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¡ (¿From Saturday's Government " Gazette.')

Appointments.-J. Bumbling, to be trusteo of reset ve for cemetery at Curra ; G. Cole, If. Mortenson, and N. L. Rosenlund, to be trustees of the reserve for cemetery, parish of Childers ; Peter Burke, to be acting gold warden and clerk of petty sessions at Coen during the absence on leavo of the warden ; C. Francis, to be warden at Townsville ; J. G. Mac Donald, to be warden at Warwick ; T. H. Newman, to be warden at Cunnamulla, and R. A. Moore, to be warden at Toowoomba ; A. II. Pegler, chairman Adavale Divisional Board, to be licensing justice at Charle- ville, in respect to licenses within the divi- sion of Adavale ; W. J. Hooper, chairman Waggamba Divisional Board, to be licenslnß justice at Toowoomba, with respect to tho licenses within the Waggamba division ; R. A. Moore, to be visiting Jus ice to the prlion. the Industrial School for Girls, and official visitor to thp Hospital for Insane, Too- woomba ; J. G. MacDonald, to act on behalf of the Government as a membor of tbu Committee of Management of the Warwick Hospital ; and C. Francis, to be visiting Jus- tice to the Northern penal establishment.

official visitor to the reception-house at Townsville, and to act on behalf of the Go- vernment as a membtr of the Townsville Fire Brigade Board ; Henry L'Estrango, to be medical officer at Charleville ; R. A. Moore, J. G. MacDouald, and C. Francis, to be licensing Jusli:es at Toowoomba, War- wick, and Townsville rcspecti.ely ; M. Man- waring, to be a clerk on probation in the Department of Public Instruction ; Sabina Fitzgerald, Elizabeth U. Ingham, and Maude M. Toomey, to be assistant teachers iu the State schools at Mackay, Albert (Mary- borough), and Nanango ; Margaret Flyun, to be readmitted to the department, lo be ap- pointed assistant teacher at Toowoomba East ; J. M'Giffln, to be a trustee of ceme- tery reserve, Pentland ; J. Munro, tb bo a trustee of the Wickhani-terrace Presby- terian Church lauds ; R. Sinclair, to' be a trustee for the Cricket Ground Reserve, Too- woomba ; J. Parker, clerk of Immigration Office, Mackay, to be clerk in Lauds De- partment, Brisbane ; G. P. Martin, to be a clerk in the Lands Department, from 21st September, 1898.

Defence Force.-Lieutenant U. V. Parry Okeden, to be a lieutenant on the unattached


Tenders Invited.-For improvements State school, Muttaburra, to 9th June ; additions post and telegraph office, Geraldton, to 2nd June ; new storeroom, post and telegraph office, Charters Towers, to 2nd June ; re- pairs and painting, drillshed, Cairns, to 2nd June ; painting post and telegraph office. Valley, to 26th May ; improvements drill ground, Hampton, to 2nd June ; new cot- tage for llghtkeepjr, Port Denison, to 9th June ;, supplies. Department of Public In- struction, to 2nd June.

The Marriage Act.-The following are authorised to celebrate marriages :-Rev. E. Brown, United Methodist Free Church, Norman Park ; Rev. Wm. Smith, Primitive Methodist, Charters Towers ; Rev. S. Lar- kin, Primitive Methodist, Mackay.

" Why are we not all Tammany men ?" asks the " Pall Mall Gazette" of 28tih March. " Tammany is evidently good for the diges- tion, If not for the government, of Greater New York. Next month, the anniversary of 'tihe 'birth of Jefferson, one of tile great Republican heroes of the 'American Inde- pendence time, is to be kept in New York by BOBS Croker and 1600 other people. They will consumo 50 oxen, 250 spring lambs, 10 loads of strawberries, asparagus, and other vegetables, 25 turtles. 2500 crabs, 2400. lobsters, 1C00 canvas-back ducks and pigeons, 50. barrels of oysters, 5000 bottles of Champagne, SOO pints of coffee, and other details. After Willoh thoy will return to governing. Verily, Tam- many must have a good digestion, but not better than New York's which has done its best to dC-gost Tammany."

It has long been known to architects that the perpendicularity of monuments is affect- ed by the rays of the sun. This phenomen- on Is due to the greater expansion of ths side upon which the sun's rays fall.