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NOTICE. THE Undersigned will be happy to Purchase Wools tbis Season, or to mnkc Advances ou Consignments to their London x\gent. R. CAMEBEJ.U JUN. & CO. Wij;h-strret. 20th A.ui;u*t. 1838. Dissox.irTXOXtir. HIPPIE Copartnership hitherto carried JL on in West Miiitland, by the undersigned, under the name or firm of ' Lipscoml) & Co.' is this duy dissolved by mutual consent ; and ull Debts due to the said firm will ba received, ami also nil Debts- owing, by the said firm will be ]-aid, by Mr. Willium Smith, who will continue the snid Business, on his sole account, on the s.irae Premises. Dated this twenty-seventh day of August, 1838. WILLIA.M I..IPSCOMB. WILLIAM SMITH. Witness — H. J. Pilcher, Solicitor, Maitland. WILLIAM SMITH RETURNS thanks to his Friends and the Public for tbc favours received during his late partnership with Mr Lipscomb, Hnd ventures to hope for a continuance of thosu favours on his own account, which it will be his study to merit, by a choice selection of goods, moderate charges, and attention to business. W. S. begs to request that all persons who stand indebted to Lipscomb and Co. will pay the nmount of their accounts as enrly as possible, it being necessary to wind up the affairs of the late firm. DARLING STEAM MILLS, ^arramntta, J. HAMILTON ?O ESPECTFULLY acknowledges the JLl. sliare of public patronngu which hu has recvivnd 6ince he commenced iMillerund Corn factor, in the district of I'urrnm'attu, mid is bxppy to inform his Krientls nml the Public time he fma rented, and sinci. then has completed n thorough repair of the abovn Mills, which will commence Grinding on iMoncluv, the .'3rd of September, after which J. II. will be enabled to receivu Wheut in auy quantities to bo Ground, on the usual terms. When the abovu Mills are in motion, Settlers forwarding their Wheat or other CJrniu to b« prepared or ground by him, may depend on having their orders complied with on tbu same, or at the farthest, on the following day, as J. II. will not. after the above dute, be under the necessitv. of disappointing his Mill Customers hy keeping their grain on his premises unground for months together, as has too frequently been the case bv reason of the prevalence of light winds, and the nlinost constant droughts, which have rendered the Title and Wind Mills he has hitherto employed for the. nmnufacture of Grain, at once the chusb of disnppointment to his cum tomers, and ibe source of much trouble to the proprietor. Settlers and Dealers are also informed that arrangements hnve been mode for keeping on Sale at Sydney prices, ill the Stores of the above Mills, situate at the corner of Church Hnd Pen. nant-streets, in the premises lately occupied by Mr Haul, on umple supply of articles of every description. Also, that accredited Orders will be gratefully received, and punctually attended to. N. II. — The. various kinds of Flour will be constantly on Sulo in tba Darling Mills, at Sydney Prices. Darling Rlillt, Parrama'.ta, - Augiut If), lRStt. ( OTOUT WOOLPACKS. Woolbngging. O and Three Uushel bags, on Sale ut the Stores of A. fit S. LYONS. P'Ut-itnet. Svtinnt, A-i&tit27, 1fi38. flour at nxsstrcxz- prices, HPHE undersigned is now selling X Best Fine Flour, at 2 Is per 100 lbs. Ditto Seconds, ditto 17s per ditto. * F. GIRARD. Stmm Flour Mills, ^ Darling Harhour, S 4ti»tm iJ~, 1838. J

ASHFIELD CHURCH: Important to the future Villagers of Ashfield, and the Inhabitants on the Parramatta and Liverpool Roads. THE Proprietress of ASHFIELD PARK is happy to make known to the   Public, that she is authorised, by his Lordship' the Lord Bishop of Australia, to express his Lordship's intention of' having a temporary Place of Worship erected immediately, on the allotment of land appropriated for that purpose by her, for the site of a Church, and where Divine Service will be performed every Sunday. His Lordship further states that a School will also be established thereon. Further particulars ascertained by enquiring from the Auctioneers, ISAAC SIMMONS & CO. Ashfield Park, 27th August, 1838. M. SOLOMON A NNOUNCES to the Merchants, xi_ IJ-uUrtf. Trjder-i. mid the Colonists iiih rally, that b« has iln- day taken tliose l-'remiseii, in (jeorire. street, adjoining Messrs Irtanc Simni'ins A: Co. 's Auction Roncru, where he intends taking out an Auctioneer's License. M. S. ill usiurii'.g those (jmt.eiutfii wliu in iv do him the honor to court Jm -nles to ins cure, that every exertion will hu us-il lo ensure tbnr approbation, bv strict Mtentiou to their interests, punctuality, and despatuh. M. S. begs leuVH to acquaint tln- I'tihlic, that he will be ready to receive Ciooils for Sale b\ i'ublic Auction after the 1st -e|iteiut-er next, when he hopes to merit a sljuru of public pulronaue. Ce»ijie street, \ August -??-, 18J8. S XVXaltland Branch or the Imperial Srewery, Sydney. MR. JOHN MATTHEWMAN begs most respectfully lo inform Ins r'rteiuls mid the I'ublic on the Kiver Hunter, and its Vicinity, ill it in consequence of the still increasing demand for his Lteer, he. hns (at some considerable cost) made arrangements for the S:ile of it, at Maitland and the n.-.-h. hourhood, at the £\- ns per linss.lif'nil, delivered free of any charge. Mr Alfred L.-veiii. of the I'ost Office, (who is Mr M's Aireut.) «ili punctually attend to ull orders he may be tuvnrt-il uttli, having constantly ou hand a supply of the very best qunlity. in any quantity from ten gallons upwards. Sydney. 8?»/i August, 103S. WILKINSON'S PATS7JT SI-ISEP SHEARS, SICKLEi. SCYTHES, if HAY KNIVES, NOW on Srtle, at H. C. Gordon' s No -. Urid^r. street. DOG ACT. A XNUAL REGISTRATION. W BAKER, in intimnting; to his ? frienus and the public, that the cani.nk Act lKJsiill in force, ue£s to apprize II. em, bat the 30th proximo will he thtilust Uay for Uegis'.rsitiou. \V. I), has on hand a number of Ko^istrv printed forms, (urb llhain, lirass and Leather Collars at' every description — engraved on in his usual stvle, with despatch au-l at » moderate, rute.. To he had ut his olil l-lngruving ami Copper plnte Pruuiiifj Kstublishuieut, i\u. 19, King-street Kn*t. Sydney, August '2hth, 1839. Co 2-utrD?r3 ^: otftrrs. ANY Persoa wishing to Slaughter Cattle or Sheep, nut iiu-l every acc.0111 inodation on the premises ori'^mallv known as llvlnmi a: Co's Maughter lluuse. wlitr.i nU(Ul substanliul Stockyards uud plenty of «vater can be had; also good Stores for Sailing liebf. Illdev, ic, i^c. Applications to I.h made to Air New. sham, on the premises, Sussex-street South, Darlin? Harbour. Sydney, liith August, 18S11. 1^0 U R Thousand Five Hundred Orange Layers for SALE, three Thousand of which arc two. years' old, and tit to remove now, or any time between this and the beginning of October. They are to bo seeu on application to the undersigned, who will contract with any Gentleman to have any number of them planted under the direction of an experienced Nursery man. A. 111GG1XS. Cheshire Cheese, Parramatta-road, / 2Sth April, 1838. S APPEAL TO THE HUMANE JOHN ONIONS, aged sixty-four years, who was for many years a distributor of the Sydney Newspapers, and whose punctuality and attentions art) well kuou-n, had the misfortune ou the Slst October lust, of falling into tbu un defended excavation in l'itt-street, between, tin thurst and Liverpool. streets, thereby breakup his tliifjb and dislocating the hip bone; in con sequenceof which h« has been, aud is still, incu. palilo of following his occupation, lie is there fore, constrained to throw himself upon the con. sideration of thu benevolent, who, even in this inf'ant Colony, aru ever heard to assist sufl'eriiig humanity. The Proprietors of the various Papers will feel great pleasure in appropriating the amount of such subscriptions as may be received hy them, in thn way most likely to contribute to the comfort of this unfortunate man* STOUTS AND SOTTTH AIVTSB-ICiVW Coffee %}on$c antJ &otcl, THREAUNEEULE STRKKT, (N'ear the Bank and Royal lZxchunrjc,) IiONSON, IN the arrangement of this Esta blishment, it has Oeen the object of the Proprietor to combine, with every personal comfort and convenience, a regular succession ol authentic Commercial Intelligence from every part of the World. 'Ibe Sleeping-rooms are spacious, airy, and huudsomeiy furnished; the entertaining Kooms, numerous, and adapted lo I'ublic or select Purties; the Stock of Wines various, extensive, of the choicest vintages, and finest qualities. In the Subscription Uoom — accessible to resident Visitors— will be found the daily and Provincial Papers, and Commercial Publications of the United Kingdom, liritish India, Canton, Singapore, New South Wales, Van Uiemeii's Land, Cupu of Uuod Hope, liritish America, West India Islands, aud every other liritish olony ur Possession. Journals and Commercial communications from more, than Oue Hundred Places in the United States; from Brdzil, liuenos Ayrcs, Mexico, and every other State of' South America; and also from the principal Ports, Cities, uud Commercial Towns of France, Spain, Portugal, Melgium, Holland, Germany, Hamburg and otbor purls of Continental Europe. It is therefore burahly presumed, that tin ex- isting Kstnblisbment oflera a combination of ad vantages ho eminuutlv desirable, lor Oeullemen visiting the. Metropolis ou Couiruorciul Bus ness ; and the. Proprietor ventures to Uutter himself, tb*t ejporieuce may justify tbu pretensions un which hn most respectfully solicits the putroauyo uud favors of thu Comrueiciul World. TERMS— MODliUATE. JAMES J3A.VXES, iJro;irinof. N. D.— The Captains of all the Anie.ricuti Ships ?re to be seen here daily.

'nnUESDAY, WKDNKSDAV, and X TIlUKiUAV. the lotk, 17th, aud lUth of October. TDESD1T, tJao Z6tb October. YASS CUP £.iO, tor all horses — weight for mre — heai» itviue round the C'ourae — eiiimnco ? £.1 — four entrances or no riu-e. j iMAlUI-N i'LAlK iMt». tor horses that hare Jiever ran tor an advertised pr.ze — ivei^hl for uge — entrance £-1 — three tntraucei. or uo race — heats twice, round. HACK. HACK £lo. and £l entrance added— liv-- enlrunces ur uo race — licuta once round — cutch weights. WSBNESDA1/, the 17 tU October. HUH 1)1, K KACE £^0— three miles, nine leaps of four feet — entrance £3 — four entrances or no race — weights On. dibs, for three veurs old. and 4lbs. u-lded for every year above, up to six and ai;ed. HACK HUHDLK HACK £5 5, £l entrance mldetf — four entrances or oo race — heats ouce round — Ibreo leaps — catch weights. intra.SBAV, tbo 18tU October. SQUAT I i'.Uf,' I'UIISK £^O, for horses the hnuii Jiile property of -qiniltt-r4 residing outside ol lu-- in. at — bents twice routul — weight for u^e — entrance £'4 — four entrances or no race. I.A1J1KS' PUKMC £40— heats tvvica round — wei^lit for age — oniruiiCB £4 — four entrances or no nc-', SI'AKKS KOll HKATKN' HOUSES £tfO — weight for age — heats twice ruuad — emruuee £'.' — three eutruuees or uo race. Stewards. P. O'UHIBX, KSQ.. J. P. II. O'IMUKN, KSCvi.. .(. P. K. p. s. sruiu1, i;sq. J. H. II A 111) V, ESO.., J. 1-. Treasurer. W. II. UKOUOIITOX, ESQ.. Judge. — HROAUIUI1B. ESQ. Clerk of tbo Course. ftlK IIAN'LEV. Weights to be used at the above Meeting. St. lbs. Two.-years-old ? 7 6 'I hree ditio ? 8 O Knur ditto ? ? 8 7 Kivo ditto ? 1) 0 Six mid used ? *) u Murus and Ueldings allowed .'ilbs. ; Entrances to he made at Mr Mnnley's, Vass, on th.- night previous to each days racing. Kn trunues lo closu ut nine o'clock p. in. Original St. Patrick's Plains Xlaces. I^HE above' RACES have been post poned until the ensuinvr season, there not liem; a suliicivnt number of Horst-3 in the neigh hutirliOiMl to complete for the different prizes ; untl 6crn(ca seems to hnve frightened the south country Gents from bringing any this year. JOHN EAIIL, Honorary Secretary. WANTED, A SITUATION as Stud Groom, or Groom and Coachman, a stout active young Man, well acquainted with the duties of the Stable, havinfr h id for Gone years the ma. nageineiit ol the Establishment ot Major-General Sir Patrick l.indesay, C. U. K. C II. Me can proluco the strongest testimonials for honesty, sobriety, and general good conduct, and bus no objection to town nrcnuntry Koference is per mitted to he inaile to Captain Inties. of the 39th Kf.'itnent, at Mrs Iteibey's, Elizabeth-strvet South. CAUTIOK. IWILLEAM JOI-INSTONE, free ^ by servitude, having lost my Certificate of Freedom, hereby caution Constables and others not to molest me in prosecution of my lawful business. Description us follows : — Name us above — tried at Winchester in IS 13 — urrived per Ship 6'i»nerwi-hiri-l in 1814, Scott commander — trade, quarryinan — height, live feet seven and u half inches — native place, County Down — complexion, fair — hazel eyes — u small scar on forehead — and 44 yeurs of age. SALES BY AUCTION. 3Iusical Soxes, Accordions, i)''c. TO BE SOLD KY AUCTION, 3y J. T. Wilson, On FRIDAY next, the Slst instant, nt his ex tensive. liooms,74, George-street, immediately »tl~r the. large Sale of Hooks, HPvVELVE Keyed ACCORDIONS i-- Musical liosus, two aud four tunes Silver U atchei Main Springs for ditto Insnlo Chains for ditto Watch (juards Ditto Chains Steel Pens iMoriiaunt's Patent Pencil Cates Writing Desk, &c. 6cc. Terms Uuclnrod at time of sulo. ^bntmg: ^nltv of 25ogUs* J. T. Wilson Megs to nnnounce. to tbo Public, that he hns been instructed to bring to the hammer, on the Kvening of Flit DAY noxt, thu Slst instant, ut his Kuoms, 74, lieorgu.striiet, ut Six tor h-ilf-past Six o'clock, SEVEN CASES BOOKS, consisting Ol'llio choicest collection of Modem aud Popular- A inborn. Te Oeutlemen- desirous of extending or com pleting their Libraries, this snlu ulTords u tavour able opportunity, as tht- whole will be sold with out reserve. Catalogues may be bad at I ho oliUe of Ibe Auctioneer on Thursday Morning next. Terms inai(_e known at time of sale. CBlintrotu vSIastf. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By J. T. Wilson, At his extensive (looms, 74, Georgp-slreet, -jn TUESDAY, the 4th day of September next, for half-pnst Ten for Eleven o'clock, and posi tively without reserve, ONE Hundred Boxes Crown Glass, assorted sizes, vis: — 14 X 10 16 x 1U 1U x 12 IB X 14 1H x 10 SO x 14 HO x I ft i!0 x \0 24 x IU yd x 111 36 X ii'-' Twonly dozMi obscured Lamp Chimneys Eightv dozen Plain ditto ditto Iwelity-four Hell-shaped Shades One hundred and fifty figured Lotus Shades Ninety I'luin ditto Sxlteen Moon tilohen Klght Senuiiibru Shades 'I'tvo hundred and seventeen gro«n Lnmp Wick With u great variety of iMTclmuiliao too numur* ous to insert in an advertisement. 'Terms declared at time of sulo.

CARRIAGE. TO BE- SOLD BY AUCTION, By J. T. Wilson, On TUESDAY, the 4fh day of September, ut his extensive Rooms. 71, Ooirgc-strcet, im mediately after the Sale of Glass, &o. ONE superior close-hodied CAlt KlAGlh, painted grevh and black, with drab linings, patent axles, lamps, &c, complete in every particular, for immediate use. Terms declared at time of sale. Extensive Sale of Ironmongery, §-c. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By J. T. Wilson, On WEDNESDAY, the .ith day of Septem ber next, at his uxteusivu Uoonis, 74 George street, ut half-past ten for. eleven o'clock, TWENTY DOZEN Bright Claw UAMAIEPS Four hundred uud fifty Hicks and .MuUocLs assorted Seventy-two Dung Forks Twenty doieen long handle Frying Puns Twenty-five dozen B Y Sickles One Cask Ox Chains ? l-ighteeu kegs Sbiuglu Xuils Fifteen ditto double tlitto Tliiity ditto liatlen Nails Ki^lit ditto 5 inch ililto Thirty- five disks Flooring Brads Fifty dozen T Hinges Thirtv dozen (Uiest aitto Twenty-four Cozen assorted ditto Twenty Curds Sfis-ors Thirty ditto I'm Knives Kight thousand Percussion Caps Ten thousand Gnu Flints Twenty Gross Ureast Coat Muttons Eighteen pair Plow Planes 'I hiity ditto Shirt ditto Thirty Cutlet) Mills assorted I hirty pairs I trass 'Table Candlesticks — Gross Hoots nnd lives Tweuiy-four Head 1' lanes Thirty-six assorted Moulding Planes A (e\v pair Sash ditto Twenty-four Smoothing ditto Fifteen .lack ditto Four dozen Carpenters' Spoke Shnves Six ditto ditto Uox Kulea, two feet Lead piping assorted sizes, 1 to 1 J inches Horse Shop Nulls Hurdle Nails One Savoys' Patent Wheat Mill Three, large Suives adapted for Pond and Lake fishing, ftc. Terms declared at time of Sale. 'To Grocers, Dealers, and others. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, Ey J.tT. 'Wilson, At his extensive. Itooms. 7+, George-slreet, on TH U US D A Y, the 6th day of September next, at hall-past Ten for Eleven o'clock, by order of the Consignees, nPIIIRTY to Fifty Tons Isle of France -fl- Sugar, suitable for Grocers counter sales Fourteen cases Sngo, in prime condition Twelve bags Ciin-jer 'Three casks ground ditto Four civt. Hees Wax Vhreo hundred and fortv Ib. Nutmegs, in pack* ages of twenty Ib. each Two casks Itiiisins Three bags Dates 'Twenty bags CollVe One cask Sweet Almonds Four cases Cussia Two casks Pe»rl lUrlnv 'Two casks 'Thumb blue Half ton Saltpetre Four boxes damaged Mustunl Four dozen French ditto Four cwt. WUite Pepper, in twenty-eight Ib. parcels Two hundred weight Itlack Lend, in papers, quarter, half, and one. In. Sundry 'Tins Yarmouth Bloaters Seven boxes Vermacilli Twenty dozen English Sauces, in ussorted cases One dozen York Hums Eighteen thousand Manilla Cigars, out of bond Five kits Pickled Salmon 'Thirty casks Whitening, ia tierces Tlnee casks Lump lilack, in papers Five cwt. Salamoiiiao One hundred nnd twenty dozen Floating Lights One hundred anil fifty English lUop Heads Cocoa, in assorted packets English Mould Candles Vinegar, &c. Arc. 'flio whole of the above will positively be sold without reserve. Terms declared at time of stile. WINES. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By J. T, Wilson, On THURSDAY, the iitk day of September next, at his extensive Hooms, 74, George street, immediately after the Sale of Sugar, &.O., and positively without reserve (being sold by order of the Consignees, to close Accounts) Hj^WENTY- FIVE Cases, three dozen -fi- each, superior gold-colored Sherry. Two Cases, six dozen each, West Iudia Ma deira. Terms made known at time of sale. Valuable Household li'urniture. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, 33y J. T. Wilson, On FRIDAY, tho 7th day of September next, nt his extensive Sale Rooms, 74, Genrgo-slruet, at Ilulf-pnst Ten for Eleven o'clock, the un dermentioned ilegant Household Furniture, part tho property of n gentltmau about to leave the Colony, viz,:— nPHKEE Mahogany Pillar 'and Claw J- DIN NEK TAnLLS, which wbenjoiued, will accommodate twenty-two guests Thirty six English stained Rosewood Cottage Chairs Two Children's Cota Tn-elvu Euglish Kosewood Chairs with Damask Covers Two Mahogany Hall Chairs Tiro Cnbineta Two Chests of Drawers One pair D 'Tables One four post lledstead, double screwed Three IMaltrasses One cask of U cwt. of superior London Horse lloir Looking Glasses, best Hritish Plato Swing iin'l Dressing ditto ditto Three hundred rolls Paper Hanging and Borders, superior patterns Dressing 'Tables Wash-haiid Stands And a variety of other Goods loo numerous for insurtiou. 'Terms tleclnrcd at timo of Sale. aSfllinrti Cable* TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Xsaac Simmons &. Co. Attheltooius. TO-MOItllOW, the CPili instant, at Eleven o'clock precisely, A SPLENDID large BILLIARD TAI1LE, of superior uiaka, with Dulls, Cuoj, HustB, iic, coiuplete.

Sterchandise, Slops, i)V. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Isaac Simmons &. Co. TO-MORKOW, the 2!?tb instant, at their Uooms, ut Eleven o'clock precisely, the fol lowing Invoice, ot' Goods lu lots to suit Dt-', viz: — ONE Hundred Dozen CHILDREN'S SHOES Five hundred cannisters Gunpowder One hundred Looking Glusaes Fify Clocks Fifty- pieces Calico Three cases very superiar Slops Sixty Huts Seven pieces superior black Kerseymeres Fifty ihousund Cigars One hundred gross Pencils Twenty Writing Desk* Fifty Table Lumps' Seventeen dozen Slates (for schools) Two boxes Mlack Lead Two ditto Embden Grouts _-l /.?-?-?, thu undermentioned — Five Paintings Three pair Plated CnndlPStirks On* Liqueur and Cruet Manu Oi.e Es:B ^tand One Tea Pot (handsome pattern) Due large 'Tea Urn Two Hrnnclie.s One 'Time Piece One Gig W ith a variety of other Goods to close former sales. Terms mode known at the time of Sale. ^iu*plu0 Stores, Set, TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Isaac Simmons & Co. At the Stores of Messrs Walker & Co., Dawes Mattery, on TH UKSDA Y next, the oUtb in stant, ut Eleven o'clock precisely, THE undermentioned SURPLUS STOUKS, landed from tho Immigrant ship Amelia Thompmn, consisting of — Irish Pork Ditto Beef itiaCUil Flour Kuisius Cocou Kice Hlack Tea. Coffee Sago (.)ntmenl Vinegar l.une Juice With a quantity of Merchandise, and a variety of other Goods, &c. Terms made known at tbu time of sale. xas estate ox1 mihoe, Containing two thousand Jive hundred and sixty Acres, within half a mile of the I'roparty of' ' ? SttMiiet North', Esq., Police Magistrate oj Windsor, and three miles J'rom Town's Water Hills, Kurrijong, TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Xsaac Simmons &. Co. At their Koums, Genrge-strnut, on TUESDAY, the llth .lay of September, 1US8, ut Twelve o'clock precisely, without resurve. , rT^IIE Title to this desirable Estnte is JL u Grant from the Crown, under the. deno mination of u Primary Grant direct to the vernier, uossi-fcaiun of which can bo obtained immediately liter Ibe sule, and the Deeds will he secured to the buyer if required in bis or her mime. It is stunte in the County of Cook, at the Kurryjoug, hounded ou the. south by the omall grants of Francis, Cunniiighiim, liutler, Don nelly, Smith, Francis, nnd Duinpsey ; on t lie east uy Wheeney Creek ; on the west by Air North's three hundred and twenty ucres ; and on thu north by a line to include the quantity. 'The whole of this Estate is composed of good productive grazing nnd wheat land, and includes Little, Big, and Miudlo Islands, it abounds with valuable timber of nil sorts, and is only twelvo miles from the town of Windsor, and eight from I hw town of Richmond, uud possesses un imii.anse tract of waste lauds for graziug uud duiry pur poses. AFTER. WHICH, A very comfortable cultivated Farm of forty acres, Icnceil in with u four railed fence. 'This farm has produced soinu of tho finest crops in tho neighbourhood, and the whole will be sold without reserve. Terms — Fifteen per cent, cash deposit; nnd the remainder by approved bills ut six mouths. SUGAR, &c. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By A. Folack, THIS DAY, at Eleven o'Clock precisely, at his Rooms, for tbc benefit of whom it may con cern, HniHRTY-TIIREE Uag3 Isle of A France SUGAR AFTER WHICH, A variety of Articles to close Mercantile Sales. Terms made known at time of sale. Splendid Entlro Draught Sorso. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By A. 3?olack On THURSDAY, the 30th Instant, ths day intervening the Itaces, immediately after tho Seven Allotments iu Fitzgerald-street, ut Cross's Hotel, A SPLENDID BLACK ENTIRE DRAUGHT HOHSE-gotby Old Clyde, )ut of a first-rute Hector Mare; lie is rising iix years old; bred by Mr Churchill, on Him lluwkesbury, and formerly thu property of Mr Seorgu Smith Hall, Junior. This Horse is well-known about Richmond, Windsor, Purrumalta, &c, as a sure Foul getter, ind his Stock being of a very superior description, md a better Draught Horue ia uot lo be found n the Colony. AFTER WHICH, \ number of Horges of various descriptions. 'Terms mudo known nt time of Sulc. -Sntu:e Cltbclanto 5?on*c* TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By J&.« 3?olacLc, 3 n THURSDAY, the .10th Instant, the day intervening the Windsor Ruces, at Cross's Windsor Motel, A BRIGHT Bay Entire Horse, LM. four yearn old, got by Clevulanil, imported -y tho Australian Agricultural Company ,'iul of i very fino ClydesiluU Alaru, stands bixle--n lands Uigh. and poHseaieagreiit bone an'l beauty, ind is altogether a Horse of great promise. Tcrtus mudo known ut timo of Sale.

[ 2Tnnor ^ontVsr. Tlie Day lntcrveningr tlio Itaces, I _____ TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By A. Polack, On THURSDAY, the iO h Inatani, at Cross'* Wllldscr liutel, }^OUR Entire TIMOR PONIES, ws : — DON' 1'EDKO GIL KLAS ItO -Ui. US, and -A1O1.EX-KO, The above -urn deserving the particular atten liou of the Public, bt-iu£ 1'ouics of u vety bujiorinr description. 'Terms inuiie known ut time, of Sale. U. O R S S S. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By __,. _?olac&, On TUESDAY next, the -tth September, ut hi* liazuar, ut Twelve o'clock precisely, rp\VENTY-l«'lVl_ HORSES of first — - rate descrijitiun. Further particulars ia future advertisement. Dairy C'ow.s; Horses, -J'f. TO BE SOLD JJY AUCTION, By A. Folac-c, On TUESDAY, the tth September, at Twelve . o'clock precisely, at his Bazaar, nPWENTY-FIVE JDAIRY COWS, JL perfectly quiut, lately selected with much cure ami judgment from a very lurge uud superior bent One bright bay Gelding, with black points, woll bred, about fifteen li.uid.stwu uirlies uud u hulf high, warranted sound, splendid HC'ion. fivt, years old, a very fast trotter, and perfectly quiet in Middle and single harness Several Horses of various descriptions. Terms made known at timu of Sale. To Commanders of Vessels and Others. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By W. Hebblewhite, At the Queen's Wharf, Lower Georg.i-stroet. THIS DA.Y, 28th instant, at Eleveu o'Cloulc precisely, immediately after the sale of tho schooner Lucy Ann, nnilE celebrated Six-oared GIG, 1. DlltK HATTEllICK. built on board Her Majesty's Ship Alligator, and well known to tbo Aquatic world as the fastest, most commodious, and by far the most handsome Bout of her kind in the Harbour. She is copper-fastenrd, and finished in tho most superior manner, with brass yoke and iron revolving lollucks, and has recently received a thorough and efficient repair. Terms made known at time nf sale. To Watchmakers and Others. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By W. ISebfclewIiite, On THURSDAY next, 30th instant, at hi* Rooms, Lower George-street, ut H o'Clock precisely, AN Invoice of WATCHMAKERS' TOOLS. AFTER AV1IICH, One Case Hard Enamel uud other Dials. Terms — Purchasers under ._.'iO Cash ; above that bum, approve- bills at three months. NOTICE. Itf-r X&oscs Brown, WITH referentsu to his Advertise ment for the, Postponing of Sales until further notice, bega to intimate, that TOiMOK KOW, mi AUC MON will h« held at his Uooms. in King-strout, at Eleven o'clock in the foro noin ; nnd in addition to his former Cutuloguo, thu following Articles are added — Ladies' olpgntit Work 'Tiibles Ladies' and Gentlemen's olegnnt Dressing and Writing l)eal;a Travelling Dusks Neals of liackgamtuon boards Tublu AlhtH Cricket Huts. Halls, and Wickcti Exculleut Silk lirinding Stout Silk Purses A of Genllemen's Watch Guard* llavaniub Cigars, cvc. 6lO To the Inhabitants of Windsor and Richmond. 3MXr X-aban White Has the honor to announce, tbut hn has for Sola hy Auction, at bis Koonis, ou T.'IUKSDAV. August 30, A VALUABLE CONSIGNMENT' OF HOOKS, comprising innnv of tint most admired Authors, both ancient uud modern, and begs to remind Settlors generally, that such an opportunity may not occur uguin of enabling thorn to purchase in the country such rational and valuable uppeudages to their domestic comfort. Catalogues may bo hnd of thn Auctioneer, at bin Rooms, Windsor. BATHURST. Tea, Zsla or France Sugary Slops* Wines, _io, TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr I_iscombe, At Mr Livinggtono'R Lnng Boom, on THUItS. DAY mid FU1DAY, thu Tib uud Utli of tseptomhitr, the following Goods, all of which are of tho best quality, viz : — FIVE hundred yards SATTEEXS Ono hundred und lilly-one ditto Sileaia Fivo pieces supertiiie liroud Cloth (of colon) Oue pioeo btack silk \'elvt-t l-ifty pairs corduroy Trousers Twtiiity-Bevmi dozen cotton Shirts Ttvunty-Stfveti ditto Kejinltn ditto Forty-one pairs moleskin 'Trousers Seven piocus liuun Shueling 'Thirty-iiinu pieces fine Sheetings Four pieces colt-in Miuetiug Forty-nine Woolpacks 'T«-i-lve pairs white moleskin Trouaer* Tweiily-soveti inuslin Druasua Eight dozvu dnor Locks Sivun dozen iiidI a hulf pocket Knivoa Five dozen single hikI double bijdeii pen Kuiffri Six dozen liruccu (e'UBtio) A few gold Watchua lor ludie* nnd guntlemcu. A few case* of Wine (Shorry und Clsrut) And u vuriuty of other UooJs too numurout lo meutiuu, ' 'Terms of Sale — All purclmsera nndor £30. (?iuh ; tihovu tbut sum, an ajiproyotl Dill _5 three mojuUd,