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Oil firm issues a useful booklet



"Haye you got a pair that will moke

her look shorter?"

THE rendering of various

formt of "service" to their clients is a form of salesmanship which hos become increasingly popular among com- mercial firms during recent years.

Suppliers of farmers' requisites in ? particular have devoted ever increasing attention to this form of salesmanship as obviously anything which tends to improve the stan- dard of farm husbandry confers in- direct benefits on a large section of the population betides creating greater demands for these firms' goods. v

AN excellent example of service to

the farmer is the recent issue by Caltex Limited of a well-produced booklet entitled "Harvest Gold*' which may be obtained free on appli- cation to the firm's W.A. headquarters at 133 St. George's-terrace, Perth.

Designed to ┬┐ssist the farmer by signposting the way to efficient pre- servation and maintenance of farm machinery, the booklet gives some simple illustrations of the basic prin- ciples of lubrication and follows it up with examples of maintenance work as applied to specified imple-


It is chockful of valuable informa- tion on obtaining the best results from a wide variety of farm imple- ments, being complete with "trouble- shooting charts" and numerous ex- planatory diagrams and illustrations.

Ploughs, cultivators, rotary hoes, drills, combines, harvesters, mowers, hay balers and windmills are among the machines discussed, and I would advise farmers to lose no time in applying for a copy of "Harvest Gold" as a keen demand ls antici- pated.