7st. O^lh., including 3%lb. over

.AVtneelehan) 0 (Winner trained by J. J. Power.)

Batting : C to 4 v. Miss Trenton, 6 to 1 IsThmael, C to 1 Detonator, 7 to 1 each Nor'- west and Figaro, 10 to 20 to 1 the others. No time was cut to waste at the post, and the big field went off to a beautiful start. Miss Trenton showed In front after they had gone a few strides, and led round the bt-nd and along the back from Fielder. Ishmael, and Brenda. Before reaching the hali-mile Ishmael joined the favourite, and the pair were on terms to the turn in front of Brenda and Fielder, witih Nor'-west and Detonador following. Miss Trenton came first into the straight, and finishing quite leisurely, won by a longSh and a-hali from Ishmael, who beat Fielder by a head for second place. Nor'-west was fourth, Det

tonator fifth, Figaro i>lxth, and Protection and Resolution last. Tame, lmin. 32sec. Of 6S3 tickets issued, 212 wero on the win- ner, and the dividend was £1 8s.

FLYiTNG HAtNDICAP of 50 sovs.; second horse 10 sovs. from tho prize ; the winner of a handicap Hat race of the value of 25 bovs. after the declaration of Hie weights ,71b. extra ; G furlong*!.

(50) A. C. Carr's ch.g. LiUlo 'John, by

Archie-Little Jeannie, 4 ye.irs, Sst.

. (Osborne) 1 1(31) J. Russell's b.g. Swift, fl yeac-s, 7¡>t.

......... (Mooney) 2 (138) M. Smyth's br.g. Reverberation, 3

years, 7st. 71b. (Scott) 3 1(84) E. J. Easton's ch.g. Harkaway, aged,

¡1st. (J. Stewart) 0 1(52) J. Stone's hr.g. Commotion, G years,

Sst. 101b. (Stone) 0 ¡Cil) S. A. Wllllams's b.h. Mahee, aged,

Sst. 9lb. (Roach) 0 ¡(l8) W. H. Cowley's b.h. Lorimer, 5

years, Sst. -iib. (H. Gough) 0 ((139) R. Lynch's b.m. Overdue, 5 years,

Sst. 21b. (Hutton) 0 '(78) W. Búrko's <ch.g. Imagination, aged,

«at. (T.uWkcr) 0 (So) J. C. Matthew's ch.h. Syrian, aged,

7st. 91b. (Hopkinson) 0 ,(57) C Grlllith's br.g. Thulito, aged, Gst.

13i,èlb., including 21/£>U). over . (Carney) 0 .|(27) IMrs. W. Bertjwistlo's b.g. Romulus, (!

year's, Gst. 7tb. (Bynie) 0

fWinner trained by A. C. Carr.)

Hotting : 3 to 1 v. Overdue, 5 to 1 each Reverberation and Imagination. G to 1 each Lorimer, Harlraway, Syrian, and Little John, 1 to 1 Swift, 10 to 20 to 1 the others. Com mo'don swung round when the barrier went up, but-all the others got well away, and Overdue and Swift wero 'the first to lake the lead. Syrian headed them along the

rock, and led past tho half-mile, and round (to the turn. lloro ho was beaten, and Overdue shot to the front as .they turned Into the straight. At the furlong post, ¡however. Swift headed tne winner, and a few Strides further on he In tura had .to give place to Lltitle John, who came away and won by a long length from Swift, Reverberation coming fast «li itlhe finish, and gaining third place. Overdue -was fourth, Imagination fiftih, and Harkaway, wiro was in the rear all 'Che way, last. Time, lmin. 17*4 sec. The dividend was £7 3s., there fbeiu'g fifty Iticlcp.fcs on the winner out of S20 issued.

JUNE GIFT of 200 sovs., second horse 2.1 sovs. from the prize ; the winner of a. handi- cap flat race of the value of 50 sovs. after the declaration of the weights 71b. extra ; P/¿


.(119) J. M'GHl's b.h. North Australian,

by Buclcthorpe-Oliveria, 5 years, Sst.

lilt). (Tucker) 1 |(23) W. Booth's br.g. Kauri, by Lochiel

Maori Girl, aged, 7st. 91b. (Hopkinson) 2 [(226) T. J. Hatüeld's blk.c. Reprobate, by

The Rake-Decoy, 3 years, 7st. 111b.

. (Scott) 3 [(308) D. Beatitie's br.c. Boreas, 3 years, .

flst..'. (W. Stewart) 0 '(72) A. J. Lyncli's ch.g. P. N., 5 years,

Sst. lill). (Beale) 0 '(123) K. A. Miller's ch.c. Drake, 4 years,

8st.-. (Dewar) 0 '(19) S, A. Willlams's b.g. Sadur, aged,

7st. 111b. (Walsh) 0 |(37) A. J. Noud's b.g. Crater, 5 years, 7&t.

fllb. (Osborne) 0 '(10) J.' Tillett's br.g. Tripos, aged, 7st.

¡iib. (Hutton) 0 (22) Mrs. A. Al. Bragg's br.h. Archon, 5

years, 7st. 71b. (Mooney) 0 !(103) P. Tailty's ch.g. Irony, 5 years, 7st.

«lb. (Carney) 0 '(1G0) J. T. O'Connor's br.h. Tim Whifller,

li years, 7st. 31b. (Byrne) 0 ''(9) P. Olson's br.h. Adonis, aged, Ost. 71b.

, . (Wilson) 0

(Winner trained by owner.)

Bdtting : 2 to 1 v. Boreas, 5 to 1 Reprobate. C to 1 Tim WMffler. 8 -to 1 Irony, 10 to 1 each P. N., Drake, Crater, and North Aus- tralian, 20-to 1 the others. Adonis was the 'unlucky one at the start, getting away badly, but the others went off on fairly good terms, and Kauri at once took his light weight to the front, and sailod along In company with Sadur, and followed by Boreas and Irony to tho turn. As they ran up the straight, and 'past the stand. Kauri had the lead from Boreas, -with Irony next, and then Sadur, Reprobate, and Archon in that order, the last of the lot being Tripos, P. N., North Australian, and Adonis. Nearly opposite the post Tripos fell. Kauri still lield the lead out of the straight up the hill, and round the bend, and as they ran along the back the favourite was still lying second and pulling hard, with Repro- bate, Irony, Tim Whiiller, and Sadur in a cluster, followed by North Australian and ¡Brake. A'fler passing the half-mile North australian and Drake began to move for- ward, and before reaching the turn Drake and 'Reprobate wore up close to Boreas. ÍCaurl, however, was still in front as they swung into the straight, ¡but at the dis- tance 'North Australian shot through, and, getting to the front half-way up 'the straight, won by >a length from Kauri, who finished out wide a similar distance in front of Repróbate. Boreas was fourth, ¡Tim WhJffler ilfuh, Irony sixth, and Drake Bcventn, and the last homo were Archon. P. N., and Sadur. Timo, 2min. ZfAsec. Of ¡1231 tickets issued lit» were on the winner, nnd the dividend was £4 10s.

TWO-YEAR-OLD HANDICAP of CO sovs.; Becond horse 10 sovs. from the prize ; C fur- longs.

(OS) Dr. F. G. Connolly's b.c. Savoy, by

Buckthorpe-Alargherlta, 2 years, "st.

«lb. .". (Carney) 1 (88) II. A. Walsh's b.c. Lauri,' 2 years,

9ßt. 3_. (Walsh) 2 (1C7) M. B. Geädes's gr.c. Rabato, 2 years,

7st fltb.(Osborne) 3 O«) C. Roghan's b.c. Master Bernie, 3

years. 8st. 61b. (Roghan) 0 (TG) E. J. Easton'e eh.f. Cassandra. 2 .

. years, 7st. 71b. ".....»,. (Wilson) 0

(11) lion. H. Mosman's br.f. Murella, 2

years, 7st. Gib. (Mooney) 0 (IS) J. Flnnle's ch.g. Galore, 2 years, 7st.

.lib. (j. w7ilswn) 0 (G) It. Raff's rn.c. Bertana, 2 years,

7sl. (Hopkinson) 0 (11) li. Best's br.f. ftlisd Archie, 2 years,

Ost. 71b. (Byrne) 0

(Winner trained by A. J. Noud.)

Batting : 2 to 1 v. Rabaito, 4 to 1 each Laurl and Master Bernie, 5 lo 1 each Savoy and Cassandra, 10 to 1 the orliers. Laurl jumped off In front, and showed the way along the back, and past 'the half-mile from Savoy and nabato, and this order was main- tained all the way round lo the home turn. Here Rabaito was on terms with Savoy, but Laurl led into the straight, and looked like a wlnnei. Al the half-distance, however, he tired, and Savoy finishing gamely won by a neck from Lauri, who beat R&bato by half a-lenglh for second place. Master Bernie was two lengths further off, and the orbers carno home in straggling order, wtt/h Murella lost. Time, Imln. ISsec. There were 59G iLickcts issued, sixty-eight being on the win- ner, and the dividend was X3 lGs.

NOVJiQE HAN1DOCIAIP of 100 sovs.; second horse 15 sovs. from the prize ; for horses that at nomination had not won a race on the Hat of the «lue of 50 sovs ; the winner of a, handicap flat race of the value of 25 sovs. after the deelaVatlon of weights 71b. extra ; 1% mile.

(GO) F. C. Cox'a br.c. Liiitle Tartar, by

Tartar-^Naudu, '.', years, 9st...(Tucker) 1 (3G) 'M. Smjllh'ia br.g. Reverberation, 3

years, Sst. 31b.(ii. Gough) 2 (215) C. Joneö's b.c. Athlone, 3 years,

" Sát. 31b.(Scott) 3 (32) H. Best's hlk. h. Figaro, aged, Sat.

7113.(Guy) 0 (G1) A. C. Sandoman's br.g. Arc-light, 3

years, Sst.(W. Stewart) 0 (91) L. H. Nlathan'fl br.g. Grand Clogs,

aged, 7sc. 1.11b.(Carney) 0 (C5) R. Norman's br.if. Miss Trenton, 3

years, Sst, 41b.. including 7lb. penalty

.(Stone) 0 (30) Mrs. M. Cooper's b.g. Camarilla, 4

years, 7st. 111b.(Osborne) 0 (42) 'R. Gibson's b.g. True Blue, aged,

7st. 71b.(Bryant) 0 (15) JMrs. W. Bertwlstle's o.g. Romulus.

G years, 7st. 71b. Byrne) 0 (51) R. Newton's br.g. Student, aged,

7st 71b.(Woodward) 0 (15) E. VInce's b.g. B. J., aged, 7st.

6%lb. (including 3%lb. over) ..(Wood) 0

(Winner trained by W. Tucker.)

Betting : G to 4 v. Athlone, G to 3 each Miss Trenton, Little Tarter, and Revorbera tion, 7 to 1 Grand Clogs, 10 to 20 to 1 the others. Tho field jumped off to a good starl, and as they ran into tho straight and past the stand Reverberation was leading from Miss Trenton, Studenl, and Arc-llghl. This was the order to tho six furlongs, where Miss Trenton dropped back, arid along tho back Romulus joined Reverbera- tion, Student, anti Arc-light, the four run- ning along together to tho home turn. Studont was done with before reaching the crossing, and Reverberation led Into the straight, but Little TUrter came with a fast run from here, and getting in front at the half-distance, won by a length. Athlone was a similar distance away third, fol- lowed by Camarilla and Arc-light, the last 'in being Student. iTdme, 2nilini. 143isec. The dividend was £5 lis., there being sixty .licitéis on tho winner out of 7S6 issued.

ACCESSION HANDÜCAP of 100 sovs. ; sec- ond horse 15 sovs. from the prize ; the win- ner of a handicap fiat race of the valuo of 25 ííovs. after tho declaration of the weights lOtb. extra ; 1 milo and a distance.

(Gi)) A. J. Noud's b.g. Crater, by Slrom

boll-(Miss Loo, 5 years, 7st. 13tb.

. (Wilson) 1 (293) J. Finnle's Kalraia, 5 years

Sst. 91b. (H. Gough) 2 (45) K. A. Miller's ch.c. Drake, 4 years,

Sst. 31b.,.( (Dewar) 3 (51) E. J. Easton's ch.g. Harkaway, aged

Sst. 111b. (J. Stewart) 0 (98) Mrs. M. Cooper's br.f. Brazen Lady,

4 years, 8st. 91b. (Osborne) 0 (14) J. Stone's br.g. Commotion, 5 years,

Sst. 51b. (.Stone) 0 (142) T. J. Hatfield's blk.c. Reprobate, 3

years, Sst. (W. Stewart) 0 (S5) W. Booth's br.g. Kauri, aged, Sst.

. (Hopkinson) 0 (107) G. iBurgess's br.c. His Excellency,

4 years, 7st. 111b. (Scott) 0 (15) Mrs. A. M. Bragg's br.h. Anehon, 5

years, 7st. 111b. (Woodward) 0 (00) P. Talty's ch.g. Irony, 5 years, 7st.

iltlj. (Carney) 0 (75) J. T. O'Connor's br.h. Tim Whlfller,

G years, 7st. 71b. (Byrne) 0 (74 W. Elliott's br.g. Manwood, 5 "years,

7st. 71b. (Mooney) 0 (IS) J. Russell's b.g. Remus, aged, 7t>t.

5tb. (Bryant) 0

(Winner trained by A. J. Neild.)

'Betting : 2 to 1 v. Kilmla, G to 1 ejioh Marwood and Reprobate, 7 to 1 each BniBfn Lady and Kauri, 10 to 1 each Irony, Drake, aud Crater, 20 to 1 Ihe others. Kalmia was as usual the quickest to leave the mark, and as they ran up the straight SÜP took the lead, and showed the way past the stand from Marwood. Increasing her lead round the bend, the favourite was three lengths |u front all along the back and past the half-mile, followed by Irony, Reprobate, and Marwood. There was very llttlo chango In the positions until the turn was reajched, 1/ut hero Crater moved through, and catching Kalraia hair-way up the straight, beat her to the post by a nock, .Drake halag two lengths farther off third. Reprobate was fourth, Irony fifth, and Tim 'WMfflor sixth, while tho last in were Com- motion and Harkaway. Time, 2min. 0%sec. The total number of tickets issued wa3 317G, and of theso C9 Avere on the winner, 'the dividend being £7 9s.


(By Telegraph from Our Correspondent.)


The second day's races passed off success

fully. The racing was splendid, and there were large fields. The following are the re-

sults :- ,

Opening Handicap.-Tranby, 1. ,

Thargomindah Handicap.-Mascotte, 1 ; Lucky Boy, 2 ; Ad \aiorem, 3. Five others started. A splendid race, Mas cotto winning in the last stride by half-a- head, Ad Valorem being a head away third.

Hack Race.-Gnarewo, 1.

Publicans' Purse.-Tranby, 1. Consolation Stakes.-Saladin, 1. .



The following are the weights issued for the above races to toe held at Coorparoo on ¡Wednesday next :

TiRiIAL HANDICAP, 4 Furlongs.-Athol, Ost.; Paul, 7st. ,101b.; Starlight, 7st. 81b.; Lady Maggie, 7st. 7tb.; Find Out, 7st. 71b.

FLYING IIA'NDl'C'AP, G Furlongs.-Hawk, 9?t. 91b.; Slipper, Sst. 71b.; Ruby IC, 7st. T21b. ; Graphic, 7st. 81b.; Romance, 7st. 81b.; Jubilee, 7st. 71b.

HIGK-W_CGH/r H-VNTOICAIP, 5 Furlongs. -Rangatira, lOst.; Jubilee, Sst. 71b.; Ro- mance, Sst. Iib. ; Melodist, Sst. 41b.; Athol, Sst.; Paul, 7st. 121b.; Chance, 7st. 121b.

Starlight,- 7st. 101b.; Find Out, 7st. 101b.; Orangebud, 7st. 101b.; Bland Holt, 7st. 101b.

COO'R'PAIROO HAiNIDlOA'P.-Hawk, 9st. Sib.; Slipper, Sst. (iib.; Ruby K., 7st. lltb.; iGraphic, 7st. 71b.; Athol, 7st. 51b.; Paul, 7st. 41b.; Bland Holt, Vst. 4ft.

WAI. D. BUTLER, Handlcappér.




East Brisbane Harriers v. Rosevales.-A i crowd of fully 500 persons assembled at the Union Ground, Bowen Bridge, on Saturday

to witness the two junior matches arranged '

by the union. The weather was all that could bo desired for football. The principal match was itihat between tho East Brisbane Harriers and Rosevales on the No. 1 ground. It, was generally anticipated that tho Rosevales, who have been snowing fine form this season, would securo a rather easy victory, but, contrary to expectations, the Harriers won by 9 points io 5. Tho Har- riurs played by far the better game, and for the most part had the Rosevales defend- ing. Tho Rosevale« did not play up to their true form. Tho Harriers secured tho whola of their 9 points in tho first half. Kingston secured a try, from which a goal was kicked, and A. Allen, also kicked a field goal. The try for the Roscvalos was got by Guilfoyle shortly aftor the start of the second half. J. Wren converted it into a goal. Tho Har- riera thus won by 9 points to 5.

Bellmont v. Cambridge.-These clubs met on tho No. 2 ground, and, after a splendid game, tho Belmonte wero returned the vic-" tors by 11 points to 5. Tho gamo waa very ovcnly contested, much moro than the scores indicate. 'Trios wcro obtained for the win- ners by Scaulan, Fagan, and Dawes, ono o£ which was converted into a goal by Noel. Tyrrell secured tho try for Cambridge, Wright kicking tho goal.

'Burnett v. River Rangers.-Played at In- dooroopilly, and resulted in a victory for the Burnetts by 21 points to nil. Tries were obtained by Lucas (2), Keating, Donnard,

and Keen.

Fourth Mildura v. Leichhardt.-Played at Albion, and won by the Jlilduras, 20 points to 9. Tries were obtained for the winners by D. M'Rae (3) and J. Webb, two of which G. ILow converted into goals, fand a field goal was kicked by W. 'Ferguson. For the losers, T. Hinch (2) and J. Caton (1) scored.

The Bellevue and .Red Hill clubs played at Enoggera, and after a capital game tho formar team Won by 30 points to 8. The match between tho Miltons and Royal Stars was won by Milton by 3 points to nil. The Second Leichhardts easily defeated the Rockdalcs by 27 points to ". Arfomas and Pirates, played at Toowong, the former wiuning by 12 points to C.


North Brisbane v. Bush Rats, Dinmore (Challenge Cup Tie).-The above teams met in Queen's Park on Saturday to play off their fixture in the First Round Challenge Cup Competition. There was a large at- tendance of spectators, who seemed greatly interested in the game, which was very evenly contested right through the match, unitil about eight minutes from the finish the ball was kicked amongst the trees in

Alice-street side, which caused the game to bo stopped on account of the darkness. The match is therefore unanished. The result at conclusion of play was-Bush Rats, 1 goal; North Brisbane, nil.

St. James's versus Bowen Bridge.-Played on No. 2 Union Ground, and resulted in a win for St. James's by 11 points to 10. Tries for the winners wero obtained by Noonan, M'Cabe, and Brookes. Mooney con- verted one into a goal. For the losers, M'Ginnes scored two, converting both into


NOTES.-By " Player."

The advent in Australia of the English football team of 1899-the first to visit Aus- tralia under the auspices of the English and Australian Rugby Unions-has so far been marked with pronounced success. The visi- tors have opened up a fresh and brighter era in Australian Rugby football, and the public have been stirred to excitement in a manner similar to that observable in the international cricket matches.

The Englishmen arrived at Adelaide in the Oceana on the 8th instant, and, leaving the vessel there, came overland to Sydney. On the whole they had a very enjoyable voy- age, but some members complained bitterly of the Red Sea heat. They were met at Adelaide by Air. W. A. Rand, the secretary of the New South Wales Rugby Union, who will accompany them throughout the tour. The visitors were splendidly received both at Adelaide and Melbourne, the people of both these places treating them in a most hos- pitable manner. Leaving Melbourne, the visitors arrived at Goulburn on Wednesday morning, the 14th instant, when they met with a very hearty reception from a large crowd of enthusiasts, notwithstanding the fact that they arrived a-little after 6 o'clock in the morning. In the afternoon the visi- tors played their first match in Australia, with the result already reported.

Early the next morning the visitors left Goulburn, and arrived in Sydney about 11 o'clock the same morning. At noon they were publicly received by the Mayor of Sydney at the Town Hall, and on the follow- ing day (Friday) they were received by the Governor of New South Wales, Lord Beau- champ. On the following Saturday the visitors played their first match in Sydney, when thew defeated the representatives of the another colony by 4 points (a field goal) to 3 (a try). The match lias already been reported, and it will suffice to say the ex- position of Rugby was one of the finest ever witnessed on the Sydney Cricket Ground. There was certainly not very much in the game, and the issue was in doubt right up to the call of time. In the first half the Englishmen had all the best of the play, while the same applied to the Welshmen in the second half, the visitors in this spell being almost entirely on the defensive. On Tuesday last the Englishmen played their second match in Sydney, when they defeated a team representing the Sydney Union by 8 points (2 tries and a goal) to 5 (1 try and a goal).

The visitors are an exceptionally power- ful combination, and alter watching their play in the match against New South Wales, I am of the opinion that the only chance of their being defeated in Australia is in the test match to-day. In their match against New South Wales they were totally out of condition, but notwithstanding this fact, and also the fact that for the greater por- tion of the second half the play was on the  

visitors' line, the Welshmen were unable to break through. A more solid defence than   that offered by the Englishmen it would be   impossible to see. It was simply grand.   Since that match they have had a week's   training, but that is scarcely sufficient tor  

them to get into form. For that reason I think that Australia's only chance of de- feating them will be in the match to-day.    

By the time they arrive in Brisbane they will be in much better form, and our repre- sentatives may expect a lively time.

Local footfcöl!, so tar a3 the senior mlatches are concerned, Is at a standstill, owing-to the absence of a number of out

representative? in Sydney. . . , ;

The selection of five of the Queensland

players in 'the representative Australian team which meats the Englishmen to-day Is extremely gratlfjing. The men selected are R. 'M'Cowian (full-tback), W. Evans (five elghlt'h), A. Gralton (half), W. Tanner, P. 'Carew, and A. Colton (forwards).

Ihe Englishmen will arrive in Brisbane this week, and it behoves every footballer and lover of the game to give them a royal reception, equal at any rate to that accorded them in the 'Southern colonies. During their stay in Brisbane the visitors will be put up at Lennon's Hotel, where every arrange- ment has boen made for their comfort.

The big programme of the year in Bris- bane, and in fnct in the annals of Rugby in 'Brisbane, will be inaugurated on Saturday next, on which date the Englishmen will meet the Queensland representative team. On the following Saturday the leturn Inter- colonial match, New South Wales v. Queens

land, will be played. Then comes the "star" on the succeeding Saturday-the second test match, Australia v. England. This pro- gramme should certainly be enough to satisfy the most fastidious, but secretary Godsall has still something further up his sleeve, of which we will hear more anon.

W. Hardcastle, the Sydney F.C. captain, reported for refusing to abide by the decision of the referee In the recent Buccaneer match, has been disqualified for six weeks (says the Sydney " Referee"). Another member of his club, reported for misconduct after the match was finished, has been disqualified for life. Those disqualifications should act as a warn-

ing to players that the referee and his deci-

sions must be respected. If a decision is against the law, the captain of a team has a remedy. And that remedy he should always avail himself of when his case is a good one. The disqualification of Regent Is a very severo penalty indeed ; he is said to have struck the referee after the match, but the blow, li any, could not have been very heavy, inasmuch as the referee (Mr. Speight) on the evening of the match was not aware of his having been hit.

The Englishmen (says a Sydney exchange) would very much. Ilka to return to England via New Zealand. One strong reason for this is thalt they aro not partial to the Red Sea. AB most of them have to get back to England at an early date, their playing in Now Zealand is a remote possibility.

J. Grimes, tho Buccaneer forwaid, who was injured in the match against the Sydney Club in Sydney a fortnight ago, died at St. Vincent's Hospi'tal on. Sunday. At tho In- quest the jury returned a verdict of acci- dental death. The funeral was largely at- tended by footballers, and amongst those who sent wreaths were 'the Queensland team. It was a very sad affair ; tho injury was paralysis o£ the back.

The amount taken at the English match in Sydney on Saturday was £950. At tho Agricultural Ground on Tuesday £050 waa, taken. These aro regarded as excellent gates.

E. Gwynn Nicholls, tho centro three-quar- ter back, is (says tho " Referee") about the samo height as H. P. Abbott. He stands moro erectly than the famous University three-quartor, Is clean-limbod, and appears to possess intuitively quick judgment, which leads to his invariably doing the right thing either in attack or defence. He is a player whom the public will greatly like, for he plays pure football takingly. Ho Is beyond question quite an exceptional defender, and, unlike mosit brilliant players, is not above performing tho Tow diving tackle when such a thing is necessary to save his side.

H. G. Gray, the English forward, is a stalwart young Scotchman, of splendid pro- portions. He wears kilts, and has appeared everywhere in them since landing in Aus- tralia. The possession of a merry eye, plenty of good spirits, and a sound appre- ciation of the good things of life have al- ready made him popular.

Now Zealand bos offered the New South Wales Union £900 for a visit from the Eng-

lish team.

J. H. Sampson, the New Zealander foot- baller, who played for tho Sydney Club, is, at pro3en!t in Brisbane. He will probably play for the Valley Club.

Alf. Faullmer, tho popular president of tile Queensland Referees' Association, officiated at Tuesday's match, Englishmen v. the Sydney Union. Tho Sydney " Referee" says :-" His stylo of following play differs from most of the Sydney referees."

Tho Now Zealand Rugby Union has nega itlvod, by 21'votes to li, a proposal to form an Australasian Rugby Football Union, to have entire control of the game In the Aus- tralasian colonies. It was aleo decided that tho proposed alterations to the laws of the game, ifo bo submitted to the English Union, be discussed seriatim at a special meeting.




B Grade.

Toowong (2) v. South Brisbane.-Roberts

and Doran (Toowong) v. Sayce and Graham"

(South Brisbane) won G-2, C-1. Roberts and Doran (Toowong) v. Webb and Webb (South Brisbaue) won 4-6, G-5. Bird and Phillips (Toowong) v. Webb and Webb (South Brisbane) won G-3, G-5. Bird and Phillips (Toowong) v. Sayce and Graham (South Brisbane) won G-2, 4-0 (unfin- ished). Totals : Toowong, 44 games ; South Brisbane, 27 games.

Technical Collego v. Carlton.-Elsworth and Martin v. Berry and Harvard, G-2 and 6-0 ; Elsworth and Martin v. Lalor and Hunt, G-1 and G-2 ; Sheldon and Edwards v. Lalor and Hunt, 6-1 and G-0 ; Sheldon and Edwards v. Berry and Harvard, 6-0 and 6-2. Result : Technical College, 8 sots, 48 games ; Carlton, S games.

Corinda Cluib v. Stanley Club.-Hulle and Rrdel'ffe v. Hirst and Gow, 6-0, 6-2 ; Hulle and Radcliffe v. Moody and Biggs, C-9, G-1 ; Pratten and Spowers v. Hirst an 1 Gow. G-2, 6-3 ; Pratten and Spowers v. Moody and Biggs, G-0, G-2. Result : Corinda, S sets 4S. games ; Stanley, 10 games.


Technical College v. Toowong Presbyterian (Mixed- Match).-'Played on the court of the former, and resulted as follows :-Miss Baker and Mr. Anderson (T.C.) v. Miss Robinson and Mr. Cryle (T.P.), G-2 ; Miss Baker and Mr. Anderson v. Miss and Mr. Patterson (T.P.), G-2 ; Miss Baker and Mr. Anderson v. Miss and Mr. Tulloch (T.P.), G-3 ; Miss Maples-ion and Mr. Doran (T.C) v. Miss and Air. Tulloch, G-3 ; Miss Marleston and Mr. Doran v. Miss and Mr. Patterson, G-1 ; Miss Mapleston and Mr. Doran v. Miss Robinson and Mr. Cryle, 4-G ; Miss Hempated and Mr. Watson (T.C.) v. Miss Robinson and Mr. Cryle, 2-G ; Miss Hemps ted and Mr. Watson v. Miss and Mr. Patterson, G-5 ; Miss dfemp sted and Mr. Watson v. Miss and Mr. Tul- loch, 5-G. . Result : Technical College, G sets, 47 games; 'Toowong Presbyterian, 3 sets, 34 games.


' ' _ . i r : .

By "Bunker."

There were only fifteen entries for tho Midwinter Handicap, and these may now be said to be reduced to two or three. it is a pity in some ways, but an advantag) in others, that the idea of handicapping should come into disfavour. A glance at the scores will show that several of the best players did not oven start, while Dr. Car vosso, with a handicap of 3, could not come noaror than eighth. The record of the g"'ccn is 4G, und yet players who are able to achieve a round of 49 go out willi 2S aud 2G ; while another who has, I believe, never done It much under Is given only G. Thoro are few more consistent and regular players than Mccisrs. Alexander and Macartney, and yet the handlcaippers cann'ot gauge iheir possible .powers nearer than this. Eliminate the score of Mr. Brady, who Is a novice, and you will see that a margin of 20 covers all gross scores ; yet 25 limit is given. Take out Dr. Carvosso's first round of 43, and IG is sufficient to cover the whole field. These margins doubled make .an absurd difference i.e., 50 margin where only 32 is required.

MIDWINTER HANDICAP. (4 Rounds, equal 3G Holes.)

First Second Half Round.



Net. E. H. Macartney





J. Alexander ..




91 A. II. Chambers





P. A. Blundell ..





J. C. Ridgway..









Dr. Chrvosso ...

4 S








J. MTJonald ...


- Ol'



J. W. H. Grout..





P. Matthews ..





S. R. Iiines-Nöad





J. J. Campbell..



13 »

110 GG




A. B. Brady ...





If the four first players were playing on lovel terms, it would be a hard niaiiter to pick the winner, they are all so even lu. merit. As It is, I think it must lie between the first couple, and it is doubtful if J. Alex- ander can give E. H. Macartney a start of four strokes. Chambers Is practically twelve strokes behind ; still, he is not dead yet. A. Hudlson bumped George Perry for- cibly ; but J. Forrest had a lighter struggle to conquer J. W. H. Grout.

" Miss May Ilezlett, who now holds the double title of Open and Irish Lady Cham- pion, reached her 17th birthday on the day she became lady champion of Ireland. She

l3 a very fine player, with a free swing and remarkably .good style, driving a very long, straight ball, and playing her approach shots with unerring accuracy, while her put- ting is hardly ever at fault." This from " Golf," which I am glad to see has found ¡t necessary to increase its size. It i3 a niOFt interesting paper for all golfers, tbougfo, of course, on this side we are unable to follow -with interest the scores of the various clubs. Another clipping : " Scor- ing is not golf ; höle-play is real golf." I note that dogwood and persimmon is recom- mended for club-beads. The latter should be procurable here.

The Ipswich and Toowoomba match had to be abandoned last week ; or, rather, a draw was agreed open ; owing to the heavy rains. A match is being arranged between Brisbane and a combined team from Too- woomba and Ipswich. Mr. Silas Harding has presented a gold medal to tho Ipswich Club for competition. The conditions are

two competitions under medal rules of four rounds each, the winners of each competi- tion to play off a match for the tropfay.



In view of tho intercolonial match at the latter end of next week, there was a good roll up of the bowlers ou Booroodabin green on Saturday afternoon. The day was plea- sant, tho character of the weather having greatly improved from what it had been tor fully a week past. The green was In fair condition, but the full rink play, espe- cially, was not up to tho mark. This is duo to the players not having had any practice in full rinks, and this, with the unavoidable absence of one or two of our liest mon, will placo us at great disadvan- tage In meeting the Southerners. Arrange- ments have been made to give theni a cordial reception, and malto their visit as enjoyable as possible. Tho following is the result of tho gomea played ;-No. 1 rink : Messrs. Aitchison and Irving (skip.) boat Alessrs. Jamieson and Michael (skip.), 21 to 13. No. 2 rink : Messrs. Stephenson, Young, Jar- man, and Moffat (skip.), beat Alessrs. Wil- son, A. Reid, Hill, and Muir (skip.), 33 to 10. No. 3 nink : Messrs. Jones, Robertson, Urquhart, and Sinclair (skip.) beat Rev. Dr. Frackelton, Messrs. Copeland, Al. Al. Reid, and A. W. Thomson (Now Zealand, skip.), 21 to S. No. 4 rink : Messrs. George and Longland (skip.) boat Alessrs. Rummall (Waverly Club, New South AVales) and Blonncrhassett (skip.), 21 to 7. A thrce h'andod game was played, in whicb Air. Jack scored 11. Mr. Robinson 10, and Mr.

Fox 10. , "" ',


HARRIER NOTES.-By " Mercury."

Second Combined Run.

The second combined run of the Harrier Clubs took place on Thursday evening from the headquarters of the Indooroopilly Club, and was in all respects an unqualified suc- cess. The several clubs taking part In the run arrived by train at 7.45, with the excep- tion of the recen tly-<fortmed New Farm Club, who .hired a large drag and drove all the way, arriving soon after the other clubs. The marshal-1n-chief. Captain C. K. E. Wood-s, assisted by Captain Ben. Burton, 'lost no time in marshallins the forces, and ,roll-<call resulted-CVortih Bris- bane, S ; East Brisbane, 8 ; Church Insti- tute, 10 ; Western Suburbs, S ; New Farm, 10 ; Valley, 2 ; Nundah, 0 ; Indooroopilly, 22 ; Second Indooroopilly, .19 ; * Executive, &c., 0 : lota!, 108. *A start was thon made for the four-milo run to Sherwood and back, tho route being over the Albert Bridge to Chelmer, along the Oxley-roaxl to Sherwood, through tho railway gates, and back parallel with the railway line to Graceville. 'Mr. P. Frankel (chair- man of the Q.A.A.A.) took part In the run, and mado _o pace for the first ralle. On arriving at Gracovlllo the harriers lined up for a milo oerabch raco to the Albert Bridge, with the following result :-C. Saundersoa

(E.B), 1 ; G. Wotton (E.B.), 2 ; J. Stott (N.), 3 ; H. "Woitton (E B.). The first three to arrive for their respective clubs wero as fol- low :-Noi>th Brisbane, G. Meyers, B. Bur- ton, J. Nicholson ; East Brisbane, G. Saun derson, S. Wotton, G. Wotton ; Nundah, J. Stott, R. Tipping, R. Thwaites : Church Institute, R. Homo, H. Alcorn. W. Dell ; Western Suburbs, G. Sargood, X. Brazil, G. Harris ; New Farm, E. Lofthouse, T. Braa narn, F. Hayles ; Indooroopilly, C. K. E. Woods, E. Dawe, N. Strickland. Oue of the features of the run was tho' large attend- ance of tho lads of tho Second Indooroopilly Club, who were much admired in their cos- tume of white jerseys, red sashes, and red and whito caps. The lads ran tho whole dlsltanco, and showed no mean proficiency. Tho New Farm Club are to be complimented on their splendid turnout. Such enthusiasm augura well for the ultimate SUCCPSS of their dub. The judges were P. Frankel, T. Pratten, S. Welch, F. Chambers (Press stew- ard, Q.A.A.A.), S. Davis (assistant secretary, Q.A.A.A.). Captain Woods, In a character- istic speech, thanked the visiting clubs for their splendid roll-up, and three hearty cheers were accorded them.

The arrangements made by the Indooroo- pilly Club for the reception of their guests were very complete, and reflect great credit on their energetic secretary (Mr. H. C. Mor- row) and the president (Mr. S. Davis).

The remainder of the evening was spent in the club's gymnasium, boxing, &c, and many encomiums were passed on the com- pleteness of the headquarters of the club.

Moonlight Sports, Toowong.

The Toowong Sports Ground was the scene of the Toowong Club's third moonlight sports on Thursday last. Between thirty aud forty members turned out to compete in the various events of the evening. The public also rolled up in force, and made the assembly a large one. Mr. H. Lam- bert and R. Todd were appointed judges, while Mr. A. Jessup officiated as starter. The first event on the programme was the 75 Yards Club Handicap, run in five heats, which resulted as follows :-First heat : J. Lee (3 yards), E. Legget (7 yards). A very close finish. Second heat : J. M'Inroy (9 yards), D. Anderson (5 yards). Won by 2 yards. Third heat : H. Cardell (12 yards), T. Dorsett (10 yards). Won by a few inches. Fourth heat : J. O'Connor (8 yards), L. Tur- ton (10 yards). Won easily. Fifth heat : B. Lee (7 yards), W. Alderdice (3 yards,). Won by a yard. The first men in the above heats contested the final, which, after a close go, resulted :-H. Cardell (12 yards), 1 ; J. M'Inroy (9 yards), 2 ; J. A. O'Connor (8 yards), 3. The winner has competed in several of those events, and this, his first win, was extremely popular.

Putting the Weight.-Sixteen members competed In this event, finally resulting in a win for J. Howarth (scratch), T. Stanley (lft. behind) being second, while A. Jessup (scratch) secured third position. The weight of the shot was too much-24lb.-being 8lb. over that usually used, so that some of the competitors experienced some difficulty in getting it off their chests.

Half-mile Handicap for club points ; first man to receive a prize presented by J. S. Glassop. Thirty odd members lined up for this. A. Mee, on 8sec., caught his field early, and took the lead in the last lap, and, never being headed, eventually won by 10 yards from J. S. Glassop, who in turn had a few yards to spare from W. Alderdice.

High Jump.-Entries were numerous in this event, but as the height of the jump increased, it soon dwindled down to three or four, T. O'Hagan and J. Howarth tying for first place, while H. Lambert ran into third position. At the conclusion of the sports, Mr. J. Howarth was presented with a fine set of links and studs as first prize in the weight-putting contest.

Members are enthusiastic over the con- tinued success of Toowongites in the open events, four members competing at the In- dooroopilly Club's sports, and out of large fields of over twenty and thirty J. O'Connor managed to win the mile, while Arthur Mee secured second prize in the open 130 yards event. The record of the club this year is one of which members may well be proud, as they have secured nine firsts, five seconds, and four thirds in open competition. It is also gratifying to record the success of the club's monthly sports, which do more to de- velop runners than ordinary road running. The use of a proper training track accounts

for a great deal of the members' success this





The handicap road race for members ot Mrat live and energetic body, the Gordon Cyollng Club, whrcih was postponed from tho previous Saturday, on account of t'he wea- ther, waa held last Saturday after- noon, the course being from the Shafston Hotel, Shafston-road, to the railway station at Wynnum. A drag-load of non-cycling wearers of tho fern-leaf badge started off at 2.30 p.m., accompanied by scvaral of tho non-racing cyclists. The drag also conveyed the officers for tho event aating at the Wynnum end. The officers wore-Judge, Mr. E. A. Gross ; tlme-keep ors, Messrs. Bell and Ross ; and starter, Mr. Woodroffe. Tho men wero sent away ai about 3.30, tho following being tho handicap Orders .-3. C. Learmonth, scratch ; A. Al'Kie, 30sec.; A. C. Palmer, lmin , E. S. Hobson, lmin. 25sec; F. Ferguson, lmin. 40sec; H. Burstall, 2mln ; H. Watt, 2nun ; G. A. Cameron, 2min. lôsec, T O'Donohnc, 2min. 30soc.; H. Weedon, 2mln 40sec , Al

Holland, 3min. The roads could not of course be e-apedtod to be good after the rain which had fallen, tout this did not prevent a fast and exciting race, which ended in a win for Mr. Palmer, with Air Holland (second, while the vcrsialSilo and papular cap'tain, Mr. S. Learmonth, plugged into third place. Only one accident marred the race, Mr. Cameron having a spill. The winner covered the distance au the fine time of 2Smm. 30scc.

The Gordon Club's Road Race on Saturday last was won by Mr. Alick Palmer, on the easy-running Arassey-iHarris, of course. He also secured fastest time, covering tea miles over a lough, and hilly course, in. 28mdn. Sftsec, beating all other times by over a minute. Do you want to ride with the leaders or flock with Uhe followers ? If the former, ride a Afassey.-'(lAdvit.)


A large number of members of the Bris- bane Safety Bicycle Club and friends were treated to a most interesting display of bil- liards at the clubrooms on Friday evening, when Messrs. Harry Gray (champion of Queensland) and Gus. Leffler engaged in two matches. Following are tho results :- First game, 500 up, spot barred, Gray conceding his opponent 100. Lefller won after an ex- citing finish by 7. Principal breaks : Gray, 41, 78, 46, and 46. Leffler : 50, 61, 25, and 29. Second game, 500 (all in), Gray conceding 150 to Leffler. Leiffer played consistently right through, and won by 500 to 356. Gray made breaks of 95, 29, 50, and 30 ; Leffler, 38, 25, 52, 33, and 38. Both players also gave interesting exhibition games at the conclu- sion of the matches.

A billiard match between Harry Gray and Gus Leffler is advertised in another column,

to take place to-night (Monday) at the Gresham Hotel. " Two games will be played, 500 up (spot stroke barred) and 500 up (all-in), Gray conceding his opponent 100 start in the former game, and in the latter


An Engllt- paper cays _at Lord Ashton haa given hils daughter, who wias recently married to the Hon. Wim. Peel, an allowance of £30,000 a year. There Is no other such allowance on record, It says, even In the case of a wealthy peerás oldest son. Tbe

late Lord Hgetfton of Tatton had an allow- ance of £9000 a year, ,wbitch was regarded as extraordinarily large. The present Duke of Bucclouioh and late Duke of Suitbcrik-d aro beTloved to have been oven moro gener- ously treated, but thoir allowances certainly did not readh more _an half that of Lord Ashfionls daughter. Air. Peel seems, in- deed, to bo a favourite of fortuno, and it is to be regretted thait ho is ndt the heir to Drayton Manor.


"The typical cocoa of English mwiuffte. tare.-Alieolutely pure."-"The An_y«t." .-<Advt.i ,