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- Soncttster Races, September IS.

It is tome years since these races toot ?place under such favourable auspices ; the tjrent 'interest^ attaching to the St. Lcger and the opportune occurrence of the York'

amre lestivai, wouiu doubtless nave insured a large company, but it was in a great , measure owing to the visit of their Royal (Highnesses the Duchess of Kent, and the Princess Victoria that so many fashionables remained to participate in tho gaieties of the -week, and join in doing honour to the Royal ?'visitors. Unfortunately, the weather, be ' tore so favourable, has undergone so entire a change since our last as completely to dim the splendour of tho scen6 ; it was not to a shower, nor to a storm, nor to a suc . cession of either, with glimpse of sunshine, but to a steady uncompromising rain, be ginning at daybreak, and continuing with out intermission, till about two o'clock ;? it ? then, ceased, and the Leger race was got . over comfortably. Immediately after, liow - ever, it re-commonced, and the day closed . as it 'opened. ^, Their Koyal Highnesses tho Duchess of ! Kont and Princess Victoria arrived about' one' o'clock in a carriage and six with out- ? r riders, their suita following in a carriage and four, similarly attended. Their Koyal Highnesses were accompanied by Earl Filz william, Lord Milton, and the Hon. Misses 'VVentwortli Fitzwillinm. Addresses were presented from the Corporation by the i Recorder, and from (he inhabitants by tho tRector, to .both' of which gracious answers were returned. During the short time they remained in . Alie town His Royal Highness the Duke da '?Nemours and several of our nobility paid ?their respects to their Royal Highnesses. A little after 2 o'clock the illustrious visi ? tors' proceeded to the course, 'and took .-their stations in one of the principal windows, which was tastefully fitted up ?with crimson draperies, the royal arms sur mounting the whole. We need scarcely .add that they were received with every possible demonstration of respect, and thut their Royal Highnesses fairly rivalled the ?Leger nags in the notice and admiration of tha fpectators — no small cdmpliment from ?.the Yorkshire people, who, of all others, aroilie most devoted to rucing. It became a question, indeed, which was the greatest favourite with them, the Queen of Trumps or the* future Queen of England. Trie Grand Stand wuh excessively crow ded, and tho concourso on the raco ground, ; notwithstanding tho unfavourable suite of the .Weather, scarcely inferior to Doncadlor in its best days. The Groat St. Leger Strikes, of 60 iovs. each, h. ft.: for 3 year old coll, 8st. 6lb; nnd nilias, 8st. 3Jb ; the owner of the second liorso to rccoivo 100 soVs. out of the slakes. . ?* ? .' lion. M. Moatyn's br. f. Queen of Trumps(Lyo) 1 Mr. Ktdbafdson's ch. o. lioriisea ? a JUr. Golden's br. o. brotbor to Hope .......... 8 Mr. Uiunvillu'a ch.f. Presorvo ....?????«???';* Tho following nlso started, but wero not pluoodj— , Lord Urford's b. o Ascot (Robinson). - , Mr. Powlot'ib. Longer, out of Giovanni a dam, (Onrtwrlght), ... ... ; Mr. llouldsworth oh. o. Turban (Darling) Sir. X. Johnson's ok. a. Jupltor (Holmes)*

Mr. ftowes's ch.c. Mundig (Cono\ly) Air, Watt's ch. f. iMuuVnoUMIe Uu (Nicholson) Mr. J. Peel's b. c. Trim (Cliupple) ' Betting at Butting.— 11 to 8 agst Queen of Trumps (ifik'eri freely) ; 2 lo I'ogsl (Tornsea (taken) ; 7 to 1 a go I Preserve ; 12 to 1 nest Jupiter; 12 lo I ag'st ABcot (tnkeri ); 25 to 1 ngst brother to Hope'; 33 lo 1 ogst Trim'; 40 to 1 ngst Turban ; 40 to I agst Mademoiselle OU ; and any odds ngstMundig; the betting was principally about ir*p first two favourites, scarcely oho of tho others having a backer. After Inking their preliminary gallops beforo the Grand Stand, the horses walked in line lo the post, and were' started without the slightest diffi culty. Mr.Powlel's colt took the lead ut a good bat, followed closely by Jupiter, Turban, Mademoiselle Otz, Ascot, nnJd Preserve, all clustered together'; in the centre were Queen of Trumps and Trim, and in the rear Brother to Hope, Hi-rnsea, and Mundig. On get ling over the hillMdlle. Olz declined, nor could Jupiter live the pace many strides further; Brother t6 Hope now went up to the first lot, and Horhs'ea joined it on making the turn for the Red house ; Trim, too, advanced to the' first rank, ran a few yards with it, found il' too hot,' and shut up, but in falling into the rear dipped on his bounces, and narrowly escaped a tumble- Mr.Powlolt's colt carried on the running till about half-way between the Red-house nriil Hie rails; whore he gave up the,witli whom Brother to Hope and Preserve were well laid up till a distance and a half from home, where the Queen of Trumps passed the other two, challenged Hornsea, ran nearly head and head with him till within two-thirds of a distance from tho winning. post, beat him clenn off before they reached the Stand, and won in a cauler by two lengths. Bro ther lo Hope was well up lo Hornsoa, but Preserve was beaten four or five lengths from the winner, and all the rest were cut up s'o completely, that we aro unable to assign positions to each, viz : — Ascot was ' 5th, Powlett's Cth, Turbnn 7th, Jupiter 8th, Mundig 9th, Mademoiselle Olz 10th, and Trim 11th, the last two having pulled up. The pace wai very good ; value of the slakes £ 1 ,800. Mr. Mostyn may congra tulate himself upon tho possession of a mare wliich has proved herselfthe best of her day and done what was never done before — won the Oaks and St, Lt'ger. The settling will be lieavy.