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The first meeting of the South Briebane Municipal Council, subsequent to the elec- tions,' was held at the Council Chambers at noon yesterday, there being a full attend- ance of councillors, including the re-elected members for Nos. 1, 2, and 4 Wards, Messrs. J. Duncan, W. Stephens, and C. W. MIdaon, _ and Mr. J. Garsdcn, who replaces Mr. Sin-

clair as the representative for No. 3 Ward. The returning officer, Alderman A. F. Luya, having read the returns of the recent elec- tion, the new members attached their signa- tures to the roll, and theso having been duly attested, the town clerk took the chair.

Alderman M'Dougall then moved that Alderman Luya be re-elected Mayor for the ensuing term, and said that gentleman had during the past two years fully pro\ed him- self capable of filling the position.

Alderman W. Stephens, in seconding the motion, remarked on the many good works done by Alderman Luya.

Alderman T. Burke supported the motton. He said he was not as a rulo In favour of the system of putting the same man Into the Mayoral chair year after year, but as his colleagues supported the action, he could but do the same. He thought many of them were ambitious to fill the position, and It they always put the same man In where was Tom Burke's chance 7 (Laugh- ter.) There might, however, be some amongst them as good as Alderman Luya, but none better, and ho was pleased to support him.

Alderman Jones said he had long held the opinion that It was not right to put the same man in the chair year after year, and he thought the duties should be shared, and It would look better if No. 1 or No. 3 ward had put a candidate forward. They had men worthy and capable of filling the office. No. 4 Ward had had Its representative In . the cbalr. He felt sure that Alderman Luya would bo a good Mayor, but No. 2 Ward bad dominated too long.

Alderman T. Dlbley did not think there was a man around the table who could do the work better than Alderman Luya, but he was glad to hear an expression of opin- ion as to the same gentleman occupying the shair year after year. He thought this would help to bring about the election of the Mayor by the ratepayers.

Alderman G. Fish said he could quote an Instance where ratepayers had elected the same man for ten successive years. This was a case in which a man had given uni- versal satisfaction. One cause they had for gratification was that they had been singularly successful In obtaining executive officers of great ability. During his four years of office he had found the council so free from any suspicion of cllquism that he had failed in an effort to form a little clique himself. He had no amendment to offer, and would be glad to sit agahi under the rule of Alderman Luya.

Alderman C. W. Mldson said he had never been approached by Alderman Fish'in re- gard to any clique. He did not think the Absence of Alderman Fish would affect the council In any way.

Alderman Duncan said that during his 'term he had altered a previously-conceived opinion of Alderman Luya, and he,, could see no harm In that gentleman sitting again as Mayor. They were not all fitted for the position.

There being no amendment, the motion wai then put and carried unanimously. Alderman M'Dougall having conducted the newly-elected (Mayor to the chair,

Alderman Luya said he had been paid the highest honour that could be paid him by his election to serve in the capacity of chief magistrate for his third year. When first elected, he had some misgivings as to his ability, but these had worn off, and during his last term they had been singularly for- tunate In placing the borough In a position which it had never occupied before. Twelve months ago he had not the slightest in- tention of again offering himself for the position, as he was convinced of the inad vlsabillty of continually electing one man, but circumstances altered cases. They could depend upon it that everything he could do to maintain the dignity of the council would be done. He could not pro- mise them but that he would ask them to Shorten his term of office. He would assure them* that there would be no effort wanting on his part to carry out the work of the municipality.

Alderman W. Jones said he was sorry to say that the Mayor did not, as he had said, oceupy the position of chief magistrate, as that position seemed to have been taken by the stipendiary magistrate. He would be glad to see the honour return to its proper place during his (Mayor Luya's)


This concluded the business of the meet- ing.