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(By Telegraph from Our Correspondent.)

SYDNEY, June 17

ine iirst international football match,

Now South Wales .A-. England, took place on the Sydney Cricket Ground this afternoon. The weather Avas 'brilliantly fine, but the ground was very heavy. No alterations were made In the teams, as previously announced. The attendance was fully 20,000 at the be- ginning or the game.

Both teams were accorded hearty recep- tions on taking tho held, tho Englishmen being cheered again and again.

The Englis.hnn.u .Avon the toss, and decided to derfend the Randwick end, having the ad A'antage or a slight breece. 'Webb kicked off for New South Wales, but the kick was blocked by Boyd, Avho secured, marked, and kicked to the New South Wales 25. Bücher mulled, and a scrum followed. Give-and take play took place in the Englishmen's 25. New.South Wales were penalised for off-side play. , Nicholls took the kick, but thp . hall Avas recalled, and a scrum was formed. The Englishmen broke through ithe scronn A\ith a drifblble, and took the play to 'half-way, AvheTo tihe visitors were awardod another free kick. Nicholls kicked to Shortland, who returned to Bücher, who kicked to midfield, The forwards follow- ing up"AVcll rushpd the bail into tho New South Wales 25, AVhere it AVent out. Boyd secured" a mark from tho throw-in, and "kicked out at half-way. From the throw-in

the 'Enel'ishnicn rushed the ball down the field into the . ¡New South Wales 25. A free to Now South Wal £3 v/as taken by Shortland, Avho kidked down the field, and tho forwards following well had the visitors on the defeu3ivc. The play now became very fast, and Now South Wales looked A*ery like scoring, hut Nicholls re- lieved hy a splendid kicik into touch at half-way. A series of scrums were formed from the throAV-ln. Belson (broke through the scrum several times in fine stylo with the ball at his toe, and by a series of fine forward- rushes the Englishmen took the play on to the New South Wales line, where Mullineux picked up and almost scored. For hanging on to the ball, how- ever, ho was penalised. Shortland took the liiok, but the visitors at once returned to the attack and put New South Wales again on the defensive. From a scrum in front of the . New South Wales goal Mullinoux secured and passed to Adamson, Avho was just forced into touch. O'Donnell kicked oif, Nicholls returning out at the New South Wales 25 flag. From the throw in the visitors rushed the play to the New iSon'ch Wales line. They made repeated rushes, but New South Wales defended splendidly. Mullineux made several fine dodging runs, as also did Nicholls, but they failed to score. From a 'scrum on the New South "Wales line the visitors' forwards dashed through, but In their eagerness kick- ed too hard, and the ball going over the line, Spragg saved. O'Donnell kicked oil, 'Martelli mulling. Nicholls, however, se- cured, and kicked out at midfield. From the throw-in the. visitors secured, and by a nice passing rush took the ball into the New South Wales territory, and Nicholls, getting possession, took a shot at goal with- out success. . RoAy saved. In play again, the New South Wales forwards by a nice dribbling rush, in. which Davis and Webb shoAved prominently, took the ball into the visitors' territory. The visitors' backB, however, defended splendidly, and Nicholls, securing, kicked out at half-way. A scrum followed the throA\fcin, and Mullineux se- curing, sont it to Nicholls, to Bûcher, who Avas forced out at. the New South Wales 25. From tho throw-in Boyd secured, and kick- ed to Martelli, Avkose return was splendidly marked by Maries. Marks's kick was re- turned out at half-way by Nicholls. From the throw-in Boyd secured, and passed to- ward, to O'Donnell, to Shortland, who made an erratic pass to White. Nicholls followed up, and kicked the ball to the New South Wales full-back, Avho mulled. The Englishmen looked uko scoring, but White relieved by kicking into touch. From the throw-in the New South -Wales forwards rushed the play up the field at a tremendous pace, and passed to the full-back. Spragg had a splendid opportunity to score, but failed tn pick up. A scrum v/as formed, and *">>« visitors Avere awarded a free kick. "Nicholls kicked out a't half-Avay. From the throw-in the visitors dashed down the field with the ball at the toe. Row relieved hy kicking out at his own 25. The visitors, still on the aggressive, al- most scored on several occasions, Mullineux, Nicholls, and Adamson making fine efforts. From a scrum on the NeAv 'South Wales line Adamson secureù" a mark. He placed for Martelli, Avho kicked a splendid goal.

Scores : Englishmen, 4 ; New South Wales,


Ellis kicked eff, and Martelli returned out at half. From the throw-in Nicholls se- cured, and kicked out at the New South Wales 25. Long exchange kicks between tho backs rosulted in ROAV kicking out in the visitors' territory. From the throw-in the New South Wales forwards, with the ball at tho toe, rushed on to tho visitors' line, AVobb, Davis, and Marks shewing prominently, and looking like scoring. Nicholls lelieved by a timely., kick down the field. White secured, and his kick Avas marked hy Gray, Avho punted out at midfield. A serum , followed. From the throw-in Boyd Eocurdd, and passed to O'Donnell, to Ward, to Shortland, to Spragg, who was promptly downed, and the ball went out.'at ¿he visitors' 25. From a scrum Bûcher secura!, and kicked out at half-way. Froan tho throw-In Mullineux secured, and sent it to Nicholls, to Doran, who was forced out at the Now South Wales 25 flag. From the throw-in the NOAV South Wales U¡Sz Avards ralllwl, and rushed tho play up the field, seine nice passing bdtween Boyd, O'Donnell, and Ward talrln« place.

Half-time Avas shortly afterwards called, the ball be-tag in neutral territory.' Scores: England, 4 ; New South Wales, nil.

On resuming, Stout kicked off, Ward re- turning out at half way. The Englishmen' secured from the thrown in, and rushed the ball up the field and out in the New South Wales territory. In pl,\y again Spragg picked up in the ruck, and dashed down the field, dodging splendidly. He beat Nicholls and the English full-back, and, with no one in front of him, sped for the line. The spectators cheered enthusiastically. Nich- olls, however, carno after Spragg, Avho stumbled and Avas downed. New South Wales were now on tho aggressive, and each individual player was urged by the specta- tors to do his utmost. From the ruck in the visitors' 25 White picked up, and dashed for the line, but Avas forced out at the corner flag. Tha visitors Avere here awarded a free kick, and Nicholls punted out at midfield. The play became very fast from the IhroAV-iu, the ball tra A'elllng up and down the field at a tri' .mendous pace. A strong dribbling rush hy the English forwards was stepped on the line hy Wa'll, who kicked'to Martelli. Avh'o In turn kicked out at midfield. The play continued very open, and the Welah mon wore_qulte holding their own. The INow South Waletä tforAvards rushed the 'ball down the field, hut could not hreak through the English defence. Mullineux by a splendid drlöfling rush dashed doAVn the field Until stopped toy Row. Row kicked down the field, and the forwards following Avell stopped Martelli's return. The visitors Avcro now penned in in their own 25. Gardiner kicking up was bustled for time. With half-a-dozen opponents round him ho !=ent the ball o\er their hoads to "Ward, who took it well, and crossed tho line near HIP corner fhg anildst enthusiastic cheers. Sprags's kick at goal was unsuccessful.

Adamson's kick-off was returned out in the visitors' 25 hy O'Donnell. The excite- ment was Intense as scrum after serum eena formed naar tho visitors' line.

Adamson, however, came to the rescuo hy kicking out in neutral terri- tory. The Now South Wales forwards con- tinued on the attack, and a nice passing rush Avas spoiled by Shortland fumbling. Gardiner picked up, and kicked over the line, Martelli snA-ing. In play again, Boyd secured from a scrum at half-way, and sent it to Ward, to O'Donnell, to Shortland, who sent it to White. The latter fumbled

j a Rood pass, thus missing a certain try.

Tho Englishmen now rallied, and by a com hlned dribbling cuah took the play to the miidfiold. From a serum, Mullineux securod. His pass to Doran or Bûcher was intercepted by.White,. Avho dashed doAvn *ho field, and Avas only cofkirod by the full haok a few feet from the hne. The ball AV&Q folloAved over tihe line just as the New South Wales forward was falling on it. Nicholls kicked it into touch.

Play Avas now suspoudod for a fow min- utes owing to Martelli recelAdng an injury.

In play again, tho New South Wales for- wards rushed' the ball into the visitors' 25. The New South Wales forwards, playing splendidly, kept the Englishmen penned in on their own line for fully a quarter of an hour. They made desperate efforts to score, but could not break through the visitors' defence. White secured, and Marks punted high to Nicholls, who returned out at half. The New South Wales forwards, playing in grand combination, again renew- ed the attack, and took the ball on to tho visitors' line ; but relief came in the form of a free kick. The Englishmen now ral- lied, and some magnificent open play was Avltnessed. The Englishmen took the ball by a passing rush into the New South Wales 25, Ward just saving a certain try. The whistle sounded with the ball in the New South Wales 25. The game thus end- ed in faA'Our of the visitors by 4 points ta 3. ,

The game was one of the finest expoai

tiona ever seen in Sydney.


SYDNEY, June I8.

The following players have been selected to represent the Metroplitan Rugby Union against England in the match to be played on Tuesday:- Full-back-James McMahon ; three-quarters-C. White, F. Row, and S. Miller ; five-eighths-P. Ward and J. C. O'Donnell; half-back«A. Boyd; forwards     -Carson, Webb, Ellis, Davis, Marks, Kelly, Perdue, and Quinsey.

The English team will be slightly al- tered from that in yesterday's match.

The captain of the English team has ex- pressed his satisfaction at the refereeing in yesterday's match hy Mr. McManemy.