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The adjourned meeting of the South Brisbane Municipal Council for the pur- pose of electing a mayor was held yester- day afternoon. The town clerk presided over a full attendance of aldermen. There was a motion before the council that Alder- man Luya be Mayor, and on this an amend- ment that Alderman Nott be elected. On the amendment, when put, the voting was


Alderman Fish said there was only one way of electing a mayor, and that was for Alderman Luya to withdraw. This would allow of another being nominated. Per- sonally, he had no particular desire to occupy the position of mayor, and if he was the stumbling block he was willing to withdraw his name. He had been ap- proached by more ratepayers on this sub- ject than ever before, and no one disap- proved of his action. If Alderman Luya was elected unanimously there would be some justification for him to take the chair. Therefore, he was not doing himself any good, and was disgracing the municipality by continuing his candidature.

Alderman Jones appealed to Alderman Luya to retire, as he said he was injuring himself in seeking to be elected for the fourth time. He was willing to vote for any man at the table except Alderman Luya, because he considered that gentle-

man was unreasonable.

Alderman Luya said be had not sought the position. He had been nominated by a number of friends, and they insisted on him keeping to his place. Quite a number of ratepayers also had asked him to retain the chair. The way would have been cleared materially if it had not been for the offensive language previously used by Alder- man Fish. It was not good taste for any

alderman nominated-for-the chair to stand up and speak, so he could not defend him- self. Without the consent of his sup- porters he would not retire.

As no decision was arrived at, it was decided on the motion of Alderman Stephens to adjourn for a quarter of an hour. On reassembling the amendment was again put, the voting being still 5 to 5.

Alderman Luya said during the adjourn- ment he had had an opportunity of consult- ing with the gentlemen who had so loyally supported him. He had intimated before that he did not feel justified in withdrawing without their consent. One of the matters that claimed their attention was the declara- tion of Alderman Jones that be would sup-   port any other alderman. This had some weight with his (Alderman Luya's) sup- porters, and reluctantly they gave way and agreed that he should have his own way. The public might think that the position of mayor in South Brisbane' was not alto- gether honorary, but also that there was some pecuniary profit. He was glad of the opportunity of saying that all the time he had been Mayor it had meant a heavy pecuniary loss. It must not be imagined that the aspirants to the office were actuated by mercenary motives. Bearing these matters in mind, and not being willing to take the position without a large vote of the council. with the consent of his supporters, he would withdraw. (Applause ) But he was prepared to make another nomi- nation. v ' '

The motion having been withdrawn, and the amendment become the substantivo motion, Mdermnn Luya moved that Alder- man Stephens be Mayor. He pointed out that he was one of the oldest alder,men. and he also claimed Alderman Jones's vote in terms of his declaration.

Alderman Duncan seconded the motion.

Alderman Fish quoted from the news- paper reports io show that he had not used offensive language to Alderman Luya.

Alderman Jones said when he spoke pre- viously he was thinking of young aldermen. Alderman Nott was before them. Let hint be dieposcd of, and he would 'do what he had said. He had done nothing to make him withdraw his support ; dispose of him and he would vote for Alderman Stephen« or anyone else. He had said " any aldeh man" , but he ought to have said a " new


Alderman Stephens said he bad frequently told friends he would not take the mayoral chair, as bis other numerous, positions toole up too much of his time. But there was a deadlock, and to get over the difficulty be had said be would accept it.

Alderman Dlbleysaid there were other ways of getting out of the difficulty. Alder- man Stephens's ward had already had. the chair for about ten years. -,

Alderman Phillips said he ,carne to pre- vent further deadlock. Not only were they damaging themselves before their con- stituents ; but they were acting like a lot of schoolboys For the welfare of the coun- cil and the sake of unanimity be was going to prevent further deadlock, .though he had partly given a promise to support Alderman Stephens if there was a chance of electing ¿um. -

The nomination of Alderman stephens was lost by i to 6, the voting being :-For : Aldermen Luya, Foley, Duncan, and M'Dougall. Against : Aldermen Davie», Phillips, Fish, Dlbley, Jones, and Garsden.

Alderman M'Dougall wished to nominate Alderman Jones, but the.latter declined to allow it to go on. Alderman Foley pro- posed Alderman Duncan, but the latter stated he would refuse to accept the posi- tion, and In turn again proposed Alderman Luya. That gentleman said he bad made up his mind not to take the position. Alder- man Nott's nomination was then carried, Alderman Duncan alone dissenting. The new Mayor was escorted to the chair.

Alderman Jones congratulated Alderman Nott on his election, and Bald ne thought the result would prove a deathblow to re- peated mayoral re-elections. He considered the position should go round.

Alderman Luya congratulated him als». The occupation of the chair, be said, en- tailed a large amount of work ;but there was comnensation in the enlarging and broadening of the mind of the occupant. As ' ¡to the circumstances of the election, he

.hoped the friction would be forgotten.

The other aldermen also spoke. Alder- man Duncan said* "As.I cannot lay the paint on as thick as my brother-aldermen, I will hold my tongue."

The Mayor returned thanka. - He said he believed he bad received a high honour. He would conduct himself in the chair as he believed he had done in his, capacity as an alderman for a long time. (Applause.) He daresay he had made mistakes, but he bad made them in a sincere desire ¡to do right. That was the way he would act during bis occupancy of the chair. He was not a genius ; but be trusted be bad sufficient discretion to conduct the business of the council with the assistance of the aldermen. (Applause ) He was glad the.extreme step of appointment by the Government had not to be resorted to, and said he had not asked any alderman for his vote-or Invoked assist- ance to secure support. He was sure there vould be no animus in the future now that the matter had been settled.-He had had con sideiable experience in municipal work, and he hoped to apply it without favouring any particular ward. ,r (Applause.)

The aldermen, with ex.AIdermen J. A. Claik and Forrester, who had occupied seats behind the mayoral chair, then retired to the Mayoi 's room, where the Mayor propoaed the health of the retiring Mayor. Alder- man Luya, In reply, proposed the health of the town clerk in a eulogistic speech. The health of the ex-aldermen waa also drunk. .<

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